Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 28

Ryan Dempster has yet to record a quality start in five tries this year.


Pineda @ Penny – have to use Penny after his dominant outing last time

Hellickson @ Blackburn (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

Niemann @ Swarzak (Gm 2 of doubleheader)

Morrow @ Ogando

Lester @ Bergesen

Jackson @ Sabathia

Davies @ Carmona – tough call on Carmona, the Dice-K of Cleveland

Vogelsong @ Karstens

Capuano @ Livan – Capuano is enticing but let’s see one more

McClellan @ Figueroa

Dempster @ Enright – not quitting on Dempster


What are your thoughts on a Mat Latos for Ben Zobrist trade?
My pitching is a little weak for me right now.
Thank you


If Zobrist turns into the Zobrist of 2009, it’s a good deal. But he’s looked nothing like that so far, and you’re selling very low on Latos. I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be able to get a better return in a month or so.


Burrell or L.Scott? Better DH?


I’d go with Scott. He’s a little less slump prone and not as much of an AVG killer.


Zach – Huff is almost DTM. Ellsbury’s been rotting on my bench although he is showing signs. Other OF’s are Holliday, Berkman, Bautista, Tabata, S Smith, and L Morrison. Will probably unload Smith when Morrison comes back. Would you take Coghlan over Huff, Tabata, or Ellsbury?


Just addressed this question on the previous post. Yeah, go ahead and pick up Coghlan for Huff. Smith vs. Berkman is close but you’re right that it’s hard to drop Berkman now. Fortunately, you have some more time to make that decision but I think Berkman will cool off by the time Morrison comes back. You might even want to put Berkman on the trading block while his value is so high.


12 team dynasty league. looking for BA help at CI or OF. would you trade J. Garcia for M. Young or try for L. Berkman? Would leave me with Verlander, Lee, Sanchez, De La Rosa and Liriano. Garcia is at $5 this year and could be signed long term after that. Young or Berkman would replace Figgins, R. Roberts or J. Gomes in my lineup. Thanks.



I’m not too enamored with either of those deals. I do think you can afford to trade a starting pitcher, but your team would be getting older and you would be giving up an excellent keeper prospect in Garcia. Try for a younger hitter with a bit more upside.


Hello 411,
Who should get the most closing opportunities for the LAD, now that there will be a combine role with: Broxton, Padilla , Kuo? Should any of the last two worth a pickup in my 12-team mixed league?


I think both are worth picking up if you’ve got the roster space at least until this picture becomes a little clearer, but I still believe Broxton will land up regaining the job and finish with at least 25 saves. Once Kuo comes back, I think he’ll be the one serving as the temporary stopgap. Not buying on Padilla right now, even after his first save, but picking him up certainly can’t hurt.


Someone just dropped Alex Rios in my 10 team H2H league. I already have 4 CF and not really sure who’d I’d drop but is he even worth it? I have victorino, ellsbury, c young, & bourn. I cud also drop P Alvarez.
Would you drop any for him?
Pitching isn’t deep: Lester, Carpenter, Beckett, Scherzer, J Garcia, & De La Rosa. Can’t really cut any plus have 3CP.

What do you think? Pass? I dont need his offense and can afford to wait for him to come around then trade him but I’m also playing same waiting game w/Stanton.

Much appreciated,


Although I don’t see Rios as waiver wire material, I prefer the guys already on your roster, so yeah, I’d pass.



Adam Lind is on the waiver wire and I am curious if you think I should drop Gaby Sanchez to pick him up? To me they look to be very comparable players but I may just be overvaluing Gaby. I’m not sure. Thanks again.



Lind looks to be on his way towards a fine bounce back season but I actually slightly prefer Sanchez. He might not hit as many homers as Lind but I see him as the more consistent player and would be surprised if he doesn’t post a higher AVG than Lind this year.


I have a guy in my league interested in making a deal for me to upgrade from Werth to Quentin if I throw in a good SP. I tried throwing in Ervin Santana, but he rejected that, so I’m thinking either CJ Wilson, Ted Lilly, or Kuroda. The trade would basically look like this. Give: Werth and Wilson/Lilly/Kuroda. Get: Quentin. Which SP would you recommend adding to the Werth deal to make it fair for me and appealing to him? (The other starters I have that are off the table in my mind are Lincecum, Carpenter, Shields, and De La Rosa).

I also have another deal going where I would give Werth and Santana and get Granderson, but the guy that owns that team is rarely active and probably hasn’t updated his lineup since the start of the season, so the odds that this works out appear to be slim.

Not a big fan of this deal either.



I’m not even sure that Werth to Quentin will prove to be much of an upgrade by year’s end but if it’s just a matter of throwing in one of those SPs, I’m not necessarily against the deal. I’d probably choose to deal Kuroda as he’ll likely post the lowest K rate but those three are very close in value. I might even ask for an additional player in return. You are selling pretty low on Werth.


Good to know. Thanks. Maybe, I’ll continue shopping and if I don’t see anything better, I’ll pull the trigger on Quentin.

H2H Points league, I have Pedro Alvarez at 3rd, should i trade jimenez for de la rosa and prado? already have felix and cliff lee also howard kendrick is on the wire, who to drop, jed lowrie, jeter, or coghlan or stand pat on both ends.


I wouldn’t do that trade. I know Alvarez has been a huge disappointment so far, but I’d wait it out. Since you would be benching Alvarez to start Prado, think of the deal as Alvarez and Jimenez for De La Rosa and Prado. I truly believe that by season’s end, Alvarez and Prado will prove to be roughly equal in value. , and as solid as De La Rosa has been, he’s no Ubaldo.

As for Kendrick, yeah I’d take a chance on dropping Lowrie to pick him up.


I’m in a 5×5 H2H league. I’ve been offer A. Pujols, & C. Kershaw for R. Braun, J. Morneau, & Z. Grienke. I’m not sure if I should pull the trigger. Any advice??


Do it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Braun fan, but Pujols is the consensus No. 1 overall player. Greinke to Kershaw is also an upgrade. Those two upgrades are worth the loss of Morneau. Plus, it’s always nice to own a player who shares your name!


Love the show, but tired or Justin Morneaus struggles. No one wants to trade for him,. Should I drop him and pick Up Anthony Rizzo, and play for the future? I am in a 12 team mix keeper league.


Too early to play for the future no matter what type of keeper league you’re in. Stay the course!


Dear Zach,
I’m trying to send twitter messages to @fantasy11 and @schwartzstops, but it seems they don’t receive the messages. Sorry if this question is not for this blog, but hope you can help.

Would you trade Lester & McGehee for Youkilis? I’d have Scherzer, Carpenter, J Garcia, Beckett, & De La Rosa.

I can’t really see giving up Lester but I know that bats are more valuable but is it too much? Can I survive with McGehee & Alvarez in a rotation for 3B?
Help me see clearly!

Other offers:

Lester for Bautista?

Bourn, Lester, & Mcgehee or Alvarez for youk & b Anderson or cahill?

Any of those options seem better?

I actually like Lester for Bautista, particularly if you can put Bautista at 3B. Not in love with the other trade.



Nah, I’d pass on that one. Youkilis is an upgrade over McGehee but not by THAT much. Lester is a bona fide ace. You would be giving up too much here.


Hey 411,

I have a pitching staff consisting of lead by Verlander, Gallardo, and Marcum in a keeper league. My corner infielders right now are Zobrist and Niel Walker. I’ve been offered Kevin Youkilis for Verlander, what do you think?


I like the deal as long as you feel relatively comfortable with your starting pitching.


Gallardo was dropped in my 10 team H2H mixed league.
Who would you drop for him? I have De La Rosa, J Garcia, & Bourn, & Alvarez.
Any thoughts? Gallardo gonna turn it around?


I have no idea why someone would drop Gallardo based on one bad month and he’s a definite must-add, but I’d have a tough time dropping any of those guys. I’m sure there are other drop options but if there aren’t, I’d say Bourn is expendable unless you would be very weak in speed.


He’s a GM who is famous for not having any patience! I love it…anyways here is roster, see anyone droppable for Gallardo?
McCann, Votto, Pedroia, McGehee/Alvarez, A Cabrera, Holliday, Ellsbury, Cruz, Bourn, Stanton, Victorino, C Young (OF) & K Morales (DL)
Lester, Scherzer, Carpenter, J Garcia, Beckett, & De La Rosa, M Rivera, C Perez, N Feliz (DL)

More I look at it the more Alvarez seems the guy to go. I don’t have a lot of options and I can’t let Gallardo go somewhere else.
I’m still working on trade for a 3B and everyone seems interested in McGehee not Alvarez. I can play McGehee until I make a deal…

Yeah, I’m OK with you dropping Alvarez since you already have McGehee.


I’m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. Carlos Pena was just dropped in my league. Is it worth dropping Gomes or Moreland to pick him up? Thanks, Damon in Seattle

Ryan Roberts is also available on the waiver wire. Are you a believer in a 10 team mixed league? Thanks, Damon in Seattle

I’d have to look at the waiver wire but in a 10-team mixed league I’m pretty sure you can do better than Roberts.



I’d honestly stand pat. Pena’s simply more trouble than he’s worth right now. I don’t care how many homers he hits this year (that number currently stands at zero, by the way), any player who is batting well under .200 can only be hurting your team. And the key is that this isn’t just a one month thing. We already saw it last year and now it’s carrying over into 2011. Stay away.


Hi Big Z, had a better offer back for Wieters:

Give: M Wieters (C)
Get: B Gardner (OF) & N Franklin (SS) (Minor leaguer)

The offer looks good on paper and I could use some extra speed, the only issue is that id have to bench an player like V Wells/El Caballo/Hafner/Gomes…is Gardy enough of an upgrade over them to warrant making the deal? It is a keeper obviously and 90 minor leaguers are taken on all our rosters, so Franklin would definately have some value. And just so you remember, I have Martin also so don’t need 2 catchers.


The funny thing is that two of Gardner’s nine hits this year have been homers! Still though, I’m very concerned about Gardner’s struggles at the plate, and as the saying goes, you can’t steal first base. I hate to keep saying this but I think you can do a little better. Now, you know the intricacies of the league better than I do, so maybe it does make sense. But remember, Wieters is a pretty darn good keeper too. It’s not like you’re trading a bag of baseballs for Gardy.


Yeah he would be a decent keeper but I would have 8 better options (we keep 8). Just depends on Gardy I feel, does he look like turning things around soon?

My Pirates OF’s (McCuthcen & Tabata) are killing me! I’m hoping McCutchen can come out of it and be the 5-tool threat I drafted him to be. But do you see Tabata coming back to life after an early hot start? Carlos Gomez is on the waiver wire. Should I drop Tabata and grab Gomez? My other OF/UT players are Kemp, Holliday, and Beltran. Thanks.

I need to drop one maybe two of my outfielders. Would you keep Gardner, Swisher or Crisp?



I slightly prefer Swisher over the other two but a lot depends on whether you’re more in need of speed or power.


I have Dempster, Liriano, Colby Lewis and Lilly.. and the rest of my SP’s are not anything to write home about. How long do I hold onto these guys? Out of all of them, I had the most confidence in Dempster and Liriano. Dempster just put up a 189.00 era and Liriano posted a 21.00. I’m thinking about dropping two of them for Bartolo Colon and Justin Masterson… but very hesitant… because I know, fantasy baseball is a game of patience. Also hesitant because of where I drafted these guys…not far from their ADP’s, but still, certainly did not get them in the latter rounds. Thoughts?


I’m more concerned about Dempster than I am about Liriano but I wouldn’t drop either just yet. I can see maybe dropping Dempster if he doesn’t turn things around over his next 2-3 starts. Try to pick up at least one of Masterson or Colon anyway (maybe for one or two of your “nothing to write home about” pitchers?) but hold onto Dempster and Liriano for now. I prefer Colon over Masterson if you’re choosing one of them.


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