Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 29

Big Erv!


Scherzer @ Gomez

Romero @ F. Garcia – Tough test for Freddy but he’s been outstanding.

Big Erv @ Price -Big Erv scuffling of late and TB bats red hot…I’m sitting this one out.

Vargas @ Dice-K – Watch Dice-K give up 8 ER here!

Arrieta @ Danks – Pitch Arrieta only if you’re brave.

Baker @ Chen – Baker benefits (you would think) from rotation shuffling…now gets KC instead of TB.

Wilson@ Cahill

Pelfrey @ Blanton

Lincecum @ Marquis

Vazquez @ Wood – Vazquez DTM and I don’t trust Wood.

Carpenter @ T. Hudson

Marcum @ Myers

Correia @ Chacin – Time to jump ship on Correia before the ship completely sinks!

Zambrano @ Galarraga – Dangerous matchup for Big Z so beware.

Richard @ Lilly – Padres’ lineup could be perfect cure for inconsistent Lilly.



the trade i had hoped would go through didnt. the guy backed out after he heard about broxton. so another owner has offered me Valverde and Jurjens for Broxton and CC. he knows about broxton but he thinks he will regain control of the closers roll soon so he isnt worried. Jurjens looks like hes good to go but im very unsure about it so im coming to you once again. should i do this deal?

on a side note i decided to stop trying to move BJ Upton so what do you think is a realistic stat line for him? 90R 20HR 80RBI 45SB .240AVG? are those numbers unrealistic?

as always thanks Zach,



If it helps the decision at all the league stats are


I am currently first in wins and k’s which is what i think i would lose with cc. im 6 wins ahead of the second place guy and 45k’s ahead of the second place guy. dont know if this information helps make the decision but figured it couldnt hurt.



I don’t like it. I also believe that Broxton will regain the job very soon. Who knows, maybe he hasn’t even lost it? I like Valverde but the dropoff from CC to Jurrjens is simply too steep.

As for Upton, I think those numbers are fairly realistic projections…probably fewer RBIs though, more like 65. He’ll likely post a similar stat line to last year.


5×5 H2H yahoo
Trade Mark Reynolds for CC? Team with CC also has Latos who I like.

Have Sandavol for 3B who I have been using in 1 of my 2 UTIL spots. Pitching consist of SPs: Marcum, Edwin Jackson, Naverson, Cueto (DL) & RPs: Thorton, Axford, Hanrahan, Cordero, Peralta, Adams, Takahashi.

Let me know if you need my bats to provide feedback.

Runnin Water,

Plain and simple, that’s an absolute no-brainer for you. Do it.


Hey Zach, would you trade Pedroia to get Crawford and Ardsma? I have Utley, Aaron Hill and Infante at 2nd and need to give my OF a little love. Standard H2h 5×5 league. Thanks!


On paper, I’m OK with that, but I don’t think I’d make that trade right now with both Utley and Hill on the DL and Infante a marginal at best fantasy starter. I think it would leave you with too big of a hole at 2B.


Was offered E Longoria for J Bautista, am I being ridiculous in being a little hesitant over accepting this trade?


It’s not crazy to be hesitant as you’ll probably lose some homers. That said, you should definitely make that trade. When healthy, Longoria is arguably the No. 1 option at the 3B position and is a more well-rounded player than Bautista. He’s expected to return on Tuesday, so you can feel free to plug him into your lineup immediately.


I’m getting offered Vlad for Farnsworth. I already have Putz, Hanrahan, Santos and Uehara. Should I pull the trigger?


Depends on how badly you need a player like Vlad. Now, Farnsworth is nothing special but he’s been getting the job done so far and the Rays seem committed to him as their closer. Anyone who is picking up saves carries automatic fantasy value, and considering that your RP group isn’t all that deep, I’d be a little hesitant to make this trade.


still fine tuning my SP staff: Britton, de la Rosa, Hanson, Floyd, Marcum, Billingsley. Would you sub Pineda or Volquez for anyone?

Thanks, Connie.


I actually like Pineda a little more than Britton…better K rate, weaker division and more favorable home ballpark.


Hey Guys!
Non-Keeper: was offered Cahill/Ellsbury for Zimmerman. Deal initially included Cliff Lee as well? Thoughts?
Appreciate the help!


I’m not a big Cahill believer and see him more as a sell-high guy so I don’t like that deal…you’re also giving up the clear-cut best player in Zimmerman. I don’t care that he’s out with an injury right now. He’ll be back soon enough. But if it were Cliff Lee instead of Cahill, I’d do it.


My Pirates OF’s (McCuthcen & Tabata) are killing me! I’m hoping McCutchen can come out of it and be the 5-tool threat I drafted him to be. But do you see Tabata coming back to life after an early hot start? Carlos Gomez and Brett Wallace are on the waiver wire. Should I drop Tabata and grab Gomez or Wallace? My other OF/UT players are Kemp, Holliday, and Beltran. Thanks.


McCutchen’s killing me too but he’s too talented to continue struggling like this. Tabata has been streaky but he’s still putting up quality across the board numbers, particularly in the speed department. I’d definitely keep Tabata. Wallace is unproven and Gomez has yet to show that he’s a promising big leaguer. Tabata’s off to a fine start.


Hey Zach,
I forgot to ask about my SP’s. I think EJax has lost it. Anibal Sanchez, Randy Wolf, and John Lackey are available on the wire. Should I drop EJax for any of these? My other SP’s are Lohse, Billingsley, Hudson, JDLR, and Britton. Thanks again.


Yeah, I’d cut E-Jax for Anibal. Cutting Lohse for Wolf is tempting but Lohse is too hot right now, so I’d just make that one move.


I’m in last place on my 12-team mixed league
Some of my key players are:
Hanley Ramírez
Andrew McCutchen
Mike Stanton
Pedro Alvarez
Torii Hunter
Panic or “relaaax”?


I’m in 11th place in a 13-team mixed league in which I own both Hanley and McCutchen and both guys are driving me crazy right now. I’m trying to relax. You should too!



I was offered Neftali Feliz and Erving Santana for Brandon Morrow and Brandon McCarthy. I would’ve jumped on this trade fast but I’m really high on starters and don’t want to give up two especially since I believe Morrow is going to put up huge numbers this season (the kid is a strikeout machine). However I have Lincecum, Lee, Danks, Chacin, McClellan, Greinke coming off the DL next week and Moseley to round off my starters (I know how to draft, my bats include Cabrera, Weeks, Bautista, Polanco, Kendrick, Granderson, and Zobrist to name a few… lol). I’m weak at the closer position right now though with Soria having a bad start and I don’t believe the Royals will win that many games anyway, and I picked up Sergio Santos off of waivers. It’s a 12 team mixed Roto league. Am I being dumb?


Hey guys,
I accepted the trade, have two days to change my mind, please give me your thoughts on it.


Definitely do that trade. Feliz is an elite closer who should be back very soon and I wouldn’t be surprised if Erv outperforms McCarthy from here on out. So then it’s really a matter of Morrow for Feliz, which is a no-brainer. Plus, you’re more in need of a reliever than a starter.


Alright that alleviates my concerns, now lets hope it doesn’t get vetoed. The commissioner has all the veto power in my league and guess who’s in second place behind me… Great show today by the way, I watch it most days on MLB Network at 2:30 PM.
Thanks Zach!

Are you buying Jeff Francouer? What do you think he numbers are at the end of the year? Do you think he finishes as a top 20 or 30 Outfielder?


Nah, Frenchy is too much of an enigma for my liking. Watch him go 3-for-30 now! A worthy short-term pickup? Yes. A top-30 outfielder by year’s end? I’d be shocked.


Hi guys, trade question for you all. 6×6, 12-team mixed roto league. I could use some saves (I only have Walden and Soria…dropped Franklin, and I’m not picking up Thornton on the waiver wire just yet). I also could use more help in the HR/OPS department. I have Castro and Jeter at SS, and my OF/UTIL spots are Pence, Choo, Stanton, Lind. I have Butler, Bourn, and Pierre switching in and out. I was offered Adam Jones and Farnsworth for Castro and Jurrjens. I was thinking of selling high on Jurrjens right now. Your thoughts? Is the power upgrade with Jones worth handing over Castro, although if Jeter turns it around, it won’t be too much of a loss? And will Farnsworth likely have a lock on that closer role for the rest of the season? Thanks for your input. Mike


Yeah, I’m fine with that. Jones could definitely exceed 20 homers this year and see my answer above to Marc’s question on Farnsworth. The fact that you already have Jeter (he’s bound to snap out of this at some point) makes the decision a lot easier.


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