Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, April 30-May 2

Chris Narveson


Pineiro @ Shields

Lewis @ Anderson

Drabek @ Burnett

Porcello @ White

Tillman @ Humber

Duensing @ O’Sullivan

Fister @ Lackey

Niese @ Halladay

Westbrook @ Beachy

J. Sanchez @ Lannan

Wolf @ Wandy

Johnson @ Volquez

Garza @ Kennedy

Maholm @ Hammel

Stauffer @ Kuroda


Coke @ Masterson – Masterson 5-for-5 in quality starts this year.

Litsch @ Nova – Nova coming off nice outing but I don’t trust him yet.

King Felix @ Buchholz – Look for Clay to right the ship here.

Weaver @ TBD

Britton @ Floyd

Pavano @ Hochevar – I’ll give Pavano a try here. Hochevar sports impressive 23-to-8 K/BB ratio but overall results still inconsistent.

Harrison @ Gonzalez – Great opportunity for Harrison to rebound coming off dreadful outing.

Cain @ Zimmermann – Taking a break from Zimmermann.

J. Garcia @ Lowe – Lowe a question mark here after DUI arrest.

Narveson @ Norris – Could Narveson, to borrow a phrase from Siano, be turning back into a pumpkin? Norris pitching pretty well of late.

Morton @ Jimenez

Coleman @ D.Hudson – Not the least bit worried about Hudson.

Nolasco @ Arroyo

Moseley @Garland

Young @ Lee – Young more of an NL-Only option for this one.


Holland @ McCarthy – McCarthy a little risky but I’ll take the chance he rebounds.

Colon @ Verlander

Chatwood @ Beckett

Guthrie @ Buehrle – Tough matchup for Guthrie but he’s been very good thus far.

Bumgarner @ Gorzelanny

Happ @ Leake – Leake solid in four of five starts this season. Astros lineup nothing special.

Estrada @ Jurrjens

Volstad @ Lohse

McDonald @ Harang

Russell @ Kershaw


Is it time to cut Francisco Liriano? I’m dead last in ERA & WHIP thanks to “not paying for starting pitching.” I kept Latos, Liriano, Gio, Marcum, Scherzer, and Phil Hughes all as 18th round or later keepers in my 10-team keeper league. On paper these were excellent values to start the season.
I think the rest will likely rebound (maybe not Hughes) but Liriano I’m having a lot of doubts about. Do I hold on to him or pick up a Bud Norris? Club DTM?


Bench but don’t cut is my philosophy on Liriano right now. There are rumblings that the Twins might move him to the bullpen if he blows up again in his next start, but I’d still hold onto him. Definitely not dropping him for Bud Norris. By the way, don’t get too nervous if your team ERA is awful right now. It’s still way too early to take the ratio categories all that seriously.


Looking to pick somebody up while Aaron hill is on the DL. Smoak or Juan rivera? Or maybe another wire player?


I’d go Smoak. More power upside and he’s simply having the better year.



If you had to choose 1 of the following players as your final bench player who would it be?

Ludwick, Abreu, Wells, Figgins, Span or Aaron Hill?

This is a keeper league with bb’s,k’s and xbh’s



Sorry for the multiple posts, got a new deal sorta on the table hasnt been totally agreed on yet but i was wondering what you think.

i give tulo, panda, bj upton and gio

i get miggy, bautista,crawford and andrew bailey.

i realize asdrubal cabrera isnt tulo but i do have him on my bench so i wont have to go to the wire for a ss.

crawford has to come out of it sooner or later right?


Would you deal CC for Feliz if you needed saves?

My other SP are Weaver,Marcum,J.Sanchez,Gio, and Britton.
My closers are Broxton Kimbrel and Farnsworth.

I offered him Gio and he said no then I offered him Sanchez and he said no. It appears all he wants is CC.


this trade is off the table b/c of panda going to the dl – no need to respond


Abreu’s probably the safest pick but he has pretty much zero keeper value. Overall, I like Span the most out of that group.


Prefer Swisher or Stanton for rest of year??



Stanton. He has the higher ceiling and while Swisher should put together a productive year, he’s not batting over .280 again. Last season was most definitely an outlier.


How about this trade? Not sure on what to do, thoughts please. I would receive K rod and Michael Young, and send two players on the DL I have been saving, Utley and Morales.


I’m actually OK with that deal. We still have no idea when Utley and Morales will return and if you don’t really have the luxury of waiting, K-Rod and Young isn’t a bad return. K-Rod’s a top-10 closer and Young is one of the more consistent hitters in the game.


I am at a loss with what to do with this team offensivly. I have placed the starters first. Any advice you can give would be much appreciated:

C-Posada, Iannetta, Montero
2B-Callaspo, Figgins
3B-C. Jones, Alvarez
OF-Rasmus, Swisher, Rios, Scott

Rios, Dunn, Alvarez, and Swisher are just dragging me down and I don’t have a clue what do do with them.


I should add that this is a standard roto league with daily line-up changes and unlimited transactions.

Does this one have you stumped too?


I wouldn’t be too worried. Dunn is bound to break out. His track record is too consistent to suggest otherwise. Rios is a little concerning but he’s not going to bat under .200 for the whole season! And it looks like you only start one 3B so go ahead and play Chipper over Alvarez for now until Alvarez shows some improvement. Still too early to panic. We’ve got a couple more weeks before we get to that stage!


Jeremy Hellickson or Kyle Drabek?

Kyle Lohse or Colby Lewis?

Gavin Floyd or Zach Britton?

Brian Matusz or Randy Wolf?

There is a TON of pitching talent on the waiver wire in my league at the moment (I wish I could hoard it all!).

Long term though, who out of that list are the guys to keep on my roster all year in a standard Rotisseree League?


Floyd, Hellickson, Britton and Matusz, in order, would be my top 4. Wolf would also be very much in the mix but he’s burned me before so personally I’m avoiding him. I have the feeling that the second I pick him up he’ll get bombed! Drabek is also appealing. A lot to choose from here. Not a Lohse fan and felt that Lewis was overrated heading into the season.


For reference – My current starting rotation is Weaver, Cain, Oswalt, Billingsly, Wandy, Big Erv, Drabek.

My Relievers – Lyon, Hanrahan, Madsen, Oliver.

I’m Trying to get the best available pitchers without messing with trades. For example – Are Santana and Drabek interchangable with Floyd and Hellickson (who are on the wire)?

From the list given in my previous post please rate the pitchers on the basis of long term ownership this season.

Also – Would you drop any of the fill in closers I have (Madsen, Oliver) for one of the above average starters on the Wire?


I actually prefer both Hellickson and Floyd to Erv and Drabek.

You’re also very light in closers so it might not be a bad idea to try and unload some of your SP depth in a deal for a closer.


Do you hesitate to have too many players from one major league team on your roster? I’m a Red Sox fan (don’t hate me) and I currently have Papelbon, Lester, Ellsbury, Pedroia, Youkilis, and Lowrie on my team. Another owner has Crawford and Gonzalez. I’d love to have those two guys on my team, but am concerned about having six hitters from the same team. Originally I was offering Ryan Howard and Matt Holliday for the two, but my guys are on fire and his are relatively cold (very cold for Crawford; no power from Gonzalez yet). Thanks, Damon in Seattle


No, there’s nothing wrong with drafting multiple players from the same team but a common mistake made by fantasy owners is to let their real team allegiance interfere with their fantasy team. If the player can help your fantasy team, sure, go ahead and get him. But also think about category balance. Will you be compromising that by making the trade. If you need Crawford’s speed, I’m fine with that trade, but don’t make it just for the sake of making it. There’s also something to be said about not trying to fix what isn’t broken, so I’d actually lean towards standing pat.


Thanks for the feedback. On paper I should be OK with steals with Ellsbury and McCutchen and some help from Pedroia, Holliday, and maybe Adam Jones, but I’m currently near the bottom in steals in my league. It’s a head-to-head league, so I’m not panicking in the steals department.

Someone in my league proposed an interesting trade offer to me. Give: Werth. Get: Bobby Abreu and Brett Gardner. What are your thoughts on this trade? Will this give me the boost in power that my offense needs? Part of me doesn’t think so if he has to put up 2 OFs to equal Werth. Plus, I would have to drop Ervin Santana, Kuroda, Jonny Gomes, Encarnacion or Rajai Davis to accommodate the deal. I’m thinking I should reject this deal and try making a counteroffer for Cruz, Stubbs, Ellsbury, or Brennan Boesch for power. Do you agree?

Or consider this latest development. My friend in the league wants Lincecum and he’s willing to give me a top 20 OF and a lesser, but comparable SP for him and Werth. This is what he proposed to me: Give: Lincecum, Werth. Get: Holiday (or Heyward), Nolasco. Holiday is a clear boost up from Werth, but I’m not completely sure about swapping out Lincecum for Nolasco. What are your thoughts? Should I ask for a different pitcher of his (Hamels, Marcum, Scherzer, Brett Anderson, Brandon Beachy, Bedard, Liriano, Volquez, Arroyo)? My pitching has been pretty good lately, but Lincecum plays a big role in this along with the rest of my roster of Carpenter, Shields, De La Rosa, Lilly, Kuroda, CJ Wilson, and Ervin Santana. Ideally, I would like to see a boost in offensive power without risking too much of the integrity of my pitching.

One final note, my friend making the Lincecum/Werth for Holiday/Nolasco deal is also trying to get rid of Liriano and has had little success doing so if that plays a role in your advice.


Even though I am a Nolasco fan, I’m not too crazy about this trade either. I think you’re still selling too low on Werth. If, however, he swaps in Hamels for Nolasco, I’d definitely make the trade. I’d also probably do it for Anderson or Scherzer but it would be a tougher decision.



I don’t like it. If you’re in need of power, why are you trading the best power hitter in the deal? Werth to Abreu is a downgrade and Gardner, despite his recent power surge, should not be confused with a power hitter. I’d be surprised if he reaches the 10 HR mark this year. And don’t think of it like you’re gaining in homers just because you’re getting an extra player back. Remember that you’ll be benching someone to accommodate that second player, so the net gain isn’t as much as it seems on the surface.


Yeah he actually canceled it anyway yesterday just as I was about to reject it. I’m more interested in the 2nd part about Lincecum/Werth for Holiday/Nolasco.

Should I drop Kurt Suzuki for any of these catchers: Nick Hundley, Alex Avilla, or J.P. Arencibia? My current #1 catcher is Russell Martin.


Yeah, Suzuki for Hundley is a move I’d make.


With Sandoval on the dl i need to find a 3b to replace him till he comes back. My options are reynolds, Uribe, Pedro Alvarez, Alberto callapso, and Jack Hannahan. Which of these are my best option for the 4-6 weeks till Pablo comes back?


I see Hannahan as more of a short-term pickup but for the 4-6 week stretch I’d probably take a chance on Alvarez with the hope that he heats up. Reynolds is the best pure power option but he will absolutely kill your AVG. If you can afford to lose some power, Callaspo could be a solid choice as he’ll likely hit for the highest AVG of that group.


Hey guys, im in a 12 team non-keeper, vanilla roto league. What do you guys think about me trading Ichiro and Matt Cain for Carl Crawford and Mat Latos?

I have been offered a trade where I get CarGo and I give up Ethier… Do I accept in hope CarGo finds his form soon?

Sandoval DL question. My pool has

Maicer Izturis
Chone Figgins
Chase Headley
Mike Aviles
Juan Uribe
Jack Hannahan

Who is the best fix for now

Jon from Texas


Aviles has been fairly productive of late so he would be my pick for now. But keep a close eye on those other guys because you might want to make a switch should one of them separate himself from the rest.


Would you trade Carlos Gonzalez for Cliff Lee?

Worth a 3rd waiver claim on Matusz? Don’t need need pitching but can always use it in a trade. Thanks

Oh and its a keeper too.


Sure. His upside is still significant and how much value does a #3 waiver priority really have at this early stage of the season? There’s plenty of time for you to move back up the list.


Ok I’ll put a claim in, give up on Vernon Wells for him?

Yeah, I’m OK with cutting Wells for Matusz so long as you have a decent outfield.


Thrice jinked! Drafted Panda and Zimmerman at 3B. Picked up Freese when Zims went down. Now I have all 3 out 4-6 weeks. Slim pickings on the wire in my Weekly league: R Roberts, Figgins, Betemit, Avila. Help me before I break something and join them on the DL.

Aviles not Avila😛 Also Uribe is avail but as a Dodger fan I know I don’t wanna touch him in fantasy this yr.


Yeah, I own Panda in three leagues and I’m not exactly in the best of moods today either. I’d pick up Roberts and see what happens from there. I don’t have a ton of confidence that he’ll remain a viable fantasy starter for an extended period of time but who knows.


I lost Freese too on Sunday, so now I need another 3B. Options: Aviles, Figgins, M Reynolds (bleh.)

I am activating Greinke this week and need to drop one of the following pitchers to clear a roster spot: Drabek, Hellickson, or J. Zimmerman. Any thoughts on who I should drop?


Ok I was able to get Gallardo off waivers…do I start him today (Monday) @ ATL or wait a few starts to see where he is?


I’d wait at least one start to be safe. The Braves’ offense is pretty good so let’s see how he does.



Just got offered a trade and wondering your thoughts
I give – Longoria and Nolasco
I get – Granderson and Hanrahan
This seems light for what I get. Do you think it is worth it if I go for Granderson and B. Wilson or is Longoria still too much to give up for his position? I am really light in outfield but would then have Bloomquist at 3rd. Thoughts?

Sorry I was thinking of Hannahan 3b the pitcher however still does not warrant losing Longoria for Granderson, which is about what this trade is offering.


Pass. You’re selling too low on Longoria, a legit first rounder, and Nolasco has looked awfully good so far. You should definitely be getting back more. Plus, it’s a lot easier to find an outfielder on the waiver wire than it is to find a third baseman. Also, Hanrahan, despite the hot start, is far from a proven closer.


Longoria is coming back on Tuesday I believe and Hanrahan is owned in only 11% of Yahoo leagues. Granderson has been offered in trades way to often to make me wonder if most do not feel he will keep this pace. I would not do this trade.

Is Rios going to bounce back this year and possibly go 280, 15, 80, 25 for the rest of the year? Top 25 OF?
How would you rank Rios, Grandy, Ad. Jones, Rasmus, J Bay for the rest of the year?


I’m losing more confidence in Rios by the day now but one thing we know about him is that he’s very streaky, so he’s certainly due to get hot and does play in a great hitters’ park. That said, at this point I can’t really see anything better than .275-15-75-20. Top-25 OF? I’d say no. If he were my #2 OF, I’d be very concerned. Of that group, the only guy I’d rank below Rios is Bay, and that might even change if Bay starts showing some signs of life.


I’m in a Vanilla League. Could you please rank these 3B? Alvarez, Betemit, or C. Jones

Thank you,


I’d go Jones, Alvarez, Betemit…but that’s assuming Jones stays relatively healthy, which by now we shouldn’t really assume. Long-term, I’m not taking Betemit seriously.


This one is for Cory. How long are you sticking with E5? He’s killing me in my league. I was wondering if it’s time to ditch.

Liriano too, looked horrible so far. Cut material yet?

At least Stubbs has worked out for us 411 listeners!😉


I wouldn’t cut him just yet. A couple more bad starts though, maybe.


I just traded Axford for Nolasco. Good idea or not ? I also have Soria, Kimbrel, Farnsworth, and Contreras.

16 team mixed league

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