Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 3


Reyes @ Davis
Sabathia @ Penny
Haren @ Lester
Liriano @ Jackson – can’t trust Liriano right now but don’t cut yet
Bergesen @ Francis
Carmona @ Ross – Ross intriguing, but not vs. AL’s top offense (!)
Ogando @ Bedard
TBD @ Hamels?
Estrada @ Hanson
An. Rodriguez @ LeCure
Vogelsong @ Dickey – Vogelsong has decent stuff and might enjoy some success his first time around the league
An. Sanchez @ McClellan
De La Rosa @ Saunders
Karstens @ Latos – hang with ’em
Dempster @ Billingsley – see Liriano


ive been offered david ortiz and mitch moreland for uggla? uggla is one of my keepers but is he going to ever hit ? other than the occational homer ?


Pass. Four straight 30-plus HR seasons isn’t exactly the occasional homer. Add in that he plays at the shallow 2B position and he’s a lot more valuable than the DH-only Ortiz. Moreland doesn’t make up the difference. Uggla might not bat above .250 but you still have to be patient with him despite the slow start.


Looking to keep one of these three.

Rajai Davis, Coco Crisp, or Chris Coghlan.

If I should keep 2 out of these three let me know. =)

Looking for steals, runs, avg. power would be nice but not required.


Definitely keep Davis. He’s a 50-plus SB threat. Crisp vs. Coghlan is close. Crisp will give you more steals but Coghlan has been so impressive in the early going…I’d give the edge to him.


Looking to pick up EJax in pitch or ditch, but I can’t decide whom to cut between Beachy, Boesch, or David Murphy.


If I had to pick one it would be Boesch but quite honestly, I’m not so sure you really need to pick up E-Jax if you already have decent pitching. All things equal, I’d rather keep the hitter and I prefer Beachy to E-Jax.



I pulled the trigger on a deal sending CC for Marmol and now im a little worried about my rotation. you think ill still be okay or did i make a mistake?

My rotation is now Weaver,Marcum,J.Sanchez,Gio and Britton
My Closers are now a little better with Marmol,Broxton,Kimbrel and Farnsworth


Your rotation is fine. You might have been able to get a little more for CC but I do like how you addressed a need. Your bullpen looks very good now.


Needing to keep two Brandon Beachey, Aaron Harang and B. Colon? And in what order of better pitcher would you put these 3? Thx

Coghlan, crisp, Damon, Luke Scott, smoak, Hannahan, uribe, or gaby. All are on the wire. Who do we like the best?

Someone in my league just dropped Neftali Feliz. I have plenty of starting pitching depth, should I drop Stauffer or Burnett for him or go as is? Current relievers are Paplebon, Francisco, and Cordero.

I was going to target Carlos Pena in my draft this season (luckily I missed out). Now he’s looking like toast and is on the wire in my league. Is he worth a flyer? Will he rebound and sizzle in the summer by finding his home run swing, or continue to swoon?

Also In regards to the draft – The guys I specifically targeted as sure things for my draft (then missed out on) have been MIA so far – V. Martinez, Pena, Hill, Han Ram, Rios, Stanton, Dunn, D. Hudson, Franklin.

The guys I grudgingly got BECAUSE I missed out on the ones I wanted have been fantastic so far – Berkman, A. Gordon, Sizemore, Weaver, Oswalt, Kemp.

Its a funny old game. Go Indians! 19-8.


I’m not all that optimistic about Pena but if you’ve got an open roster spot, sure why not. But I wouldn’t drop anyone halfway decent for him.


There’s a pending trade of Howie Kendrick straight up for Dan Uggla in my 12 team, 6×6 (+ OBP, Losses) roto league.

I don’t like it, but have promised not to vote against. Curious to know your thoughts.

James in Austria


I don’t like it either but it shouldn’t be vetoed. Look, we’ve been waiting awhile for Kendrick to finally take that next step forward and he’s off to a great start so far. Maybe he’s in line for a career year. Uggla will give you power but his inconsistent track record in the AVG department keeps him from being a top-tier 2B option.


Okay, good. Thanks for the response. – James

Bourne or Fuld? Got offered Fuld for Bourne, and i can’t decide.


I’d definitely go with Bourn due to his far more extensive track record. Fuld really came out of nowhere this year and there’s little in his history to suggest that he can keep it up. Now is a great time to sell high. The window could have already passed. He’s currently mired in a 1-for-22 slump.


I play in a salary cap league where Soto costs twice as much as Avila. Would you drop Soto to get Avila? How do you think each finishes the year? Soto has been prone to season long slumps (2 years ago), so I don’t really want to continue to spend the salary on Soto if you think Soto & Avila end up pretty close by the end of the year. Thanks as always!


Although I still think that Soto will finish with better numbers than Avila, if the price difference is that much, yeah, I would take the gamble on Avila. I take it there are no trades in this league? Of course, a trade of Soto would be the best option.


Guys, Not sure if this has been asked, but is it time to give up on Pedro Alvarez? He is taking up a potential valuable roster spot.


Nah, I wouldn’t give up on him. Young hitters tend to be very streaky and Alvarez can just as easily hit 10 homers this month. Benching him temporarily is fine, but if you’re dropping him simply to open up a roster spot for a waiver wire guy, it’s a waste.


Aaron Hill was just dropped in my league. Worth a pick up with the #1 waiver spot? He’s on waivers until Saturday, so I may not get him before he comes of the DL. I’ve got Tulowitzki, Pedrioa, and Lowrie in my middle infield slots. I’d likely move Lowrie to CI and bump Moreland to the bench. If I can get Hill before he comes off the DL I have a DL slot available and can stash him there. Thanks, Damon in Seattle


Yeah, sure. I wouldn’t be too concerned about waiver priority this early in the season and picking up Hill would also give you the option of slotting him in at MI and benching Lowrie should he start to regress. Not much to lose here.



I have McClellan and picked up Davis and Voglesong for PoD. I am leading in wins by 3 but have already crested 300 innings. Is it worth pitching all 3 tonight or should I hold someone back?



I don’t trust Vogelsong yet. I need to see one or two more solid starts before I pitch him with confidence.


Carlos Quentin was just dropped in my league. Worth a pickup with the #1 waiver spot? 10 team mix category, and who should I drop Mark Reynolds or Casey McGehee.

Zach M.,

Yeah, absolutely. I’d sooner drop Reynolds than McGehee. I don’t care how many homers Reynolds hits, he’s an absolute AVG killer.

Zach S.

Hey Zach,

Would you trade Holliday for Bautista? I have Cruz, Ellsbury, Victorino, Stanton, C Young, & M Bourn. Must start LF, CF, RF, & 2 Utility.
I currently have McGehee at 3B.
Rest of lineup: McCann, Votto, Pedroia, A Cabrera, & Kendry Morales (DL)
Lester, Scherzer, Carpenter, Gallardo, J Garcia, Beckett, De La Rosa, Perez and Mariano

Can I afford to lose Holliday to get Mcgehee? Is the upgrade from McGehee to Bautista enough to pull the trigger?
I’m still trying to pull of a 2 for 1 deal but it doesn’t seem to be working! I need roster spot for Feliz and don’t see any players I can cut.
Thoughts on what I should be targeting for return? (I included roster to help w/weaknesses)

I’m currently in 1st (still way too early..I know) so there is no pressure to make a deal except for Feliz coming off DL at end of week.

Thanks for the help!

Also tried another route and am negotiating to buy low on Hanley Ramirez..well as low as you can for a #2 pick overall. His owner wants offense so which two of the following would you feel is a good trade w/o giving up too much ?
I’m trying to deal Cruz cuz I’m just waiting for him to get hurt.

So 2 for Hanley: Cruz, C Young(OF), Victorino, Bourn, Stanton or Ellsbury?

Thanks again,


I’d honestly trade any combo for Hanley but start low and work your way up. I’ll rank them Cruz, Victorino, Ellsbury, Young, Stanton, Bourn. But if Cruz’s injury history scares you, I’m fine with including him in any package.


I don’t think I’d make that trade. I see Holliday and Bautista as fairly comparable in value but you already have a pretty solid 3B in McGehee, so the need for a 3B isn’t really that huge.


I offered A-Rod, Mike Stanton, Justin Morneau, and Kyle Drabek for Miguel Cabrera and Ryan Braun. Am I giving up too much or not enough?


I’d much rather have your side of the deal but it’s not so lopsided to the point that it should be vetoed. I doubt the other owner will accept it though.


In a 14 team Dynasty League, I own Strassberg and I drafted him so that I might trade him for better pitchers but I am not sure how to gauge trade value. I would like to get two pitchers who would normally be keepers out of Strass. Could you suggest some names or at least tiers that would work? I plan on trading Strass in the second half and my SP’s now are Bumgarder, Buchholz, Nunez, Baker, Shields, Adams, Santos, , Lohse and Chamberlain. Stats include holds, Saves, W, Era, Whip, & K’s. I am also concerned about Strass arm angle and him becoming another Kerry Wood.

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