Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 5

Jason Hammel sports a 2.45 ERA and 1.21 WHIP over his past four starts.


Burnett @ Porcello – Still don’t trust Burnett

Romero @ Price

Pineiro @ Lackey

Tillman @ Chen

Gomez @ Anderson

Lewis @ Vargas – Vargas not dominating at home just yet

Myers @ Bailey – hang with ‘em (for now) on Myers

J. Sanchez @ Pelfrey

Johnson @ Westbrook

Lannan @ Halladay

Marcum @ Beachy

Hammel @ Kennedy – Hammel can survive PIT at Coors, but not gambling here


Zach, thoughts on Boesch as a lineup replacement for Tabata? Would rather the flexibility with the spot, but noticed he was available, and I have a #4 waiver claim.. 10-team, mixed, 5×5…thx


Yeah, I temporarily replaced Tabata with Boesch in one of my leagues, so using a #4 waiver claim on him is fine with me. Last year, Boesch was red-hot in the first half before fizzling down the stretch, so I’m a little concerned about his long-term outlook. But as a bench guy and short-term fill-in until Tabata proves 100 percent healthy, he’s a solid option. I still prefer Tabata though if you need to choose one of the two.


Thx Zach, as always! Turns out boesch cleared waivers and I still got him!

Can you rank these guys for the rest of the year on value and chance of keeping the job?

Walden, Santos, Madson

Have Wilson as well and might put one of them on the block for an upgrade elsewhere. Thanks.



I’d rank them in the order you listed them. Madson has historically been shaky in the closer role and there are two guys (although they are both injured) ahead of him in the pecking order.

By the way, I would not trade Wilson. Your closer group isn’t all that strong to begin with, and without Wilson it would be very weak.


Hey Zach, thanks for the advise last week, I have decided to not trade Farnsworth for Vlad. Instead I have traded Gordon Beckham for Vlad. I have Aviles and Wigginton as other options. Did I make the right move? I needed a RBI and BA man.


Just answered this question on the previous post.


Drop Juan Pierre and pick up Rajai Davis? Whose Better?


They’re very similar but I’d lean towards Davis. He’s a little younger and has so far been stealing bases at a higher success rate than Pierre.


Did I do okay in this trade? I sent Stephen Drew for Wieters in a 12 team points league. I was desperate for a catcher (Posada was doing squat and the wire was and still is empty) and I had Asdrubal Cabrera to take over at shortstop.


Yeah, that’s a fair value deal. I’m OK with it. That said, it could come back to haunt you if Posada wakes up and actually outproduces Wieters from here on out! But all in all, I probably would have made the trade too.


2 part question. Which RP between Vincente Padilla, Frank Francisco, or Eduardo Sanchez is going to get me the most saves while Aardsma & Bailey are on my DL? Which of those 3 have the most upside long term?

12 team mixed points league. I have to get Lyon out of my lineup. I can move one of these starters; Danks, Wandy or Big Erv for one of these closers; Axford, Storen or Valverde. Which pairing do you like the best?


I’d rank the starters Wandy, Danks, Erv and the closers Valverde, Axford, Storen. I’d try to get Valverde and if you could deal Danks for Valverde, great. I’d be reluctant to part with Wandy but if that’s what it will take to get Valverde, I’d land up doing it.


Just want to say that I really enjoy watching Fanatsy 411 and getting your guy’s advise on the show, also I love and use POD, it’s all really helpfull info.
What are your thoughts on Justin Morneau? I’m about ready to say my goodbyes and cut him. I don’t know if he is even trade worthy or is he? Thanks for taking your time to read this.

Hey Big Z am in need of upgrading my ageing OF in a keeper league and have been offered Rasmus who I have been after for Feliz. I can give up a closer but Feliz had been lights out and is an elite one, so just wondering if I should ask for a little more in addition, maybe try asking for Heyward/Stubbs for Soriano too? Maybe thats a bit much but should I ask for a little more or is it roughly fair value (I could ask for a prospect in addition like Miller/Castellanos/Parker maybe). The thing is it doesn’t seem like the league values closers particularly high as I got Feliz for $7 (compared to Rasmus going for $14), so I maybe wouldn’t get much more than this in return. Does it get the 411 stamp of approval? Thanks

Its Big Barry btw, not amigos2222.


Rasmus is a satisfactory return but still see if you could do a little better. Heyward or Stubbs would be better and would also be a reasonable asking price, so give it a try.


Hey Zach,

I got offered a deal.. Mo Rivera&(victorino,bourn,c young, or Stanton) and receive Youk.
I have feliz coming off DL and can’t find any other people willing to deal.
I have Feliz&Perez as my other closers. I also have Mcgehee who I’m trying to put into a package for Choo.
Thoughts? I know Mo is as close to lights out as possible. If no deal I have to drop someone…if that happens, any suggestions: Bourn, Stanton, Yovani Gallardo(just picked up of waivers),or J Garcia. I realize non should be dropped but if I can’t make a deal I’m going to be forced to decide.


Rivera and Bourn for Youk is OK and considering your roster situation, I’d end up making that trade. But I don’t think I’d include any of the other outfielders in the package…just Bourn for now.


I am in the same boat as the guy above. I have Aaron Hill coming off the DL and am trying to do a 2 for 1 deal to create a roster space. Noone is biting.

Here is my team in full:

(c) Santana
(1b) Pujols
(2b, 3b) Polanco
(3b) A. Ramirez
(ss) Reyes
(of) Kemp
(of) Eithier
(of) Choo
(of) Sizemore
(of, 3b) Gordon
(1b, of) Berkman
(1b) C. Pena

(2b) Hill – DL

SP – Weaver, Cain, Oswalt, Billingsly, Wandy, Hellickson, Big Erv.

RP – Lyon, Hanrahan, santos, madsen.

Ideally I’d upgrade at closer or get a back up SS.
Who would you target? I need K’s and saves.

Who out of the team are sell high candidates, and where do you think I have excess (position wise) to trade from?
If nothing happens who do I cut? Hill? Santos?

Hey Zach recently traded away a closer, but with Big Brox ailing, it’s time to play the chasing saves game. Would you claim Padilla with the 2nd priority, or try and grab him as soon as he clears waivers. Also same with kuo in another league, 4th priority there. Thanks


Yeah, I’d make both of those claims at this point. You really have nothing to lose.


Is lance berkman this years troy glaus? I remember glaus has an amazing april and was decent for a month or two then just faded and was pretty much unplayable in the second half. Do you see the comparisons, or will berkman be good all year?


I see Berkman as the much better all-around player so I don’t think he’ll absolutely crash like Glaus did last season. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a great sell-high guy. Really, how much higher can his value get?


Hey Zach, in a vacuum, 12 team mixed, would you drop pierre for chone figgins? i have plenty of OF’s, and i also have bourn on my roster.


Normally I’d say yes, but Figgins has been so terrible this year that I need to see more from him. On a side note, I don’t quite understand why you need Figgins. I’d pass, at least for now.


In a 14 team Dynasty League, I own Strassberg and I drafted him so that I might trade him for better pitchers but Hi, I am not sure how to gauge trade value. I would like to get two pitchers who would normally be keepers out of Strass. Could you suggest some names or at least tiers that would work? I plan on trading Strass in the second half and my SP’s now are Bumgarder, Buchholz, Nunez, Baker, Shields, Adams, Santos, , Lohse and Chamberlain. Stats include holds, Saves, W, Era, Whip, & K’s. I am also concerned about Strass arm angle and him becoming another Kerry Wood.

Would you trade Mark Reynolds for AJ Burnett in an AL only eight team roto league?


I wouldn’t. I view Reynolds and Burnett as having similar value and when it’s close I always go with the hitter. Reynolds might be an AVG killer but in a non-mixed league, he carries a decent amount of appeal based on his power alone.


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