Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 6

Justin Masterson is 6-for-6 in quality starts and has allowed 2 ER or less in 5 of those 6 outings.


Shields @ Britton
Coke @ Litsch
Baker @ Matsuzaka – Have to start Dice-K vs. awful Twins, though I won’t watch…
Nova @ Harrison
Gonzalez @ O’Sullivan
Masterson @ Chatwood – Masterson due for some “regression” but won’t be here
Humber @ King Felix
Volquez @ Garza
Lowe @ Lee
Wandy @ Maholm
Kuroda @ Niese
TBD @ Nolasco
Wolf @ J. Garcia – Cards can rake but Wolf is en fuego
Galarraga @ Stauffer
Jimenez @ Cain

***SIANO SAYS “Dice-K was not good last start, had some elbow tightness and then pitched in the mess Wednesday night. He may not even make that start but if he does I don’t trust him against anyone due to those circumstances. Lowe was on a roll but has cooled off so I agree on him and the rest including Baker, who has been red hot but now gets a test. Worth running him out there but I’d be nervous.”


Should I trade Kendrys Morales and Araims Ramirez for Tim Lincecum?? Am I giving up too much?? thanks!


I usually don’t like to deal quality hitting for pitching but I’d definitely do this one. You’re getting a top-5 SP for a guy in Morales whose return is not even imminent and A-Ram, a solid 3B but not an elite one. The price you’re paying isn’t really that enormous.


Digging myself out of a big pitching hole in my AL-only keeper & I have two catchers (R. Martin & Arencibia) but only 1 spot to play them (have Matsui @ Util). Would you consider an offer of Martin (Round 15 keeper in 2012) and Beckham (Round 10) for Aviles and Burnett to be fair to an owner who is playing for next year? He also has Verlander, Scherzer and CC, but I don’t think he would part with them for what I have offered.

My rotation is Price, Liriano, Beckett, Bedard, Penny, Nova, Holland and Alex White… hoping to peddle a starter for a reserve should this deal go through.

Thanks for the knowledge,

Scotty Mac

Scotty Mac,

I think you’re giving up too much here. Burnett is extremely shaky and your rotation is fine as is, so I’m not really sure you need A.J. Yeah, Beckham’s been a disappointment but who’s to say he won’t outproduce Aviles from here on out? Moving forward, I don’t really see that as an upgrade and you’re trading a guy in Martin who’s looking like a solid keeper at that price. Don’t let the catcher logjam force you to make a questionable trade. Look for better offers. I think you’ll be able to find them.


Would one of Scherzer, CC or Verlander be asking too much, or should I be looking for a pitcher somewhere between those guys and Burnett?

Is Vernon Wells a keeper or is it better to get someone off the wire?(Not in need of anything expect a good outfielder)

Nick Swisher
Carlos Lee
Coco Crisp
Aubrey Huff
Michael Cuddyer
Melky Cabrera


Jon from Texas


Wells is starting to heat up a bit but I’d still take Crisp, Swisher and Lee, in that order, over him.



Can you rank the following pitchers for me. I am trying to decide who to put on the trade block in a package with Lowerie for OF. I know McClellan is the best to get rid of being a rookie but don’t think I will get takers for what I am looking for.
J. Garcia
W. Davis


It is actually Bumgarner rather than Davis that I have.


I’d go Garcia, Beckett, Nolasco, Britton, Davis, McClellan.


In that case, I’d slot in Bumgarner where Davis is.


Anyone feel free to respond to this.

I’m in a 12 team, mixed, 5×5, HTH league and am currently in 4th place–just 5 “games” back. The 3rd place team offered this to me.

I give Adrian Gonzalez and I get Billy Bulter and Francisco Rodriguez.

With the total collapse of Thornton and Sale, I can use some help in the bullpen. (I have Kimbrel, Soria, and Contreras (DL) with Venters as insurance.)

My offense is decent but not a powerhouse with Gonzalez, Berkman, and Holliday providing the primary power. (I also have Gordon, Drew, Werth, Ellsbury, Mauer (DL), and Sandoval (DL).

Is this worth accepting?



Close call but I think I’d pass. Soria and Kimbrel is a pretty solid 1-2 at closer and while it would be nice to add a strong third closer, I think your offense will struggle too much without Gonzalez, especially if Berkman comes back down to earth.


5×5 roto keeper where we keep 4 hitter and 2 pitchers or 3 and 3

I have Longoria and was wondering if I should trade Wright for Felix Hernandez if Haren, Scherzer, Beckett, Gallardo, Pineda are my best keeper options.

My possible hitter keepers are Votto, Wright, J Upton, Longo, Rasmus, possibly Hosmer?🙂



Pass. Wright is simply a more valuable player than Felix and Haren/Scherzer are fine keeper options for the required two pitchers. Votto, Wright, Upton, Longoria is a great group of hitters too!


Hey 411,
Your thoughts on giving Torii Hunter for J Werth?


Fair value deal but considering how dreadful Werth has been I think I’d hang onto Torii. Hunter might not carry Werth’s upside but he does come with less downside. You pretty much know what you’re getting with him.


411 Crew,
Kelly Johnson has made me an April fool and I am not sure if I should cut or trade him to another team for spare parts. I have Zobrist, Callaspo and Aviles who can easily fill the 2nd and MI positions for me. I must confess now I did use a keeper pick26 for Kelly but wanting to make a move to keep up with the pack. Plus we count strike outs and he absolutly is killing me! Oops, 13 team Roto7x7, keeper league.

Cheers as always fellas,


Yeah, he’s killing me too! I wasn’t expecting a repeat of last year but I was counting on top-10 2B production. I’m never drafting him again. I think you have little choice but to keep him on your bench as he has close to zero trade value right now. He is a streaky hitter though so maybe he gets hot…at least I’m hoping.


Wow. Two of my league members just dropped John Danks and Clay Bucholz.

Who out of thos twonpitchers should I prrioritize in a claim?


I prefer Danks. A little more consistent, easier division and higher strikeout potential.


Would you drop McGehee for Neil Walker? I’m struggling at 3B and no one else to drop.



I’d hold onto McGehee. Part of Walker’s fantasy appeal, in addition to the fact that he’s gotten off to a hot start, is his 2B eligibility. As far as homers and RBIs go, I still think McGehee will finish the year with the better numbers. If you’re really in need of AVG and runs, maybe go with Walker, but otherwise I’d opt for McGehee.


That time again, folks! Time to pick up my two weekly 3Bs (thanks to the positional destruction of Zimmerman, Sandoval and Freese!) Here are my choices for Week 6: Aviles, Hannahan, Figgins or Betemit. I currently have Ryan Roberts in there but he has done nothing this week. I worry about Betemit with the recent call-up of Hosmer. And Figgins hasn’t been very Chone-like lately. So please throw me a bone (that won’t break!) Need 2.


I’d take a chance on Figgins now that he’s showing some signs of life. Aviles and Figgins would be my two choices.


Hey Zach last of these waiver questions I promise. Still after saves as I missed out with my 2nd priority claim on Padilla last night (number 1 claimed him!). Lidge has recently been cut, I have a spare DL spot, do I use my now number 1 claim on him? Not the most appealing option to use my no 1 claim on, but im not sure if there’ll be many better options to use it on in the future. Thanks


Was Melancon claimed? If not, I’d grab him. Otherwise, if you’re desperate for saves, I’m OK with picking up Lidge…assuming you’re willing to pass on Hosmer (who may or may not be available).


Yeah Melly’s gone and Hossy went last night.

What about this deal? I’m giving up Bautista, T Hunter, L Nunez, and J Jurrjens in return getting E Longoria, J Werth, D Storen. I have J Cueto coming off the DL this sunday and need to deal a SP and Jurrjens is lowest on my board.


The fate of this trade rests in Storen’s hands. If he hangs onto the closer job for the rest of the year and posts solid numbers, you come out of this well. Otherwise, not so much. I have confidence in Storen though, so I’d make the trade.


I’m looking to add either Darwin Barney or Orlando Cabrera. Both have really similar numbers. I feel like Barney is gonna fall off before Cabrera, but I’m really not sure. Recommendations?


Yeah, I’d take the safer route and go with Cabrera. Barney’s numbers are due for a correction and you don’t want to be stuck with him when that happens.


Is Kinsler for Oswalt a fair trade?

I would be getting kinsler. I dont need to do the deal but there is a glut of pitching on the wire (danks, floyd, bucholz, zimmerman) so i can kinda replace oswalt while upgrading 2b.

your thoughts?


Definitely make that trade. The quality of starting pitchers on the wire looks to be very good and Kinsler, although an injury risk, is a top-tier option at a thin position.


oswalt looks to be DL bound, scuppering the trade for me.

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