Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, May 7-9

In just one month, Yovani Gallardo has gone from fantasy ace to questionable start.



Duensing @ Buchholz – Clay has been erratic but this is a nice matchup.

Hellickson @ Guthrie – Last time Guthrie faced TB…eight shutout innings.

Verlander @ Romero

McCarthy @ Hochevar – McCarthy starting to fade but how bad can he be vs. KC?

Colon @ Holland – A bit dangerous for Colon but can’t sit him right now regardless of opponent.

White @ Weaver

Floyd @ Fister

Arroyo @ Coleman

Gallardo @ Lohse – Wouldn’t blame Yovani owners for sitting this one out. I’ve never owned Lohse and never will, so maybe I’m biased!

Jurrjens @ Oswalt

Norris @ Morton – Let’s see how Bud follows up his roto monster performance!

Garland @ Young – I’ll take a shot on Garland here in decent matchup.

Gorzelanny @ Volstad – Gorzelanny on a roll.

D.Hudson @ Moseley – Moseley bound to crash at some point though.

Chacin @ Bumgarner – Bumgarner’s back on track.


Penny @ Reyes

Pavano @ Matsuzaka – Pavano’s been roughed up in two of his last three starts…I’ll roll the dice on Matsuzaka.

Davis @ Bergesen

Sabathia @ Ogando – Ogando’s lone non-quality start came against Yankees, so he’s risky.

Ross @ Francis – After hot start, Francis has been awful of late.

Carmona @ Haren

Buehrle @ Bedard – Outstanding matchup for Buehrle. Bedard worth a gamble in deeper leagues.

Kershaw @ Dickey

Livan @ An. Sanchez – Livan still inconsistent. Anibal needs to get back on track.

Happ @ McDonald

Narveson @ McClellan – Narveson fading and I don’t like this matchup.  Also scared to pitch McClellan.

Cueto @ Dempster – Don’t like playing guys in first start back from DL. Need to see one more solid outing from Dempster.

Saunders @ Harang – Starting to get a little concerned about Harang but will pitch him here.

De La Rosa @ Vogelsong

Hanson @ Hamels


 Scherzer @ Morrow

Liriano @ Lester – A no-no will do a lot to quiet the critics.

Cahill @ Wilson

Jackson @ Big Erv – Pitch Jackson though his inconsistency has been maddening.

Billingsley @ Karstens

Worley @ Vazquez

Wood @ An. Rodriguez – Rodriguez impressive in first career start but I don’t trust him just yet.

Latos @ Greinke

Capuano @ TBD – Passing on Capuano at Coors.


is big erv even worth owning? i dropped him to the bench against the red sox last week and now you guys say sit him at home against a struggling white sox offence?


I’d hold onto Erv and just sit him in tough matchups. He’s still capable of stringing together dominant outings…definitely worth owning in 12-team mixed leagues.



2 Players just hit the wire who i think should be picked up right away. can you give me your take on the order i should go after them in case i cant get both of them which i suspect would be the case..

the two players are Michael Bourn and Brian Roberts.

Bourn would be either a replacement in my outfield for Garden or my utility spot for Asdrubal. and Roberts would just be a utility replacement for Asdrubal concidering i still have uggla and cant get comperable talent for him in a deal. or would you just stand pat with what ive got and go from there? Thanks Zach

Gardner* (correction from previous post)


Would you drop Britton and pick up Dempster?

I’d stick with Britton. He’s been pretty consistent and I still don’t fully trust Dempster. I need to see a couple more strong outings from him.



I’d pick up Bourn. Asdrubal’s looked very good so far which minimizes your need for Roberts and I prefer Bourn over Gardner…more established track record and at least a slight upgrade in steals but at worst a wash. I don’t see Gardner topping Bourn in that department.


I was just offered starlin castro and gavin floyd for CJ Wilson in a 5 x 5 roto league….I don’t need any help in any category except for whip and era…….. I’m winning the league so far. If I did this trade I would have to drop theriot and put cuddyer on the bench, should I do it?


Totally depends on how badly you need Castro. If you’re already strong at SS, there’s really no reason to make this trade, but if you need help at that position, it’s definitely worth considering. Wilson to Floyd is a downgrade but not an enormous downgrade.


Hey Zach,

Travis Haffner is on my free agent watch list, he was dropped once he got hurt and hasn’t been picked up yet. My lineup is stacked with power guys and the top 5 leaders in the AL in Runs scored are all on my team, however, power hitters are always welcomed. Should I drop Ryan Roberts and make the pickup? Also thinking of dropping Yunel Escobar for Darwin Barney, go with it?


If Roberts is just sitting on your bench anyway and you already have a solid starting third baseman, I’m fine with you picking up Hafner…not much to lose there. As for Barney, I think I’d pass and hold onto Escobar. Barney’s Minor League numbers don’t exactly jump off the page and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Escobar rebound.


Hey guys, really need your advice here. I’m bouncing between 4th and 5th place in a daily 12 team roto league, and my closers are broxton, lyon and #42. What should my strategy be with my closers going forward?


Try to get better ones! I also drafted Broxton and Lyon in one of my leagues and it’s been an absolute disaster. I know that closers can be had off the wire throughout the season, but I’d make an attempt to trade for at least one more solid one to go along with the great Rivera.



Decided not to drop Britton for Dempster so i answered my own question but i have another one.

in my league we have a innings cap of 1200 and im on pace to go over by 50 innings. I am thinking I need to maybe drop 1 of the 6 starters and gain a bat.

My starters are Weaver,Marcum,J. Sanchez,Gio,Britton and Colby lewis. I am thinking the best return would be weaver so im thinking about offering weaver for someone like cargo and seeing if the owner bites on it because hes pitcher short..hes only got 4 starters and 2 relievers or something and hes got all kinds of extra bats. Am i reaching for cargo concidering what hes done so far or do you think hes just off to a slow start and well worth weaver going forward?


Weaver for Car-Go is a fine idea. I can’t see Weaver’s value getting much higher than it is right now (or maybe a week ago) and Car-Go is a nice trade target at this point. He’s not going to match last year’s ridiculous numbers but he won’t bat .241 either. On a side note, I wouldn’t be too worried about innings limits this early in the season. 50 over really isn’t that much.


Zach, I have an OF problem. I need to start (4) of these (6)

M. Joyce

Even with Lind’s back problem I am having a hard time benching him. Markakis looks like he’s hitting his stride again. Joyce knocking the cover off the ball. What say you?



Choo, Lind and Quentin would be definites and I’d probably lean towards Markakis for the 4th OF.


Hey Big Z am dead last in power cats (HRs and RBIs) in one league, so am looking to trade some starting pitching for power. Im targeting J Bruce and was thinking of offering a 2 for 1 for him (as hes got no other OFs to replace Bruce). Who else would you offer with Crisp for Bruce: Wandy, Billingsley, Garza, Garcia, Anibal, Bumgardner.
Also same league, wanna pick up another OF till Tabata gets out of his funk, only short benches though, would you drop Wells or Anibal (and hope to PoD him) for a guy off the wire.


I’d start by offering Bumgarner or Anibal and then go to Garza and Billingsley…but only if you have to. Maybe offer Anibal now coming off his near no-hitter. I like Anibal but he’s been hit or miss so far this year.

As for the OFs, I think I’d just stay put. Anibal is definitely above PoD level and Wells is starting to wake up.


who should I pick up between Pierre, Joyce, Rajai Davis Or Julio Borbon?
Brad Lidge is on waivers, should i pick him up and stash him?


Well, Joyce is a completely different type of player than the other three but all things equal I probably wouldn’t choose him anyway. Normally I’d say Davis but he’s not hitting at all right now so Pierre would be my pick. As for Lidge, he’s still worth a DL spot if you’ve got one available so yeah, why not.


Hey Zach, I was offered Cliff lee and Craig Kimbrel for Kendrys Morales, Aramis Ramirez and Eric Hosmer… I already have Butler, Howard and Dunn @ first base and Longoria and Polanco @ 3rd base.. My closers are Street, Sergio Santos, Walden and Melancon but my Starting Pitching I feel is a little weak and need some help (De La Rosa, Jurrjens, Marcum, Dempster, Matt Cain, Volquez, Ogando, MacClellan and Narveson) is a 14 team, head-to-head league… should I make this treade? or should I ask for more than Lee and Kimbrel? thanks!


That’s an absolute steal for you. Make that trade immediately!


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