Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 10

Britton who? Jake Arrieta has been pretty good too.


Davies @ F. Garcia

Pineda @ Arrieta – throw out Arrieta’s rout at TEX and he’s been terrific

Sonnanstine @ Tomlin – Rays are en fuego and I don’t believe Tomlin can keep it up

Lester @ Drabek – big Drabek fan but the walks are a concern for now

Anderson @ Lewis

Porcello @ Liriano – wait and see on Liriano

Danks @ Pineiro – gamble on Pineiro vs. struggling ChiSox

Lilly @ Correia

Halladay @ Johnson – oh, baby!

Marquis @ T. Hudson

Bailey @ Myers – Myers not the same as last year

Carpenter @ Zambrano

Richard @ Marcum – Richard on the road = ditch

Pelfrey @ Hammel – Pelfrey on the road = ditch

Kennedy @ Lincecum

***SIANO SAYS “Pitch on Tomlin. They can’t win every day those Rays.”


Which side do you like Andrea Ethier and Jimmy Rollins for Hanley and Juan Rivera? 10 team mixed, DH a required spot


Even though Hanley is the best player of the four, I’ll take the Ethier/Rollins side. Rollins is still an above average SS and Ethier is a HUGE upgrade over Rivera.


I’m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. I’ve got a glut of middle infielders with Tulo, Pedroia, Lowrie, Aaron Hill (on my DL), and Utley (on my DL). Do you think Lowrie and Hill are utility slot worthy (currently being held down by Moreland), or in Lowrie’s case corner infielder worthy? Or do I look to trade? Either way, it’s not a bad problem to have! Thanks, Damon in Seattle


In a 10-team league, if you’re already set at middle infield, I don’t see Hill or Lowrie as starter-worthy. There should be better utility options even on the waiver wire. If you can acquire an above waiver wire-level player via trade, I’d absolutely consider dealing those guys.


I’m in a 10 team h2h league. My pitchers include Hamels, De La Rosa, Pineda, Danks, Lester, Scherzer, Kuroda, Lohse, and Brett Myers. How long would you stay with Myers or would you drop him for someone like Ogando, Jurrjens, Floyd, or Beachy? Thanks.


In a 10-team league, I don’t have a problem with you cutting Myers and I’d lean towards picking up Jurrjens over those other guys. But more importantly, I really don’t see why you need nine starting pitchers in a 10-team league where quality options will always be available on the waiver wire. I’d consider trading one or two of your starters for upgrades at other positions.


Thanks, Zach. I appreciate it. Our league uses 9 position players (including UTIL), 4 SP spots, 2 RP spots, 2 P spots, and 5 Bench players. Besides those SP, I have two RP. I like your advice and will try my best to land a trade in a league where it seems no one wants to trade.

DL question

I have Broxton, Contreras and Ardsma on the DL and Bell, Farnswrth and Padilla in my starting lineup. We can only play 3 Reserve pitchers (so Padilla can be a 4th). I need the bench spots as we only have 1 DL slot which Ryan Zimmerman is using. Which of the injured closers would you keep and which would you look to offload?


Tim in UK
(yes I know my “everyone is on the DL ” question normally is not until August)


I’d lean towards dumping Aardsma. Sounds like he’s not that close to returning and League has done a solid job as his fill-in. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if League hangs onto the job even after Aardsma comes back.


Im in a 10×10 league and have a trade offered to me.
I would give Granderson & Butler for D. Wright & Morneau…It seems like an obvious go but with injuries involved for both its risky, also would you give up Grandreson at this point?


Yeah, 95 percent of offers where you obtain a first-round player without giving one up need to be accepted. This deal is no exception. Plus, Butler is an overrated fantasy player. Outside of a strong AVG, what exactly does he do? 20 homers from a first baseman simply doesn’t cut it.


One of my main SBer went on the DL.
Would it be safer to pick up someone like Melky Cabrera, Damon, or Matt Joyce and get another all round outfielder (I have Ellsbury, Fuld, Kinsler as the top SBers) or pick up another AVG and SB guy to replace him
Will Venable
Carlos Gomez
Jarrod Dyson (His AVG should even up, right?)
Rajai Davis

Jon from Texas

BTW Johnson vs Halladay WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


Depends on just how desperate you are for speed right now but picking up Rajai isn’t a bad idea. He’s not known as a poor AVG hitter so I expect him to heat up soon.


Which of these young players would you rather have in a nonkeeper league: Eric Hosmer, Login Morrison, Justin Smoak, or Brett Wallace?


I’d go Morrison. He’s already proven himself at the big league level and I don’t think he’s as slump-prone as those other guys.


In a 10 team hth mixed league I have Ryan Howard and Miguel Cabrera So i would like to trade away Howard for Josh Johnson. I have RPs Kimbrel, Rauch Capps and Fuentes each of whom I don’t mind trading. What should I offer to get Johnson? Thanks.



Howard for JJ is a fair trade but personally, in a 10-team league, I wouldn’t trade for pitching. A ton of quality SPs are always going to be available on the waiver wire and I don’t see much downside in holding onto both of those first basemen. If anything, you can use an upgrade at closer. Fuentes won’t be closing games for much longer with Bailey on his way back and Rauch has already been passed over in favor of Francisco.


I’ve been offered Rasmus for Lowrie and Adam Jones? As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve got extra middle infielders (Tulo, Pedroia, Lowrie, Aaron Hill, Utley). Is this enough of an outfield upgrade (OBP is an extra category in my league)? Thanks, Damon in Seattle


Yeah, I’m fine with that. Rasmus is at least a small upgrade over Jones and you might as well get something out of Lowrie.


I have an amazing problem. I have Utley, pedoria, and Cano( I got Utley because someone dropped him). I can only have two second basemen, one at 2nd and one at the 2nd/ss flex. I could put one at Util spot, but Prince Fielder is there. Who should I move?


I’d do nothing right now until we get a better idea as to when Utley will come back. If you can get back something reasonable in an Utley trade I’d do it. But chances are you won’t get fair value, so there’s really nothing you can do but wait.


I have Bud Norris in my 12 team mixed league, and noticed that Gavin Floyd and Anibal Sanchez are available on the wire. Should I ditch Bud for one of these pitchers? This may not last for long, so I need a 911 from the 411?



Long-term I tend to prefer Floyd and Anibal to Norris, but the way Bud is pitching right now it’s really impossible to drop him. Sit tight. It could very well be that Norris’ hot stretch is no fluke. But if there’s a way to add Floyd or Sanchez (in that order) without dropping Bud, I’d look into it.


10 team H2H league (extra cats are hits & losses) Will Alex Rios turn it around? I’ve seen some sign lately from him so I picked him up off waivers, put him in lineup, and immediately went 0-4!
I have plenty of OF: Holliday, Ellsbury, Victorino, Stanton, C Young, & Cruz(DL). We start LF, CF, RF, & 2 Utility.
Should I cut him or keep him on bench for IF or when he wakes up? If I cut him I’m going to use the spot for PoD and spot starters for bats on light days like mon&thurs.



I’d hold onto Rios for a little while longer. He definitely deserves to be on a roster. Who knows, maybe you can hold him for a few weeks, he heats up and earns some trade value.


I’ve got too much pitching in a 10 team league (8 starters currently on my roster), Liriano’s probably my weakest and I’ve found a Twins fan who says he’ll still take a shot on him. Should I be willing to sell low and get something for him? He’s offering saves which I could use, would you do any of these deals: Liriano for S Santos, Liriano for Storen, Liriano for S Santos (and upgrade my minor league system from Freeman to Moustakas).
Also in another league I’ve got Brox now stuck on my bench as only DL spot is taken by Utley, should I cut Brox to free a PoD spot or will he likely still reclaim the closer role on his return.


Nah, I wouldn’t sell THAT low on Liriano…at least not at this point. As for Broxton, I think you have to hold onto him until we learn more about his health status. I still believe he has a great shot at reclaiming the closer role if he proves 100 percent healthy and, obviously, more effective.


HEy 411,

Would you trade Butler for Gaby Sanchez?


Absolutely. As I mentioned above, I think Butler is overrated, and Gaby offers more power.


I just saw yesterdays show, and i think my last trade question, was very well answer there, but any comments are always well appreciated. I have another trade question…..
Get: Dunn and Morrison (DL)
Give: Butler and Torri Hunter
This is a Keeper league, and i don’t know witch of this last 2 trades is better?


Yeah, I’d definitely make that trade. Despite Dunn’s awful start, he’s still at least a moderate upgrade over Butler, and while Hunter might have a slim edge over Morrison in single-season formats, I’d much rather have Morrison in a keeper league.


in a 10 team roto ould you trade dan haren for paul konerko? my other pitchers are king felix,cain,liriano,pineda,wandyand e-jax .I need a big bat for my utility spot and casey mcgehhe isnt cutting it for me.should i do it or do you think i can get more for haren?


I’d first try and see if I can get a bit more for Haren but if Konerko is the best you can do, I’m OK with it. You certainly have enough starting pitching to withstand the loss of Haren.


would you rather trade cain for kenerko or haren

Yeah, I’d sooner trade Cain. I’m a big Cain fan and he might post the lower ERA, but I’m a little concerned about his decreased strikeout rate. Haren is more of a sure thing in that department.


zach,in my league i have 3 reliever slots can u rank these four relievers for the rest of the season.matt capps,sergio santos,john axford and brian fuentes.thanx

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