Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 11

Phil Coke


Coke @ Baker – Baker’s back baby!!

Gonzalez @ Harrison

Chen @ Burnett – Don’t trust AJ. Not quite DTM, but untrustworthy IMO

King Felix @ Tillman

Price @ TBD

Lackey @ Litsch

Peavy @ Chatwood

Stauffer @ Wolf – I’ll use pretty much anyone vs. SD

Volquez @ Wandy

Niese @ Jimenez

Kuroda @ Maholm

Lee @ Nolasco

Lannan @ Hanson

Westbrook @ Garza

Galarraga @ J. Sanchez


-I’ll pitch Burnett.

-Coke is working his way back to the bullpen if he can’t shut down the Twins but he has to be a ditch.

-Harrison could have given up 100 runs his last start vs. Yankees but after some great escapes he actually settled down so maybe he can straighten out vs. A’s but I’m not optimistic.



T. Snider is available in my deep 12 team dynasty league. Would you take a flyer on him in case he gets called up with Lind headed to the DL likely? I’d be dropping a POD guy for now. I guess this comes down to, do you think he hits when he comes back up? Thanks.


I think in a deep dynasty league, picking up Snider is certainly worth a shot.


Hi Guys,
I am being offered a few different trades. I’d get Padilla and give up Swisher. The same owner is offering Padilla and Bay for Chris Young (OF). My closers are Marmol, Walden and Salas so I’m definitely in a bind for saves. Could you advise?
Thanks a bunch.


I’d do Padilla for Swisher. Not in love with the other offer.


You guys need to take a look at Baker’s BABIP and strand rate. Sell high!

zach, thanks for all the help. time for my first questions of this new season(i tried a couple of hours ago but for whatever reason my comments didn’t post). my team is off to a pretty poor start:
morales on the dl

12 team nonkeeper, h2h, 6×6 (ops & losses). do you think hunter, crisp and e5 are all droppable? the wire consists of hosmer, smoak, joyce, aybar, r. davis, a. hill, alvarez, pena, melky, bourgeois. is joyce legit? if so, i am thinking i need to get him and hosmer on my team, what are your thoughts?


Being that you already have A-Rod at 3B, E5 is definitely dropable. He’s just way too inconsistent. I’d probably pick up Hosmer for him. I think you’re better off holding onto both Hunter and Crisp. I’d still rather have those two than Joyce.


Hi Zach,
My catcher in a 10 team h2h is Matt Weiters. I am getting frustrated. Should I a.) sit tight, b.) drop another bench player to acquire Alex Avila as backup, or c.) try to work a trade including a starting pitcher with Weiters for another starting catcher? Thanks in advance.


I’d definitely be open to a trade depending on what you can get in return, but otherwise I think that dropping another bench player to pick up Avila is a fine idea. Not ready to give up on Wieters just yet unless you’d be getting a clear upgrade.


my pitchnig staff has been less than stellar also, and i have mostly been piecing it together from waivers, but i think there is a bit more i could do. i have:
matusz – taking up a roster spot since morales is using my 1 dl slot.

beachy, baker, a. sanchez, c. lewis, h. bailey are all on the wire. how do you rank them and who do i need to get on my roster. are any of them worth dropping tori hunter for? i should also add that pod is not really an option because there is a max moves cap. thanks for the advice.



Well at least now you can safely drop Kendrys and slot Matusz into your DL slot! I’d rank those SPs Sanchez, Beachy, Lewis, Baker, Bailey for now but Homer is looking very good and could easily move up with one or two more strong outings. Honestly, I wouldn’t have much of a problem dropping Hunter for any of those pitchers provided that your outfield is already solid.


Hi Zach,

I have SP’s Tim Lincecum, David Price, Ubaldo Jimenez, Cole Hamels, Bud Norris, Mike Pineda, and Alexi Ogando. Are any of these worth dropping to open a spot to Pitch or Ditch?

Thanx, Jay


Nope. Check out our recently updated PoD category chart. All of those guys are either aces or grads so they’re not worth dropping.


Zach: 411 Hotline please,

I have just been offered a trade Ethier and Chacin, for Zobrist and Kelly Johnson! I want to say this looks like a challenge trade, but apart from versatility Zobrist is even with Ethier, and it would be great to be rid of Johnson for a Graduate…13 team Roto, Keeper 7×7. VERY TEMPTING …..

Cheers, as always,

One more thing which may influence the decision, my SPs are Tim Hudson, David Price, James Shields, Daniel Hudson, Jeremy Guthrie and Edwin Jackson. Feeling pretty good about the rotation at the moment, and may drop a Sam Fuld. Seth Smith or Luke Scott(if his injury becomes a problem) and have a revolving door for pitch or ditch.


Sorry Zach, trying to talk myself out of the trade and give u everything, my OF:Ellsbury, Stanton(K), McCutchen(K) with the affore mention OFs rotating in and out.


Yeah, I like it, but the only downside is that you’re giving up two 2B-eligible players. Also, you’re selling very low on Johnson. Still, Ethier is the best player in the deal and Chacin is a solid SP. Well worth it.


What are your thoughts on Aramis Ramirez this year in a 10 team mixed league? I’m still looking for a trade partner for one of my excess middle infielders (Lowrie & Hill;, once Utley returns they’re both expendable). Would you trade either or both for Aramis? Thanks, Damon in Seattle

Can Joel Pineiro keep this up? Looking to add either him or Colon and don’t know whose more likely to bust.


Well, he’s not going to maintain a sub-2 ERA, that’s for sure. I’ve never been a big Pineiro fan mostly due to the lack of strikeouts but I’m expecting an ERA in the mid to high 3’s and a strong WHIP. Pineiro’s probably a safer option than Colon but Colon carries a little more upside.


Who has more value the rest of the way? Myers or Harang? Also, how much do you see Mike Wilson going for in FAB with a $100 budget?


I never thought I’d be saying this entering the season but I’d go with Harang. 2 ER or less in five of his seven starts, a strong WHIP and a very favorable home ballpark. Myers has been erratic to say the least.



Although Aramis is no longer an elite option, he’s easily a top-10 guy at a thin position. He’s hitting for a high AVG and I do expect his power to pick up. I’d definitely trade either Lowrie or Hill for him, and maybe both if an additional player were thrown into the deal.


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