Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 12

Jordan Zimmermann


Shields @ Masterson – good test of Masterson’s legitimacy

O’Sullivan @ Nova

Vargas @ Britton – Britton has not been great, but great matchup

Niese @ Jimenez (Wednesday’s game PPD)

J. Garcia @ Coleman

D. Hudson @ Cain

Garland @ Morton

Zimmermann @ Lowe – Zimmermann’s K rates don’t warrant this start


zach, thanks for all the help the last couple of years. this year my team is off to a pretty poor start:
morales on the dl

12 team nonkeeper, h2h, 6×6 (ops & losses). do you think hunter, crisp and e5 are all droppable? the wire consists of hosmer, smoak, joyce, aybar, r. davis, a. hill, alvarez, pena, melky, bourgeois. is joyce legit? if so, i am thinking i need to get him and hosmer on my team, what are your thoughts?

my pitchnig staff has been less than stellar also, and i have mostly been piecing it together from waivers, but i think there is a bit more i could do. i have:
matusz – taking up a roster spot since morales is using my 1 dl slot.

beachy, baker, a. sanchez, c. lewis, h. bailey are all on the wire. how do you rank them and who do i need to get on my roster. are any of them worth dropping tori hunter for? i should also add that pod is not really an option because there is a max moves cap. also, is it time to give up on liriano after his latest performance? thanks for the advice.



Just answered both of these questions on the previous post.


Roto Keeper league where we keep 2 or 3 Pitchers

I know it’s only May but Is Wainwright a better keeper than Haren, Gallardo, Scherzer, Pineda Beckett for next year?



I hate the uncertainty surrounding any player coming back from TJ surgery so for now I’d probably rank Wainwright fourth, behind Haren, Gallardo and Scherzer. An argument can definitely be made that he should be ranked higher though, but I’ll take the cautious approach.


I would pick 2 or 3 of these pitchers and would drop one of Baker, An. Sanchez, Lilly, Matusz,

Russell Martin has been horrid latley, and there is alot of people on the yankees that can steal playing time. Are you ready to drop him, or should I hold onto him for a little longer?


Totally depends on your alternatives but I still don’t view Martin as waiver-wire material. And by the way, who exactly are the players that will steal playing time? I don’t see the Yankees making any callups (Montero, Romine etc) in the near future and they love Martin’s defense. They’re going to stick with him.


Fransico Cervelli is taking alot of playing time away from him.

Hey Big Z, loving Corey’s preseason pick of Drew Stubbs, guy’s a power/speed machine and even doing ok with the AVG so far! Can you ask him what he thinks of his other pick though, E5. I’ve had to drop him and am currently stuck with waiver wire guys at 3rd (Stewart was my other draft pick…yuck!). Is there any chance of E5 turning things around soon, or should I give up on him and try and make a trade.

hey zach i just want to show you my team and tell me what you think.currently im in last place by about 25 points what should i do?santana,dunn,kinsler,stephen drew,longoria,kemp,j.upton,swisher and mcgehee.my pitchers are felix,haren,cain,liriano,pineda,wandy,e-jax.relievers are cappps,fuentes,santos.thanx for the help

I’m looking for a back up catcher. Right now I have Montero but he isn’t scoring any runs or rbi’s for me lately. The options that I am currently looking at on the waiver wire are: John Buck, Yadier Molina, or Miguel Olivo. Any suggestions? I would also like to keep both Montero and your pick for the remainder of the season.


Not really sure why you need a backup catcher (I’m assuming this is a 1 C league), but if I had to pick one of those guys it would be Molina.


Hi Zach,

I have SP’s Tim Lincecum, David Price, Ubaldo Jimenez, Cole Hamels, Bud Norris, Mike Pineda, and Alexi Ogando. Are any of these worth dropping to open a spot to Pitch or Ditch?

Thanx, Jay


Just answered your question on the previous post.


Thoughts on this trade: Homer Bailey for Nick Swisher.


Fine with me! It’s pretty much a challenge trade (will Homer continue to be this good vs. will Swisher finally wake up) but I’m OK with it.


10team mixed H2H, I’m curious what you think of Matt Joyce? I picked him up to fill in on a light day. Is he worth holding onto or continue to use that slot as PoD?
Appreciate it.


I see him as a nice short-term add but quite honestly wouldn’t have a problem dropping him for a PoD spot, particularly in a 10-team league. Joyce’s track record prior to this season, albeit as a part-timer, isn’t too impressive.


Hi Zach,
I was offered Cliff Lee for Marcum and Gallardo in a 12team keeper league. My other pitchers are Hellickson and John Lester. Would you take this deal?


I’d normally say to take the best player in the deal but I’d pass on this trade. Despite his inconsistency, Gallardo has ace-level upside and Marcum seems to be on his way towards a career year. I just think you’re giving up too much depth here, and it’s high-quality depth.


Hey Zach who do you think will produce the most once Soto gets back, him or Martin. Martin’s a hot starter and isn’t Soto usually a hot finisher? Need to decide whether to claim him as he’s just been dropped, or stick with Martin.


I’d go with Soto. He’s been the more consistent player over the past couple of years and Martin does have a history of fading as the season wears on.


Is Sam Fuld legit? Good idea to trade Hunter Pence and receive Fuld? Thanks.


I’m not a huge believer in Fuld and he’s been a rather one-dimensional player thus far. NO WAY would I trade Pence for him. Pence has been one of the top outfielders in fantasy this year and, at 28, could be on the verge of a career season.


Hey guys,
I’m in a standard 5X5, 12 team league. With Kendry being out for the season I need to aquire a corner guy who will give me some average and power. Any suggestions for a good player to target? My best trading chit is Matt Cain. I was thinking maybe Beltre, Youkilis, or Morneau. What do you guys think?
Thanks, Max


If you could get Youk for Cain, that’s a no-brainer. Beltre for Cain is pretty fair too. I’d stay away from Morneau though.


Need saves… I wonder when JP Howell comes back.. should I roster him or Peralta. I think JP is better option but want 2nd opinion.

BTW AL only 5×5 league with a lot of closers of tomorrow on other owners reserve list.



I actually think that Peralta and his great stuff fits the closer role better than Howell. I know Howell has closing experience but I see him as more of a lefty situational guy and feel that the Rays would rather use him in that capacity. Of course, this is all assuming that Farnsworth blows up, which is looking less and less likely by the day.


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