Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 13

Jeremy Guthrie


Buchholz @ Colon – hard to trust either in this matchup

Hochevar @ Verlander – Encore! Encore!

Fister @ Carmona

Guthrie @ Hellickson – Guthrie’s getting hammered lately

Weaver @ Ogando – Ogando way over his skis, and coming off a blister… dangerous

Romero @ Pavano – I trust Romero vs. Twins

Humber @ McCarthy

Bumgarner @ Dempster– he’s turned the corner nicely

Volstad @ Gorzelanny

Lohse @ Arroyo – don’t believe either can maintain, but gotta ride the wave…

Hamels @ Beachy

Gee @ Norris

McDonald @ Gallardo – good challenge for improving McDonald

Moseley @ De La Rosa – not trusting K-less Moseley in Coors

Saunders @ Kershaw


Hello Zach,
Is it time to bench Ubaldo, until he gets back on track?
Or maybe trade him?


Temporarily benching Ubaldo is understandable (though I’d lean against doing it) but outside of that there’s really nothing you can do but sit tight. You’re not going to get fair value for him right now so trading him would be a mistake.


hey zach, would you trade stanton/jurrjens for scherzer? i was thinking of selling high on jurrjens, though he could theoretically keep this up all year. i do need K’s. i don’t know if i’m giving up too much value with stanton, though. thanks, mike.


I’d lean against doing that. Be more patient with Stanton. As for Jurrjens, he was pretty darn good back in ’09, so it’s not like he’s come out of nowhere. He might be a decent sell-high guy but he won’t all of a sudden turn into a mediocre pitcher.


Need saves… I wonder when JP Howell comes back.. should I roster him or Peralta. I think JP is better option but want 2nd opinion.
BTW AL only 5×5 league with a lot of closers of tomorrow on other owners reserve list.


Just answered this question on the previous post.


Oh, who do you think gets a chance to save if League has more problems in Seattle?

Send Troy Tulowitzki
Send Paul Konerko
Receive Carlos Quentin
Receive Jason Bourgeois (DL)
Receive Jorge De La Rosa
Thoughts? my pitching staff is good and I don’t need De La Rosa, but I don’t have too many stolen bases. RBIs and runs I am good.


Pass. You’re giving up the two best players in the deal and by far the best player in Tulo. Reject the trade without hesitation!


Hi Zach am after power and RBIs in one league. Tried doing McCutchen for Holliday and got rejected, was thinking I might try adding a pitcher to get it done. Would you do McCutchen and Garza/Wandy/Anibal for Holliday?


Yeah, I think I would, particularly if you’re already decent in speed. First try to offer Anibal though. I’d rank him third among those pitchers. Try not to give up Wandy.


no fausto vs. SEA?

Would you drop Myers for Colon, Hammel, or Bailey?


Yeah, Myers is a PoD guy right now so I wouldn’t have a problem dumping him for one of those pitchers based on the matchup.


I have been offered this trade in my league:

I get – Max Scherzer, Gio Gonzalez.

I give – Lance Berkman, Joel Hanrahan.

Giving up Hanrahan would leave me only Santos and madsen as my closers. I do need strike outs though, and those SP’s are pretty good in that department.

Your thoughts?


It’s fair value but I’d be worried about your closer situation. Maybe just try to get one of those pitchers by dealing only Berkman? Will he take Berkman for Scherzer? That would be my preference. This way, you could still get a boost in strikeouts without losing the closer.


I know you have stated in the past your dislike for the player, but is Matt Joyce for real? (fantasy players have been burned by anther Rays OF already (the Not so super man Fuld). Will he crash like Fuld or have you become a believer?


Would you do this trade:
Give: Ubaldo and Torii
Get: Crawford and D Hudson


Yes, in about a second!


zach, where can i catch full episodes of the show? it seems like the video section only has 4 or 5 minute clips at a time and the 411 isn’t televised everyday on tv, but there always seems to be 2 new clips in video section on the website. do cory and mike film the half hour show everyday? a few years back i remember you could always watch or listen to the complete episode online, is that option still available? can you link me to it?




Yes, we do audio and video podcasts for all the shows. You can find them in iTunes or just go here:



Hey 411,

5×5 Roto keeper where we keep 4 hitters and 2 pitchers

My hitters to choose from are Wright, Votto, Longo, J Upton, Rasmus, Granderson, Rollins, Ad. Jones, Hosmer

My pitchers are Haren, Scherzer, Beckett, Gallardo, Pineda, Lilly, Chacin, An. Sanchez

Right now I’m doing well in hitting categories but not pitching cats. so Felix would help that.

I’ve been offered Felix for D Wright or Wright/Montero for Felix/McCann. Should I accept or ask for more? I really like Hosmer and I think he would be nice to pair with Votto, Longo and J Up and then have Felix and Haren.

D Wright is concerning me with his back issues and production. He just doesn’t seem like the player he was years ago with the increasing Ks and declining BA. Is it possible he hit his prime early and is now slowly regressing? A trade out of NY and Citi could be really nice.

Anyways, thanks as always


I’m not that high on the Wright for Felix swap but I like the 2-for-2 with the catchers added.



Just got the offer of Justin Smoak, BJ Upton, and Bard for Dunn, Venters, and J Garcia. I am thinking that while smoak is good so far he plays in a tough park for HR and the rest of his offense is not great compared to Dunn who is surrounded by hitters (when they decide to start hitting) and plays in a much better park. All of that aside I don’t have best outfield. My starters are Beckett, Britton, Nolasco, McClellan, Bumgarner, and J. Garcia. My other Corners are Longoria, Zobrist (who I have in OF), Jones, and D Lee.

Thanks again,


I don’t like it at all. Even if we call Venters for Bard a wash and Dunn for Upton roughly even (I happen to prefer Dunn though), it boils down to Garcia for Smoak. No way would I make that trade.


Oh, its a 5×5 12 team mix.


Hi, I believe in taking bats over pitchers during a draft. I am in a dynasty league. I own Bumgarner, Cueto, Baker, Lohse, Buchholz, Shields, Arrieta and Holland…all have done well for me except for Holland. I have Santos, nunez, Adams and Chamberlain for holds and saves. Would you drop any of the SP’s for Humber, Porcello, Gee, T Ross or holds guy Mike Dunn? Thanks I could probably use an extra holds pitcher but in a 14 team h2h league the SP’s I have hold value.


I’m fine with you dropping Holland for either Humber or Ross. Long-term I’d lean towards Ross (more favorable home ballpark, weaker hitting division) but feel free to play the matchups for the time being.


Seriously though… is it time to dump Ubaldo for someone that can actually pitch like Britton or Zimmerman? How long do we have to carry this bum? I know that was harsh, but as a #1 pick this cut runs deep.


I can understand maybe benching Ubaldo but why would you even consider cutting him? You mean to tell me that you can’t find a roster spot for Zimmermann or Britton without dropping Ubaldo, a 27-year-old pitcher who is coming off a Cy Young caliber season and is still striking out over a batter per inning? This is the point in the season when we tend to let our emotions get the better of us. Resist the urge to make a decision that you’ll later regret!


I got offered James Shields for Ubaldo Jimenez. Do I accept?


Yeah, I’d lean towards doing that. We’ve been waiting for Shields to break out for awhile now and it’s looking like this season may be the year. I do think that Ubaldo will turn things around eventually but I don’t blame you if you’re losing patience.


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