Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, May 14-16

Homer Bailey



Bedard @ White – going back to Bedard again while he’s pitching well

Floyd @ Ross – I like Ross a lot more at home

Haren @ Holland

Bergesen @ W. Davis – would like to see more K’s from Davis

Francis @ Penny

Reyes @ Blackburn

Beckett @ Sabathia – Niiiiice

An. Sanchez @ Livan

Blanton @ Jurrjens

Harang @ Chacin

Dickey @ Happ

Karstens @ Narveson – I trust him vs. the Pirates

McClellan @ Cueto

Collmenter @ Billingsley

Vogelsong @ D. Davis – don’t like Vogelsong in Arizona



Davies @ Scherzer

Pineda @ Tomlin – Tomlin’s on a roll and it’s the M’s!

Arrieta @ Sonnanstine – Will take a gamble on Arrieta here.

Morrow @ Duensing – Morrow a bit risky, even in favorable matchup.

Big Erv @ Wilson – I’m staying away from Erv here.

Buehrle @ Cahill – Great matchup for Buehrle.

Lester @ F. Garcia

Carpenter @ Wood – Wood improving but I’m passing here.

Vazquez @ Marquis – I don’t trust Marquis.

Halladay @ T. Hudson – This game could take less than two hours!

Capuano @ An. Rodriguez

Correia @ Greinke – Correia started to show signs of slowing down in last start.

Lincecum @ Zambrano

Latos @ Hammel – Wouldn’t blame Latos owners for sitting this one out though.

Kennedy @ Lilly


Burnett @ Price – Can’t argue with Burnett’s results so far.

Drabek @ Porcello – Drabek struggling lately. Porcello not a bad play for those willing to take the risk.

Tillman @ Matsuzaka – Dice-K too inconsistent.

Carrasco @ Mazzaro – Carrasco could be solid option before long.

Lewis @ Jackson – Not willing to gamble on Edwin here.

Pineiro @ Anderson

Liriano @ King Felix – If you don’t feel comfortable pitching Liriano here you might as well drop him.

Lee @ Westbrook

Maholm @ Lannan

Garza @ Bailey – A few more strong showings by Homer and he’s a PoD grad.

Johnson @ Pelfrey

Myers @ Hanson – Myers too erratic to count on right now.

J. Sanchez @ Jimenez – Great opportunity for Ubaldo to get back on track.

Richard @ Galarraga – Only trust Richard at home.

Marcum @ Kuroda


Hi Zach,
Follow-up on an earlier trade question. I have only Marmol and Walden and am looking at a possible trade. I give up Chris Young (OF) and I get Padilla and Granderson. What do you think? Thanks for the advice!



I like it. Young to Granderson is an upgrade plus you’re getting Padilla thrown in. Even if Padilla fails to pick up any more saves this year (which is unlikely) this deal is a win for you.


Zack, 12 team h2h points league. I am in trade talks with someone and he offered King Felix and Cuddyer for Michael Young and Gio Gonzales. I could use the upgrade in pitching but I hate to give up Young. Im currently in 2nd(record) with a firm grip on the points lead and would hate to do anything too drastic.. If it ain’t broke, right?



Yeah, Young is on a roll this year and his 3B eligibility provides a huge boost to his value. Even though Felix is the best player in the deal, I’d pass. Gio looks to be on the verge of a breakthrough season and the dropoff from Young to Cuddyer is significant.


Hey, need some help on this one, I’m looking to add Josh Tomlin, but I don’t know who to drop. My pitchers are:
Clayton Kershaw
Kyle Farnsworth
Carlos Marmol
Joel Hanrahan
Jair Jurrjens
Drew Storen
Anibal Sanchez
J.J. Putz
Josh Johnson
Tommy Hanson, Atl SP
Jaime Garcia, StL SP
H2H each category scoring.


Simply put, I wouldn’t pick up Tomlin. There’s absolutely nobody on this list who is worth dropping for him.


Vogelsong in Arizona? They are playing the cubs….. Davis doesn’t pitch for Arizona anymore

14 team h2h points league no keepers.I was offered josh hamilton and craig kimbrel for mariano rivera. take this deal..right?!


Yeah, I’d do that. Hamilton is reportedly pretty close to returning and we all know what he can do when he’s on the field. Taking a chance on Josh is worth the downgrade from Rivera to Kimbrel.



In a 10 team mixed league, my outfield consists of Gardner, Swisher, Ryan Roberts, and Ichiro. Available on the wire is Beltran, Alfonso Soriano, Jay Bruce, Chris Coghlan, and Matt Joyce. Should I pick any of these up and who should I drop?

hey zach what do you think of chris carpenter and brett myers for the rest of the season?


I’m very worried about Myers but Carpenter should be fine. He has enough of a track record to give me confidence that he’ll bounce back. It’s starting to look like last year was a fluky season for Myers and he’s getting very close to being waiver wire material.



I’d definitely drop Swisher for Bruce and if you’re already OK in speed I’d cut Gardner for either Beltran or Soriano…probably Beltran. I’d also keep a close eye on Roberts and if he starts to fade consider swapping him for Soriano.


Hey guys, H2H scoring each category league, trade question:
Send: Konerko and Bourn.
Receive: Verlander and Bourgeois.
I don’t really need pitching, but verlander would be great, I’m low on steals, good on RBIs.


I’d actually pass here. Entering the season, I was very skeptical that Konerko could duplicate last season’s production but he’s proving me wrong so far. I see Konerko for Verlander as fair value, maybe a slight advantage to Verlander but not by much. However, Bourn is a far safer option than Bourgeois. I’d hold onto Bourn and take the hitter (Konerko) over the pitcher (Verlander), especially since you say that you’re not really in need of pitching.



Im in a 12 team Vanilla League and I’m lacking in strikeouts. My league only allows 30 moves throughout the season. I have Big Erv but it seems like on PoD Cory is ditching all the time. Who would be the best replacement for the rest of the year Arroyo, Dempster, or Hammels?

Thanks for all your help,


I assume you mean Hammel and not Hamels? Anyway, if strikeouts are your biggest need I’d drop Erv for Dempster.


Traded away Ichiro and Broxton for Vlad and Houston Street over the weekend. Thoughts?


Even though Broxton is an absolute headache to own right now, I’m not in love with that trade. Ichiro remains the best player in the deal and is the far superior option to Vlad. I’d try to instead deal a lower ranked hitter for a lower ranked closer. Less risk involved.


Zach, I want to drop Harang, but I am not sure who to pick up. Should it be Kyle Lohse, Zach Britton, or Anibal Sanchez?


Harang for Anibal is a no-brainer in my mind.


Hey Zach I know you said if you don’t pitch Liriano here then might aswell cut him. But aren’t we really keeping hold of him in the hope that he starts to turn back into the guy he was last year? We’re not really holding onto him just to pitch against mediocre offenses like SEA in the hope of a quality start, might aswell PoD instead. So my question is do you see him rebounding as the season goes on, and is he still worth holding onto in a 10 teamer? Surely if he isn’t hurt we should expect a rebound of some sorts shouldn’t we?


I honestly view Liriano as merely a PoD guy right now, particularly in a 10-team league, and wouldn’t have a problem dropping him and gambling that I could pick him up again should he show signs of improvement. He could very well rebound to a degree but if you can make better use of that roster spot by picking up someone who can help you right now, I don’t have a problem with making that move.


as an indians fan i am not that optimistic about carrasco. What are the indicators that he may be a serviceable fantasy pitcher? I just dont see them.


I like Carrasco long-term but have been disappointed in his lack of progress this year. He still gives up too many hits and the K rate is nothing special. I don’t consider him a viable mixed league option right now but he’s definitely someone worth keeping an eye on as the season progresses.


Hey man,
I am currently in a 4 team league with around 40 players on each team and its AL and NL. Someone offered me Cliff Lee and Ian Kinsler for C.C. Sabathia


Very strange league format! Anyway, yes, I’d definitely make that trade without even thinking twice. One can definitely make the argument that Lee is a more valuable fantasy pitcher than CC AND you’re getting a top-30 player in Kinsler. This guy must be a Yankee fan.


Just made a big trade. What do you think? I traded Fielder and Hosmer, for Jose Bautista. Thoughts? I got kinda greedy, and just wanted Bautista so bad.


In a non-keeper I’m OK with it. If it’s a keeper league, that changes everything.


It’s non-keeper. Thanks.

12 team dynasty league, am in the hunt this year and have a chance to add some offensive and pitching help to make a run, but it’ll cost me B. Posey and J. Walden. Would you trade Posey/Walden/Liriano for Hamilton/Scherzer/Montero? Posey and Walden are $5 each and keepable for 3-5 years. Hamilton ($32) and Scherzer ($20) are at the top end of the cost range, but keepable as well at their prices. Hamilton would replace R. Roberts or M. Byrd in my OF and Scherzer would be an upgrade from Liriano. Thanks.


I’m fine with that. We always like to play to win now here at the 411 and though the price is rather steep, it’s not totally unreasonable.


Hey 411,
Huston Street is on waivers.
I have Putz and Walden. Would dropping one of them be an upgrade?


No, I’d be dropping someone else. Street is a must-add but why do you need to drop another closer to pick him up?


Should I drop De la Rosa or Floyd for either Vogelsong or Ogando?


Although I prefer the guys you have, Ogando really needs to be owned at this point. If you can drop someone else to pick him up, that would be my preference. But if not, I still consider DLR and Floyd to be the safer options long-term.


Just discovered that Ogando is still listed as a RP in my league. Would you drop Street for him? My other RP is Feliz and my other starters are Billingsley, Marcum, Hanson, and Pineda. Thanks!

Nah, Street’s been one of the better closers in baseball so far this year so no way would I drop him. I’d stand pat.


I still have vernon wells on my team as well as alex gordon as extras in my OF….Do you think I should drop one in favor of Micheal Brantley who is a free agent….thanks for any advice


With Wells now hurt and reportedly not close to returning, there’s absolutely no reason to hold onto him if you don’t have an open DL spot, so yeah, I’d drop him for Brantley.



Going to offer up Beckett to improve my OF. What is your thought on these guys; Stubbs, Elsbury, Holliday, and Kemp. Not sure if I can get any of these guys straight up but each of these owners need SP.



I would trade Beckett (and even more) for any one of those guys. Would rank them: Holliday, Kemp, Stubbs, Ellsbury.


thx for the advice…..would you flat out drop vernon wells or use DL spot for him? Wonder if he will hit this year


There’s really nothing to lose by just stashing him on your DL if you’ve got the room. Then you can worry about what to do with him once he comes back.


who would be a better start for the rest of the year ……alex gordon or michael brantley?

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