Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 17

Randy Wolf


Nova @ Shields – Nova too inconsistent to trust right now.

Litsch @ Porcello – Porcello not a bad start here but he’s pitched better on the road than at home and this is a tough matchup.

Britton @ Lackey – Surging Red Sox present tough challenge for Britton.

Carrasco @ Mazzaro

Harrison @ Danks

Chatwood @ Gonzalez

Liriano @ King Felix – Great opportunity for Liriano to dominate.

Wandy @ Lowe – Lowe’s been shaky in two of his last three starts.

Morton @ Zimmermann – Gotta start Zimmermann coming off 11 K game.

J. Sanchez @ Jimenez – I expect Ubaldo to pitch well here.

Garza @ Volquez

Nolasco @ Niese

Oswalt @ J. Garcia

Stauffer @ D.Hudson – Despite poor performance last time out, Stauffer has earned this one.

Wolf @ Kuroda – Wolf awful in two straight starts now…I’m passing.


You told me yesterday I should keep De la Rosa and Floyd but should try to add Ogando…. Just discovered that Ogando is still listed as a RP in my league. Would you drop Street for him? My other RP is Feliz and my other starters are Billingsley, Marcum, Hanson, and Pineda. Would you add Britton for any of the above SP?



Answered your question on the previous post.


I have 10 spots for hitters but I have 11 hitters plus utley Coming off the DL. I would like your thoughts on dropping a player to make room for utley and a player to make room for a PoD spot. My team is: santana, texiera, kinsler, aramis, tulo, Kemp, rasmus, Bruce rollins, smoak, hill and utley. non-keeper. Thanx!


I’d drop Hill as one of the guys but everyone else is really tough to drop. Can you make a 2-for-1 or 3-for-1 trade to clear out a roster spot and get an upgrade in the process? Try to do that first.


Who gets the better end of this trade long term/short term? I give up Paul Konerko, Placido Polanco, Chris Young (OF), and Roy Oswalt for Mark Teixeria, Robinson Cano, and Dan Haren.


You…in a landslide. You’re getting three of the four best players in the deal.


I’m considering combining Chris Carpenter and Alfonso Soriano in a package deal to an owner desperate for outfielders. Hate to trade away my first pitcher selected and a guy as hot as Soriano, but I feel his value won’t get much higher and I don’t want to wait til he’s hurt. Do you think now is a good time to trade away these guys, or should I hold off?


Depends on what kind of return you can get. Soriano’s a decent sell-high guy right now but I’m not sure that now is a great time to trade Carpenter with him struggling a bit.


Billy Butler isn’t serving(hahahaha……sorry) the hits like he should. He isn’t even the best 1B on my team right now (Kendrick, Moreland). Is time to hire someone esle or keep him because none of the silver is missing (another butler joke)?

Todd Helton
Brett Wallace
Mark Trumbo
Garrett Jones
Freddie Freeman

Jon from Texas


Keep Butler. The meals he’ll be serving will still be a lot tastier than the food that any of those other guys can prepare. Butler still carries the most upside in my opinion.


Okay Arieta has been nothing short of amazing, averaging over 6 K per game and keeping his ERA below 3.00. When will we see the love?


Arrieta’s already garnering a good deal of fantasy attention and it’s only a matter of time before he won’t be on any waiver wires. Remember, this guy was considered a high-end prospect so this isn’t exactly shocking.



Following my thoughts of trading Beckett for a good OF I was countered with- I give, Nolasco and Longoria and I get Kemp and Street. I figure Longoria and Kemp are pretty even and then it is down to Nolasco for Street. Thoughts?



A very fair trade. If you need a closer and can find an adequate 3B replacement I’d do it.


who do you like better for the rest of the way?Nick swisher or Delmon young?


Young. Swisher’s a mess right now and he’s historically hit for a low AVG. I see last year as an anomaly more than anything else. Swisher might hit a few more homers but I think Young has a much better chance of rebounding to the .275 level than Swisher does.


i have juan pierre on my team for steals but he hasnt stole much so far and hes not doing much else what should i do with pierre?


Depends on who else is available and how badly you need steals but I have no problem with you dropping Pierre. He’s clearly a player who’s nearing the end of the road.


who would be a better start for the rest of the season….alex Gordon or Micheal Brantley?


The two are very close in value but long-term I view Brantley as the better speed option but Gordon as having more power upside.


I’m in a 6×6 non-keeper league. I was offered Montero and Ortiz for V-Mart. I’d either drop Dempster or Lowrie. My team consists of Youk, Pedroia, Aramis, S. Drew, Werth, Stanton, Torii, Crawford and Morrison. Thoughts?



I’m fine with that trade, though I generally try to stay away from DH only guys as they hamper your roster flexibility. But I think Ortiz is worth the downgrade at catcher.


Thanks Zach!

im in a 10 player NL only and we are only aloud 2 players on DL and i just had brandon beachy just get injuried and was wondering if i should just drop jose contreas to put beachy on DL do you think contreas will get saves for phil when back over madison or should i drop him my 2 DL are contreas and lidge atm


I’d drop Contreras. If Madson continues to pitch well, who’s to say that Contreras will even close again upon his return? There was a limited window for Contreras to get saves anyway and now that Madson is handling the role rather effectively, I wouldn’t be surprised if Contreras doesn’t pick up a single save from here on out. Plus, you have Lidge, who will definitely close once he proves fully healthy.


I am sorry for the irrelevance of this question, but it is still important to know if anyone has has this experience. So this guy in my league that I got Bautista from, claims, that someone hacked his account and traded Bautista to me. I have no idea what to do, because I love having Bautista, and how can I believe him? Thanks.


Sounds like he’s having a change of heart now after seeing what Bautista has done over the last few days. I’d consult the rest of the league members to get their take but ultimately would probably say “Too bad.”


I need to open up a spot with Roy Oswalt coming off the DL. who would you drop out of the following:

John Danks
Alex Gordon
Carlos Pena
Aramis Ramrez
Aaron Hill


Either Hill or Pena, depending on what your positional/categorical needs are.


With Albert Pujols starting at third base the other night, Do yo think he will get enough time there to become eligible for fantasy purposes? Having Albert replace the snoozefest that is Aramis Ramirez at third would be Awesome!


Maybe if your games requirement is five but I wouldn’t count on many more than that. I think this was just an instance of LaRussa going a little wacky.


Alex Gordon or Logan Morrison?


I’d go with Morrison. Gordon’s struggling a bit lately and Morrison has been very consistent all year.


Hey guys, do I let go of Kendrys Morales to make space for Adam Lind on the DL in a 12 team keeper league?


Yeah, I would. Play to win now. Next season is a long ways away.



I emailed you over the weekend about my Vanilla League with a 30 move limit and my concern over Big Erv. I need Ks and you advised me to pick up Dempster up someone else got him before me. Could you rank Hammel, Arroyo, Narveson, and Colon.



I’d say Arroyo, Colon, Hammel, Narveson.


Hey guys,

In a 10-team H2H league, a good friend offered up Pujols, McGehee and Sabatthia (or possibly Lincecum) for Adrian Gonzalez and J. Bautista. Honestly, my team is killing it right now, so I wasn’t even considering the trade at first. However, I’ve been winning HR, RBI and OPS by ridiculous margins and my pitching categories are a little hit or miss. Good deal or putting friendship in jeopardy?



I don’t like it. One can make a strong argument that you’re giving up the two best players in the deal here and I’d much rather hold onto the two elite hitters than trade for one elite hitter, a mid-range hitter and an ace pitcher.


Logan Morrison is currently still on my DL should I drop Aubrey Huff to activate him or drop Morrison and hope for Huff to turn it around


Huff is just too inconsistent for my taste so yeah, I’d drop him to activate Morrison.


Hey Big Z whats your thoughts of Crawford. Should it be long till hes back to becoming Carl Crawford? Also where will he likely be moved up to once he gets going, 2 hole? Reason being, im in need of AVG, runs ribs and have Saves and pop to deal, and have been offered: Crawford for Stanton Hanrahan , OR Crawford for Heyward Soria . Which/ any you like? Only keep 4 too, im quite tempted. Thanks

BIg Barry not Amigos2222 btw.


Considering his track record, I can’t possibly imagine Crawford struggling all year…I think it’s more mental than anything else. Heard Bobby V mention on the Sunday Night Baseball telecast of Yanks/Sox that Crawford’s mechanics are off so that might be another issue. Regardless, I’d be very happy to buy low on him and I do like the first trade. Wouldn’t deal Heyward/Soria though.


Just wondering if you think it would be smart to drop Mike Napoli for Ramon Hernandez of the Reds?


Hernandez has been red hot but I still consider Napoli to be the more appealing long-term option. But if there’s a way to add Hernandez to fill-in for the short-term without dropping Napoli, I’m all for it.


i didn’t know MLB had this blog, great info for my fantasy team!
K. Richardson
forward mail

I need a 3B and cant decide between who. should I pick up Polanco or Roberts? Thanks

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