Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 18

Ryan Dempster has officially escaped the 411 doghouse.


Colon @ Britton

Hellickson @ Romero -Helloween for Jays or Hellickson since he has a very scary monster in Bautista to deal with.

Coke @ Buchholz

Masterson @ Peavy

Ogando @ Duffy

Pavano @ McCarthy – Pitch B-Mac vs. worst team in MLB.

Weaver @ Vargas –  See Guthrie for Vargas.

De La Rosa @ Hamels

Dempster @ Volstad – Dempster on fire go for it.

Morton @ Arroyo

Gorzelanny @ Gee -Nats are awful hitting team and Mets lost their corners. Feeling lucky?

Norris @ Lohse

Teheran @ Saunders

Gallardo @ Moseley

Cain @ Kershaw


Why do I still have Shin Shoo Choo on my team? I just recently picked up the more productive Brantley, but don’t know what to do with Choo. I hate to just drop him because, even worse than drafting him high, I used a keeper spot on him. Is there any hope for trading him? Should I wait it out?


Wait it out. He’s too talented of a player not to come around. You cannot possibly drop him and now is clearly not the time to trade him.



Hey Big Z whats your thoughts on Crawford. Should it be long till hes back to being Carl Crawford? Also where will he likely be moved up to once he gets going, 2 hole? Reason being, im in need of AVG, runs ribs and have Saves and homers to deal, and have been offered: Crawford for Stanton & Hanrahan , OR Crawford for Heyward & Soria . Which/ any you like? Only keep 4 too, im quite tempted. Thanks

Thanks for the response about Crawford on the other post Zach. Just wondering where he might move up to in the lineup once he gets going (Terry said he’ll move up), could it be the 2nd spot maybe? 3rd even? Reason being, I need ribbies and runs in particular so where he hits would affect his value, the higher the better really. Thanks again


Francona has been so inconsistent with his placement of Crawford in the lineup that I honestly have no idea! I can see him constantly moving around throughout the season so it’s tough to predict.


Thanks but I did ask where you think he will hit in the order and you haven’t answered that on this post or the last.

Pick up Duffy over Humber, Narveson, or Penny?

– BDH in DC


In a non-keeper particularly, I’d stand pat. Let’s see Duffy in action before we add him at the expense of guys who have been pitching fairly well of late.


Much appreciated! Ok, currently have Mark Reynolds, Jhonny Peralta, and Jed Lowrie that qualify @ 3B. Would you trade for Ryan Zimmerman (with his mid June return?) and if so, part with starting pitcher arm (aka: “fair value”) in the likes of D. Price?, J. Chacin? R. Nolasco? M. Garza? W. Rodriquez? or E. Jackson? Which would be fair value?

– BDH in DC


Yeah, I’d try to get Zim. Pretty much fed up with Reynolds and I don’t see Peralta or Lowrie as viable long-term solutions. Although Price is probably fair value, if you can get Zimmerman for one of those other guys (I’d also rather not part with Wandy), that would be great. Maybe you can benefit from an injury discount.


I need to drop one of the 3. A cabrera, rios,cuddyer. cuddyer gives me options cuz hes versatile in positions so thats a pro for him. I want to pick up a pitcher and these 3 players are the worst hitters on my team. Who should i drop?


Cuddyer’s the guy to drop. He simply isn’t producing and although Rios is similarly struggling, I don’t see him as waiver wire material and his upside is greater. I’m thinking that all these players are currently on your bench anyway? In that case, why not try to work a 2-for-1 or 3-for-1 trade, perhaps using Asdrubal, to open up that roster spot?


Having trouble at 2B/SS (Espinosa, Theriot and Hanley Ramirez) but don’t see any great alternatives. Are there any AAA phenoms that I should watch for to come up shortly?


Well, Dustin Ackley (.280 AVG 6 HR 21 RBI in 40 games at Triple-A this year) is one guy who is rumored to be called up any day now, so he’s definitely someone worth looking at as the Mariners could use all the offensive help they can get.


Hey Zach, Wright is on the DL. Do I use Rolen as a stop-gap or should I trade Jurrjens for Casey McGehee? Thanks, as always.


I’d probably use Rolen for now, at least until he gets hurt! I view a healthy Rolen as almost as good as McGehee, and this way you don’t need to give up the pitcher. Jurrjens for McGehee is pretty fair though so if Rolen gets hurt or starts to struggle and Wright lands up missing more time than a few weeks, that trade is definitely something worth considering down the road.


Trade question:
Send: Konerko and McCann
Receive: Pena and Holliday
Thoughts? I don’t want to lose my power too much, am I?


Even though Holliday is the best player in the deal, I’d pass. I just don’t trust Pena and see the 1B downgrade from Konerko to Pena as greater than the upgrade from McCann to Holliday. Keep in mind that McCann carries tons of value as an elite option (probably the #1 option) at the thin catcher position.


I am in a 12 team mix keeper league, and have De La Rosa, Norris,Hernandez,Lee,Nolasco, and Kuroda.Should I drop any of these starters for Danny Duffy?


Absolutely not, even in a keeper league. Duffy is totally unproven and all of your current pitchers are at the very least mid-rotation guys in 12-team mixed leagues.


Hey, I have been offered a trade (OF – Nelson Cruz for P – Michael Pineda). Should I accept?


Nah. When in doubt, I’ll always take the hitter over the pitcher and despite Cruz’s injury history, a solid argument can be made that he’s a top-12 outfielder when on the field. Plus, we don’t know how Pineda will respond to the innings workload as the season progresses.


Should I try to pick up another catcher? I have Napoli, who doesn’t play every day, and Mauer, who is on the DL! Should I just stick with Napoli until Mauer returns or should I drop one of these players for another catcher (Jed Lowrie or Mike Aviles)?


Depends on who’s available but Lowrie and Aviles aren’t catchers!


Although I need pitching in my dynasty league, would it be wise to accept a trade of Granderson/A Gordon for Strassberg? Also what pitchers would be a good trade for Strass, when healthy?


I’d much rather have the Granderson/Gordon side…and it’s not even close.


Hi Zach. My starting pitchers are: Hamels, Pineda, Lohse, Scherzer, Kuroda, Danks, De La Rosa, Lester, and Jurrjens. I would like to offer one in trade for either Kimbrel or Valverde as I need another solid relief pitcher. Who would you offer up? Thanks in advance for the advice.


I prefer Valverde due to his far more extensive track record and would trade any one of those starters outside of Hamels and Lester in a straight up deal for him. Also try to hold onto Scherzer but if he insists on him it’s pretty fair value.


I am leading my 12 team league in Ks (484) and in Ws (38) but I am 10th in HR. I’m looking to trade with a guy who is last in the league (12th in Ks @ 307 & 9th in Ws @ 24). I want to try and get Jose Bautista from him. He has decent OF and Chipper Jones and Rolen on his bench who are be respectable. I thought of making my starting offer either Jonathan Sanchez or Jorge De La Rosa. My other BIG pitcers are Weaver, Kershaw, Scherzer, Shields in addition to some avg Ps. His pitching is suffering right now and might be able to make a deal. What would you suggest? i also thought about throwing Kubel in there to give some offense back. Thanks!


Right now, Bautista is looking like the #1 player in all of fantasy so I’d be shocked if you could get him for any one of those pitchers, even the big pitchers. It’s going to take a better package. Maybe if you give him two of those big pitchers it would interest him, but by all means try to get Bautista for less!


Heyy, ive been offered McCutchen, Brian Wilson, and Tim Hudson for My Hanley Ramirez, and Eduardo Sanchez. What are your thoughts? I have Starlin Castro, and Erick Aybar to replace HanRam. Also… Who would you rather have, Erick Aybar or Darwin Barney if you had to choose one?



Yeah, I’d do it. Although selling low on Hanley right now would be a mistake, this is far from selling low…a very strong package. I’d lean towards Aybar over Barney due to the track record but it’s very close.


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