Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 19

Fausto Carmona


Blackburn @ Ross – Ross is legit, and a great matchup

Haren @ Fister

Sabathia @ Guthrie – Guthrie has some decent numbers on surface if you cover up his record. If you start him you’re basically chasing a W.

W. Davis @ Romero – Davis too erratic to trust

Verlander @ Beckett

Carmona @ Floyd

Holland @ Hochevar

McDonald @ Cueto – Cueto impressive since DL stint

Livan @ Gee

Happ @ McClellan

Chacin @ Blanton

Coleman @ Volstad

Jurrjens @ Collmenter – Jurrjens en fuego!

Narveson @ Harang – good matchup for Narveson despite Padres’ recent run-scoring prowess

Bumgarner @ Billingsley


Blackburn is a decent play, A’s aren’t much better than Twins.

Carmona deserves start vs. struggling White Sox.

Agree on rest.


Could you please rank my SP? I’m trying to figure out which to put into package deal…
Lester, Scherzer, Beckett, Gallardo, J Garcia, De La Rosa & Carpenter.

Much appreciated.


I’d go Lester, Garcia, Scherzer, Beckett, Gallardo, De La Rosa, Carpenter.


I’m trading away Billy Butler and A-rod for Miguel Cabrera and Casey McGehee. Is this trade good for me???


Fair value but I think I’d do it. 1B upgrade > 3B downgrade.


Who should I start next week at the UTL spot, Trumbo, Jackson, ludwick or Ramon Hernandez? I need hr’s and rbi’s but Trumbo has been awful as of late.


I’d say Ludwick as he’s red hot right now, but keep an eye on what happens over the weekend before making a final decision.


Is there any chance NYY calls up Jorge Alberto Vazquez
any time soon? 308 avg, 341 OBP, 16 HR’s, 41 RBI… come on


I don’t see it. Where is he going to play? 1B is blocked and the DH slot has to be reserved for the million old guys on the roster!


Am I reaching too far for a second baseman offering Dan Haren for Brandon Phillips?


Absolutely not. Very fair value. Also keep in mind that Haren is historically a poor second half pitcher, so you’re likely already getting the best part of his season.


411 hotline,
7X7 keeper, thinking to offer Ethier(can keep for 2012) for Pedroia (cant keep for 2012, as noone in rounds 1-3 can be kept), need homeruns, few more runs and a better avg, think Dustin is about to light it up. I have McCutchen(K), Stanton(K), Ellsbury, Seth Smith, with Fuld/Luke Scott rotating on the lefty pitchers. Aviles is present 2nd baseman, Callaspo backup (MI spot).

Your thoughts and cheers for your help,


I have no problem with that deal. Even though I’m not too sure that it fits your categorical needs (mainly homers), you would be getting a significant upgrade at 2B and although it hurts that you can’t keep Pedroia for 2012, play to win now!


Hi Guys –
Do you think Mark Melancon will maintin the CL job? Who would you grab off of the wire: Ludwick, L. Morrison, Damon, Brantly, or Helton? I need power but trend away from power-only (low AVG/OBP) players. Love the show and the site. THanks in advance.


I don’t think Melancon is on the hot seat quite yet, especially considering the Astros’ lack of viable alternatives. However, Wilton Lopez is the logical handcuff. He’s been pitching very well of late.



As mentioned above, I’d do Haren for Phillips. No on Johnson for Phillips but yes on Johnson for Cano. No on either pitcher in a one-for-one for Zobrist.


Hey Zach, I’ve been offered two trade, first trade im giving up Jed lowrie for Matt kemp and the second trade im giving up Adam Dunn And Alexi Ogando for Andres Torres and Tim Lincecum. My OF are Markakis, Ethier, R. Davis, J. Pierre and Delmon Young. My 1Bs are Howard, Butler and Dunn. My SP are Cliff Lee, Matt Cain, De La Rosa, S. Marcum, Ogando, Volquez, Jurrjens, McLellan, Narveson, Dempster and W. Davies to go with 5 closers. Does it makes sense to do any of those trades? thanks!


That first trade is so lopsided in your favor that it will probably be veto-worthy if accepted. I like the second trade too.


Hey Zach, dodgers closing situation. Would you grab Guerrier (have to be for Padilla), or should Padilla be back closing before long.


Nah, I think Padilla’s still the guy. He’s just been dealing with forearm stiffness so that’s why Guerrier picked up the last save. Now, considering that Padilla is fresh off the DL, this is a little concerning and I might pick up Guerrier if you’ve got an open roster slot…but not at the expense of Padilla.


Hey Zach, I’m in a 10 team league. I’ve been offered Pence, E Aybar, and Scherzer for D Wright, A Bailey and Venters. What do you think. I could use the OF and SP help, and I’ll still be strong in RPs.


Close call as Bailey’s nearing a return and is a top-10 closer when healthy, but I’m OK with this trade. Scherzer is, if not an ace, at least a strong No. 2 SP and Pence looks like he’s in line for a career year. Wright’s injury situation is a little scary too.


With David wright’s injury, do you think turner is a good pickup to start over my current 3B maicer izturis?


I’d follow the slightly safer route and stick with Izturis until we see a little more from Turner. I’m not sold on him yet.


Hey guys! I am struggling in offense and I made some moves. I traded Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Pena, Alfonso Soriano, and Jaime Garcia. I’m returned I get Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson, and Placido Polanco. Was this a good move to improve my offense? What do you guys think? Thanks and much appreciated.


I like it. A-Rod just doesn’t look like the same player as he’s been in years past, Pena’s a huge AVG liability and Soriano is frustratingly streaky. Garcia’s pitching like a top-15 SP but you’re getting more than enough in return here.


In a 10 team AL/NL league would you give up Ervin Santana and Roninson Cano for Clayton Kershaw and Evan Longoria………Or I can give up CJ Wilson for Evan Longoria strait up. Do you think either are worth my time?


I liked the first deal but absolutely love the second one. Do Longoria for Wilson immediately!


Hey guys! I am in a 12 team head to head mixed league. My OF players are Logan Morrison, Nick Markakis, and Austin Jackson. Should I drop any of these guys and pick up Andre Ethier from the waiver list??


Yes! I’d absolutely drop either Markakis or Jackson (probably Jackson) to pick up Ethier.


Hello guys! I have Mark Teixeira and Miguel Cabrera as my 1B in a 12 team head to head league. I have Casey McGehee as my 3B. I am looking to up grade my 3B spot. Should I trade Miguel Cabrera for Andrian Beltre?? Or just stick with Casey and keep Cabrera?? What you guys think? Thank You and I am a big fan of your show. Keep up the good work!

Hello Fantasy experts! Should I drop 2B Ryan Roberts and pick up Gordon Beckham from the waiver list?? Who is going to be more productive?? Or should I just pick up Beckham without dropping Roberts?? I do have an extra spot on my bench. What do you guys think? Thank You.

Sorry but forgot to mention that I am in a 12 team head to head mixed league. Thanks.

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