Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 20


Hammel @ Greinke – tough matchup for Hammel but he’s been good on the road

Wood @ White – both are high risk/high reward

Dickey @ F. Garcia

Marquis @ TBD

An. Rodriguez @ Reyes

D. Davis @ Lester

Lilly @ Humber – Lilly risky vs. ChiSox right-handed power

Carpenter @ Francis – not ditching Carpenter yet…

T. Hudson @ Big Erv

Penny @ Karstens – Penny’s on a hot streak, run with it

Wilson @ Halladay

Sonnanstine @ An. Sanchez

Duensing @ Kennedy

Bedard @ Latos – good place to gamble with Bedard

Cahill @ Vogelsong – run with Vogelsong while it lasts

                                                                                                                                                     ZACH’S PICKS

Hammel @ Greinke – Starting to lose faith in Hammel but I’ll give it a go here.

Wood @ White – Wood on a roll. Will take a chance on him.

Dickey @ F. Garcia – Pass on both soft-tossers.

Marquis @ TBD – Still don’t trust Marquis

An. Rodriguez @ Reyes

D.Davis @ Lester

Lilly @ Humber – Go for it on Humber. Dangerous matchup for Lilly though. Won’t blame you if you decide to sit him.

Carpenter @ Francis

T. Hudson @ Big Erv – Erv very erratic lately. Sit until further notice.

Penny @ Karstens – Very favorable matchup for Penny.

Wilson @ Halladay

Sonnanstine @ An. Sanchez

Duensing @ Kennedy

Bedard @ Latos – Bedard improving and great matchup.

Cahill @ Vogelsong – Vogelsong 2 ER or less in three of his four starts this year.


Is it time to get rid of Alvarez and Hart? Desmond, Crisp, Brantley, and Trumbo are on the wire.



Still too early to give up on either. Bench but don’t cut.


I’m in a H2H each category league where I’m only allowed 13 starts a week and i’m at 9 but I have 6 starts left for the week. I’m ahead in K’s by 14, behind in wins by 1, ahead in era by 0.054, and ahead in whip by 0.521. Of the 6 which should be the 2 odd men out: Gavin Floyd, Jason Hammel, Max Scherzer, Scott Baker, Jonathan Sanchez, James Shields? My opponent only has 3 starts left until he is maxed out.


I’d sit Hammel (not a great matchup @MIL) and Baker (extreme fly ball pitcher in home run friendly ballpark @ARI).


How long do you hold on to Edwin Encarcion? Maybe I’m the only one still fishing, but at what point do you cut bait? 12 team 5×5 mixed, 1b and 1b/3b filled by R Howard and A Gonzalez. 3b a Chipper/Edwin split. FA’s Wiggington, Dobbs, Hanahan, Blake, Kouz…. Any word on Moustakas? Thanks


At this point, I think Encarnacion can bw cut. Dobbs is swinging a hot bat and is a better option than E5 right now and Wigginton is also someone to keep an eye on. Plus, I doubt that anyone would pick up E5 right now so should he heat up, there’s still a chance you can get him back.

As for Moustakas, it doesn’t sound like his callup is imminent but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s up in a month or so.


Zach or Cory, I’ve been offered Pence, Aybar, and Scherzer for D Wright, A Bailey and Venters. I’ll still be loaded at RP and I’m pretty weak at OF and SP. Is this a fair trade or do you think I could get a little more?


Just answered your question under the Thursday PoD post.


thanks zach

so, have a potential deal to acquire Ryan Zimmerman (to replace the likes of Reynolds, Lowrie, Peralta) I would trade away Garza and package with either Colon, Narveson, or Bailey depending on who the guy wants.

Do you feel Garza and a 2nd Arm out of these 3 is fair? Regardless of the three, pull the trigger?

12tm mixed H2H pts.

-BDH in DC


Certainly fair but also something I’d definitely do.


I guess this is more of a math question, but I’d like your opinion. It’s a 16-team, 2-catcher, $300 cap league, and I have McCann@$23, Pierzynski@$6 & Jaso@$4. Obviously McCann always starts, but is it better to take inferior stats on a guy that gets regular AB’s or better stats on a part-timer? I could use some cap room and would be looking to trade either AJ or Jaso. Thanks.


Well, four of the five hitting categories are counting stats so I’d usually lean towards the guy who’s getting more playing time. But if the other player is hitting for a far superior AVG, you might want to platoon that guy with one of your bench players (or someone from the wire) in hopes that their combined stats would approach the numbers that the “full-time” player will put up. So, in short, it depends on the situation. But generally speaking, I tend to favor the player who’s getting the higher number of ABs.


In an 12 team NL only 5×5 auction keeper league: What is Adam Wainwright’s trade value now. I have him stashed on the DL at 11$ through 2013. I’m hoping a rebuilding team will want to trade some high salary players. I could use a productive high avg bat at OF or U.



There’s only one way to find out. Float around some trade proposals! But Wainwright definitely has some value at that price. Might even be able to get a top-30 type OF in return.


in a ten team roto would you trade chris carpenter for ian kinsler and carlos beltran.im pretty stacked in pitching and i need a 2b because aviles isnt ging to cut it for me what should i do?


Yeah, in about a second. I really doubt that your league mate would agree to this trade considering Carpenter’s struggles but you can try!



With Logan Morrison on the wire in a 10 team league, is it worth dropping Chris Coghlan for him? Or maybe since i only have three outfielders should I drop Mike Napoli (I also have Alex Avila) and pick up a Torii Hunter or Rajai Davis who can play multiple positions? (My other outfielders are Chris Young and Hunter Pence.)

Thanks, Jay


Yeah, I’d make that swap. Morrison will give you more power than Coghlan to go along with a better AVG. Napoli’s also very dropable in a 10-teamer so you can take that approach as well. On a side note, I’d definitely think about dropping Coghlan for either Rajai or Hunter…probably Rajai.


I can acquire Logan Morrison for either Bobby Abreu or Alfonso Soriano. Which would you give up to get him or does it really matter?


I’d trade either for Morrison and would lean towards dealing Abreu. He’ll top Soriano in SBs but Soriano carries significantly more upside in the home run department.


Hey Zach, trying to offload cargo whos a big money bat in a contract keeper for a package involving D Jennings (prospects are potentially very valuable in this league). Cargo would cost me 38 bucks next year so I must offload him, is Werth and Jennings a decent return?

Count OBP rather than AVG too, so puts Werth and Jennings up a tick. Just to explain why prospects are so valuable, we can keep them next year for 0, and then sign them to long terms deals for an extra 5-9 bucks, so I could sign Jennings for 3 years on a $9 dollar contract, how good is that. I definately need to take up this guys offer, just should I maybe hold out for a little more (maybe also exchange prospects, Franklin and Ackley for instance).


I think it’s an OK return but I wouldn’t rush to make that trade until you explore other options to see if you can do better.



Now that I read your second comment, I like the deal a lot more. There’s no harm in trying to get more though. Still, I’d do it.


Thanks man, for both the replies. Am in negotiations as we speak!🙂

I have been offered Zack Greinke, Cliff Lee,Desmond Jennings,and Brett Wallace for Adrian Gonzalez. in a 12 team dynasty league. your thoughts please


I never like to give up the best player in a deal but in a dynasty format that’s a very fair return. Really depends on your team’s strengths and weaknesses and whether or not you feel that you can realistically compete for the title this year.


Hey Z, i was offered Ricky Romero and Mark Teixeira for Billy Butler and Placido Polanco… I already have Dunn @ (Utility) and Howard @ (1B) but I can use Tex as an (INF). I have no space for Polanco because I have Cano @ (2B) and Longoria @ (3B). Is this a good trade for me or am I giving up too much? Thanks!


Can I be in this league?:-) An absolute no-brainer for you.


I’ve had enough of the Carmona-Dempster Heartburn Express. Viable options on the wire are Gavin Floyd, Bud Norris, Narveson, Arrieta, and Dice-K (kidding!). Who should I pick up if any?

Hey Zach, in a 14 team H2H league who would you keep Ogando or Ricky Romero? im trying to trade for lincecum but the guy is asking for Dunn or Aubrey Huff and one of those two pitchers. Thanks


I’d hold onto Romero mainly because I’ve seen more of him at the big league level. How Ogando will handle his first full season as a big league starter as the innings rack up remains to be seen. Huff and Ogando for Lincecum is a trade I’d make 100 times out of 100.



I have no problem with you dumping Carmona for Floyd, Norris or Arrieta (my personal order of preference). Would hold onto Dempster for now though.


I desperatly need a 2B, SS, this is a 16 team league weekly format. Most guys in it will not deal a 2B, SS unless for a pitcher, I own J.J, J. Sanchez, T. Hanson, Morton, Sheilds, Duensing, Gee, Harang, and Storen. Should I make a move for pedroia, weeks, uggla or kinsler? If so, who? I’m in a bind here. Any opinion wil be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Sure, but first find out which of those 2Bs are available. I’d particularly try to avoid dealing either J. J. or Hanson though.


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