Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 24

Charlie Morton is coming off a five-hit shutout.


Beckett @ Carmona – Carmona handles everyone but the White Sox

Duffy @ Britton – Duffy’s a great prospect, but let’s see him get his feet wet first

W. Davis @ Verlander

Romero @ Sabathia

Peavy @ Holland – I guess Peavy is feeling better!

Fister @ Blackburn – have to go for it vs. light-hitting Twins

TBD @ Haren

Saunders @ De La Rosa  (Gm 1 of DH)

Jurrjens @ Morton – don’t trust Morton, but he’s hot and Braves banged up

Cueto @ Worley

Billingsley @ Happ

Niese @ Dempster – Niese is a toss-up, but Cubs have been hot in May

Livan @ Narveson

Collmenter @ Chacin  (Gm 2 of DH)

McClellan @ Harang – I’ll gamble on Harang at home

Nolasco @ Cain


Hey guys, SS and UTL spot, jeter, yunel Escobar and Jon jay? I’m a big fan of jay but don’t know if he’ll get enough action.


Yeah, Jay has benefited lately from a number of Cardinals missing time due to minor injuries. Even though he’s been producing, Jay is a risky start due to his inconsistent playing time. Go with Jeter and Escobar to be safe.


Hey, I have a question about a trade offer I received in a keeper league. 12 teams, four keepers, can keep less for draft picks. 5X5 H2H Most Cats wins. The offer is: I get A-Rod, I give Wright. As of right now, I’m 6-1. Time will tell, but some of the guys I could possibly keep at the end of the year are McCann, Teixeira, Braun, Granderson, Pence, Utley, Hanson, and Cain, as well as either A-Rod or Wright. Obviously, Wright’s hurt right now, so the offer interests me. Meanwhile, A-Rod is aging and I do want to keep an eye out for the future at the same time. The offer being straight up, which one do you take? Thanks.


Considering the uncertainty surrounding Wright’s return timetable, I’d take A-Rod. Although it’s always important to think about the future in a keeper league, it’s more important to play to win now. And the reality is that we still don’t know when Wright’s coming back. Take the immediate contributions of A-Rod and worry about later…later.


HELP! Is it time to drop Drabek? head to head 10 team mixed pts league. He is easily my worst pitcher…you think he’ll put it together some time, or should I grab Minor instead?


I’m assuming this is a keeper league? Either way, in a 10-team mixed, I’m sure there are better options on the wire than Drabek and I would rather have Minor, who could very well stick around in the Braves’ rotation should he pitch well in this week’s spot start.


Hey Big , dilemma in my 10 teamer. With Chase back off the shelf, Yuni Escobar is the odd man out…is he tradable or cuttable? Also with Brown snared before my trigger-happy competitors, I’ve a log-jam at OF too with Tabata and Brown riding the pine…what can I do with those 2, trade them or just cut for PoD spot. Thanks as always.

Thats Big Z not just Big!🙂


I think all three of those guys have at least some trade value, particularly the two outfielders. See what you can get for them. Anything is better than nothing! I wouldn’t flat out cut them just yet.


Who is the better speedster to have? Rajai Davis or Micheal Bourne?


The two are very similar in value but right now I’d go with Bourn. He’s been getting on base more frequently than Davis, and, as the saying goes, you can’t steal first base!


who shall i keep only 2 out of the four?
big papi


If I had to pick right now I’d say keep Hosmer and Papi but see if you deal the other two guys to at least get something back. None of those four really belong on any waiver wire.


Should I trade Martin Prado and Hunter Pence for Casey McGehee and Ryan Ludwick?


Absolutely not! You’re giving up clearly the two best players in the deal in Prado and Pence. This trade makes no sense for you.



I have offered a couple trades and although the owners have neither accepted or denied them as of yet i was wondering what you think of them.

12 team keeper stats are

my current roster is
3B- Arod
SS- Tulo
OF-BJ Upton
OF- Joyce
UT- Cabrera

First offer
I give Tulo and Uggla for Braun and Logan Morrison
My thought was I could plug Asdrubal into my SS position and get a little power/Speed into my outfield. I can also Plug Kendrick into my 2B slot for uggla who is killing me in AVG and K’s. When Sandoval gets back off the DL I can plug him into my IF slot.

Second Offer
I give Ichiro and Joyce and get McCutchen.
My thought was that McCutchen kinda gives me both players into one. especially with Ichiro struggling so badly this year in AVG and also it gives me some youth with this being a keeper.

Do you think both deals are good or do you think im making a mistake, or do you think im asking too much in either deal?

thanks for everything

the ichiro,joyce for mccutchen deal was turned down



No need to reply both deals were rejected. sorry to waste your time.


hey zach i was offered beltran for carpenter.my team has pretty good pitching and i need an outfielder really badly is it worth it? or should i wait until carpenter heats up so i could get more for him?


I have no problem with you making that deal right now…a very fair return. Although Beltran is no longer the player he once was, he’s putting together a very solid year and should be considered at the very worst a strong #3 OF in 12-team mixed leagues.


Trade Question:

10 teams mixed H2H:
Would you give mcgehee & j Garcia for beltre & hellickson?


Yes, I’m OK with that trade. McGehee to Beltre is a definite 3B upgrade and you have to think that Garcia is due for some regression while Hellickson should improve as the season rolls along as he gains more big league experience.


Hi Zach,

Do you think Ogando and/or Pineda’s season could be cut short due to an innings restraint by management? I already own Pineda but am wary about adding too many first/second year starters on one staff. Thank you.



It’s very possible but now is not the time to worry about that. It’s totally fine to own both. Benefit from them now and then consider dealing them in a couple months should their trade value remain high.


Is it time to drop Napoli for someone like Montero, Lucroy or Hernandez at the Catcher position? I am getting fed up with his horrible May!!!


Yeah, Napoli for Montero would definitely be a move I’d consider, particularly if your AVG is really hurting.


I was just offered Ryan Howard for Chipper Jones/Alfonso Soriano. I have Prado to cover 3B for me and can always find an OF who hits in the 7 hole. Should I jump on this?


Absolutely! Make that trade immediately.


I just complete a trade. I’m second guessing myself. Hoping for some thoughts……League is a 10 team H2H Categories Keep 6

I got: J. Peralta, Cargo, Jimenez, B. Wilson
I gave up: J. Reyes, A. Either, Scherzer, C. Kimbrel

My other SS is S. Castro, and in the Outfield I now have Braun, Hamilton, Cargo. I know Jimenez has been down but the value seemed to great to turn down. Thoughts anyone?????


Hate to say it but I’m not in love with this deal. I don’t really think you got Ubaldo at a discount as you gave up Scherzer, who so far is having a much better season. It’s definitely possible that Scherzer finishes the year as the more valuable fantasy SP. Yeah, you got Car-Go but I don’t see Ethier to Car-Go as a big enough upgrade to warrant the huge downgrade at shortstop. Wilson vs. Kimbrel looks like at best a wash for you. Not a terrible deal but I wouldn’t have made it.


Hey Zach loving Ogando right now, but know all the experts are still sceptical and for good reason, dude’s got a miniscule .199 BABIP and his strand rate is over 92%! He’s not even a ground ball pitcher (35%), so surely he’s gonna start giving up some homers in that park soon. Therefore in my contract keeper league, should I try and sell high on him and get a ‘legitimate’ keeper like J Zimmermann ($4), J Chacin ($4), T Cahill($2!!) or J Garcia ($2!)? Some great options there at minimal prices. Only question is how I go about shopping Oggy I guess, don’t wanna make it obvious that I expect him to come back to earth.

Oh yeah and his current K/9 is currently 6.49…this success is surely totally unsustainable!


Yup, I agree with everything you said here. Basically, just send out a note that Ogando is available without mentioning all of this:-) I’d rank those keeper options Garcia, Cahill, Chacin, Zimmermann, so see what’s out there.


Hi Zach,
Great advice, as always. I have a trade question. I have Jose Reyes and can afford to sell him (Asdrubal is my other SS). A fellow owner is offering Ryan Howard & Jose Tabata or Nelson Cruz & Michael Bourn. Do you think I need the power upgrade and can afford to lose the elite speed in Reyes. My other bats are Pujols, Dunn, Choo, C. Young, Swisher, Beltran, Carlos Lee, Weeks, Iannetta and Ryan Roberts. Thanks for your help.



Both of those offers are appealing, especially the first one, but I’d stand pat. I don’t think you have enough speed outside of Reyes to make trading him worthwhile. Choo is a solid speed source and Weeks has six steals (a good but not great total), but Young isn’t running as much as he did last year and Beltran can’t be counted on for anything in the steals department. Hold onto Reyes. Plus, Pujols, Dunn and even Swisher are bound to increase their home run pace so you might just be OK.


Hey 411,

Thinking about letting go of my Orioles.
12 team non-keeper mixed/ points league.
I have Scott and Markakis on my roster but I’ve been holding Gutierrez and Thome hostage on my DL. What combination of DH/OF should I keep?



I’d stick with Scott and Markakis for now. Would like to see more than 18 ABs from Gutierrez before feeling comfortable starting him and Thome is just too hit or miss and his DH-only eligibility doesn’t exactly help his value.


Hey guys,
Think it’s a good time to buy low on Heyward? I was thinking about trading maybe Grady Sizemore, or Maicer Izturis. What do you think about selling high on Justin Turner? Thoughts? Thanks.


I’d trade Izturis, Turner or both for Heyward in about a second. Sizemore vs. Heyward is close but I’ll give the edge to Heyward due to Grady’s rougher recent health history.


Send Matt Kemp and Matt Joyce for Ian Kinsler, Alfonso Soriano, Logan Morrison and Chad Billingsley. Ten team standard ESPN league.


Certainly a strong enough return. I’m fine with the deal.


I dropped Z Britton for Billingsley on waivers. Smart move? Assuming Dodgers can score more than 1 run for Chad moving forward, it seems as though Zach should fall back down to Earth.


Yeah, I’m more confident in Billingsley due to his overall body of work and the uncertainty as to how Britton will respond as the innings pile up. But I would’ve tried to keep Britton on the roster, either as a bench option or valuable trade bait. Seems like a waste to just dump him.


My choices to dump were: Nolasco, D Hudson or Britton. I just went with the less proven. Oh I have Ogando, but with RP elig no chance I was gonna drop him for someone else to plug-in.🙂

I play in a 12 team h2h and i’m looking to improve my pitching. Would like to drop Danks and Dempster. Looking at Vargas,Bedard,Porcello,and Arietta. Any thoughts?


Bedard is really hard to pass on right now so for the time being I’m fine with you dumping Dempster to pick him up. I’d lean towards holding onto Danks. He’s been so consistent over the past three seasons that I still think he’ll bounce back. Dempster will give you more K’s but he’s also more combustible.


Hey Zach (or other 411ers),
My usual league 5×5 NL only auction keeper league. I’m in a race between 1st and 2nd and want to make a move with a rebuilding team. I’m weak at OF and have Barajas and Molina as my catchers. I’ve been offered Dom Brown for 7$ (through 2013) and Montero 16$ (to replace Barajas, 3 man bench so I don’t have to drop him) for Dee Gordon (7$ through 2013 if he gets 130 ab’s this year) and Mat Latos (10$ through 2012). My SP will be Nolasco,Greinke,Marcum,Hudson,Kuroda, and Stauffer with Putz and Storen as my closers. I think this is a good deal for me to make a run for the championship this year, and my pitching staff is good enough to take the loss of Latos. I could also flip Brown for a more established player if he isn’t ready to put up number this year, but with Montero picking up my Catching spot I might no need to, and I’m waiting on Ankiel and Bourgeouis to come off the DL. Thoughts. I’m trying to get a little more by asking him to add in a prospect like Cox or Grandal to helped out my emptying ML coffers (already traded Jarrod Parker, so Gordon is my last high end prospect)



I like it. Not only are you improving your chances of winning now but you’re getting Brown, who by the way is a pretty decent prospect himself. So it’s not like you’re completely sacrificing the future in exchange for the catcher upgrade.


I have Smoak as my CI and Moreland on my bench…..would you drop either for Hosmer who is still a free agent……also have Soto who will be off the DL this week and considering dropping A. Soriano or Lowrie to make room for him?


Yes, I’d definitely grab Hosmer…probably for Moreland, who doesn’t have quite as much power upside as Smoak (despite the more favorable home park). If Lowrie is just sitting on your bench, I’d lean towards dropping him in order to activate Soto. At least Soriano will give you a decent number of homers.


Better for the rest of the year Francoeur or Rajai Davis?


I see Davis as the more valuable player due to his elite speed but if you’re already strong in steals Francoeur might be your guy. Depends on your needs. I’m skeptical about Francoeur though. He tends to be very streaky and when he’s cold he’s ice cold.


Hey guys.. So earlier this year I made a trade (AL keeper league) Luke Scott, Derrek Lee, and Franklin Gutierrez (when he was still on the DL due to his stomach) and i got Tex and Joyce right before he blew up…now I love the guy but Is it time to sell high on Joyce while he’s as hot as he is..versus righties of course. Also just wondering what are some thoughts on Josh Outman after his return last night? thanks guys, love the show!


I like the idea of selling high on Joyce but it all depends on what “high” means. If it means an established top-30 type OF, yes. As for Outman, he pitched very well during his abbreviated big league stint last year and will certainly benefit from a favorable home ballpark, but I’d be concerned about the 9 homers he served up in just 67 1/3 innings. He was very good last night but I need to see more…and 2 K’s in 7 innings simply doesn’t cut it.


Help! Assuming De la Rosa goes on the DL after today’s game, who should I pick up? Vogelsong, Peavy, Britton, Bedard, Marquis, E. Santana, McClellan?


I’d play the matchups. If all of those guys are on your league’s waiver wire, that means you’ll usually have a bunch of quality pitchers to choose from. I don’t like Marquis though and see him as the odd man out of that group.


Zach-I want to make some changes to my pitching, but I have a few different options. Pitchers that I might drop include Ryan Madson, Sergio Romo, and Justin Masterson. Available pitchers include Zach Britton, Vogelsong, Clay Buchholz and Kyle Lohse. Any thoughts?

I just realized that Peavy is out there, along with Vance Worlwy and Homer Bailey.

do you think a rod for cueto and carlos lee is a good deal?

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