Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 25

Ted Lilly


Lester @ Talbot
Sonnanstine @ Penny – Eeww
Reyes @ F. Garcia – Garcia struggling of late
Bedard @ Duensing
Floyd @ Wilson
Hochevar @ Arrieta – risk/reward on both, what’s your gut say?
Cahill @ Big Erv
Minor @ McDonald
Marquis @ Greinke
Lilly @ An. Rodriguez – Astros are awful vs. LHP
Carpenter @ Latos – Hang with ’em on both
Wood @ Halladay – doubt Wood will be perfect again
Gee @ Coleman
Kennedy @ Hammel – D-backs struggle on the road, even in Coors?
Volstad @ Bumgarner


There’s a trade for review in a league that I commish. It’s a father & son trade. A few league members are saying they are colluding. A few have said I shouldn’t allow it. I don’t see a problem with the trade. It’s A-Gon, Reyes, Price, & Rivera for Tulo, Halladay, Verlander, & R. Howard

It seems close enough to say no foul play. Right?


Yeah, it’s so close that I’m having a real tough time deciding which side I like more…a totally acceptable deal.


Would D. Jeter and G. Floyd for H. Ramirez be a far deal?


Not an insulting offer but I’d still much rather have the Hanley side.



With utley off my dl and nobody wanting to trade for my current second baseman Neil walker, who should I drop to make room, Gardner, Ryan Roberts, Matt Capps, or Fernando Salas?

Thanks, Jay


If I had to pick one to drop, it would be Gardner as Roberts gets the edge due to his position. But definitely try to make a trade here.


Granderson is hot, so I wanna trade him.

I give grandy and m. cain for tulo.

thoughts on this trade and thoughts on granderson in general? he seems to be the ideal sell high canidate but i dunno if cain and grandy are worth it

5×5 14 team mixed head to head league (obp instead of avg) thanks for the feedback guys!


The way Granderson is performing this year, I’m not so sure he’ll fall off all that much. 35-40 homers is definitely not out of the question.That said, I’m OK with trying to sell high. But I think you could do better. Granderson for Tulo even seems like a fair value deal at this point. You might need to add a pitcher but not an ace-quality pitcher like Cain. You’re paying too high of a price.


In a dynasty league, which prospect would you grab? Kyle Gibson, Mike Minor or Danny Duffy? Would you trade Baker, Arrieta or Holland for any of them?


Of that group, I prefer Minor and would definitely consider dropping the inconsistent Holland in order to pick him up.



Thoughts on a trade involving Werth for Zobrist?


A totally fair deal but I prefer Zobrist due mainly to the position factor. He’s been slumping for awhile now but Werth’s been slumping for pretty much the entire season…a big time bust so far.



I have room to gain with stolen bases and saves so thinking of offering the trade J Garcia (could also put in Beckett) and Castro for Elsburry and Putz. This would leave me with Lowrie as my primary short stop. Thoughts?



I’m fully on board with that trade despite the SS downgrade, which by year’s end may turn out to be a wash. Ellsbury is having a huge bounce back year and it’s never a bad idea to sell high on a starting pitcher who has a 1.93 ERA. The overwhelming odds say that he’s already enjoyed the best part of his season.


I own Adam Dunn and have him at the Corner infield positon.My team avg.sucks as it is.Do i look to trade Dunn maybe for Gaby Sanchez or am i stuck with him because it would be hard to get fair trade value for him for another Corner infielder


Gaby isn’t a bad return for Dunn but I’d lean towards waiting it out. Chances are his stock will rise considering his ultra-consistent track record, at least in the power department. Plus, I have a hard time believing he’ll finish the season with a sub-.200 AVG!


Is it time to give up on Neftali Feliz? I could grab Vogelsong

Street has also been costing me a lot of points since the Rockies have been struggling. Would you hang onto him also?


Give up? Are you kidding? The guy’s an elite closer and currently sports a 1.13 ERA. And for Vogelsong? No way!


Who would you rather pitch: Ervin Santana at OAK or Bedard at MIN? Thanks

Boys –

Working 2 separate trades:

1st: I trade H.Bailey, B.Colon, and M.Garza; I get back W.Davis and R.Zimmerman

2nd: I trade H.Pence, H.Ramirez, and W.Rodriguez; I get back CC.Sabathia, CJ.Wilson, and I.Suzuki

thoughts on each deal and especially as a COMBO. I feel I improve arms, and may not take a huge decrease in Bats.

12tm, Mixed, H2H pts.

– BDH in DC


I’m OK with the first one but really don’t like the second one. First, you’re giving up Hanley, who I still consider the best player in the deal, Second, I see Pence to Ichiro as a wash…maybe a small upgrade but not by much. So it basically boils down to Hanley and Wandy for CC and Wilson…that’s simply too much to give up.


Hey Big Z, inherited Pujols in a keeper for the first time and now it looks like he’s on the decline! Typical…therefore was looking to offload him for another big 1B bat while I still can (keep 4). Was thinking try A-Gonz, Miggy, Prince and Votto…would you do all them straight up and would you even do Howard and Tex too? His (Pujols) OPS has plummted .250 points since last year. Thanks

Oh yeah and I inherited David Wright too…not the best luck lol. Try and do the same with him (i.e offload him)?


I think I’d trade Pujols straight up for A-Gonz or possibly Cabrera, but not for any of those other guys at this point.


I need some help. What do you think of the following trades? Would you trade Matt Joyce for A. Cabrera from the Indians? Would you trade Drew Stubbs for Hunter Pence? Thanks.


Yeah, I’d do Joyce for Cabrera, particularly if you need a shortstop. Would lean towards hanging onto Stubbs though, especially if you’re weaker in speed than you are in AVG and RBIs.


Hi Zach, Giving Ogando for Michael Young. Good/bad?


I like it a lot. Don’t expect Young to maintain his .340 AVG but the fact that he still carries 3B eligibility adds to his value tremendously. Ogando remains an ideal sell-high guy, particularly if you can get this type of return.


Done deal….on the 1st part.

I traded H.Bailey, B.Colon, and M.Garza; I received back W.Davis and R.Zimmerman

Other owner I was working doesnt want to part with CC, so I may have to change plans on 2nd part, may just stand pat with bats now and accept that I wont upgrade my arms via trade at this point.
– BDH in DC


See my above answer.


Hey Zach, Kendry Morales has just been dropped in my contract keeper league and i’ve got an interesting plan. If I pick him up once he clears waivers, his contract becomes only $3 (currently $18), then at the end of the year I could keep him for another year (at $6) or 2 years (at $9). I could DL him the rest of this year. Like the plan? Thanks


Sounds good to me, especially in this particular keeper format. The only downside is that you’ll need to burn a DL spot on him but I think it’s well worth it.


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