Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 26


Francis @ Guthrie – risk/reward on Guthrie, trust your gut

Aceves @ Scherzer

Anderson @ Pineiro

Humber @ Morrow – Humber hasn’t done anything to not deserve trust here

Bailey @ Lee – big test for Bailey

Dickey @ Zambrano

An. Sanchez @ Vogelsong – Vogelsong keeps getting’ it done!

Owings @ Mortensen

***SIANO SAYS “Lots of in between guys here, not a very attractive lineup of choices which means it may be a good night to relax. Don’t agree on Aceves since he’s still getting stretched out. Humber and Bailey going into the lion’s dens but Cory is right about giving them a chance. Middling options make my head hurt.”


Thanks for the great work guys, in 5X5 14 team keeper league. I’m 2nd to last in hrs and rbi’s and lead the league in sb’s and avg. I give up kinsler and ogando and get cano and Daniel Hudson. My pitchers are kershaw, Cahill, britton, porcello, ogando and mike minor. I’m hesitant on this deal because my staff is so so and ogando has been great. Oh and I’m middle of the pack in all the pitching categories.


I’d definitely make this trade. Kinsler to Cano is an undisputed upgrade while it’s possible to argue that, considering Ogando’s crazy good stats up to this point, Hudson will post the better numbers from here on out.


If Morrow is avail in your league, grab him at home vs Humber. He’s due for a breakout game.


Yeah, Cory says (above) to pitch Morrow here and I certainly agree with him.



I currently have Uggla starting at second base. I have been trying all year to deal him and the best offer I have received is Beckham which I turned down. I had a spot open so I picked up Kelly Johnson who is not doing too much better for the year and is actually striking out more than Uggla and walking less …but…hes been hotter lately than Uggla. Should I keep Uggla in the lineup and just hope he comes around or play Johnson until Uggla can get it going? If you had to pick one of them going forward which one would it be?



I’d still pick Uggla going forward but if you want to start Johnson, who finally appears to be getting back on track, for the short-term, that’s OK too.


Hey Zach,

I am about to drop De La Rosa. I have enough SP to cover me in my 10 team, H2H league. I need saves as I only have J. Soria and J. Walden as my relievers. Should I use this extra slot on M. Melancon, B. League, or an extra offensive position? I am unsure about Melancon and League and my two relievers are struggling enough as it is. Thanks in advance.


I’d go with League. After struggling earlier this month, he’s tossed four scoreless innings and it remains to be seen whether or not Aardsma will even pitch this year. Melancon has been solid but I can more easily see him losing the closer job at some point (Wilton Lopez, Brandon Lyon when he comes back?) than I can see League surrendering ninth inning duties.



GM backed away from deal sending mcgehee& j Garcia for beltre & hellickson.
We did come to agreement about me giving up carpenter & getting Dunn.

So I wanted to counter with getting
Beltre, gio, Dunn and giving Stanton, j Garcia, & carpenter.

What do ya think?

How about just beltre & Dunn for Stanton & carpenter.


I like this one even more!



I don’t like the revised deal nearly as much as I did the original one but I’m still fine with it. The way I see it…Stanton for Dunn is pretty much a wash, I’d rather have Beltre than Garcia and Gio and Carpenter are fairly comparable. If you need the third baseman, it’s worth it.


I’m just looking to upgrade at a few positions with available players and I noticed a couple interesting FAs like Miguel Olivo and Kelly Johnson. How would they compare with the players I have now?

C: Miguel Olivo vs Miguel Montero
2B: Kelly Johnson vs Justin Turner (filling in for Brian Roberts (DL))



I’d stick with Montero at catcher as he won’t totally ruin your AVG. Looks like Turner is starting to come back down to earth but I still wouldn’t bail on him just yet. Long-term, I do prefer Johnson though, so it might be a good idea to pick up Kelly and hold both second basemen on your roster for a week or two.


Thanks for the tip. Who from my bench would you recommend dropping for Kelly? Mark Reynolds, Gaby Sanchez, Rajai Davis, or Ryan Ludwick? I’m leaning towards Ludwick since I have plenty of OFs already starting (Bourn, Bruce, Hunter, Werth as my 4 starting OFs and Ibanez as my Util). I could also part with Giambi who is my current CI and have either Reynolds or Sanchez take over, but the way Giambi has been playing, it’s probably best if I hang on to him for a little while longer, right?


Hey guys. Should I sale high on Curtis Granderson while he is hot?? Is Curtis going to continue to have a monster year? Or hold on to him? Thanks guys.


Depends on who you can get for him but unless you can trade for a proven elite hitter (think first or second rounder), I might just hold onto Granderson. This might just be his career year. 35-40 homers certainly isn’t out of the question.


Big trade question:
Joyce and Stubbs
Braun and Stanton
I’m thinking it’d be close, thoughts?


Don’t like it at all. Joyce is being overrated here. Going forward, I actually prefer Stanton to Joyce, who is way overdue for a massive cold spell. And as fine a season as Stubbs is having, he’s no Ryan Braun…at least not yet!


Is Morrow a solid option to pitch this start? Or would Pineiro or Anderson be better? They are all available to pick up. I want to keep my amazing ERA for this matchup (0.80) and I haven’t let up an earned in 6 pitchers straight thanks to pitch or ditch.


In my mind, Anderson is definitely the best option of those three. He’s been way more consistent than Morrow this year and carries significantly more strikeout upside than Pineiro.


Should I James Shields and Gaby Sanchez for Tim Lincecum and Justin Morneau?

Should I trade James Shields and Gaby Sanchez for Tim Lincecum and Justin Morneau?


I wouldn’t. The longer the season has gone on, the more I’m becoming a Shields believer, and though Lincecum is still probably the best player in this deal, the 1B downgrade (yes, I’m extremely concerned about Morneau) is greater than the SP upgrade.


Sorry, another big question rolling in, trade offer:
Howard and Hamilton
Braun and Votto
Thanks for all the answers (I have now won 3 straight matchups)


Pass. As great as Hamilton is when he’s on the field, the reality is that he’s always a big injury risk. But regardless, an argument can definitely be made that you’re giving up the two best players in this trade…and I tend to agree.


Was just sent this trade offer in a points league (all cat’s count equal): I get Carl Crawford and Trevor Cahill for Matt Kemp and Brandon Morrow.

It feels like a challenge trade to me, and I rather stick with my guys. Am I right or should I make this trade?



Yeah, this looks like a challenge trade to me too…a real toss-up. I like the idea of buying low on Crawford but I don’t like the idea of trading Kemp. Morrow to Cahill is definitely an SP upgrade but I’m just not a big Cahill fan. Would rather own a starter with a higher K rate.


Hey 411,

5×5 Roto. OBP instead of BA

My Pitchers are Haren, Beckett, Gallardo, Scherzer, Lilly, Bedard, Chacin, An. Sanchez, Pineda, MAtusz

My hitters are Lucroy, Votto, Weeks, Longoria, D Wright, Rollins, J Upton, Granderson, Reynolds, Rasmus, Hosmer

I need some help and HRs and Rbis and I have been offered Ethier for Beckett?

Should I accept?

As always,


A very fair deal and you certainly have the SP depth to withstand the loss of Beckett. Go for it.


Zach, I want to overhaul my pitching, but I have a ton of options. I might drop Justin Masterson or Ryan Madson. Options for me to pick up include Clay Buchholz, Zach Britton, Kyle Lohse, Jake Peavy, and Homer Bailey. Any thoughts?


I have no idea why you would think about dropping Madson as he’s been lights out for the most part and could very well hold onto the closer job even after Lidge returns. And why drop Masterson? He’s allowed 2 earned runs or less in eight of his 10 starts this year! Sounds like you just want to make changes for the sake of making changes, which is never a good idea.


I’m wondering if picking up J. Venters would be worth doing in my league. It’s a 10 team H2H, 10 basic categories. The league average is about 3 closers per team. I already have three in B. Wilson, H. Bell, and J. Walden. My thought is Venters seems to be a consistent pitcher who may someday be slotted as the closer. What’s his value???


If you have the roster space and feel like you can pick up some points in ERA and WHIP by adding Venters, I’m fine with it. Dominant setup men do carry some value, and like you said, there’s always a chance he could see some save opportunities down the road should Kimbrel start to struggle.


Just picked up Bedard and he did well but I didn’t realize he’s going to be coddled due to his past injury. Do you think E. Santana might be better point-wise as he might tend to go further into games? I guess it’s a trade-off since Santana might be more volatile.


I’d go with the guy who’s pitching better, and right now it’s Bedard. If he gets injured, so be it. But as long as he’s taking the mound every fifth day, I wouldn’t worry too much about the innings pitched per start. I don’t think Bedard’s innings per start will be drastically different than that of Erv so long as he’s pitching well and remains healthy.


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