Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 27


Wakefield @ Porcello – the increase in K’s is making a believer of me

Buehrle @ Drabek – this ain’t interleague play -> ditch Buehrle

Tomlin @ Price

Adcock @ Lewis

Chatwood @ Baker – there’s no gambling at Chatwood, and I never slice!

Tillman @ Gonzalez

Burnett @ Pineda – gotta trust A.J. in Seattle

Correia @ D. Davis

Richard @ Lannan – both worth a look in deep or non-mixed leagues

Oswalt @ Capuano

Leake @ Hanson – Leake worth a look in deep or non-mixed leagues

D. Hudson @ Myers

Lincecum @ Marcum

Westbrook @ Jimenez

Vazquez @ Garland

***SIANO SAYS “I’d start Correia vs. the depleted Cubs if I have him on my roster already.”


Trade Question: I offered Lind, Gio Gonz & Ricky Romero to get Halladay in return. I know Im giving up a lot here, or am I… I would still have Matt Joyce in place of Lind at my DH and the rest of my pitching squad would be Hamels, Jaime Garcia, Nolasco, (halladay), and a POD, I have Jake Arrieta right now as well as Zambrano.

What do you think Zack? I really want to acquire Halladay, am I coughing up too much?


It does seem like a lot and I’d try to get Halladay for less if you can. But hey, if you really want Halladay, it’s not a crazy lopsided offer considering your roster situation.


Zach, I need a replacement for Howie Kendrick for the time being. I have a boatload of options. Should it be Jhonny Peralta, Ryan Theriot, Freddy Sanchez, or Martin Prado? It doesn’t really matter if I have to drop him, because nobody other than me has made more than 5 transactions this year.


I like Prado…a very consistent player who will help you across the board.


I want to offer Lance Berkman and Aaron Hill for Adam Dunn and Ben Zobrist. if the guy goes for it, is this a significant upgrade for my team?

Also – who do I drop when grady sizemore comes off the DL?

The aformentioned Hill, Logan Morrison, Alex Gordon, Carlos Pena or Aramis Ramirez?


A very fair deal but I’d do it. I see Hill to Zobrist is a solid upgrade at 2B and I still haven’t lost faith in Dunn. Plus, you’ve gotta think that Berkman will come back to earth at some point.


Which Catcher on the wire would be the best replacement for Posey?

Lucroy, Arencibia, Posada or Suzuki?


A similar question was addressed on yesterday’s show but personally I’d take a chance on Arencibia and his power upside.


Hey 411,

Would you trade Beckham for Ian Kennedy?
I have Utley and Figgins.


On value alone, I still slightly prefer Beckham but considering you already have Utley, I don’t have much of a problem with the deal. Kennedy has been on quite a roll of late, allowing more than three earned runs in just one of his past eight starts.


hey zach,who is a bettrt second baseman for the rest of the year.Neil Walker,Jed Lowrie or aaron hill


I’ll say Walker. I see him as the safest of the three. He already has 30 RBIs and 28 runs!


Trade Dunn for Beltre?I’m tired of waiting on The Big Donkey to hit.Also is it worth picking up Colon or Bumgarner off waivers and dropping Delmon young.


Although I do think Dunn will come around, he’ll have to go on a mega-hot streak to finish with his usual 38-40 homers and 100 RBIs. In Beltre, you’re getting a very strong return, particularly if you’re weak at 3B. I’d make this trade


12 team keeper Roto mixed league…this is my other team…
Looking to get Pedroia, my 2nd/MI present are:Aaron Hill and Mike Aviles, but the other fella wants a closer. Is it worth giving up Mariano or Bell? I have Capps on tender hooks with Balfour (til Bailey gets back). Not to forget a couple from Soriano if he ever comes back…

I know I should cherish the solid closer, but Pedroia is a solid upgrade on 2nd base!..Incidentally, managed to do the other trade of Ethier for Placido in my other league and really saved my K’s count!!

Cheers as always mate,

I should probably mention I am 2nd last in runs, avg and RBI are mid ground and below avg in steals…



Yeah, I’m OK with you trading one of those closers (preferably Bell) to get that significant MI upgrade. Just pay close attention to the waiver wire in hopes that you get lucky, scooping up an effective closer to at least partially fill that hole.


Hey Zach, 10 team 12×13 h2h 8 keeper mixed league…
My buddy has Posey as one of his keepers, and picked up Saltalamacchia in the interem. With Mauer as one of my 2011 k’s, I beat him to the FA pool and have both Avila and Lucroy on my team🙂 . I feel this is the perfect time to trade one of my Cs…

Knowing I won’t get any of his true aces: Halladay, Lester, or Weaver… he does have some other solid options on the remainder of his staff: Marcum, Morrow, Pineda, Britton, Romero, Peavy, Nova, Jo.Zimmermann

My question is…
Avila/Lucroy for Shaun Marcum?


That’s fine with me. In fact, I’d trade one of those catchers for any of those pitchers with the possible exception of Nova.


Hey 411,

Follow up to yesterday: I accepted the deal where I got Ethier for Beckett.

5×5 Roto. OBP instead of BA

So, now my Pitchers are Haren, Gallardo, Scherzer, Lilly, Bedard, Chacin, An. Sanchez, Pineda, MAtusz
My hitters are Lucroy, Votto, Weeks, Longoria, D Wright, Rollins, J Upton, Granderson, Ethier, C Pena, Rasmus, Hosmer
I’ve now been offered this deal: I give up Hosmer and get Billingsley? We start 3 OFs and 2 Util.

Should I accept this?

Thanks again,


I think it’s overkill. You’ve already got so much pitching that I wouldn’t risk losing a guy who can become a legit star sooner rather than later.


Hey zach I was offered Lance Berkman and carlos Santana for Billy Butler? should I make this trade, Butler is starting to hit again and Berkman is a big risk in terms of injuries.. another trade I was offered was giving up Wade Davis for Aubrey Huff… which one makes more sense


Not all that excited about the second trade but the first deal is a must-do. Even if Butler is slightly better than Berkman from here on out (which remains in doubt), Santana is way more than enough to make up for that difference.


Hey guys, was just offered kuroda and belt for mauer. 14 team keeper, standard 5×5. McCann is my current catcher and pitchers are kershaw, Cahill, britton, ogando, minor, porcello. Am I selling too low on mauer? I don’t know how much kuroda will actually help my team cuz he’s on the dodgers and they all are bound for the DL and belt struggled when he was up before.


I don’t think I’d do that. You’re not exactly desperate for pitching and a healthy Mauer is arguably the No. 1 catcher in fantasy. Not sure if this is a 1 catcher or 2 catcher league but if it’s a 1 catcher league you’re clearly loaded at the position and would greatly benefit by trading either Mauer or McCann assuming Mauer comes back fully recovered.


Is it time to give up on Delmon Young?I’ve owned him for too long with zero production.I want to pick up a starting pitcher like bumgarner, colon, or arrieta off waivers and drop young.Is it worth it?

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