Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, May 28-30

Edwin Jackson


Jackson @ Villanueva

Carrasco @ Shields

Weaver @ Liriano – Liriano seems to be getting it together?

Buchholz @ Oliver – Buchholz definitely has it together

O’Sullivan @ Harrison

Bergesen @ Outman

Nova @ King Felix – only gambling on Nova vs. M’s

Maholm @ Wells

Stauffer @ Zimmermann

J. Sanchez @ Wolf

Duke @ Wandy

Arroyo @ Lowe – could be 8-7 or 2-1, I’d rather not find out which

Hamels @ Pelfrey – Pelfrey worth a look in deep and/or non-mixed leagues

J. Garcia @ Nicasio

TBD @ Kuroda

***SIANO SAYS “E-jack hasn’t been impressing me lately and has struggled on the road so I’m going with bench don’t cut and definitely don’t pick up. Matt Harrison, however, has impressed me (especially if I cover up the walks) and I’m not too worried about the Royals so I’d pitch him. Wolf gets a very messed up Giants lineup but he is unreliable. Buyer beware. Agree on rest.”

                                                                                                                                                     ZACH’S PICKS FOR SUNDAY

Beckett @ Verlander

Danks @ Romero – Danks a risky play here…I’ll sit this one out.

Masterson @ Hellickson

Haren @ Pavano – Pavano continuing his erratic ways.

Duffy @ Ogando – Dangerous matchup for Duffy.

Britton @ Moscoso

Sabathia @ Vargas – If it weren’t for his last start, I would’ve tried Vargas here…now I’ll pass.

Worley @ Niese – Worley not a terrible choice if you’re willing to take a gamble.

Moseley @ Gorzelanny

Collmenter @ Norris

Cain @ Gallardo

Karstens @ Dempster – Dempster 1 ER or less in four of last five starts.

Lohse @ Chacin

Nolasco @ Kershaw

Cueto @ Jurrjens

                                                                                                                                                     ZACH’S PICKS FOR MONDAY

Blackburn @ Penny – Blackburn outstanding of late. Pitch Penny vs. mediocre Twins’ lineup.

Colon @ Cahill

Big Erv @ Hochevar – Hochevar’s most recent start (7 ER) scares me off.

Arrieta @ Fister – Fister sports a 2.81 ERA at home.

Holland @ W. Davis – I don’t trust Holland. Wouldn’t blame you if you sat Davis for this one.

Carmona @ Reyes – Fausto a roller-coaster ride and I don’t like this matchup.

Peavy @ Lester – Great test for Peavy.

Halladay @ Livan

Harang @ T. Hudson – Harang has earned this one.

Happ @ Coleman – Happ risky but he’s on a roll.

Bumgarner @ McClellan

Narveson @ Wood – Narveson at Cincy scares me. Will give Wood a shot.

Morton @ Gee – Will roll the dice that this game will be 3-2 and not 8-7.

Hammel @ Billingsley

Volstad @ Saunders – Volstad hasn’t been all that bad recently but this is a terrible matchup.


Zack, My offer for Halladay was countered with this:

I get: CarGon, Halladay, Buchholz, Alex Gordon
He gets: Ryan Howard, Quentin, Yunel escobar, Ricky Romero

If I give up Howard I can slide Lind in the 1B as he qualifies. Am I stupid for even wasting time thinking about his? Let me know what you think! Thanks for your continued help…


A very fair deal if you think you can afford the power loss but I’d lean towards passing on this. From what I remember, your pitching staff seemed pretty strong as is and while this trade would certainly help your pitching depth, you’d be losing out offensively. I’d sooner keep the two power bats.


Ok, time to play “Who Would You Rather Have?”

Saturday: Stauffer, Zimmerman, or Carrasco?

Sunday: Cueto, Dempster, Moseley, or Gorzelanny?

Monday: Blackburn, Fister, Arrieta, or Mclellan

appreciate it as always


Zimmermann – I love to pick on those Padres!

Dempster – He’s hot and I like the matchup.

McClellan – Now without Posey, the Giants lineup is extremely light.


Should I hold on to Posey or release him? I’m in a non-keeper league.


I’d wait a few more days until we get a better idea as to whether or not there’s a chance he’ll come back this year.


would u trade asdrubal and beachy for max scherzer


Depends on your needs but I’d say no. In my mind, Asdrubal is too steep a price to pay for the SP upgrade, even factoring in that Beachy is injured. Cabrera is putting together a career season and plays at a thin position. He’ll be tough to replace.


I’m curious what you think of Alex Avila and Nick Swisher for the remainder of the season. I picked both up off the waiver wire yesterday; Avila as a temporary sub for the struggling Santana and Swisher as a utility slot upgrade from Lowrie. I’ve still got Santana and Lowrie (I dropped Brantley and Melancon). Thanks, Damon in Seattle


Hard not to take Avila seriously at this point. Although he’s not quite as hot as he was early on, he’s certainly a viable mixed league starter. 15-20 homers to go along with a decent AVG…what’s not to like?

As for Swisher, I think it’s safe to say that last year’s batting average was a fluke, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he finishes the season batting .240 but this is a guy who’s slugged at least 21 homers in every season of his career, so you have to think he’s due for a power tear. There’s no guarantee he’ll get to 20, but it will be close.


I have Marcum,Tim Hudson,Hammel, and J.Zimmerman.I’m looking for long term answers at the pitcher position.Which 2 picthers would you pick up from waiver wire as long term solutions – Bumgarner,Colon,Arrieta,Stauffer,Morrow,Arroyo,Liriano,F.Garcia


Colon, Bumgarner and Stauffer, in that order, would be my top three choices.


Hey Zach,

I’m thinking of trading Cliff Lee for Brandon Morrow and Andrew Bailey. My starting rotation consist of Lincecum, Lee, Greinke, Oswalt, Chacin, Danks, McClellan, Big Erv, Homer Bailey, and Piñeiro. But my closers are not producing right now with Joakim Soria, Sergio Santos, and Neftali Feliz. I also have closer in waiting Mike Adams. I just have a feeling Andrew Bailey is going to be great.
What do you think?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Andrew Bailey fan, but why target a guy who’s just coming back from a major injury and decide to pay top dollar for him? If anything, you should be able to get him at a discount due to the health issues. I think you’re giving up too much here. Either replace Lee with a slightly lesser pitcher (maybe you can deal Greinke instead?) My preferred route would actually be to aim for a better closer. You should be able to get back a truly elite closer (think Rivera, Marmol etc.) in a trade for Lee.


Head to head league, how do you feel about giving up Verlander for Howie Kendrick? I know sell the pitching, but is Kendrick for real?


I’ve been very impressed with Kendrick so far and it definitely looks like his career is finally on the upswing, but he’s simply not worth an ace starter at this point. You should be able to get him for a second-tier type starting pitcher.


Chasing saves…I have Mariano, Brian Wilson, Hanrahan and F. Francisco and I have a grand total of zero saves this week. Hold tight??? The ‘stros new closer is available! My opponent this week only has 2 saves. I need this catagory.


Saves for the most part are impossible to predict so I generally go with the closers who are putting up the better ERA and WHIP. The saves will come. Might not be a bad idea to pick up Melancon anyway but I wouldn’t replace any of your current closers with him.


hey zach can you please rank these outfielders fot the rest of the year.delmon young,nick swisher and alex rios


Very close but I’d say Rios, Swisher, Young.


Hey guys,
Which outfielder would you rather have, Pagan, Domonic Brown or Nyjer Morgan?


As long as you’re not desperate for speed I consider Brown the clear choice.


Another question:
Who would you rather have?
Darwin Barney, Eric Young Jr., or Justin Turner?


It’s hard to argue against Turner right now but for the rest of the season I’ll take Barney. He continues to put up strong numbers and is the only one of those three whose playing time situation is very secure.


Holland has been on again off again. Is he still worth owning in a keeper league? Remember his minor league stats. Thanks


It really depends on what type of keeper league it is. If it’s a league with a lot of keepers and one that uses round/dollar values, sure. But if it’s a straight 5-6 player keeper league, Holland’s just not worth it.


sorry for the lack of details. I am in a 14 team Keeper league and it is pretty much a dynasty minus 2 players. We hold NA’s and 3 DL and I have strass, Kyle Gibson and Julio T.

remember the i give berkman and hill and get dunn and zobrist trade proposal from last week?

Well the guy passed on that and offered dunn and desmond instead. Should I accept this one?

I would have polanco as my only 2b if i do the trade. desmond would be the back up for reyes at ss.


Don’t like it, especially since it seems like you have little use for Desmond. I’m getting so fed up with Dunn right now that I’m not even sure if I’d do Berkman for Dunn straight up at this point.


or i cound counter with berkman, hill, gordon for either Dunn / Zobrist or Dunn / Michael Young.

Am I giving up tp much, or are these offers fair?


I’d do this deal if it was for Dunn/Young but not for Dunn/Zobrist.


Zach, I have Seth Smith but I’m frustrated with him not being in the lineup much anymore. Who should I replace him with? Ryan Roberts, Coco Crisp, or Melky Cabrera?


I think Crisp is the safest long-term option…that is if he doesn’t get hurt!


Corey Patterson has been so hot lately. Should I put him in in favor of any of my OF or UTIL: Morrison, Ellsbury, Pence, Ethier, Chris Young, Vlad, or Pagan?

Or would you grab Morse to replace any of those players?


Pass on Patterson…he’s very streaky so a long cold spell could happen at any moment. I see Pagan and Vlad as the weakest of that group and if you’re OK in speed, I’m fine with cutting Pagan to pick up Morse.


Would you add Kelly Johnson and drop Justin Turner?
Or drop Dominic Brown, or Starlin Castro or Michael Morse?
I want to add him while he’s hot, thanks.


Yeah, Johnson for Turner makes a lot of sense. Turner has really come out of nowhere and is bound to hit a rough patch at some point. Also, he’s not putting up a whole lot of counting stats. A lot of his current value is tied to AVG. Johnson carries far greater power upside and will even steal some bags.


I picked up Jason Giambi right when his power started to come back and got some decent production out of him. Now that he’s starting to sink back down, do you think it would be a good idea to drop him for Michael Morse? I already have Prince Fielder and Gaby Sanchez but my league has a CI position in addition to the Util spot so I have a lot of flexibility in starting 1Bs and 3Bs each week. My starting 1B has always been Fielder and 3B is always A-Rod, but the CI and Util spot could easily go up between Sanchez, Giambi, Mark Reynolds, Justin Turner or a 5th OF (my league also has 4 starting OFs) depending upon who’s performing well. I’d like to throw Morse into that mix as well while he’s doing well. Do you agree?



Yeah, get rid of Giambi. Despite that hot stretch he’s not even playing every day. He’s barely an NL-only option let alone a mixed league guy. Morse is the far better choice.



I have a 7 Man rotation and I was wondering if what I should do. I am now projected to go over the innings cap by 93 innings.

My rotation is Weaver,Marcum,Liriano,A.Sanchez,J.Sanchez,Gio and Britton.

I was thinking Britton is probably the most expendable but I am just not sure. Should I hold onto all of them and just sit them for the harder matchups or should I drop one of them and try to find a worthwhile bat. this is a 12 team league (R,H,HR,RBI,SB,BB,K,AVG,XBH) and there really is not much on the wire. the best options are
Laynce Nix, Boesch, Carlos Gomez, and Josh Willingham who i actually like but he k’s so much he might hurt me more than help me.

Or my other option is just drop one of them outright and save the spot for when Panda or Broxton come off the DL sinse im going to have to drop 2 guys for them eventually anyways.

Please help.



Well, Liriano’s on the DL now so that should help a little. I wouldn’t worry too much about innings projections at this point in the season unless you’re something like 150 innings over benching a guy like Britton for a tough matchup or, better yet, seeing if you can trade a starter for a quality return are both viable solutions.



I also have another dilemma pending in the coming weeks that I was hoping you could help me with.

My roster when all my players get back is going to look something like this.


So with that said I’m sure you can see the dilemma. which players would you start at 1B,2B, and UT. and which players would you sit on the bench to be Monday, Thursday guys?
I was thinking Gaby at 1B, Kendrick at 2B and Panda at UT, but I’m not 100% sure that’s the way to go.

Thanks again



I agree on Gaby, Kendrick and Panda but this is a great opportunity for you to make a trade as you can address other areas of need while at the same time clearing out those logjams.


Here’s another question. What are your thoughts on some SPs to hit the waiver wire in my league, like Mat Latos and Bud Norris? My pitching rotation took a hit with De La Rosa out for the season, but I’m not panicking since I think I’m fine with Lincecum, Carpenter, Shields, CJ Wilson, Ervin Santana, Lilly and Kuroda. Would you add either Latos or Norris or am I better off with some other FA grads like Zimmermann Stauffer or Wolf? Who from my bench would you drop: Giambi (who might get dropped anyway for Morse as in the previous question), Werth, Rajai Davis, or Justin Turner? This isn’t motivated by any major necessity, but I figured a guy like Mat Latos really doesn’t belong on the waiver wire. What do you think?



Yup, despite his struggles this year, Latos simply doesn’t belong on the waiver wire. I’d lean towards dropping Turner assuming you make that Giambi for Morse switch. And your staff is definitely strong regardless. That said, I view Erv as clearly the weakest of that group and might even consider dropping him if you’d rather not carry eight starting pitchers.


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