Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 31


Wilson @ Sonnanstine

Duensing @ Scherzer – Duensing’s last start was impressive but it was the Mariners.

Talbot @ Morrow – Morrow still a bit erratic but high K potential makes him a worthy start.

Humber @ Aceves – Humber too risky here.

Pineiro @ Francis – 22 hits allowed by Pineiro over his last two starts and KC lineup not as much of a joke as it used to be.

F. Garcia @ Anderson – Garcia doesn’t make it look easy but he gets the job done and I like the matchup.

Guthrie @ Bedard – No point holding onto Guthrie if you don’t feel comfortable pitching him here.

Lee @ Marquis

Vogelsong @ Carpenter – Little reason not to pitch Vogelsong at this point.

Greinke @ TBD

McDonald @ Dickey – McDonald sports a 3.14 ERA in May…risky play but decent gamble.

Latos @ Minor – Latos back on track?

Lyles @ Zambrano – Lyles worth keeping an eye on but I’m not starting him in his big league debut.

An. Sanchez @ Kennedy

Mortensen @ Lilly


Hi Zach,
With an open spot on my roster, I can pick up rasmus, Hunter or raja Davis as an extra outfielder. Is Davis worth more than rasmus because he plays all positions?

Thanks, Jay


If it were extremely close, the position factor might serve as a tiebreaker, but as long as you’re not desperate for steals I’d take both Hunter and Rasmus over Davis. Would probably lean towards Rasmus (younger, more upside.)


Hey Zach,
I have a trade offer on the board that I need some advice on. I’m in a 10 team H2H 10×10 Dynasty League. I have been offered Shin-Soo Choo, Jed Lowrie, and Justin Verlander for Hunter Pence, Alex Avila, and Matt Garza. I have V-Mart at catcher so losing Avila doesn’t cripple me. Help me out here, is there any value in this trade/ will Choo hit .300 like his career Avg. would suggest?

a fellow baseball fan


I’d definitely make this trade. I’m still not giving up on Choo and view Choo vs. Pence as pretty much a wash over the long haul (rest of this season and into next year). But the real key here is that Garza to Verlander is a huge upgrade.


Hey Big Z, is it finally time to cut ties with Broxton? With Garza and Wandy now DLd am looking at picking up McDonald to replace them for now. Fed up of the whole Dodgers closing situation like most of us fantasy guys are by now, and will he even get it back on his return. Cut ties with Brox and pick up McDonald? Still got Guerrier too, is he still their best option to close? Horrendous week injury-wise for my teams. Thanks


Yeah, I’m in the same boat as you in one of my leagues! The decision to draft Broxton could very well ruin my season. Anyway, with Garza due back very soon, your need for McDonald lessens a bit. Look, would I blame you for cutting Brox? No. But I’m not cutting him. I still think that he has value going forward and will finish the season with the most saves among the Dodgers’ relievers…for whatever that’s worth.


I’m in a shallow 5×5 mixed roto-league.
I’ve been offered A-Rod and Oswalt for Prado and Greinke.
We live in Tanzania where internet connection can be problematic, so I’m looking for who will have the best summer, as lineup changes will be rare.
Do I make this deal?

who is your regular 2B?


Yeah, I’d do this deal. Your team would be getting older but I still think that the upgrade from Prado to A-Rod outweighs the downgrade from Greinke to Oswalt.


J. Masterson just got dropped. Is he worth using a waiver claim on. I have, C. Lee, Greinke, Gio, J. Sanchez, Jimenez, Tomlin, & Cueto. It’s a basic keeper league 5×5 H2H.


If you’ve got the roster room, why not. I still view Masterson as a better long-term option that Tomlin due mostly to the higher K upside.


Hey guys,
Who would you rather have start, Bedard or Kennedy?


Tough to choose one. I really like both. For the rest of the season I’ll say Kennedy due to Bedard’s injury history but you might want to play them based on the matchup for now. Kennedy’s pitched a lot better on the road (1.62 ERA) than at home (4.14 ERA) so that might be something to consider.


I’ve got D. Brown, D. Young, Torres, Victorino, Kubel and Swisher for OF. Pagan is available (as is Seth Smith). Do I give up on Delmon here? (I drafted a HR type team but Votto and Pedroia haven’t been holding their end). Thoughts? I’m leaning to dumping Torres (of course he gets a GS after a week of lousy performance) or Brown (will he get better, or figured out as the season progresses) for Pagan. Its a 14 team league, so the FA pool is pretty shallow. Help!

No love Zach?


Your comment was pending approval so I needed to process it…that’s why it just popped up:-)

Yes, I’d dump Torres for Pagan. They pretty much offer the same mix of stats but I like Pagan a bit more.



Would Wieters for Britton be an advantageous trade? I have 3 catchers (Wieters, Ruiz, and Martinez) and the person I’m trading with had only Posey.

Thanks for your input



That’s pretty fair value. I might try to get a little more but since you already have V-Mart, I’m fine with Wieters for Britton.


Thanks for the reply. His SPs are:

Romero, Hallaaday, Leste, Morro, Weave, Britto, Nov, Zimmermann, Pineda, Marcum, Peavy

Would someone else on this list, with in reason, be a closer value to Wieters?

Thank you again!

Hey Zach, am frustrated at just missing out on Crow this morning, as I need saves. Who’s another potential closer that might be worth an add in advance, who could see some saves down the line. See Farnsworth’s not striking anyone out and he’s still Kyle Farnsworth, Peralta maybe worth an add? Or reckon Lyon gets the gig back upon his return? Seems might aswell chase saves rather than trade for them this year, given the amount of closer turnover. Thanks


If you can trade for an elite closer and avoid the constant headaches, I wouldn’t at all be opposed to that. But I think there’s a good chance Lyon eventually re-assumes closing duties. But can you really deal with the ugly ERA and WHIP? Lindstrom might be worth a pickup considering Street’s injury history and the fact that he’s been shaky of late. Not to mention that I recently traded for Street and the way my season is going in that league he’ll probably lose the job!


Nailed on then!🙂

12 team dynasty league. am in the hunt this year and have a chance to get Kinsler for a run this year. he’s in the last year of his contract. I’d be giving up Desmond ($5 keepable) and Markakis ($17 keepable). Kinsler would replace Desmond or Beckham at MI and R. Roberts would replace Markakis in the OF. Thanks.



It’s a bit of a risk as Kinsler hasn’t been great this year and is far from a model of health, but I don’t like Markakis’ price and while it’s tough to lose Jennings, this deal certainly improves your chances of winning this year. And as we always say, play to win now.


Sorry, Zach, that’s Ian Desmond, not Desmond Jennings. Does that change your perspective? Thanks.

Ah. Yeah, then I’d definitely do it.


Hey Zach,

10 team H2H mixed league, McGehee has done nothing to help my team all year, is it time to move on? Mark Reynolds is available on wire and seems to be getting hot, yes his avg stinks buts it’s been better than McGehee and better counting numbers.

Time to make the switch? What do ya think?

Other options are Ty Wiggington, Justin Turner, or Adam Kennedy but they don’t seem like anything more than a stop gap.

Appreciate it as always


I’d stick with McGehee. Reynolds hurts you so much in AVG that if he doesn’t finish with at least 35 homers he’s simply not worth the trouble…and he’s still well behind that pace.


Beltre for Stanton? I’d get my 3B and put McGehee to bench…
Added pressure I’m facing Beltre this week…
My OF wud be: Holliday, Ellsbury, Cruz, Joyce, Victorino (DL), & Chris Young. We start LF CF RF 2 Utilities.


I’m fine with Stanton for Beltre. You’ve got the OF depth to afford it.



Both Delmon Young and Furcal went on waivers this weekend. They are both slumping pretty bad but are either worth picking up with the expectation that they will live up to there expectations this year?



Sure, if you’ve got the roster space they’re both worth a shot…Furcal more than Young though as he plays at a thin position. When healthy, he’s always put up decent numbers, and I expect him to pick it up as he just came back about a week ago…give him some time.


I have jimmy rollins as a utility player in my 12 team h2h non keeper league. Would you trade him for any one of these pitchers: hellickson, gallardo, tomlin,collmenter,cahill, or josh Johnson? Guy really wants him and I want to aim for a pitcher. I don’t want to undersell rollins though so where do I draw the line? Or just sit tight with the hitter.


If you’re not even using Rollins at shortstop (his position makes up a huge part of his value), I wouldn’t be opposed to dealing him. But I’d only consider doing it for Gallardo, Hellickson, Cahill or Johnson (take a gamble that he comes back healthy relatively soon).


Yes I have tulo at short and kinsler at second so I end up splitting rollins utley and hill for my two util spots. It’s kind of odd

Rios isn’t doing squat for me.Should i pick up M.Moreland and drop Rios.??


I’d stick with Rios for now. He’s a very streaky player but when he gets hot he contributes in all five hitting categories. I just don’t see the same level of upside in Moreland.


You miss me accidentally Zach, or just no opinion?

Thx. Out of curiosity why the ‘pending approval’? I’ve posted here before, and didn’t use any dirty language (dumping??)

Really not sure. This new blog server acts up sometimes! Maybe you’re using a different login name now? That might explain it.


Matusz and garza both FA possibly coming back soon. My rotation consists of Anderson, chacin, britton, cueto, Lilly, Dan Hudson. Anyone worth swapping? 12 team 5×5 h2h non keeper


That’s a pretty solid staff but I’d slightly prefer Garza over Lilly, who’s been rather inconsistent this year. Garza hasn’t been exceptional higher but his K’s alone make him worth a pickup.


10 team Std. Roto league-my squad looks like this
2C’s-Weiters and McCann
MI-Kelly johnson
5Of’s-LoMo,Morse,Rasmus,BJ upton,J.Upton,
Mybench has- A.Hill,Rios,Dunn,Tabata.
Starting pitchers-Colon,Marcum,T.Hudson,Zimmerman,Dempster
Should i look to trade Hill or Tabata to get some starting pitching? My era and whip currently suck right now.I’m 3rd or 2nd in the other categories.

Buchholz just hit the waiver wire.Which starting pitcher should i drop to pick him up.
-Matsuz,Dempster,J.Zimmerman,Colon. I’m thinking demspter because he has been so inconsistent

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