Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 1 + Home Run Barrage Note

Before we get to Pitch or Ditch, a few interesting notes from Memorial Day weekend, which can easily be renamed “The Weekend of the Longball.” Here are the total number of home runs hit in the Majors broken down by day:

Friday: 25

Saturday: 26

Sunday: 28

Monday: 46

That’s a grand total of 125 home runs hit over the four-day span. Monday was particularly crazy. Think about this. If we divide 46 by the total number of teams in the Majors (30) we get 1.533. And if a team were to average 1.533 homers per game over the course of a 162-game season, they would finish the year with roughly 248 homers, which when stacked up against 2010 team batting stats would rank second in the league, behind only the Jose Bautista-led Toronto Blue Jays (257). I actually thought that this phantom team would rank first, but when one of your guys puts up 54 homers it certainly helps.



Brian Matusz is set to make his season debut on Wednesday.


Lewis @ Price
Floyd @ Wakefield
Burnett @ Gonzalez
Matusz @ Pineda – good matchup for Matusz to return
Chatwood @ Paulino
Baker @ Porcello
Tomlin @ Drabek – extreme walk rate makes Drabek untrustworthy for now
Oswalt @ Lannan
Myers @ D. Davis – this isn’t the Brett Myers of 2010
Marcum @ Leake
Correia @ Capuano – Pitch or Ditch heaven!
Richard @ Hanson
Vazquez @ D. Hudson
Lincecum @ Westbrook
Jimenez @ Garland – let’s see if Ubaldo can throw some strikes


hey zach. great stuff on the HR barrage, and the blog in general, as always.

We have a 12-start limit in my H2H league, and I’m a classic 411-style team vs. a great pitching team this week, so need to be strategic in pod for the week…

so, with that said, please help me rank these available guys. I can only have 6 starts from the list below:

garcia (OAK)
lilly (COL)
zambrano (HOU)
baker (DET)
stauffer (HOU – love this one, but will prefer to use offense on thurs)
matusz (SEA & OAK)
capuano (PIT)
correja (NYM)


Thanks for the props. If you’re set on sitting Stauffer, I’d eliminate the final two guys, Capuano and Correia. Not in love with Garcia but the Oakland lineup is pretty awful.


Hey Big Z, Dunn’s just hit the wire in my 12 team keeper (keep 4). Know he’s been god-awful so far this year, but do you still think he’ll turn things around? Worth a lineup spot (CI) over the Smoak-monster (J Smoak)? I’d be dropping Guerra. Thanks

Oh and he’s on waivers, so I’d need to use my no 8 waiver claim.


He’s absolutely worth a pickup. Small risk, immense reward.


Zach, u always get my props bro, whether spoken, written or not.

Based on ur feedback, one might ditch Garcia and start stauffer? Lilly, Zambrano, baker, stauffer, matusz x2?

i went with Garcia, Lilly and Big Z last night (f*cking Marmol!)…

now need to eliminate one guy from this list. would you cut stauffer for needed thurs offense? if not, which of Capuano/Correia would you cut? looking for your best four:

Baker (DET)
stauffer (HOU)
matusz (SEA)
capuano (PIT)
correja (NYM)

10 team Std. Roto league-my squad looks like this
2C’s-Weiters and McCann
MI-Kelly johnson
5Of’s-LoMo,Morse,Rasmus,BJ upton,J.Upton,
Mybench has- A.Hill,Rios,Dunn,Tabata.
Starting pitchers-Colon,Marcum,T.Hudson,Zimmerman,Dempster
Should i look to trade Hill or Tabata to get some starting pitching? My era and whip currently suck right now.I’m 3rd or 2nd in the other categories.


Yeah, your hitting is absolutely stacked so you have plenty of depth to trade from. You could definitely use another pitcher or two.


Not getting enough steals in my mixed H2H league. These guys are available. Pick one: Gardener, J. Bourgeois, Tabata, Pierre, Span, Gomez, Morgan, Aviles, A. Jackson, or Pagan. Thanks, love the show/blog.


For pure speed, I think Pierre is your best option. He plays every day and while he has only 10 steals so far, keep in mind that he’s been caught eight times. So he’s certainly running a lot and you can expect him to keep running. Chances are he’ll also finish the season with a respectable AVG.


I missed out on my chance to pick up Latos. Someone snagged him just as I was about to pull the trigger. Should I try making him an offer involving Erv and either Werth, Justin Turner, or Rajai Davis? Or is that the end of it?



I’m not at all opposed to trying to obtain Latos while his price is relatively low. Unless Latos is hiding some sort of injury, there’s a good chance you’ll come away with the better end of the deal in the long run.


would you drop Vlady for Morse?


Yeah, I’d do that and gamble on Morse’s upside.


Is it worth dropping Rios for brett lawrie?It is reported he might get called up on Friday.I already have Arod at 3b and kelly johnson and kinsler at MI and 2b respectively and vladdy at utility. I might have a problem putting him in my lineup if i pick him up.


I’m all for picking up Lawrie but isn’t there someone else you can drop other than Rios (a pitcher, maybe?) I wouldn’t give up on Rios just yet.


hey zach just traded capenter,dunn,beachy and drew for hanley ramirez wat do u think?


Despite Hanley’s struggles and his current injury situation, I always like to get the best player in any deal, and Ramirez is still the best player. You’re giving up a lot here but it’s not an absolutely crazy amount. I’d go for it.


Hi Zach could you give me your thoughts on this trade? In a Dynasty league of 18 teams. I am offering Jose Reyes and B. Arroyo for Daniel Hudson and Alexei Ramirez. I lose the SB here. Your thought?


A perfectly fair trade but I probably wouldn’t do it. In order for this deal to benefit you in the long run, Hudson will have to become a top of the rotation type starter. And I’m not so sure he will. I’d hold onto Reyes, an elite option at a thin position. Alexei has fooled us with hot streaks before so I’m not that sold on him going forward.



Hey man, I have Rajai Davis and ive been debating wether or not i should dump him for Angel Pagan or Michael Brantley. With Howie Kendrick, Posey, HanRam and Grady Sizemore hurt and/or struggling I need some offensive help. What do you think?


I’d be more inclined to stick with Davis, particularly if speed isn’t one of your strengths. Davis has by far the highest stolen base upside of that group.


Would you add Nyjer Morgan and drop Justin Turner? I keep hanging on to Turner, being a mets fan I have hope for him and I found other guys to drop. But Turner is falling and Morgan is rising, thanks.

Or I could add Raul Ibanez, or Pagan, those are the candidates.


Morgan’s primary attribute is his speed so if you’re in need of steals he’s definitely worth a pickup. And if Turner is simply sitting on your bench, yes, I’d make that move. But if Turner has been in your regular lineup and your fallback option isn’t great, I might consider holding onto him.


Or consider this. Another team put the following players on the trading block: Hunter Pence, Dan Uggla, Andrew Bailey, Jonathan Sanchez, and Jair Jurrjens. He also notes that he’s looking for a 2B. Would this be a good opportunity to upgrade Erv with Sanchez or Jurrjens by offering Justin Turner? I don’t have much of a need for OFs (In fact, I think I may have too many. starting: Bourn, Bruce, Torii Hunter, Ibanez, Morse (CI). bench: Werth, Rajai Davis). I’ve already got Kelly Johnson covering 2B for Brian Roberts on the DL so my main focus I think should be on Sanchez and Jurrjens. What do you think of Turner and Erv for Sanchez or Jurrjens instead of going for Latos as in the previous post?



A very good idea. I definitely prefer this strategy.


Hey Zach,

Max Scherzer or Anibal Sanchez for the rest of the season? Thanks.

Rich D.


Never thought I’d say this but I actually like Anibal. He’s simply been more consistent than Max and his increased K rate is very encouraging. Plus, in close calls I’m always going to give the edge to the NL pitcher.


Daily H2H trade offer: I get Stubbs for Verlander. Thoughts..


I’m a huge Stubbs fan but I still think that Verlander is too much to give up here. Unless you’re absolutely desperate for speed, I wouldn’t make this trade. Verlander is a top-10 (and probably even higher) fantasy SP.



I made a trade to get Rasmus who I really like but I gave up Bourn and I am starting to think I made a huge mistake. Do you think I gave up too much or do you think Bourn is just really hot right now and he will cool down? I still have Ichiro and Upton for steals as well as a few guys that will get me low number steals like Asdrubal and Tulo and Arod and Martin.
Rasmus walks alot more and they K at about the same rate so I guess really the question is do you think Rasmus will get more enough HR and RBI to make up for the loss of SB?

Thanks again



I’m totally fine with that trade. You’re still solid in speed and Rasmus is the more balanced player who hasn’t even reached his peak yet.


I picked up C Lewis today after he had been sitting as a FA for a few weeks. I dropped Scherzer to get him. Thoughts? We are a shallow league and I am willing to lose Scherzer at this point.


I like the Lewis pickup but definitely wouldn’t have dropped Scherzer. Unless this is a tiny league (8 teams or less), Scherzer still carries plenty of value and it’s more than likely that you had a better drop candidate on your roster.


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