Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 2

Paul Maholm has allowed three earned runs or less in nine of his 11 starts this season.


Harrison @ Carrasco
Swarzak @ O’Sullivan
Shields @ King Felix – one of these guys could start the All-Star Game
Maholm @ Pelfrey
J. Sanchez @ Lynn – Sanchez should bounce back
Zimmermann @ Duke
Norris @ Stauffer
***SIANO SAYSPretty easy to agree but Maholm is interesting if you are feeling randy.”


Could rank these 3 as far as 5th OF and speed off the bench options:

Jose Tabata
Brett Gardner
Rajai Davis


Davis, Gardner, Tabata…but it’s very close.


Brett Gardner or Logan Morrison? Gardner is on the wire and my main competitor in my league just took over from me in steals.


I still prefer Morrison. He’s the more well-rounded player. But you know your league better than I do and if you feel you can gain more points by utilizing Gardner’s speed, that’s OK too.


Do you think Crow will keep the closer job for a while or will Soria get back in the good graces sooner rather than later. By the way – can you explain what happened to the formerly elite mexicutioner?


I find it hard to believe that Soria will be kept out of the closer role for an extended period of time as long as he shows some improvement, but stranger things have happened. I honestly have no idea what’s going on with Soria other than the fact that he’s all of a sudden lost his previously pinpoint control.


would u trade matt cain for rickie weeks and kyle lohse?


A fair value deal if you need the 2B.


Matusz or Britton? For now or for the rest of the season.


Until further notice, I’m still going with Britton just because I’ve seen him pitch very well this year. Hard to side with Matusz after just one start. He’s more of an unknown at this point, despite the huge potential.


Who from this list would you drop to add Ubaldo?


I’d have to drop Matusz mainly because mid-tier closers generally carry more value than mid-tier starters due to the limited number of players who will provide saves.


Hey Big Z, what do you think to these offers in my contract keeper league. I’ve been after Ackley before he gets called up, minor leaguers can be very valuable as we can call them up from our farm for $0 and then sign them on a cheap long-term contract. I get Ackley and Swisher for Mike Montgomery and Gardner, or just Ackley for Gardner straight up. Which do you like most? Not too worried about losing Gardner as he’s been riding the pine recently anyway, thanks.

Oh and we count OBP rather than AVG, so that should give Swish and Ackley a boost.


I really like Ackley for Gardner. I’d do that one.


Hey, I just traded Rasmus and Farnsworth for Weeks. I am 1st in saves, ERA, and WHIP, and I have Vlad, B.J. Upton, Crisp and Abreu as other options in OF. Did I make the right move? I needed a little more offense and I think I could find a replacement for Rasmus easier than fixing my huge 2B hole (I was dealing with Wigginton and Aviles). Thanks again!


Love the deal. You addressed a glaring need while at the same time netting the best player in the trade.


I have a few OFs with Soriano, Adam Jones, Rasmus, Stubbs, Crisp, Brantley, Ludwick and Vernon on DL would you advise dropping any for L Nix? Also what about Trumbo for Smoak?


As much as I’ve been impressed by Nix, his track record suggests that he simply can’t keep this up. I view all the OFs currently on your roster as safer options.



I have McClellan who just went on the DL. I already have my DL spots filled with Broxton and Haffner. Is it worth holding onto him or just dump him and use him as a PoD if the option arises?



If you have better use for that roster spot, feel free to dump McClellan. His K rate is quite low and there are questions as to how well he’ll hold up even after returning from the DL, as this is his first season as a starter.


Hey Zach,

Thanks for all the help and time you put into this….it’s much appreciated. Would you drop Ben Zobrist to pick up Howie Kendrick? They have identical position eligibility but I think Kendrick has more upside during the course of a full season than Zobrist. Thoughts?

Rich D.


This must be a very shallow league as both Zobrist and Kendrick really don’t belong on the waiver wire. But I’d hold onto Zobrist. He’s outperforming Kendrick in every category besides AVG and I actually see Zobrist as having more upside. He’s already put together an All-Star caliber season while Kendrick has yet to live up to expectations.


Hi Zach, am finding trading for power in one league a nightmare…people don’t seem willing to get anything done. I just offered Billingsley and Beltran for J Upton but seems he’ll only do it for Bill and Stubbs instead. Am I right in thinking this is too much even though I really need power and am leading the league in speed? Or would you just wait for Lawrie (who I’ve already stashed) and maybe try and find space for Mous, to provide a power boost. Thanks


I think you’ll just have to wait this out. I can understand why he rejected your original proposal and you would be giving up too much by accepting his counteroffer.


Hey I tweeted but not a clue how tweeting works or if I did it right…14 team keeper 5×5, should I sell high on grandy for an elite SP in a packaged deal. Kershaw, Cahill, britton, ogando are my SP and seems like the latter 3 are coming back to normal. Top 2 in avg, runs, sb, middle of the pack in all other categories. Thanks!


Granderson for Kershaw is fair but no way would I give him up for any of those other three starters.


I’ve just been offered

King Felix & B. Morrow
Greinke & Berkman

Thoughts, I’m thinking sell on Berkman while he’s high before injury or slump


Pass. I don’t really like that you’re giving up an elite starter plus a solid bat for an elite starter and a mid-tier starter. I don’t think the difference between Greinke and Felix is so much that a Berkman for Morrow swap is worthwhile.


Hey guys,
I’ve just been offered, King Felix & B. Morrow for Greinke & Berkman.

Thoughts, I’m thinking sell on Berkman while he’s high before injury or slump

I just picked up, Brett Lawrie. Will he be my answer at 3B? I know he comes up with 2B eligibility but it only takes 5 starts to get eligibility at other position. I have McGehee who has been killing me. Matt Holliday went on DL, but Victorino is coming off…means I have a decision to make.

I recently picked up Crow, just to get him before someone else did but dont really need him. Current closers are already Rivera, Feliz, & Perez.

So do I cut Lawrie or Crow?

Other options are Carpenter or Mcgehee…there is no other fat to trim off roster:

McCann, Votto, Pedroia, A Cabrera, Ellsbury, C Young, Cruz, Stanton, Joyce, Victorino(DL), Holliday (DL)

Lester, Gallardo, Garcia, Scherzer, Beckett, & Carp.

Thanks as always


I’d first try to make a trade to clear out some roster space but it looks like your need for a 3B is greater than your need for another closer so I’d sooner cut Crow than Lawrie.


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