Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 3



Ogando @ Masterson – think both are going to fade, but riding it for now
Villanueva @ Britton – tough matchup for Britton, playing it safe here
Outman @ Buchholz
Oliver @ Buehrle
Pavano @ Duffy
Nova @ Weaver – Nova too unreliable
Sonnanstine @ Vargas – tough matchup, but at home…
Hamels @ Karstens
Lowe @ Niese – Both worth a gamble in deep/NL leagues
Kuroda @ Arroyo
Wolf @ Nolasco
Dempster @ J. Garcia
Maya @ Collmenter – don’t trust Collmenter, even vs WSH
Happ @ Moseley – Happ worth a gamble in deep/NL leagues
Nicasio @ Cain

***SIANO SAYS “Rangers @ Indians game definitely one to watch and comes with risk, but I agree with Cory. I think gambling on Lowe might be worth it for many reasons, but most of all the Mets lineup is bad, so Lowe is a pitch. Agree on rest.”


I just picked up, Brett Lawrie. Will he be my answer at 3B? I know he comes up with 2B eligibility but it only takes 5 starts to get eligibility at other position. I have McGehee who has been killing me. Matt Holliday went on DL, but Victorino is coming off…means I have a decision to make.

I recently picked up Crow, just to get him before someone else did but dont really need him. Current closers are already Rivera, Feliz, & Perez.

So do I cut Lawrie or Crow?

Other options are Carpenter or Mcgehee…there is no other fat to trim off roster:

McCann, Votto, Pedroia, A Cabrera, Ellsbury, C Young, Cruz, Stanton, Joyce, Victorino(DL), Holliday (DL)

Lester, Gallardo, Garcia, Scherzer, Beckett, & Carp.

Thanks as always

Also Would you trade Holliday for Halladay, Kershaw, Felix, or none of above?


Just answered your first question on the previous post. I don’t really think that you need another SP so I’d be more inclined to hold onto Holliday.


Vogelsong, Pineda, Britton, or Peavy? Take your pick.


Pineda. Tons of K’s and he’s really yet to have a poor outing this year.


Dunn for Peavy?Is this good for me.I need pitching help.


Pass. Peavy’s strikeouts are down and I still don’t trust that he can stay healthy over the long haul. I also think that trading Dunn at this point is a bad idea. I mean, how much lower can his stock get?


Hello Fantasy Gurus! Somebody in my league dropped Jayson Bay. Is he worth picking up in my 12 team mixed league? My OF is Curtis Granderson, Morse, Morrison, and Rogers Bermadina. If so, who should I cut? Thank You for your advise.


I actually wouldn’t pick Bay over any one of your current OFs, even Bernadina. If there’s anyone else you can drop, maybe a bench pitcher, I’d consider it. But I’ve really lost all hope in Bay.



I made another trade this time giving up Uggla and Marmol for McCutchen and Theriot. Im thinking I will probably be dropping Theriot when Panda comes off the DL so really its Uggla and Marmol for McCutchen. What do you think of this deal? I still have Johnson and Kendrick that can play second base but my OF is gonna be a little crowded now with Ichiro,BJ Upton,Rasmus,McCutchen and Joyce. I can put one of them at UT but that leaves one man out and im thinking it will be Joyce. what do you think?



Not a bad trade and I’m a big McCutchen fan, but I would’ve tried to get another player back. And considering that Joyce was theoretically part of the deal (now that you’ll likely be benching him), I think you could’ve done a little better. But you did get the best player in the trade, and that’s always a good thing.


Which one would you drop of these closers?
Salas (8 saves in last 30 days)
Storen (getting back on track)


also hanrahan


Probably League since he’s been a little erratic but I don’t really see why you would need to drop any of them. Try to make a trade instead.


Thoughts on Choo? is he a sell high canidate come next hot streak? I haven’t seen any of his at bats or know his post vs. pre all star break numbers, so I don’t know if he’s just having a rough patch or if he has some swing issues.

OF roster is as follows – Granderson, Morse, Francouer (Martin Prado in the mix if I can find a corner

14 team mixed 5×5 head to head

I forgot to say thanks, appreciate the insight as always!

What’s up Zach,
I am a few points behind this matchup so I want to pick up a pitcher for Fridays game. I can make this transaction anytime before 7:00 Friday.
Which pitcher would you take for just one day:
Britton, Lowe, Wolf, Collmenter, Vargas, Nova, Neise, Buehrle, Happ, or villanueve?
Thanks for the time

Which of these pitching matchups do you like the least for next week? I need to pick one of the following three to bench.

Erv vs KC (6/11)
CJ Wilson @ Min (6/10)
Kuroda @ Phi (6/8)

Also, is Lilly worth the start in Phi on 6/6? I have him going twice next week with his second start in Col on 6/11, but the natures of the ballparks in Phi and Col has me a little concerned that it could be a hitting barrage. The last thing I want is to get bombed twice in one week by the same pitcher. This past week hasn’t exactly been too kind to some of my Aces (Lincecum=5 ERs, Shields=7 ERs!) so hopefully my swollen ERA will drop. Does Lilly get the green light next week, or should I bench him and start the other 3 guys mentioned above as a precaution?


Need your advice I was offered this trade on my 14 team H2H league.. Im giving up Billy Butler, Ramon Hernandez, wade Davis and Brandon League for Carlos Santana, Rafael Furcal and a pitcher. I am asking for Clayton Kershaw but he does not want to give him up, he’s offering Ian Kennedy.. Should I push for Kershaw or should I settle with Kennedy?? I need a SS and a Catcher since I have mauer on the DL and bartlett at SS.. Thanks Zach!

Who is more likely to keep it up, Daniel Murphy or Mitch Moreland?

Hello fantasy Gurus! What should I do about Dustin Pedroia? Is he going to break out of his slump?? Should I look to trade him and if so what can I get for him?? My 2B back up would be Placido Polanco and Danny Espinosa. Your thoughts? Thank You very much for your help.

Sorry but forgot to mention if I offer to trade Pedroia and Carlos Marmol for Victor Martinez, am I giving up too much?? Thanks again.

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