Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 4-6



Moscoso @ Beckett
Hellickson @ Fister – not risking Fister vs. Rays
Holland @ Carmona – Carmona… enh
Romero @ Arrieta – Arrieta much better of late but not risking it vs. Jays
Verlander @ Jackson
Blackburn @ Hochevar – Can Blackburn continue his QS streak?
Sabathia @ Haren
Wells @ Lohse – don’t believe it will last, but let’s ride the wave
Chacin @ Bumgarner
Kershaw @ Cueto
Kendrick @ Morton – don’t trust Morton vs. Phils
Jurrjens @ Gee
Gallardo @ Volstad
Livan @ Saunders – ew
An. Rodriguez @ Harang

                                                                                                                                                     ZACH’S PICKS


Wilson @ Talbot

Cahill @ Lackey – No way on Lackey in his return from DL, despite good matchup

Reyes @ Guthrie – Guthrie impossible to predict…watch him throw a shutout

Penny @ Peavy

Duensing @ Francis – The way the Twins’ lineup is looking right now, Francis not a bad gamble if you’re feeling lucky

Colon @ Big Erv – Erv too erratic to pitch vs. Yanks

W. Davis @ Bedard – Davis scuffling of late but I like the matchup

Billingsley @ Wood – Wood pitching decently but still risky

Narveswon @ An. Sanchez

Halladay @ McDonald

Zambrano @ Carpenter

Hammel @ Vogelsong – Hammel PoD now but I’ll pitch him for this one

Marquis @ Kennedy

Lyles @ Latos

T. Hudson @ Dickey – Dickey not a terrible play but still too inconsistent


Gonzalez @ Matusz

Baker @ Tomlin – Twins are the new team to pick on

Scherzer @ Lewis

Pineda @ Danks – Favorable matchup for Danks but he’s been so awful it’s hard to trust him

Morrow @ Paulino

Price @ Pineiro – Pineiro nothing more than mediocre so far this year

Lilly @ Lee – I’ve got renewed confidence in Lilly

Garza @ Leake – I’ll play it safe with Garza in his first start back…don’t trust Leake

Greinke @ Vazquez – Javy getting better but not a safe start yet

Mortensen @ Richard – Mortensen starting to come back down to earth?

Lannan @ Lincecum


Would you trade Starlin Castro for Jason Bourgeois straight up?

FYI: I am last in stolen bases.


Absolutely not…even if you need steals. Bourgeois isn’t even an everyday player and Castro is a quality option at a thin position. Trade for someone who actually plays regularly.


Heyy man, with Posey out im in need of a long term replacement… i currently have Jonathan Lucroy starting for me… But Mike Mapoli and Yadier Molina are FA’s… Do you think either of those guys are a better option than Lucroy? Or if both, should i just grad them and start whoever has the better matchup for the rest of the season? I have some roster spots to play with so having two catchers wouldnt kill me.


I’d stick with LuCroy. Napoli and Molina haven’t been overly impressive this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if LuCroy posts the better overall stat line from here on out.


Seems like a lot of the high profile players are underperforming this year.I’ve cut delmon young,rios,aaron hill,tabata this season.All Still unclaimed on the waivers.I’m about to add adam dunn to the list.He is just taking up room at this point.Room i could use to pick up players on hot streaks to replace players who go cold in my lineup during the season.I’m thinking of giving him till the middle of june.If he doesn’t produce,i think i have to say bye bye.what do you think?


I wouldn’t think about doing that. Could be a big mistake. Dunn’s track record suggests that he’ll bounce back and he’s the kind of guy who could hit 12 homers in a month. He probably won’t get to his usual 38-40 homers but I’d still be shocked if he doesn’t reach 28-30. He still has four months to make up ground.


Looking to pick up a free agent pitcher in a daily roto-any of these worth picking up-


Depends on how deep the league is but of that group my top two would be Hammel and Buehrle.


What strategy do you have when it comes to pitching.I’m currently trailing the leader in wins by 11.I’m 4th in wins. I own j.zimmerman,marcum,t.hudson,buchholz,colon,Matusz.My era isn’t that good.i’m like 7th in era and 7th in whip.Should i try to pitch or ditch a few ppl to make up the wins so that the leader doesn’t get too much of a lead or do i just stick with the rotation i currently have and hope they get enough wins and pitch well enough to lower my era


Wins are quite unpredictable so just go with the pitchers who are performing the best. All of your guys are PoD grads so they shouldn’t be dropped.


Hey Zach,
Logan Morrison….I like the potential….he was strong at the beginning, DL’d, and now is the shine off the penny? Has the league adapted quickly on pitching to him? Stick with him as a solid hitter or cut bait? Thanks.

Rich D.


You may want to temporarily bench him but Morrison doesn’t belong on any 12-team league waiver wire. Remember, he was a highly touted prospect so I have faith that he will figure things out and make the necessary adjustments.



Yesterday I offered a trade of Joyce, Gaby and Gio for K-rod and Pujols and the owner countered with Pujols,K-rod and Morrow for Asdrubal Gio and Farnsworth. I thought about it all night and figured I couldnt pass on Pujols even though he hasnt really been Pujols this year it is a keeper league. I dont like that I had to give up Asdrubal for him but wanted your opinion if i gave up too much or got a good deal. I am also currently talking about trading J.Sanchez for Ubaldo..what do you think of that idea?

My team now looks like this.

OF-BJ Upton

P-Anibal Sanchez

BN- Britton


Yes, I would’ve definitely made that Pujols deal. Sanchez for Ubaldo is pretty much a challenge trade but I’ll take Ubaldo. Despite Ubaldo’s inconsistency this year, I still think he has more upside than Sanchez.


Want to pick up another pitcher because Josh Johnson’s return from the DL has been up in the air (go figure). I thinking about dropping a catcher for one (My two Alex Avlia and Yadier Molina). Is it a good move and (if so) for who?

My Staff
(Gio, Ogando (loving his success), The Ricky Bros. (Romero and Nolasco), Kyle Lohse, plus Papelbon, Capps, and Santos for closers

People on the wire.
Phil Humber, Dillion Gee, Kevin Correia, Bartolo Colon, Charlie Morton.

PHEW.. srry for all that but…………..

Jon from Texas


Yeah, I have no problem with you doing that. I’d definitely go ahead and pick up Colon and would lean towards dropping Molina, though the two catchers are very close in value.



I currently have Colon, Bedard, and Masterson on my roster. The wire consists of Lilly, Big Erv, Floyd, Harang, and Baker. Any of those worth a look?

Thanks as always


I slightly prefer Lilly over Masterson. Other than that I’d stand pat.


Hi Zach, the TOR and LA closing situations are killing me. Can I drop any of Guerrier, Guerra and Dotel in likelihood that they won’t be getting many saves soon; to pick up some more bats for today.

Also as I need saves is Stubbs for Perez too much? I’ve also got Cargo and McCutchy and am leading the league in speed. Thanks


I think Dotel is the unlikeliest of those candidates to pick up a useful number of saves, so if you had to drop one, he would be my choice. As for Perez, I like him a lot but I think you can do a little better for Stubbs. You should be able to get an elite closer back.


Who do you think would help me most right now in runs, rbis and stolen bases?
Dominic Brown
Corey Patterson
Allen Craig
Danny Espinosa

Forgot to say thanks for my last comment and this one!


RBIs don’t usually correlate that well with runs ans stolen bases so it’s tough to say, but if you can stomach his low AVG, I’d go with Espinosa. I think he offers the best combination.


Hey guys, thougths on Mondays Matt Garza Versus Mike Leake outcome? Should I pitch Garza on his first start back from injury?


In a daily league where you don’t stand to benefit from Garza’s two-start week status. I’d sit him. Not a great matchup and let’s give him a chance to shake off the rust. Pass on Leake. I just don’t trust him.


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