Tuesday News & Notes + Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 8

Hey everyone,

There will be no 411 show today or tomorrow due to the First-Year Player Draft so we’ve put together a list of the top stories for today along with Siano’s comments. Scroll down further for Wednesday’s Pitch or Ditch.


Joakim Soria will return to the closer role. Soria threw two perfect innings in relief last night and has tossed five scoreless innings since being temporarily stripped of ninth inning duties.

I felt all along this was a mental break for whatever reason he needed to take a step back and like I said on the show reboot, it happens and there was never any doubt this would be short lived, whether he is dominant, stinks or is somewhere in the middle remains to be seen but there is a two out of three chance he will reward those who were patient. If you bought low you may have helped win a title.

Brennan Boesch 5-for-6, two homers, five RBIs last night. He’s 8-for-13 with three homers and seven over his last three games.                         

I cut him in a mixed a few days ago so you’re welcome. He hit .186 in May and was reverting to second half 2010 Boesch. He has clearly become better at adjusting but in a mixed he is at best a fourth or fifth OF. Even though he hit .319 in April he only had one HR and he doesn’t run much. Does have job security though which is important.

Eric Hosmer hits game-winning single off Frank Francisco. He now has hits in eight consecutive games, during which he has gone 14-for-35 (.400 AVG) with three doubles, a home run and nine RBIs.                         

Kid is legit it is that simple. Eventually they will figure him out but his talent and poise will allow him to avoid Boesch mega slumps. He is the poster boy for falling over ourselves to pick up prospects but he is not the norm and that is the main point.

John Danks tosses 7 1/3 shutout innings vs. the Mariners to pick up his first win of the season.               

Ain’t no better elixir then the Mariners lineup. Danks gets Oakland next but then goes into ARZ so keep him for next start if you please and see where it goes.

Sergio Santos picks up 11th save and hasn’t allowed a hit over his last 7 2/3 innings.

White Sox are not dead yet in ALC and could just as easy win the division meaning more wins hence save opps coming Sergio’s way.

Jemile Weeks called up by the A’s. With Mark Ellis getting injured in Monday’s loss in Baltimore, Weeks will be the choice to replace him in the infield. Weeks is batting .321 at Triple-A with six doubles, four triples, three homers, 22 RBIs, 30 runs scored and 10 stolen bases over 45 games.                              

Worth a pickup for MI or very weak 2B slot, may get neutered in OAC but the speed is enticing, needs to play defense to stick. Ellis should be back in two weeks so it may just be an audition for later in the season.

Dee Gordon called up by the Dodgers. Manager Don Mattingly says he’s the team’s regular shortstop going forward. “I’m going to use him, play him,” Mattingly said. “I don’t think we can bring him and sit him.”

Jumps out in NL only leagues not sure the mixed value is there just yet.

Brad Lidge now has soreness in his right elbow, a different injury from the one he’s been rehabbing in Florida. Lidge will fly to Philadelphia to see the team doctor on Tuesday.       

Indifferent, Madson has been doing a giood job since getting pixie dusted with closer potion.

Ryan Zimmerman (abdominal) went 2-for-3 and played seven innings at third base for Class A Potomac on Monday in his second rehab game but it is unlikely that he will return this week. The Nats want him to be 100 percent.

Can’t happen soon enough.

Francisco Liriano (shoulder) activated off of the disabled list and will start Tuesday against the Indians.                                                  

Ditch. Gets Rangers next then Padres.

Colby Lewis gives up 9 runs on 4 homers in loss to Tigers.

@ Twins, @ Braves , vs Houston next three starts so don’t panic yet.

Clayton Richard 7 IP  1 ER in loss to Rockies last night. He’s been awesome at home (2.18 ERA  1.24 WHIP).





Pavano @ Masterson – don’t believe it lasts, but have to use Masterson vs. Twins
Wakefield @ Burnett – Burnett OK, but not chancing it vs. Red Sox
Outman @ Britton
Coke @ Ogando
Vargas @ Floyd – not trusting Vargas on the road yet
Villanueva @ Duffy
Shields @ Weaver
Dempster @ Arroyo
Maya @ Cain
Cook @ Moseley – Rockies can’t score on the road but Moseley is smoke and mirrors
Duke @ Maholm
Kuroda @ Hamels
Lowe @ Nolasco – Don’t trust Lowe but results have been there…
J. Garcia @ Norris
Pelfrey @ Wolf – if there’s a DTM in my world, it’s Mike Pelfrey


I have been offered Tulowitzki for Carl Crawford and Jaime Garcia. I have Stephen Drew at SS. If I could float Drew for a ‘grad’ pitcher or another OF, is it worth it? Is it a fair trade?



Yeah, depending on the outfielder of course, I’m fine with that. The dropoff from Garcia to the grad pitcher is worth the Crawford to Tulo upgrade…and Tulo is obviously a considerable upgrade over Drew.


Thanks Zach!

I was countered with an offer where I give up Crawford, Miguel Montero, & Jaime Garcia for Tulowitzki and Carlos Santana. Tulo is a major upgrade over Drew, and I might be able to float Drew for another OF or ‘grad’ pitcher. Thoughts? Is the inclusion of Montero for Santana too much of a drop off in production?



I’m OK with that second trade too. Montero to Santana might seem like a downgrade right now, but by year’s end it could very well turn out to be an upgrade.


Hi, Zach. 10 team mixed keeper. Been approached to trade Hanley Ramirez for Ellsbury. I also have Peralta and Yunel Escobar at SS, and need help with R and SB. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.


Just answered your question under the Tuesday PoD post.


Hey 411

Couple questions: First 2 roster spots in a reasonably deep 5 keeper league (6×6 OPS extra hitting cat), who should I have? Furcal, Ackley or Jemile Weeks.

Second Got a trade offer in the different league but same rules better side of the deal. Beckham, Bucholz, Soto, Lo-Mo for Jaime Garcia, Colby Rasmus and Alex Gordon.




I’d go with Ackley. Furcal has done nothing so far and, unlike Weeks, Ackley is pretty much guaranteed to remain in the big leagues once he’s called up, which should be soon.

And…I’d much rather have the second side in that trade.


I admit it. I panicked at the disco and DROPPED C Lewis for Vogelsong. Thoughts on that trade off?


The way Vogelsong is pitching, who knows! But I’m not a huge risk taker and would feel a bit more comfortable with Lewis, despite his terrible last start. At least Lewis has one stellar season already on his resume. Keep in mind that we’re basing all of our fascination in Vogelsong over eight starts.


I just dropped Britton and Brett Anderson and added Colon and Porcello. Should I have waited, or did I panic. Good move?


I’m fine with Britton for Colon, but I don’t think I would’ve dumped Anderson for Porcello, despite the fact that Anderson is on the DL. He simply doesn’t belong on any waiver wire.


Thanks Zach!

hey zach do you think this is enough pitching for the rest of the year? pineda,wandy,liriano,beachy,vogelsong,ian kennedy,derek lowe.im asking this bec i have an elite outfield braun,kemp,justin upton and eithier and i can trade eithier for cahill?


This rotation looks a little thin at the top. You could probably use one more strong SP. But I’m not a big Cahill fan…not enough K’s. For Ethier, I think you can do a little better. At least try to get someone who strikes out close to a batter per inning.


A question for Cory: You said “if there’s a DTM in my world, it’s Mike Pelfrey”. Does that mean you’ve made up with Ted Lilly?–Jeanne from Hollywood

So the owner came back on that deal and offered me Granderson Damon D.Lee Ubaldo and Romero for Gaby Ichiro Kendrick J Sanchez and A.Sanchez, I’m beginning to think i wont get anything done. i was thinking of sending him one more counter offer of maybe Ichiro Kendrick J Sanchez and a Sanchez for nelson Cruz Ubaldo and Romero because he wants so much for Granderson and with this league having k’s Granderson isn’t worth as much to me. but then again Cruz k’s alot too and he hardly ever walks. plus with Ichiro id lose alot of speed. it would leave me with BJ Upton Mccutchen and Rasmus as my primary speed guys with Arod K Johnson martin Tulo and Pujols making up the difference. should i just stick with what i have or Ubaldo showing enough to keep trying to make this move? he did lose again tonight to SD. i just don’t know if hes worth having to give up so much. please help.



If you want to try to buy low on Ubaldo, which isn’t a bad idea, that’s fine. But I don’t think you’re doing that by making these trades. And these offers are getting way too complicated to the point where it’s easy to forget the original reason why you wanted to work a trade. Keep things simple. Maybe condense it into a 1-for-1, 2-for-2, 2-for-1 etc. There’s absolutely no need to make a 5-for-5 trade if the main player you’re interested in is Ubaldo.


Jhonny Peralta and Buchholz for Lind?What u think. I got peralta as my CI.Looking for an upgrade because peralta can’t possibly keep this up.the owner wants me to throw in Vladdy too.Is that too much? I also have freddie freeman as back up when peralta comes back to earth.Do i look to upgrade at CI or stick with peralta and freeman as back up. Dunn is a free agent too.my team looks like this-
C’s -Weiter &McCann
1B Fielder
2b kinsler
3B Arod
SS Tulo
MI k.johnson
CI peralta
Utl Vladdy or F.Freeman
OF Morse
OF Morrison
OF J.Upton
OF B.J Upton
OF Rasmus


I don’t think I’d make this trade. Will Peralta maintain his current .314 AVG? Probably not. But he’s surpassed the 20 HR mark three times in the last six seasons. He could certainly do that again this year. And there’s a lot of value in a shortstop who can hit 20 homers. To me, Peralta for Lind is a fair trade. I’d be hesitant to throw in a pitcher of the caliber of Buchholz.


I am lacking offense lately, not doing too well in HRs and RBIs. Bautista hasn’t done too much, so would a Bautista for Fielder deal make sense? Fielder is intriguing.


So you need power and you’re going to trade the MLB leader in homers just because he hasn’t homered in a week and a half? That doesn’t make much sense to me. I think Bautista and Fielder will have roughly equal value from this point on, but in the home run department at least, I’m putting my money on Bautista.


Shin-Soo Choo just got dropped in my league, would he be worth adding to drop a guy like Espinosa?


Yes, add Choo immediately. But I wouldn’t be so quick to drop Espinosa unless you have a solid middle infield alternative.


Hey Big Z, have been offered Granderson for Morse and Gio in my contract keeper league. Granderson’s contract is only $8 so he’d make a great keeper at $11 for 1 yr (8 3) or $14 for 2 years (8 6). However I do like Gio as a keeper at currently just $5 too, and I’d be a bit short of pitching if I lost him. That said, is the chance to get Granderson at $8 too good to pass up, would you still go for it and maybe look to aquire a starter after? Thanks


That’s a no-brainer. You’re getting the best player in the deal in both the short-term and the long-term for a very good but not top-tier pitcher plus a guy in Morse who is still unproven at the big league level. Make the trade!


Hi Zach, am after saves and have speed to deal, and an owners come back at me with Perez and J Sanchez for Stubbs. Never been a big Sanchez fan and hes been walking the park recently. I could use another starter though, is it worth doing or should I try and hold out for a guy like Romero, Chacin or Kennedy instead. I’ve got Cargo and McCutchy too so could maybe offer of them instead to get the better pitcher.


I actually think you can aim even higher than Romero + Perez in a Stubbs trade so I’d pass on all those possibilities. Would be slightly more inclined to trade Car-Go or McCutchen than Stubbs but generally speaking I’d rather hold onto the high-end bat if you’re not getting back a truly elite closer…and Perez hasn’t earned that title yet.


12 team keeper league with OBP & SLG in place of BA and holds. I’m in first and debating whether to trade with the 2nd place team. We can keep 5, no salary or contract, just straight first 5 rounds (that’s of less significance because I’m trying to win now). Would you trade C. Quentin, J. Heyward, and B. Lawrie for J. Bautista and B. Boesch? It’s a lot to give up, but my OF would be Ellsbury, J. Upton, Joyce and Boesch after this with Bautista playing 3b until Sandoval returns. Or would you remove the Lawrie for Boesch part and make the deal? I’m worried about Heyward this year and beyond as well as Quentin’s injury history. Thanks.


Yeah, I’d make either of those deals but do prefer the version without Lawrie and Boesch. Even for the rest of this season alone, I think Lawrie will help you more than Boesch.



Thanks for the input on the Garcia for Quentin deal. That one is good to go. Still looking to shuffle a few things around as I had counted on Longoria and Dunn for a substantial part of my powrer. Am thinking of floating Longoria and Venters for Ortiz and Neftali Feliz. With Ortiz having a huge year and Longoria not having much of one would I be asking too much?

Thanks as always,


No, I definitely don’t think it’s too much to ask. This would be a trade I’d most likely do, but I wouldn’t settle for much less.


10-tm, AL-only keeper has the following trade I need to rule on:
Team A trades:
– Mo Rivera (Rd 6 keeper in 2012)
– Rd 10 pick in 2012
Team B trades:
– Litsch (Rd 15 keeper in 2012)
– Rd 4 pick in 2012
Team A is in 5th & 20 pts out, Team B is tied for 3rd & 5.5 pts out. Team B also has only 3 saves on the season (last) while Team A has 28 (2nd).
I believe it’s unbalanced, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to be vetoed. I’m currently in 1st place, so I am trying to maintain independence as best I can.
Thanks for the knowledge,
Scotty Mac

Scotty Mac,

Yup, I’m with you on this. Unbalanced but not vetoable.



I have obviously been debating, like most people, about what to do with Carpenter. I have been offered Matusz for Carp, what do you think?


I wouldn’t make that trade. Carpenter seems to be getting back on track so I’d stick with him.


My league is a 12 team Roto league with 4 keepers allowed. Right now I have David Wright, Chase Utley, and Bryce Harper as 3 of my 4 keepers with the 4th up for grabs Granderson could arguably be it. I was offered a lopsided deal with potential to really give me 4 stud keepers but I dont know if Harper should be even considered (he has yet to have a ML at bat so maybe he could be sold high?)

DOMONIC BROWN (I can only keep 4 players)


The more I break down the trade it seems like I am comparing Justin Uptons ceiling with Bryce Harper’s…who would you rather have..you probably say Harper as would I but Crawford seems to be coming around now and it is a roto league so Upton and Crawford provide nice stats in every category…. HELP ME OUT GUYS!!!


You are giving up a lot but I think I’d make that trade. In a 4-keeper league that doesn’t use dollar/round values, I really don’t think Harper has tremendous keeper value. I’d sooner take the guy in Upton who is still young but already has a few big league seasons under his belt. If a trade can help you right now, I wouldn’t get too caught up in the “potential” of Harper.



I decided not to pursue a deal for Ubaldo anymore. the owner wants 2nd or 3rd round value for him which to me is just nonsense. So with that said would you drop any of these pitchers to pick up Stauffer? Britton, J.Sanchez, A.Sanchez, Liriano. Stauffer looked great last night even though his record is horrible. I was thinking he may be better going forward than Britton. what do you think?
Our pitching cats are W,L,SV,H,HR,K,ERA,WHIP

Thanks Zach,



My pitching staff look like this. Do you think I have enough to compete? My team is currently in 1st but its mostly due to my offense. im right around the middle in everything but era and wins which im winning both cats.

Weaver,Marcum,Liriano,Britton,A.Sanchez,J.Sanchez,Morrow. and my closers are Kimbrel,K-rod and Brox when he gets back from the dl.

Thanks again


After looking Humber and Gee are also available. so i guess the question is are humber gee or stauffer better than what i have and if so who would you drop for them?



Yes, though it might not be a terrible idea to trade for another reliable closer if you’re really stacked in hitting.

And no, I’d stand pat with your current group of SPs.



Yeah, I’d drop Britton for Stauffer. As impressive as Britton has been, his strikeout rate is rather low and he pitches in the AL East. Stauffer pitches in the weaker division and in the far more favorable home ballpark.


What are your thoughts on Adam Dunn? He was just dropped in my 12 team H2H league… Do you think he is worth a roster spot? Is there something wrong with him or is the guy that dropped him just being impatient?



I’m really at a loss when it comes to figuring out what’s wrong with Dunn, but there’s something to be said about switching to a full-time DH role and also moving to the tougher league. That’s my best guess. I can’t imagine this continuing all season though and hey, if he hits four homers from now through the end of this month and eight homers a month from July-September he still finishes at 33. So it’s not out of the question that he does just that. He’s absolutely worth a pickup.


I’ve been offered Avila C for Putz RP. I know Putz is good for saves, but my question is Avila going to be a keeper at Catcher or just having a good 1/2 season? What’s his long term outlook. I’m playing for next year in a 4 player keeper league.


No way would I do that trade. First, it’s still very early to play for next year. But even more importantly, will Avila be a top-four round player next season worthy of a keeper spot? Absolutely not. I’m not convinced on him long-term anyway, but even best case scenario he’s not cracking the top-50.


I’ve been offered Avila C for Putz RP. I know Putz is good for saves, but my question is Avila going to be a keeper at Catcher or just having a good 1/2 season? What’s his long term outlook. I’m playing for next year in a 12 team 4 player keeper league.

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