Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 9


Romero @ Hochevar – Ricky will bounce back after getting roughed up by O’s
Beckett @ Sabathia
Fister @ Verlander – not sold on Fister away from SAFECO
Cahill @ Buehrle – hang with ‘em on Cahill after Yanks/Sox gauntlet
Holland @ Blackburn – the QS machine keeps rolling vs. Rangers
Collmenter @ Karstens – don’t trust either, results aside
Wells @ Kendrick
Jurrjens @ Volstad
Lynn @ Happ
Niese @ Gallardo – remember when Gallardo had a 6.10 ERA? 6 wins in a row later…
Kershaw @ Chacin
Livan @ Harang
Cueto @ Bumgarner
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        SIANO’S PICKS
Romero @ Hochevar
Beckett @ Sabathia
Fister @ Verlander
Cahill @ Buehrle  *Buehrle has 7 straight QS
Holland @ Blackburn
Collmenter @ Karstens  *Collmenter has picked on the bad lineups so I’ll bite. Karstens is a trap.
Wells @ Kendrick
Jurrjens @ Volstad  *Jair struggling, was only able to have a QS last time out.
Lynn @ Happ
Niese @ Gallardo  *Niese is a home park guy so he is very risky here.
Kershaw @ Chacin
Livan @ Harang  *Harang + Petco = Pitch
Cueto @ Bumgarner  *Bumgarner a graduate right now. On fire.


Hey Zach, looking for your help in picking the best four starters for the rest of my week, as I plan out my 12 starts for 10 team H2H. Thanks in advance, as always:

Nova (CLE)
Gee (@PIT)
E-Jax (OAK)
Big Erv (KC)
Richard (WAS)
Pinero (KC)
Porcello (SEA)
Correia (NYM)

Thanks again…


I’d go with Richard (money at home), Porcello (Mariners lineup is terrible), E-Jax (A’s lineup is worse) and Gee (a little risky as the wheels are bound to fall off sooner or later, but he’s hot and I like the matchup).


thanks bro, as always!

Is Gardner droppable at this point?


Nah, I wouldn’t. He’s hitting better of late and still offers elite speed. If you feel like you’re already strong in steals, try to work out a trade so you can get something back, but I wouldn’t simply drop him.


Hey guys, where are the episodes on itunes? kinda hard to watch your show at school. Monday’s is there, but today’s and yesterday’s never showed up. An explanation would be great.


The explanation is very simple…there were no shows on Tuesday and Wednesday due to the First-Year Player Draft. I announced this at the top of the blog post from Tuesday and on Twitter. Anyway, we’ll be back at it today!


Which side do you like. Britton and cahill for Hanson and drabek? Thanks


I prefer Britton/Cahill. Drabek is the worst player of the four, and to me it’s not that close.


Ok Brett Lawrie is now being shutdown for at least 2-3 weeks then probably a couple more after that before he comes up, is he worth holding onto in a 10 team mixed? Meanwhile Mcgehee can’t hit the broad side of a barn and I don’t really see it turning around.
**Drop both, & pick up Reynolds/Wigginton/Turner/Cuddyer/Headley then use other for PoD.
**Drop Mcgehee & pick up one of above & keep Lawrie.
**Drop Lawrie use for PoD or to pick up one of above.
**keep both and just suck it up…this seems to be the least desirable.

What do you think?

Ok to add to drama, mow pedey might need surgery on his knee..ofc I can’t do anything till Red Sox do something, but trying to be proactive.
Options are: Espinosa, Alexi Cassila, Turner, wiggington, Craig, or Adam Kennedy.
I’m thinking Espinosa for now…any word on Ackley’s call-up? He going to be a factor in a 10team mixed league?


Daniel Murphy has 2B eligibility also and has been hot recently…what do you think?

Much appreciated,


In a 10-team league, I’d lean towards dropping Lawrie and holding onto McGehee. At least McGehee has some sort of track record. Lawrie has yet to play a game in the Majors PLUS he’s hurt. I don’t really think he’s a must-own yet in a shallow league.

As for your 2B situation, I like Espinosa the most of that group but if you really can’t stomach his low AVG, Wigginton would be my second choice. He looks healthy now and has always been an underrated source of power.


Hey Zach,

Who Would you prefer the rest of the way: Dunn or Choo?


Choo. I have to admit I’m a tad concerned about Dunn and Choo is the more balanced player when going well.


Hey Zach
A guy in my leage has offered me a trade and I was not so sure about it because Cruz is my Keeper and the trade was
Recieve: Kevin Youkillis and Elvis Andrus
Give: Nelson Cruz


Do that deal immediately! Cruz for Youk is at worst a wash and probably a win for you. AND you get Andrus on top of that? A flat-out steal (no pun intended).


Peralta for Ian Kennedy? What you think?


That’s pretty fair value but I’d personally rather have the 18-20 HR shortstop than a mid-rotation starter who I think is pitching a little over his head right now.


Oops… Didn’t see the blog post (don’t check it on a daily basis). Thanks Zach.

What do you make of Danks.Is he worth a pick up in a 10 team mixed league roto?He did have a 3.92era in April.I would only be dropping Revere for him.You think he can turn it around.I’m kind of biased since i’m a white sox fan


I’m not so sure that Danks is worthy of a roster spot in a 10-team league at this point but I’d still rather have him than Revere, so if that’s the tradeoff I’m fine with it.


Hey Zach
My team has got some really weak players which ones do you think I should drop?
Martin Prado
Mike Napoli
Shane Victorino
Placido Polanco
Dan Uggla
Ike Davis

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