Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 10

Ivan Nova


Carmona @ Nova  *No telling what could happen here but Indians can’t score so something has to give.
Bedard @ Penny  *Oh my God this matchup is tragic so it will be a 1-0 thriller.
Hellickson @ Arrieta
Buchholz @ Reyes  *Was Oakland start a burp or is he struggling, good way to find out is Jays lineup.
Godfrey @ Jackson  *E-Jack gets good matchup with Oakland but he’s too hard to trust.
Wilson @ Duensing
Francis @ Big Erv *You know it.
Zambrano @ Halladay  *Big Z has given up a total of three runs in last three starts.
Gee @ Morton  *Sure why not.
Saunders @ An. Sanchez
T. Hudson @ An. Rodriguez
J. Garcia @ Narveson
Billingsley @ Chacin
Marquis @ Latos
Wood @ Vogelsong  *Vogelsong has a 0.57 ERA at home, wow.


So I’ve been trying to trade Erv for a better pitcher but with little success. Struck out trying to get Jurrjens and Latos, and I don’t imagine I’m gonna get a good response for Jonathan Sanchez, so I think it’s time to look at some FA grads. Who from this list do you like best that I should pick up for Santana? Dempster, Bumgarner, Stauffer, Norris, Niese, Humber, Correia, Porcello, or Buehrle. My pitching staff has suffered from a serious case of bad luck over the past few weeks and my team’s ERA has ballooned so I really could use a guy that won’t give up many runs.



Of that group, I like Bumgarner the most followed by Norris.


Somewhat related question. This trade proposal just landed in my lap. Give: Jayson Werth and Ted Lilly. Get: Alex Rios and Erik Bedard. Thoughts? I don’t have a need to improve my OFs since I’ve got Bruce, Bourn, Morse, Rajai Davis, Ibanez and Torii Hunter. My main concern is for pitching since my team’s ERA is getting too high for my liking but part of that may just be bad luck on the part of Lincecum, Shields, and Papelbon to an extent who are normally lights out. Is Bedard an improvement over Lilly? I could counter for another of his other pitchers (Marcum, Gallardo, Scherzer, Nolasco) for Lilly or with a different one of mine (Erv Santana, Kuroda).



I don’t like that trade. When we factor in Bedard’s injury history, the SP tradeoff is at best a wash and I’d much rather have Werth than Rios.

Also, I’d gladly take Marcum, Gallardo, Scherzer or Nolasco over Bedard, whose health is always a ticking time bomb.


12 team dynasty league. Need to drop one to win now. J. Weeks or E. Young? Thanks.



I’d cut Young. Weeks definitely has a better shot at regular ABs going forward, especially considering the A’s woeful lineup. They need every bit of help they can get.


So I got Cano at 2b and Miguel Cabrera at 1st and Ryan Howard at Util.. I also own Kelly Johnson and I have been offered my Madison Bumgarner and Kelly for Jaime Garcia and Jose Tabata.. Tabata is mainly a throw in. But I am looking to trade Kelly for a pitcher since I wont start him over the above players. Or do a two for one to at least updgrade a pitcher. Im afraid Bum might get shut down later this year too. My starting pitchers are Weaver, Beckett, Dan Hudson, Nolasco, Romero, Lilly, Bumgarner, Floyd, and Collmenter. Thanks so much love the show.


It makes a ton of sense to do this deal. Garcia is a clear upgrade over Bumgarner and since you don’t have a huge need for Johnson, it’s a no-brainer.


! Need saves in NL ONLy. Give uggla get Hanrahan. Dropping Lindstrom to make room. What say you? Tampa Pete


I’m OK with that as saves are very hard to come by in non-mixed leagues.


Trade offers are flooding my inbox. Here’s another one from a different team. Guy offered Clay Buchholz for Carpenter. My feeling is to reject this deal because I think Carpenter is starting to come back, but he’s willing to negotiate. However, now that I have 2 teams willing to trade, I don’t know how to proceed so that I can upgrade my pitching without sacrificing too much. Before, I had the problem of no one willing to make a deal, but now I have the reverse which seems to be just as unhelpful since I don’t know which direction to pursue. Maybe if I tell you the pitching rosters for my team and the other 2 teams, you can suggest guys to target and which guys to put up for trades on my end.

My pitching: Lincecum, Carpenter, Shields, CJ Wilson, Ted Lilly, Kuroda, Ervin Santana
(I’m also willing to throw in Turner, Werth, Rajai Davis, Ibanez or Torii Hunter to sweeten the deal if necessary)

Team A pitching: Hamels, Gallardo, Scherzer, Marcum, Brett Anderson (DL), Nolasco, Peavy (DL), Bedard, Beachy (DL)

Team B pitching: Lester, Cain, Wandy (DL), Buchholz, Zimmermann, Jaime Garcia, Pineda

I could really use your help on this one. My offense is doing great, but my pitching is starting to dip and I’d like to correct this soon so that I can climb higher in the rankings while there is still time to take a run at 1st. (I’m currently 5th of 10 and 14 games behind 1st as of Monday). If you need other pieces of information (like other players on my team or the other teams to be considered in a deal) just let me know and I’ll try to help you give me the best advice in this situation.


Would a 3 way deal work to try and make it fair for everyone or would that be too complicated?

Has anyone ever pulled off a 3-way deal? Now that would be cool.


If you can pull off a 3-way deal more power to you! But it does tend to get very complicated. Only once has a three-way deal ever been made in any of my leagues over the years.



No, I wouldn’t do Carpenter for Buchholz either BUT I would trade him to Team B for either Garcia, Wandy or Pineda.


Hey Zach really want to offload Stubbs for help elsewhere and his huge .389 BABIP has made me even surer! I feel a slump coming…I need relief help (saves) and another quality starter, especially as our league has no innings limit only transactions. A guy I’ve found whose interested in Stubbs might be willing to offer me C Perez and Romero for him…his only better pitching options would be K-rod or Hanson. Should I take this deal if he’ll accept it or try for a Hanson maybe?


You’d be selling way too low on Stubbs by making that deal. I actually don’t see him as an ideal sell-high guy as he’ll still give you homers and steals despite a likely mediocre AVG. I’d consider Stubbs for Hanson but honestly wouldn’t accept anything less than an ace-caliber starter.


No id be getting Romero AND C Perez for Stubbs, not just 1 guy in return. I meant is that return of 2 players enough, or should I really try for Perez and Hanson.


Try for Perez and Hanson first. Perez + Romero isn’t quite enough in my opinion.


Throw another trade proposal on the fire. This time, a guy is offering Roy Oswalt and Mat Latos for Lincecum. Thoughts? I know Latos and Oswalt are both good, but I think Lincecum is the best player in this deal. Here is the rest of his pitching staff if you want to throw that into consideration for my last question.

Team C pitching: Greinke, David Price, Oswalt, Dan Hudson, Latos, Beckett, Ogando, Baker.



Pass. You’re getting two good but not great starters (both of whom come with question marks) for a top-5 SP. Not an attractive offer.


What do u think about Peralta for Jurrjens? thanks.Do u think Jurrjens can keep this up?He did have one year where he had an era in the 2’s.

In my opinion that’s a bad deal, that trade doesn’t make any sense, are you crazy?? lol


I’m OK with that. I think Jurrjens will finish with an ERA more like 3.25-3.50 and I don’t like his low K rate, but you’re not giving up too much by dealing Peralta for him.


It’s a good idea to drop Aramis Ramirez for Mike Moustakas?? Right now Aramis isn’t doing anything… What are yout thoughts?


I’d pick up Moustakas but try to do it for someone else. A-Ram is still not waiver wire material.


Im in a 12 team h2h Dynasty league. Which of these pitchers would you rather have: Travis Wood, Phil Hughes, Derek Holland, Carlos Carrasco, Edwin Jackson, or Jonathon Niese?


Despite his injury situation, I still like Hughes the most going forward as we’ve already seen that he can be an above average big league pitcher. It sounds like he’ll be back by early-July so that’s good news. Second on my list would probably be Carrasco. He’s showing some positive signs of late.


Hey Zach,
Roy oswalt was dropped by the best player In my mixed 10 team league. Do I pick him up or is there a serious reason why he was dropped?


YES! Pick him up immediately.


hey zach just picked up mike moustakas wat do you thimk of him 4 the rest of the way?


We’ll find out but he certainly comes with much fanfare. He’s considered by many to be the best hitting prospect right now, but even more importantly he’s a third baseman…and productive third basemen have been extremely hard to come by this year.


Thanks Zach.. Im gonna take that Kelly Johnson and Mad Bum for Jaime and Tabata deal… and I even weaseled his 4th round pick for my 5th round pick along with it in a keeper league.. (we will both finish in the top 5 most likely) and that should be his early 4th for my late 5th.. lol.. thanks again man.

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