Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 11-13

Johnny Long Beach!


Talbot @ Colon

Lackey @ Morrow

Lewis @ Baker  *Lewis looking to bounce back, Twins lineup doesn’t hurt. I don’t trust Baker at home vs this team but feel free to disagree.

Pineda @ Scherzer  *Very nice

Price @ Guthrie

Gonzalez @ Danks

Paulino @ Pineiro  *Pineiro allergic to the QS, Paulino a nice AL-only play, he does well here he gets on mixed radar.

Garza @ Lee  *I’m a big Garza supporter and he deserves to be out there but this is a tough one for anyone, especially only one start removed from DL. Run him out there and don’t watch like Cory says.

Leake @ Lincecum

Minor @ Lyles

Dickey @ McDonald  *Last time they faced off it was a pitcher’s duel, weak lineups.

Kennedy @ Vazquez

Carpenter @ Greinke  *Very nice 2

Lilly @ Hammel

Lannan @ Richard  *Johnny Long Beach is on a roll, blue plate special.

                                                                                                                                                 SUNDAY  (ZACH’S PICKS)

Tomlin @ F. Garcia – Tomlin fading…I won’t risk it here.

King Felix @ Porcello

Lester @ Drabek

W. Davis @ Matusz – I don’t trust Davis at all right now.

Moscoso @ Humber

Harrison @ Liriano – Despite shaky last start, pitch Harrison…great matchup. Liriano improving but I’m ditching vs. TEX.

Mazzaro @ Chatwood – Chatwood not a terrible play in deeper formats but I won’t risk it vs. new and improved Royals lineup.

D. Hudson @ Hand

D. Davis @ Oswalt

Capuano @ Correia – Capuano not good vs. Pirates last week so he’s due!

Hanson @ Myers – Myers DTM until further notice.

Westbrook @ Marcum

R. De La Rosa @ Jimenez – De La Rosa decent in first career MLB start but this one could get ugly.

Zimmermann @ Stauffer

Volquez @ J. Sanchez – Pitch Volquez at your own risk.

                                                                                                                                               MONDAY  (ZACH’S PICKS)

Carrasco @ Burnett – A.J. back in my doghouse.

Cobb @ Coke

Haren @ Vargas – Vargas 3 ER over last 16 1/3 IP.

Pelfrey @ Maholm – Maholm 3 ER or less in 6 of his last 7 starts.

Duke @ Nolasco – Duke worth using in NL-only leagues or very deep mixed.

Lowe @ Wandy

Wolf @ Dempster – Dempster still a bit shaky but settling down.

Moseley @ Cook – Last time Moseley pitched in Coors: 4 IP  6 ER

Arroyo @ Kuroda – Arroyo always a gamble but I’ll go for it here.


Adam dunn just hit the waiver wire in my 12 team league. Is he worth a roster spot at this point?


Yes, absolutely. Maybe last night’s homer will get him going.


Fielder for McCutchen and Garza

Need Ks and SBs (little AVG) in a standard vanilla and got Adrian Gonzalez to cover at 1B and Sandoval for Util (No corner infield)

Help please



Fair value and it sounds like it suits your needs, so I’m fine with it.


Pickup Dunn or stay with Morse (UTL)?


Definitely pick up Dunn but that doesn’t mean you have to start him right away. Try to hold onto Morse.


hey zach ive told you already my pitching pineda,wandy,liriano,kennedy,beachy,vogelsong,and lowe do you think its a must trade for me to get a pitcher.the best offer i have right now is eithier for cahill?


No, I don’t think it’s a must-trade, particularly if Liriano gets on a roll. And I wouldn’t do the Ethier for Cahill deal.


Thanks for the help before. One last question related to this. What are your thoughts of a deal where I would give Kuroda and Lilly and get Marcum and Nolasco?



A very balanced deal but I prefer the side you’re getting.


Who do you like more-Daniel Hudson or Ian Kennedy.what do you think about both moving foward?


I like both a lot but for this year I slightly prefer Kennedy due to his lower hit rate. Hudson probably has more K upside though so long-term I’d go with him.


Peralta for Victorino? Im trying to sell high on peralta.i already have k-jo at mi ,arod at 3b and freeman at CI.


I’m fine with that.


Who would you rather have as a keeper? Billy Butler or Starlin Castro?


Depends on what your positional needs are but since shortstop is a much shallower position than first base, going forward I’d lean towards Castro.


Which closer would you rather have? Salas or Marmol?


Marmol…and it’s not even close.


Just accepted getting ARod/Oswalt for Ryan Zimmerman/Daniel Hudson. 12 team mixed, nonkeeper. Thoughts?


Very even but you are getting a lot older. In a keeper league I wouldn’t like it but since this is a non-keeper I’m OK with it. I think Oswalt will give you a better chance to win now than Hudson, who is still somewhat inconsistent.


Who would you rather have rest of the way in a 10 team mixed non-keeper league?
Logan Morrison or Dominic Brown?

Also would you rather Bumgarner or Carpenter the rest of the way?


I’d still take my chances with Carpenter but I am starting to lose patience.



I’d go with the more experienced Morrison. It might take a little while for Brown to adjust to big league pitching and become more consistent.


My Chris Young for Chad Billingsley.. I got Cargo Stubbs and Joyce as my OF.. i would probably pick up Pagan if I make this deal for Collmenter.. But is Young worth more??


Pretty fair value but I might first try to get a little more for Young. I also wouldn’t be so quick to make this trade if you feel that your rotation is already in decent shape.


8 team H2H mixed league. Lost Posey for the year and I picked up JP Arencebia. Avila, R. Hernandez, Ianetta, and Olivo are on the wire. Who do you like? Also, I have Zobrist and Kelly Johnson. Who do you like best at 2B. Also, do I sell high on David Ortiz? I hate he can only be played at the utility position. I think I could deal him for Stubbs, which would help me in SBs, but a loss in HRs, RBIs, and Ave. I also could deal Matt Joyce. Is he going to fade in the second half? Thanks as always.


Avila has been the best across the board producer of that bunch thus far so he would be my choice.


My team is C Santana, C Olivo, 1B Votto, 2B Casilla, 3B Rolen, SS Hanley, 2B/SS Espinosa, 1B/3B Izturis, LF Morrison, CF Ellsbury, RF Pence, OF Ethier, OF Chris Young, UTIL Pagan, UTIL Morse. Should I pick up Moustakis or Rizzo or Dee Gordon? If so, should I drop Izturis or Rolen or someone else? Thanks, Connie


Moustakas for Rolen and Rizzo for Izturis. I’d make both of those changes immediately.


Who is a better pitcher going forward, Ian Kennedy or Anibal Sanchez?


I’ll go with Anibal…more favorable home ballpark and his K rate has been outstanding.


Would you sell high on Jurrjens with a staff of Chacin, Masterson, Gallardo, Hamels, Bumgarner, Zimmermann, and Garza? I’m lacking a solid 2B because of Uggla so I figure I could probably get some decent value for Jurrjens there.


By all means see what’s out there. I’m all for selling high on pretty much any starting pitcher, and Jurrjens’ low K rate limits his value to the point where he HAS to pitch to an ERA in the low 3’s to be very valuable.


do you think humber is worthy of a spot or is he just a pitch or ditch type guy?

what do you think of kyle gibson possibly being called up later pitching crazy in the minors?


Check out our latest Pitch or Ditch chart that we posted on the blog a week or so ago. Humber is a grad now so the answer is Yes!

As for Gibson, I think there’s a chance he gets called up before the All-Star break, especially considering how terrible Duensing has been this year. A good AL-only add but in mixed non-keeper leagues I’d hold off for now.


What do you think of giving up Beltre for Asdrubal and Ogando? Don’t need pitching in fact my rotation doesn’t need Ogando but Asdrubal interests me. Thoughts?

Sorry actually Beltre for asdrubal straight up, which one do you like more?


That’s OK with me if you’re weak at the SS position, but keep in mind that 3B is also a very shallow position so it’s far from a no-brainer.


I”m getting restless and haven’t made a roster move in a while. I’m tempted to pick up the in form Mike Morse off the Wire.

Who do I drop though? My first thought was Aaron Hill – but Polanco is my only other option at 2nd, and Hil MAY bounce back.

So I guess I’ll drop an OF – either Alex Gordon or Logan Morrison for Morse.

What would you do?


I like the idea of picking up Morse but would try to drop someone else…maybe a pitcher. I definitely don’t see Gordon or Morrison as waiver wire material.


HaHaHa the guy that been used to replace a guy on the DL gets hoes on the DL. Hate when that happens.
List of pitchers to replace Colon who replaced J.Johnson

Phil Humber
Dillion Gee
Scott Baker (hated what he did to the Rangers last night)
Bud Norris
Erik Bedard (wait…….what?)

Jon from Texas


I’d lean towards Bedard, that is until he hits the DL again, but Baker has a nice matchup vs. the Padres coming up so I may want to use him for that one. Both of these guys really shouldn’t be on waivers though which leads me to believe that this is a league where quality SP options are always available.


srry goes*

Who would you rate higher Hudson sp or Oswalt sp? Have a chance at one of them, they both hit waivers today.


Oswalt is a little safer so in a non-keeper league I’d go with him.


hey zach who should i start next week pierre or rio .pierre bec of steals or rios whos heating up ever since his break?


Depends on where you stand in SBs. If you’re in pretty decent shape, I’d go with the better all-around player in Rios as he is starting to wake up.


Hey Big Z, looking for some more run production (HRs, RBIs) in my OF. Are Rasmus and Choo two good buy low guys? Any others spring to mind?


Yeah, sure. Choo to a larger extent as we’ve already seen just how good he can be. That said, I am a bit concerned about his mental state as his offseason DUI charge has reportedly significantly damaged his reputation within his home country of South Korea. Hopefully he can move on from this and find his way at the plate.


Hey Zach
My team has got some really weak players which ones do you think I should drop?
Martin Prado
Mike Napoli
Shane Victorino
Placido Polanco
Dan Uggla
Ike Davis


Unless this is a very shallow league, I wouldn’t drop anyone from that list with the possible exception of Napoli.


Just wondering what league format the “Pitch or Ditch” column is based on. I am guessing it is a 12 team mixed?


Yup…12-team mixed.


Hey 411 Guys!

12 team mixed non keeper.
Posada or Luke Scott at DH? Posada’s getting hot while Scott is getting hurt.

Thanks guys!



Play the hot bat but on a side note I find it hard to believe that Posada is your best DH option. Maybe this is a very deep league but I would think that there are some more consistent producers available on the wire.


Hi Zach
Better source of speed, Ben Revere or Coco Crisp?

I have Justin Morneau. And then I have Anthony Rizzo. My pitching has been horrible, especially because I wasn’t able to draft my team. Should I drop Morneau to try and get some better pitchers, or should I hold on to him.


No, I wouldn’t drop him. I’d hold onto him in hopes that he gains some trade value, and then if Rizzo is doing well at least you can get something decent back in a trade.



Without question Crisp. He has the far more established track record and is flat out stealing more than Revere so far this year.


Hi Zach ive had juan pierre now since the start of the season. should i hold onto him, for when his steals pick up or drop him for another out fielder?


Depends on who’s available but since Pierre is basically a one-trick pony, I don’t have much of a problem with you dropping him if you’re not desperate for speed.


My current rotation consists of chacin, garza, dempster, cueto, britton, Matusz, Dan Hudson, and Anderson(DL).
Possible pickups consist of stauffer, Lilly, danks,zambrano, leake, wolf, narveson, myers, volquez, harang, and maybe a few others.
Do you see any logical moves here? Do you think I should stick with who I already have? And if so who would you consider my lowest option, a pitcher who if necessary I could drop for PoD out of my lineup. H2H non-keeper. Thanks!


I wouldn’t drop any of your current guys but I might consider adding either Lilly or Stauffer (would give slight edge to Lilly) and drop a bench hitter. Then, you can try to trade one of your starting pitchers for either a hitting upgrade or a closer.


I should have taken that trade, both guys I would have traded are either on the DL (sanchez) are looking at it (bourgeuois) just days after I was offered it. Ah hindsight!


Zach, nearly 2 years and still never answered my question. I feel shunned.

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