Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 14

Jeff Karstens sports a 1.42 ERA over his last three starts.


Masterson @ Verlander
Ogando @ Sabathia – Ogando’s hot start won’t last, but enjoy it while it does
Jakubauskas @ Villanueva
Wakefield @ Shields
Floyd @ Pavano
Duffy @ Cahill – Cahill’s been struggling lately, but we’ll hang with him for now
Weaver @ Fister
Volstad @ Hamels
J. Garcia @ Maya
Niese @ Jurrjens
Gallardo @ Wells
Karstens @ Norris – gotta roll with Karstens in this matchup
Moseley @ Nicasio
Cain @ Collmenter – gotta roll with Collmenter in this matchup
Cueto @ Kershaw


I have Justin Morneau. And then I have Anthony Rizzo. My pitching has been horrible, especially because I wasn’t able to draft my team. Should I drop Morneau to try and get some better pitchers, or should I hold on to him?


Just answered your question in the previous blog post.


Hey Zach,
I am missing a dh and there is nobody worth anything on the wire. Do I trade Price for Damon? I can pick up a decent pitcher like cueto or latos to fill the pitching spot.
Thanks, Jay


Even though it looks like there is pretty solid waiver wire depth in this league, Price is waaay too much to give up for Damon. You should be able to get him for a mid-tier SP. No need to deal an ace!


In resoponse to my last post, would you drop Aaron hill for lilly? He is my bench hitter.


Yeah, I’d do that. One homer through 48 games simply doesn’t cut it.


who would you rather start this week fernando salas or matt capps?

Not Zach, but IMO, close, but I think Salas. Twins have 3 against CWS and SD and have been ‘all or nothing’ lately, so not a lot of opportunities, and IMO, Capps is not great shakes anyway. Salas has 3 at WAS, and 3 at KC. With STL’s high scoring offense, I think Salas will have more chances, and will do more with them.


Salas. He’s simply been the more consistent pitcher this year.


Zach – I appreciate all you do. I’m in a shallow 10-team league, so lots of SP options. I have Latos, Bedard, Zimmerman, Sanchez and Johnson (DL) rostered. The available SP in FA are Liriano, Dempster, Lilly, Bumgarner, Lowe, Lewis, Britton, Vogelsong, Danks, Norris, Stauffer, Humber and Baker. I’ve been streaming several of these guys based on matchup and it’s paid off well. Should I replace any of my SP with those available? I could also drop a fill-in batter like Brown, Morneau(?), Patterson, Torres, or Turner to make room. I also have Holliday coming off DL this week, so I’ll have to make room for him as well. Thanks in advance.


Continue to pitch and ditch. In a league with that many strong waiver wire SP options, it’s the best way to go.


h2h league Deep bench so I keep picking up prospects and hot players. Would you start any of these guys over Rizzo this week: Markakis, Choo, Fancoeur, Matt Joyce.



Late answer I know but Rizzo would have definitely been my choice. He spends the entire week on the road including 3 @COL.


Gentleman, I apologize for the long post. However, thanks to your system, I am in an interesting predictament, caused by too many good PoD pickups.

All of my pitchers are now grads. In my league, we have a very large roster and I’ve become trapped into immobility. I do not know who I can add/drop any longer. I always enjoyed keeping at least 2 add/drop spots.
Our rosters include C,1B,2B,3B,SS, 4xOF, 2xutil, 3xSP, 2xRP, 3xP, 10xBn, 3DL. My SP are: Kennedy, Procello, King Felix, Masterson, Grienke, Ogando, Lohse. My position players are: Konerko, Weeks, Wigginton, Barney, Upton, Ibanez, Brantley, Young, Wieters, Granderson, Victorino, Big Papi, Rollins, Michael Young, Sizemore, C. Ruiz.

I’ve been trying to clear roster space for PoD (especially since I have McClellan coming off the DL soon too), but have been stuck on who to release. The obvious choices are Ibanez, Ruiz, or Wigginton, however, they are currently hitting above .280 while M Young, Sizemore, and Granderson have been struggling. My obvious pitcher drop would be Lohse, but he has had a great ride up until his last start

Any suggestions for the player who has effectively PoD’d himself into a highly efficient team?

Thank you for your help


PS I must especially thank you guys for introducing me to this style of play. I won 2nd last year and am currently sitting in 2nd with a 16 game lead on 3rd place.


I think your best option here is to try to work a trade to unload some of that depth, even if it means trading one or two of your better pitchers. If you can get a stud hitter or closer in return, it might be worth it.


I’ve got a trade option. Farnsworth for my choice of C. Carpenter, R. Nolasco, or J. Zimmerman. On the pitching side we use K, Sv, QS, W, ERA, and WHIP. My pitching has been struggling. J. Johnson on the DL, K. McClellan is DL, Billingsley, Liriano (recent pickup), I. Kennedy, J. Guthrie, C. Bucholz, and J. Garcia. Thoughts? I’ve been leaning towards CC, but at this poiint, is he going to get it together? He’s been better, but pitch ing well without delivering the goods doens’t do me any good, y’know?


I’d consider it but honestly I wouldn’t be too concerned about that staff and the fact that you were able to pick up Liriano suggests to me that there are quality waiver wire SP options, so there’s really no need to trade for one.

***Doesn’t make much of a difference. Dempster and Arrieta are still pretty good quality in terms of waiver wire guys.


OK, just wanted to add the caveat that it is a 14 team league and Liriano was the only guy out there who might have been worth picking up. He’d looked ‘ok’ in his first start off the DL, and I snagged him about 4 innings into his last start. Guys like Lowe, Dempster and Arrieta are at the top of the FA list. Probably doesn’t make much difference, just getting antsy about J.Johnson….

Thoughts on a trade for Holliday for Lester? My outfield and offense is still good without Holliday, but my pitching isn’t shabby either


Perfectly fair value deal but if you don’t have a pressing need for a starting pitcher I wouldn’t do it. Whenever it’s a close call I always prefer to keep the hitter.


I want to drop Martin Prado for Alexi Cassila? Would this b good or should i hold onto Prado?


Hold onto Prado. He’s got the more extensive track record.


I have a roster crunch. Wandy is back and I need to drop someone.

My team is:

Carlos Santana
Albert Pujols
Placido Polanco
Aramis Ramirez
Jose Reyes
Matt Kemp
Andre Eithier
Shin Soo Choo
Lance Berkman

Logan Morrison
Alex Gordon
Aaron Hill
Grady Sizemore

Starting Pitching:
Jered Weaver
Matt Cain
Roy Oswalt
Chad Billingsley
Jeremy Hellickson
Clay Bucholz
Wandy Rodriguez

Relief Pitching:
Ryan Madson
Joel Hanrahan
Sergio Santos

I am over my pitching limit right now but am very reluctant to drop one of my pitchers.
What I really need are Steals and Home Runs. Who should I drop or if I try to trade, who do I offer in a 2 for one deal?


Drop Hill for Wandy. I’d think about dealing Hellickson as I’ve been disappointed by his K rate and we’re not sure how the Rays will handle his innings as the season wears on. Maybe you can even package Hellickson with Polanco to get an infield upgrade? I also wouldn’t be against dealing Weaver or Cain if you can get back a stud hitter.


Love the show guys and all the great help.. I just traded Joyce and Gavin Floyd in the hopes Ubaldo has turned it around.. My outfielders are Cargo Stubbs Chris Young and my bench OF is Pagan.. I turned down that Billingsley for chris young and took this instead.. I like Gavin but need the ks and upside.. Did I get too trade happy or was this a steal???


Not quite a steal but I do prefer that trade to the Young-Billingsley deal.


Just posted in my league forum…curious on your thoughts as well:

As teams hit the call-up season, just wondering what you all think of ESPN’s handling of new MLBers. The waiver system has basically been eliminated because all of these guys have been available since the draft. I don’t mind that someone who was willing to take the risk on draft day and stash a guy on the roster gets the reward. But when guys are called up and it becomes a race as to who can get to the computer first wins…I think it’s bad for the league. With the traditional waiver system in place (assume 0 MLB AB’s), three different teams, all with needs, should have benefitted from Hosmer, Rizzo, and Moustakis. As it sits, it now becomes a game of chicken as to who will pick prospects up first…and the best teams are in the best position to do this. I missed Hosmer by 42 minutes, but actually don’t think I should have had a chance at him. Since then, most prospects have been picked up and are being held. I think the only deserving claim is Ackley who has been on YGZ roster since the draft. Just wondering what you all think…it may be a case that ESPN will need to add a setting to deal with these guys. I prefer the old system.


I honestly don’t have a problem with the way ESPN handles it.

Like you said, if the owner was willing to use a roster spot to hold onto the guy, he should be rewarded. Besides, how would ESPN determine which prospects are good enough to go on waivers once called up? The only feasible way to do it would be to not include Minor League players in the player pool but they need to do this for the purpose of keeper leagues. Yes, it is a tough situation but I really don’t think there’s a clear better solution.


I wanna pick up Brennan Boesch, but I don’t know who to drop. My OF’s are Hamilton, Hart, Morse, and Willingham. Should I drop one of them or pick Boesch up, or drop a weaker pitcher I have? Thanks.


I’d definitely prefer to drop a weaker pitcher but if I had to pick one of those OFs to drop it would be Willingham.


So I was offered a trade:
Receive McCutchen
Send Beltran and Hanson
Need the speed, and on the show I saw how it might be a good idea to deal Hanson.
Thoughts? Yes or no


I’m not too into that one. Beltran is rather quietly putting together a solid season and has extra motivation to finish strong as he’s in a contract year. Hanson, despite what Cory said about him being a sell-high guy, is too much to give up for the outfield upgrade. Either include a weaker pitcher or a weaker outfielder.


I’m in a competitive H2H league and I drafted Justin Morneau as my starting IF. He is now just a bench player and I’m wondering if in a competitive 12 team mixed league with shallow benches, is it time to drop Morneau for the likes of Morse, Moreland or Helton? We use OBP instead of AVG and strikeouts for batters. Thanks!

I give brandon Phillips and get the praying mantis that is hunter pence….. I have zobrist in OF but can slide him in at 2nd in my roto points league.


It’s very close but I prefer Pence. I think he’ll end up with the better AVG and will definitely outproduce Phillips in RBIs, factors that outweigh the position scarcity element.


Hey Zach, I’m in a 5×5 10 man league. I’m currently in 7th place but I’m not ready to throw in the towel. I see some intriguing names on the free agent list (Kelly Johnson, Mourneau, Brantley, V Wells, Rios, R Martin, Ludwick, Swisher) (Kurado, Morrow, S Baker, C Lewis). I’ve got a big lead in saves and winning in wins (thanks to pitch or ditch of course) but I’m struggling pretty much every where else. Do you see any moves here? C-Santana 1B-Fielder 2B-Utley 3B-Longoria SS-Castro MI-E Aybar CI-M Reynolds OF-McCutch, Ethier, CPatterson, Pence, J Schafer Bench- Figgins D Gordon and Hafner P-Masterson, Zimmerman, Scherzer and a Daily Pitch or ditch guy RPs-Bell Papelbon Storen Melancon League and the soon to be released V Padilla. I still think I’m strong but I’m in 7th so what do I know.


Here are the moves I’d make:

Pick up Johnson, drop Figgins
Pick up Brantley, drop Schafer

Kuroda, Baker and Morrow really should be owned too but in a 10-team league I guess guys in that tier of pitchers will always be there for the taking.


Hey guys, just interested in your opinion of a trade I just made last week. DEEP 13 team, 5×5, I lead in Wins, ERA, WHIP, 3rd in Ks, need help in ALL offensive cats (middle of the pack in HR, RBI, R, low in SB and BA), traded away Teixeira and Hamels for Youkilis, Granderson, and Oswalt. I’d been swapping Alex Gonzalez, Juan Uribe, and Alcides Escobar between MI and DH until I get Holliday and Kubel back off DL, so Granderson will take one of their places in the DH spot. Also, which ONE would you rather have on your roster: Laynce Nix, Chris Heisey, or Sean Rodriguez? Thanks.

Hey 411, can we have a piece on Ogando on the 411 as to why Cory doesn’t think he’ll continue pitching well throughout the season? All we hear every week is that he’ll fade eventually, but he’s still dominating and has raised his K rate lately too. I have him in a keeper, and if he is gonna go in the tank soon, would like to know why so I can try and sell high on him and trade him off. Thanks.


Good idea. We’re planning on doing a “sell high” segment for tomorrow’s show.


I have had Lawrie and Ackley on the pine for 2 weeks now… Any ideas on how much longer til they r up and running? Jono Mayo and the fellas havn’t mentioned them for a while. Hosmer is going great guns for me and presently in top 3 spots, they keep changing, and even with 2 bench spots occupied, I am still very much in the hunt with over half the season to go. Do I keep or drop one or the other…want to keep them, ur thoughts, try to sell them as trade bait?

FYI, 13 team keeper roto mixed league vanilla…

Cheers mate,


In a keeper league, definitely hold onto both. I’m hearing that Ackley will be up next week and Lawrie should get the call relatively soon as well.


I need some help on a trade. I’ve been offered Justin Smoak in exchange for Neil Walker in a keeper league. While I like Smoak’s power, 1B is easier to fill than 2B/3B. I also have Ben Zobrist to play 2B. Should I make the trade, or does Walker project to be more valuable in years to come? Thanks!


I prefer Walker due to the position scarcity factor. Plus, long-term I’m concerned about Smoak’s power upside playing @ Safeco.



Took a beating with Nolasco last night on my WHIP. I had picked up Floyd to go tonight but am now a little cautious. I know the Twins haven’t been hitting well so do I give him the start?



Yeah, I’d throw Floyd out there…a very good matchup and Floyd has been solid all year, particularly in the WHIP department. Don’t base your decision on Floyd on what happened to Nolasco…that makes no sense. Two entirely different pitchers and two entirely different opponents!


Hey I dropped Ludwick for V Wells……you think Vernon will pick it up? I also have Chapman on the DL, Holds are a category in my league and right now I have Venters who is a no brainer….also E sanchez(St.L) and Pestano(clev) would you drop either for Chapman or just drop him……thx

Not sure why my last comment didn’t post, but here it is again:
I appreciate all you do, thanks for devoting time to our fake sport hobby. I’m in a 10 team roto league, so SP are a plenty. I have Johnson (DL), Sanchez, Zimmerman, Latos & Bedard rostered. Liriano, Bumgarner, Lilly, Dempster, Lewis, Stauffer, Baker, Humber, Vogelsong, Villanueva, Britton & Norris are all on FA. I’ve been streaming several of these guys on favorable matchups – should I add one to the roster, and if so who do I drop? I also have Torres, Brown, Morneau, Pena, Turner & Patterson that I could drop. This league is capped at 1500 IP. Thanks in advance.


Just answered your question up top. Comments by new posters go to pending status so that explains the delay…just a quirk of our new blog software!


I want to trade Ichiro and and Ian Desmond because i have Asdrubel Cabrera at SS and just picked up Seth Smith: Keeper League. Desmond is a Keeper. What caliber player can i expect? Any thoughts or ideas?


Only way to know is to see what’s out there but don’t sell yourself short. Ichiro is getting up there in age but still carries a decent amount of value as despite a lower than usual AVG he’s stealing bases at a high rate. And Desmond definitely holds value as an up and coming option at a thin position.


Traded away Ben Zobrist and Chris Young for Rickie Weeks and Carl Crawford. What do you think?


An absolute steal for you.


If you could start just 2 out of these 3 today, who would you go for (wins AND losses count):
Alexi Ogando
Bud Norris
Jeff Karstens



I’d go with Norris and Karstens. You might get a loss but there’s also a good chance you’ll get a win. And as great as Ogando has been, @NYY is always a scary matchup.



I’ve never been a huge fan of Wells but would still give him the edge over Ludwick, whose power upside will continue to be limited as long as he stays with the Padres and plays half of his games at Petco.

I’d just drop Chapman. He was awful even before getting hurt and in a non-keeper I just don’t think he’s worth much.


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