Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 15

Carlos Zambrano was tagged for seven earned runs in his last outing.


Carmona @ Penny

Holland @ Nova

Arrieta @ Romero – Arrieta a little too inconsistent lately

Beckett @ Hellickson

Buehrle @ Blackburn – QS machines!

Hochevar @ Outman

Big Erv @ Bedard

TBD @ Kendrick  (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

An. Sanchez @ Halladay  (Gm 2 of doubleheader)

Wood @ Billingsley

Latos @ Chacin – both pitching well enough lately to use in Coors

McClellan @ Livan

Gee @ T. Hudson

Narveson @ Zambrano – don’t trust Big Z

Morton @ Happ – don’t think Morton can keep this up, but Astros aren’t scoring

Bumgarner @ Saunders


Have to drop a player Domonic Brown or Mike Moustakis???


I’d drop Brown, mostly due to position scarcity. There are very few high-quality third basemen this year. Productive outfielders are much easier to find.


I can only grab one of these: Buehrle or Blackburn?
Whatcha think?



I’d pick Buehrle. I have a little more faith in his track record.


I give Brandon Phillips and get a streaking roto monster in the praying mantis. I can slide zobrist into 2nd base and open up the OF spot for pence? Offer has been on the table for a week, should I finally pull the trigger?


Just answered your question on the previous post.


Is trading Matt Joyce and Cole Hamels for Matt Holiday and Zack Greinke a good trade?


Yes, absolutely! The upgrade from Joyce to Holliday far outweighs the SP downgrade.


who’s a smarter choice for the rest of the season: Greinke or Gallardo


I’d go with Greinke. I think his upside is a little greater than Gallardo’s.


Is it time to give up on Justin Morneau? I already have 2 other players on the DL and I was thinking about just dropping him for Todd Helton. What should I do?


Depends on who those two other DL players are but if you’re totally crunched in terms of roster space I don’t have a problem with cutting Morneau. Never thought I’d be saying this!


My other two players were mike napoli and jason heyward who just came back, but I also have Michael Morse to play 1B whose been doing great so I might just hang onto Morneau for now.

Thanks for your suggestion to drop Aaron Hill. However he hit a home run last night, so I’m a bit reluctant to let him go and am hoping for a turnaround. Also the available 2nd base talent pool is shallow in my league.

I’m actually considering dropping Grady Sizemore. I’m an Indians fan but hes not running at all and is striking out way too much. Choo is kinda in the same boat but at least he’s getting steals. I think Sizemore is a good player in name and reputation alone right now.

Because of the distinct lack of offence we lost 1st place to the Tigers last night.


Sizemore’s stock is so low right now that I wouldn’t cut him. At least wait till he does something and try to get back something in a trade.


Lewis and Nolasco are killing my era and whip in a H2H league with their inconsistency. Is it time to drop either (or both) of these guys in favor of PoD? Thanks!


I’d consider dropping Lewis, whose K rate is nowhere near what it was last year. Definitely hold onto Nolasco though. I’m not ready to give up on him and he always picks it up in the second half.


Jeff Karstens is owned in 13% of leagues.Am i missing something here?He has a 2.62era and a 1.08whip in 11 starts.Is he worth a pick up in a 10 team mixed roto.i can either drop vernon wells for him.Should i?

In a 10 team roto league there has to be a better option in OF than Wells, no? It’s highly likely in day locking leagues that Karstens is spot started (I only pick him up for the day then drop him the next for someone else).


If you have little use for VW, I’m not against that move. But I still don’t see Karstens as 10-team league material and I’m not surprised by his low ownership %. The reason? A track record of mediocrity. And I’d be very careful with him. He could blow up at any moment and you don’t want to be the guy who owns him for those starts.


Need another SP. Im looking to either trade or drop Neil Walker. Any of these SP on the WW worthy of picking up? Scott Baker, Derrek Holland, Edwin Jackson, Jake Arrieta, Brett Anderson, Colby Lewis?
Or should keep trying to shop Walker around I haven’t found anyone interested yet and what kind of value can i get out of him SP wise?


Those waiver wire guys are decent but unspectacular. And I definitely wouldn’t drop Walker for any of them. You should be able to get a solid mid-rotation starter via trade and if you’re not receiving appealing offers I’d just hold onto him.


I ended up cutting Carlos Pena. I have Pujols and Berkman who can play first base. I’m going to try to trade for a utility guy to make up for the loss of an infielder. How about SIZEMORE and HELLICKSON for ZOBRIST?


I’m fine with that if you can pull it off.


I offered a trade I give up Ubaldo Jimenez, Edwin Jackson, Neil Walker and Adam Lind for Trevor Cahill,Rick Porcello,Alex Gonzalez and Nick Markakis ….I need pitching and have plenty of offense to spare….should I do this ?


I wouldn’t. I really don’t see how Ubaldo/Jackson to Cahill/Porcello is an upgrade and you’re taking a significant hit on the offensive side.


How do you rank these SP in a H2H league for the remainder of the season: Maholm, Zambrano, Fister, E-Jax? Thanks


Zambrano, E-Jax, Fister, Maholm.


I’m in a league that favors pitching more than hitting slightly….i was offered Beckett and Vogelsong for Ryan Zimmerman and Holland….Should i take it?


Nope. I wouldn’t be too eager to give up the best player in the deal in Zimmerman, particularly since his stock is not so high right now as he’s coming off the DL.


What to do about BIllingsley and his last 2 horrific starts? Wait it out? Wait for Beachy to get off the DL and pick him up? McClellan? E. Santana? or –I can’t believe I’m about to name 2 Mets–Gee or Niese? I have a limited number of moves I can make left for the season.


I’d wait it out. Maybe bench but definitely don’t cut.


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