Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 16



Guthrie @ Stewart – ugly matchup for Guthrie

Talbot @ Scherzer

Wilson @ TBD – Wilson good enough to use vs. Yankees

Buehrle @ Blackburn

Francis @ Gonzalez

Buchholz @ Price

Vazquez @ Lee

McDonald @ Lyles – great matchup for both

Greinke @ Garza

Lohse @ Lannan – Lohse keeps defying logic…

Dickey @ Minor

Vogelsong @ Kennedy


Zach – I appreciate all you do. I’m in a shallow 10-team league, so lots of SP options. I have Latos, Bedard, Zimmerman, Sanchez and Johnson (DL) rostered. The available SP in FA are Liriano, Dempster, Lilly, Bumgarner, Lowe, Lewis, Britton, Vogelsong, Danks, Norris, Stauffer and Baker. I’ve been streaming several of these guys based on matchup and it’s paid off well. Should I replace any of my SP with those available? I could also drop a fill-in batter like Brown, Morneau(DL), Patterson, Torres, or Turner to make room. Thanks in advance.


Answered your question on the previous blog post.


10 team head to head: Todd Helton is looking like his old self. Would you pick up Helton and drop Rizzo?


Nah. I’d still go with Rizzo and his upside.


Hi Zach,
10 team, H2H….I need saves as I only have Soria and Walden. My SP’s are Hamels, Ogando, Jurrjens, Pineda, Lohse, Lester, Kuroda, and Scherzer. Thoughts on dropping Lohse to pick up Melancon or Venters? OR, drop Yunel Escobar, who is my only backup to Rollins at SS to acquire more pitching? OR, stand pat?
Thanks for all your help this season.


I’d definitely pick up Melancon and although it would be tough to give up Lohse without getting anything in return. But if you have to do that, so be it.



Currently I am Projected to go over my Innings limit by 76 innings. I know you said not to really worry about that number right now because its still fairly early but Friday I have 3 pitchers going and I was wondering if I should start all 3 of them given their matchups.

I have Marcum vs Boston
Morrow vs Cin
Britton vs Washington

I thought maybe I should start Britton against the Washington offense but maybe sit the other two because of who they are facing. Marcum is really good this year but Boston is tearing the cover off the ball and they scare me. Morrow is going up against Votto/stubbs/bruce which also scares me a but especially after his last outing where he got torched.

what are your thoughts?



I’d think about sitting Morrow but would pitch the other two. Like you said, Britton has an appealing matchup and I think Marcum has earned the right to be a pitch regardless of the matchup. A little scary, I know, but he’s been too dominant to sit.


Made a recent add of Steve Cishek in the wake of nunez’s back and pitching issues, figured it a routine stop gap hold for a few days then drop. However three straight blown saves later for nunez including one wednesday what do you think of Cishek as a hold in a 14 team head to head mixer? do you see him as a more valued asset vs jason isringhausen with the mets? Seem to be getting the impression that the mets are going to move k-rod, and izzy has a decent body of work compiled this season. Thanks as always for the insight


I’d rather have Izzy. I think there’s a very good chance that K-Rod gets traded and since Izzy has a great deal of closing experience he would be the logical choice to step into the role. Nunez still sports strong overall numbers so I don’t see him losing the closer job anytime soon.


Hello guys! I am in a 12 team H2H mixed league and I was offered Jason Kubel and Martin Prado for Mike Staton and Placido Polanco?? I know they are both on the DL, so is this a fair trade?? Also, what do you guys think about Leo Nunez? He is on the waive wire, should I pick him up and drop Aaron Crow?? Thank You guys for your advise🙂


Pass. Even if Kubel and Prado were healthy this would be close. But the fact that they’re both on the DL is a major factor. Plus, you’re giving up Stanton, who in my opinion is the best player in the deal.

As for Nunez, absolutely pick him up for Crow. There’s one major difference between the two: Nunez is currently a closer…Crow isn’t.


Hey Zach still working on the Granderson deal in my contract keeper. Really wanna get this done for a number of reasons; Grandy should be a tremendous keeper at just $8, I also need to improve the state of my OF and have enough pitching to lose one of my starters. However he’s come back saying he still wants a little more than Morse and Gio in return. I do like the idea of selling high on Morse and although I love Gio he does scare me at times with his walks. I was thinking of suggesting adding Haren and Price/Gallardo to the deal (he gets Haren)…would that be fair? Morse really can’t continue this pace can he?

I mean I’d get Price/Gallardo and he’d get Haren. Or we could try something with the prospects on our minor league team, but would say giving Ackley up be too much?

And it’s Big Barry not Swfcdan. Thanks


I’m totally fine with the expanded deal. Remember that Haren has historically tailed off in the second half so even if you got Gallardo and not Price, it might not be much of a downgrade from Haren.


12 team, mixed, H2H, keeper. Should I trade Posey for Miguel Montero, Ty Wiggington and Dillon Gee? I’m having to start either Soto or Salty at C, so I clearly need help there. Don’t really need Wiggington, but his versatility would be useful on the bench. I have decent pitching (CC, JJ, Marcum,Cahill, Bedard, Tomlin, Humbar, etc.). Real issue is how badly will I compromise the future by trading Posey for Montero? Thanks, Allie (alliearmistead@gmail.com) ps I posted this question on your facebook page also.


It’s tempting but I actually wouldn’t make that trade. I do expect Soto to heat up and don’t think it’s out of the question that he could outproduce Montero in the second half. Wigginton and Gee are basically throw-ins and neither carries much keeper value. I’d hold onto Posey and hope for a Soto turnaround.


Hi Zach –

Alphonso Soriano and Logan Morrison are available in my league. Who am I better off with?


I’d go with Soriano. He’s got more power upside and has been steadily improving his AVG of late.


Trying to figure out , juan uribe . Only reason i keep him is because he
Qualifys as SS, i have S. Drew . Should i drop for another SS or what trade value does he have ?


I don’t have much of a problem with you dropping Uribe in a mixed league and I don’t think he carries any real trade value. But if you’d like to hold onto him, now is certainly not the time to try and work a trade. His stock can’t get lower than it is right now!


Giving up on both Cahill and Gio. Already dropped Cahill for Gee and wanted your opinion on Gio. Have D. Hudson, Zimmerman, Marquis, and Arrieta available. Who should I grab? Thanks for your help.


I still like Gio a lot despite his frequent control issues and absolutely think he’s worthy of a roster spot. I think Gee will fade at some point in the near future and don’t see him as a reliable long-term option but you might as well keep him while he’s hot. That said, I would find a way to add Hudson and/or Zimmermann. Both really don’t belong on the waiver wire.



My brother just joined my league (taking over for someone who dropped out) and I want make sure any trade we work out is fair. Would giving Castro for any of these closers straight up be even Marmol, League, Nunez, Rivera (know that Rivera and Nunez should come at a higher price)?



I actually think that Castro for Nunez is fairly reasonable but would have an issue with either Castro for Rivera or Castro for Marmol.


Peralta for Schezer? thanks.


Peralta…unless you’re desperate for a pitcher.


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