Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 21


Chacin @ Talbot

Latos @ Aceves *Bench don’t cut on Latos

Lyles @ Wilson

Saunders @ Hochevar

Garza @ Buehrle

Guthrie @ McDonald

Fister @ Livan

Big Erv @ Vazquez

Gordon @ Wood

Outman @ Gee

Stewart @ Minor *Stewart an AL-only play , Minor barely hanging on as an      NL- only.

Hellickson @ Greinke

Scherzer @ Billingsley

Pavano @ Bumgarner

Halladay @ McClellan

                                                                                                                                                  ***CORY SAYS “Agreed on all, including the bench/don’t cut on Latos… I benched him in NFBC.”


I’ve been shopping my 3B with both Zimmerman and Sandoval coming off the DL for me, in addition to owning Ryan Roberts, who I added while they were out. Initially I was shopping Roberts for any SP but I was just offered Matt Cain for Liriano and Sandoval. How fair is this trade? I can’t make up my mind and am leaning towards declining.


It’s fair but I don’t think I’d do it. I’d rather gamble that Liriano gets hot and puts up comparable numbers to Cain from here on out. It’s just not worth it to give up Sandoval in order to make that SP swap.


Thanks! That was my thought, plus I’m really just trying to add SP, not swap players.

Trade offer in 10team mixed non-keeper…I’m already leaning towards no but wanted to get 2nd opinion.

Give Lester & victorino for youkilis &Tori hunter.

I have had 3B issues all year, I tried moustakas but ultimately went and picked up mcgehee again after he strung some hits & RBIs together.

Should I just ride it out with Mcgehee or pull trigger and get my 3B?
Rest of staff: Beckett, Gallardo, J Garcia, Scherzer, Mo, Feliz, Perez, & Venters.
I’m looking also to add Norris for Venters or Mcgehee if I make deal.
Rest of OF: Holliday, Cruz, Ellsbury, Stanton, Chris Young, Joyce
We start LF CF RF 2Util
Thanks in advance!


Yeah, I’d pass. Lester for Youkilis is pretty fair in my opinion but Victorino to Hunter is a legitimate downgrade.


Thanks it just confirms what I thought…
Also do you think Joyce will continue to slide and become Fuld without the speed or think he’ll bounce back?
As of now he has almost no trade value in my league, as I’ve shopped him around. I have plenty of depth in OF and cud use his spot to grab Norris and still keep venters.
4RP too many?


Joyce is a career .264 hitter who is batting .312 so I kind of saw this slump coming. Some might disagree but if you’re already deep in the outfield I don’t have a problem with you dropping Joyce.


Do I Stash Pujols on the DL (clogging up the only DL spot) or just outright cut him for a 1st baseman on the wire? Berkman is my only 1st baseman now, and I have Bucholz already on the DL so would have to drop him if I put Albert there instead of him on the DL. Please Help!


Cut Pujols? You’re kidding right? If there’s one guy who is worth using your only DL spot on, it’s Albert Pujols.


Hi Zach,

Hope you are doing well. Would you consider dropping Abreu for Michael Morse. I got hit by the Pujols DL and now looking for a bit more explosiveness over the course of the next month and a half. Thanks.


Approaching the Pujols’ owner for a replacement (only has A. Huff). Could move up in R and SB with upgrade. 12 team dynasty league. Would you trade B. Gardner $23, M. Young $11 and T. Wigginton $5 for M. Bourn $9 and B. Zobrist $5 (can’t keep Zobrist beyond this year). Do you think the upgrade from Gardner to Bourn is significant enough? Thanks.


Yeah, I’d make that trade. Not only is Bourn an upgrade over Gardner but you’re saving 14 bucks!


HELP!!! Pujols is out and I need a 1st base. Is trading Cole Hamels for Michael Young a bad trade?


Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t make that trade. You can do a lot better than that for Hamels. Don’t make a quick panic move that you’ll wind up regretting, especially when dealing with a position as deep as first base. Pick up someone off waivers, relax and take your time in finding the right deal.



Thanks! I’m doing outstanding:-) Yeah, I’m fine with dropping Abreu for Morse. He’ll provide a whole lot more power and the dual 1B/OF eligibility is a nice bonus.


Bad News. Due to Pujols being injured i have a open roster spot. Who should i pick up in a H2H each catagory league? Charlie Blackmon or Ty Wigginton or Jordan Schafer, I lead the league in Stolen Bases second in home runs and second in Batting average. So ASAP let me know who you think i should add of those three


I’m intrigued by Blackmon’s upside so I’d go with him for now.


or should i get sandoval 4 boesch?


Yes, I would definitely make this trade. 3B is a lot harder to fill than OF and I still see Boesch as a sell-high guy right now. Remember, he fizzled out in the second half last year after getting off to a red-hot start.


purely based on value from here on out who do you think wins on this trade offer?
victor martinez and howie kendrick for shaun marcum, ryan madson/frandicso cordero/craig kimbrel, and miguel montero.


I’d rather have the second side.


Im in a 10-team h2h mixed league and i was offered a trade: I get Jordan Zimmermann and give up Pineda. My other starters are: Gallardo, Jamie Garcia, Gee,& Marcum. Is this a good deal for me?


Nah, I’d rather have Pineda due mostly to the higher K rate. Zimmermann has had some high-strikeout games this year but he’s been fairly inconsistent in that department.


thanks for all you do………….standard 5×5. drop SS SDrew for AEscobar?????????

thanks again,


I wouldn’t. I still need to see more from Escobar before I take him over a guy like Drew who carries a quality (yet unspectacular) track record.


would you trade tex for hanley?i have asdrubal at my shortstop position right now an i could put him at my utility but then ill hafto get a first baseman from somewhere else wat do you think?


I’d pass on that one. I do like Hanley as a buy-low target but you’re paying full price here. You should be able to get him for cheaper considering his horrendous first two and a half months.


Who do you like more the rest of the way, Joel Hanrahan or Craig Kimbrel? Love the K’s from Kimbrel, but his erratic outings have sometimes killed.


Hanrahan. He’s been close to unhittable all year and has very little job competition should he start to struggle at some point. On the other hand, the Braves could easily slide Venters into the closer role if Kimbrel continues to be shaky. In fact, Venters has been the more dominant pitcher this season, so Kimbrel has very little margin for error.


would u trade tex for ryan howard and trevor cahill?


It’s a fair deal if you’re in need of starting pitching as Howard isn’t that big of a downgrade from Tex, but I’m personally not a Cahill fan so I wouldn’t do it.


What are your thoughts on Alcides Escobar? Is his hot streak going to fizzle out or really last? Is he worth picking up and dropping Elvis Andrus for the long term? Or should I try dropping Torii Hunter or Rajai Davis instead?



Check out this video clip from yesterday’s show where Sheehan discusses Escobar:


Personally, I wouldn’t drop any of those guys for Escobar, particularly since you already have the speedy Andrus at SS. It’s kind of redundant and Andrus is simply the better player.


Hey 411, Took over 1st place in my two “beerbuddy” leagues this week and have climbed into 4th (soon 3rd) in my dynasty league. Still 32 points out of first though. 18 teams, 40-man rosters. Incredibly shallow waiver wire. Conservative in trading.

In this environment, would now be a good time to buy low on Justin Morneau or is there too little known about his neck-nerve injury? I see he’s in a cast, but it doesn’t appear he’s had surgery.

A Guinness for your thoughts,
Mark from Maine (formerly of Queens)


Morneau is set to get his cast removed later this week and it sounds like he’ll be back in action sometime in early-July, so that’s somewhat encouraging news. He’s a decent buy-low guy but he’s always hurt and I just don’t trust that he’ll stay healthy over the long term. Depends on how cheap you can get him for. The worst thing you can do is overpay for a guy who lands up on the DL again.


Just lost Pujols and was offered Kevin Youkilis and Jeremy Hellickson for Jose Bautista. Is this enough or is this a panic move?


It’s fair value but I’m not so into this one. You’re losing power by being without Pujols so why give more power away by trading Bautista? Seems a bit counter-productive to me. First base is probably the easiest position to fill through the waiver wire so for the time being that’s the approach I’d take. Continue to explore trade options but don’t act so desperate by running to accept the first offer that comes your way.


Dear Zach,

Should i Pitch Hellickson or Greinke or both?
I know PoD says pitch both!, but looking at Hellickson track record, he has struggle with good offensive teams, and dominate weak ones. I think MIL is a good offensive team, and Greinke it’s been much better.
I’m +80 INN, don’t know if this should factor in the decision..


I’d pitch on Hellickson but it’s true that everyone should take their individual team’s needs into account when making these decisions, so if you’re a little over on innings and your pitching is already doing fairly well I don’t have a problem with you sitting him vs. stronger offenses. Definitely pitch Greinke though.


What do you make of this rotation i have:-Marcum,Wandy,T.Hudson,Zimmerman,Danks,Porcello,Lannan,Buerhle,Buchholz. You think i can have a decent era and whip with this rotation or do i need to trade for pitching help.LIke trying to trade peralta who i have at Utl for pitching


I think this rotation is fine and generally don’t like to trade for starting pitching unless I’m desperate. And this situation is far from a desperate one.


Need some pitching help! Billingsley and Floyd have been killing my pitching points. Should I replace one of them or both with any of the following? There’s not much left in my league….Nova, E. Santana, Masterson, Pavano, Niese, Vargas, Leake, Carrasco?


I’d hang onto Billingsley but bench him for now. Wouldn’t have a problem with you dropping Floyd and using that spot for pitch or ditch. I don’t really trust any of those available starters as automatic pitches so play the matchups.


Hey Zach,
Would you rather have Leo Nunez or Kyle Farnsworth?
Thanks, Jay


Farnsworth’s numbers are significantly better right now but going forward I’ll say Nunez. Farnsworth scares me big time and I can see a stat correction coming. Don’t be surprised if he has several blowups.


Hey zach,
do i trade hamels, Avila, and Aramis Ramirez for Mauer and Bautista? if not how can i adjust this? i also have lincicum, jimenez, oswalt, pineda, lohse, and ogando


See if you can substitute Pineda, Ogando, Oswalt or Ubaldo for Hamels but if not I’d lean towards making the deal. Bautista is the best player in the trade and while Mauer is high risk, he’s also high reward.


I have been hit with the Puljol’s dilemma. I have 3 guys that can’t play right now including Josh Johnson and Brett Lawrie. I don’t want to cut Lawrie because I’ve been sitting on him since he got the call up. I do have Butler as a backup for first, but with inter-league play he is going to miss some starts. Can you throw me a bone on Lawrie?
Thanks in advance for any advice


From what I’m reading, Lawrie isn’t expected back until mid-July as he has yet to even swing a bat. I totally understand if you want to hold onto him. You might just have to cut a bench pitcher if you’re desperate for roster flexibility.


Alright Zach hope ur comfortable,
I am looking at a BIG trade off to grab me an ACE…13 team roto keeper (cant keep top 3 round pick and only keep 6 for the following season). Presently in 3rd but pitching is really letting me down and I want an ACE, been revolving the door on pitch and ditch but miss some great ones due to not being sure who to drop. I know it is early, but my keepers so far will be(inj not incl..)McCannpic#3, Ellsbury #6, McCutchen #5, Stanton #24, Hosmer #25, Ackley #26..spares, Price #17 and Ausbural Cabrera #14, I tell u all that to show u this..

Trade 1: A.Escobar, Neise and Daniel Hudson (he needs a MI) for Halladay
Trade 2:A.Escobar, Seth Smith, Brett Laurie, Chacin and Niese for Halladay and Justin Upton.

I know this sound HUGE, but I feel I still win and I want the flag flying at the end of the season, I just need that ACE to boost the pitching, then I can revolve the POD door, as we have 2000 inning to make up in the season ( I have 116 in the bank spare) which means I can pick my battles!..I have Tim Hudson and James Shields in the bull pen.

If this falls thru, I may extend this offer to the owners of Lee, Hamels, Weaver and Lincecum… I am presently 20 wins back and 80 K’s behind…Sorry mate, lotta info to help get a good decision..

Cheers as always,


Maybe I’m missing something here but the way it looks to me is that neither of these trades involve players who you are planning on keeping and in both of them you’re getting the best player(s) in the deal. And you know what we always say about playing to win now! I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t do these. I like the first one and like the second one even more.


Hey Zach,
Just wanted to check I wasn’t going too guns blazing to grab some solid players. If it gets the 411 blessing, now I need to hope he thinks it is a great idea also.

Cheers mate,G

I am a Kevin Youkills owner, is it a good trade to trade him for Alex Rodriguez

Would Valverde and Howie Kendrick be a fair request for CC, or would I not be getting back enough? (I also have Lee and Halladay.) 12 team 5 x 5.

Hey Zach,
Dustin Ackley. What is your take on him for the rest of the year and should I keep him or try to cash in on him now? Thanks.

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