Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 22

Jason Hammel boasts a 3.08 ERA and 1.24 WHIP in six road starts this year.


Richard @ Lackey

Hammel @ Tomlin – Hammel has excellent road numbers

Myers @ Lewis – both rebounded nicely last time; only one gets to face the Astros

Kennedy @ Francis

D. Davis @ Peavy – good matchup for Peavy’s DL return

Britton @ Correia

F. Garcia @ Leake – not gambling on Leake vs. Yankees

Reyes @ Beachy

Price @ Marcum – assuming Marcum is healthy

Porcello @ Lilly

Bedard @ Lannan – good spot to gamble on Lannan in deep/unmixed leagues

Pineiro @ Hand

Gonzalez @ Dickey

Lee @ Lohse

Blackburn @ Vogelsong

                                                                                                                                                    ***WHY DITCH ON BLACKBURN?

1. ERA nearly a run and a half higher on the road than at home

2. 96 hits allowed in 91 IP, with only 47 K’s… stuff is not that good

3. Ultra-lucky strand rate, combined with poor K rate, suggests an ERA at least a run higher

I get that the Giants aren’t that good, and his ground ball rate is good, and all that, but I look at his stats and see smoke’n’mirrors.


Blackburn@ SF isn’t a pitch?


I’ll get a reason from Cory and put it up.


I know the home/road splits aren’t great…worse era on road but it SF IN SF

Hey Zach,

How are things? Now that Pujols is DL bound until August, it gives me two guys (Prado being the other) that are inactive with only one DL spot in my 10 team H2H. What do you think about dumping Yunel Escobar (I only use him once a week as a backup to Rollins) and pick up Todd Helton, who is quietly having himself an extremely nice season? My current lineup is:

C Wieters
1B Howard
2B Kinsler
SS Rollins
3B Zimmerman
OF Kemp
OF Boesch
OF Adam Jones
UTL Abreu
BN Zobrist
BN Escobar
BN Pujols
DL Prado

Thanks in advance for your help. I really appreciate it.

Rich D.


Looks like you don’t have an urgent need for a first baseman since you already have Howard so I actually wouldn’t make that move. Even though Escobar is on your bench he simply has more value than Helton due largely to the position he plays. If we’re just talking about bench guys anyway, I’d much rather have a SS than a 1B. There’s no real need to carry a backup 1B anyway unless he’s a high-end guy who you would play at Utility.


Thanks, Zach. I was thinking of using Helton over Abreu at UTL because he provides a little more power while not losing much in OBP. However, I do see your point and will try to roll with this lineup for two more weeks until Prado comes back and I can put Pujols on DL.

Thanks for detailed response!!! My options are Hammel or Porcello…which do you think will have better game?

hey zach wanted to know what you think of michael pineda for the rest of the year?on espn their barely ranking him top 35 for the rest of the year and i dont undertand hes having an incredible year.do you think maybe its because he might have an innings limit and do you think i should trade him now ?


Yeah, I think the possible innings limit has a lot to do with it, in addition to the fact that opposing hitters will get to be more familiar with facing him. If you can get a proven elite player for Pineda, I’d definitely consider it.


Hi – What are your thoughts on picking up Fister and dropping Floyd? Think it’d be stretching my luck to have 3 Seattle pitchers on my staff (Pineda, Bedard, Billingsley, Beachy, Hanson, Marcum)?


Both are really Pitch or Ditch guys right now so I don’t have much of a problem with that move. Fister is quietly putting together a solid year.


One other question. Presuming Pence doesn’t go on the DL, would you be for dropping someone and picking up Bay? I have Pence, Morrison, Pagan, Ellsbury, Ethier, C. Young, and Morse.


Not a fan of Bay. I just don’t trust him.


How do you feel on a trade involving B. Boesch for M.



Fair value. If you need steals it makes sense.


Anyone else get their week ruined by Bumgarner? 1/3 IP, 9H, 8ER. Wow, just wow. Please tell me this is just an insane fluke. I’ll be in the corner sobbing and hoping my team can climb its way out of the massive hole Bumgarner just made.

Yep, in 2 out of my 3 leagues too…brutal, just brutal. At home against the anaemic Twins too, I was expecting a shutout!

Hi Zach,
I have Pujols (in two league’s actually…ugh). I’m being offered a trade for him in a 12 team vanilla league. I’m being offered Morse, Sergio Santos and Liriano for Pujols. I have a definite need at closer and my other 1B are Carlos Lee, Dunn and Rizzo. What are your thoughts? Thanks for the great advice, as always.



Very close call considering that Pujols will probably be out until mid-August, but I’d still have a very hard time accepting that trade. None of those three players are established guys who you can really count on (Liriano established but erratic).


Hey Big Z, hear Heath Bell is on the block and can’t see why they wouldn’t want to trade him. Have him in one league (non-keeper), should I be starting to shop him or should he close wherever he goes? On a separate note I have Reyes on 2 teams and am really hoping he gets traded, imagine his numbers playing in Milwaukee or Cincy!


Hard to predict those things but I do think the chances are high that Bell will still close. That said, if you can even get 90 cents on the dollar for him in a trade, I might look into it.


Would it be a good idea to try and trade Pineda soon? I mean I know he will get shut down sometime, so should I start shopping him?


See my answer above to Rick.


I need your input. Since I lost Pujols to the DL, I was offered Ryan Howard and Michael Young for Bautista and Cole Hamels. What do you think of this trade? I presently have Sabathia, Kennedy, Haren,Morrow, Masterson, Hudson, Villanueva and Colby Lewis as my other pitchers. Thanks.


Don’t like it. Bautista to Howard is pretty much a wash but Hamels is simply a more valuable player than Young. You’re not really gaining anything stat-wise here so why overpay to fill a position as deep as first base?


Good morning Zach,

Max Scherzer…..shelled again last night by the Dodgers….yes, he’s good for K’s….however, stick with him or dump him? Vogelsong, Baker, Norris, Bedard, Villanueva, and Wolf are all still available. Thanks.

Rich D.


I’d stick with him but wow, those are some pretty nice waiver wire options. I might pick up one or two of those guys anyway, particularly Bedard and Baker.


What’s up Zach, just got offered this trade, what do you think? I send Brandon League for Chris Carpenter and Francisco Liriano. 5 x 5 10 team league. I’m first in saves up by 9, second in wins down by 1, 7th in era with a 3.79 to a 3.09, and 9th in whip with a 1.29 compared to 1.13. My other pitchers are Bell Papelbon Storen Melancon and Javy Guerra with Scherzer Masterson Zimmerman and daily pitch or ditch guys. Also I’ve been catching heat all season for this move. With about 2 rds. left in our Keeper draft (keep 2 batters 1 pitcher) I picked up Strasburg. Dumb move like they say or pure genius?


Was going to say pass until I saw that you have four solid closers already. I’m OK with the deal.


Another proposal has popped up. Hamels and Bautista for Scherzer, (Lind or Morse) and Zimmerman. What do you think?


Pass. Bautista to Zimmermann is a wash at best and probably a downgrade while Hamels is more valuable than Scherzer, Lind or Morse.


I’m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. I’ve got an owner who’s enamored with Tulowitzki and willing to give up multiple quality bats to get him. He’s offering Kemp, Lind, and Castro. Similar to a post from a couple of days ago, I’d have to cut or trade two of Adam Jones, Beltran, Alex Gordon, and/or Morse. I think the offer’s more than enough, but my offense is already strong and I’m currently in first place in my division. Also, it’s an advantage having one of the top SS in my somewhat shallow league. Would you make a move or stand pat? Thanks, Damon in Seattle


Wow, that’s an enticing offer, but I think of it this way. You’re in first place so you’re obviously playing to win now. Chances are we’ve seen the best part of Kemp’s season. Tulo, on the other hand, has been somewhat inconsistent and has a history of heating up in the second half. So from this point forward, I’d bank on Tulo putting up better numbers than Kemp. Also considering that you would have to cut two of those other guys, I don’t think Lind and Castro is enough to make up for that difference.


Who would you rather have on your team out of these 3? Scott Baker, Dillon Gee, or Carlos Carasco. 12 team mixed.

Thank You in advance for any advice.


Baker. He’s been the most consistent pitcher of that bunch and I’m very impressed by the much improved K rate.


Hey guys, I’ve been offered M. Kemp, H. Ramirez, & Hellickson, For R. Braun & S. Castro. This a 10 team 5×5 keeper league. I like the upside of all the players. Not sure though if I should take the deal. Any thoughts??


Do that one immediately!


What are your thoughts on a deal involving Bautista for A-Rod and Ellsbury?


I like it. Ellsbury more than makes up for the not so steep downgrade from Bautista to A-Rod.


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