Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 23


D. Hudson @ Paulino – Paulino is intriguing, but bad matchup

Pineda @ Marquis

Godfrey @ Capuano – favorable matchup for Capuano

Duensing @ Lincecum

Oswalt @ Carpenter – Carp isn’t what he once was, but worth a shot

                                                                                                                                                   SIANO’S PICKS

D. Hudson @ Paulino *Paulino seems trustworthy at home

Pineda @ Marquis *Chasing a win with Marquis but you don’t pitch him here you never will. Final score someone wins zero to negative 1.

Godfrey @ Capuano

Duensing @ Lincecum

Oswalt @ Carpenter


Im in a 10-team h2h mixed league and received this trade offer: I get Ricky Romero and Give up Gallardo. Deal or no deal?


Although I do expect Gallardo to improve in the second half, Romero has had the far better season, so I’d sooner take my chances with him.


i was offered max scherzer for brandon beachy should i do it?before he came back i wouldve accepted that offer right away but after this first start im not sure wat do you think?


Yeah, I’d do it. Despite his recent struggles, Scherzer is the far more proven pitcher, so I have confidence that he’ll bounce back.


12 tm, mixed pts league. Trade Beltre and Phillips for Cano? I have Zimmerman to fill in at 3rd and Gaby Sanchez to fill in at Util. Am I giving up too much to get Cano?


Yeah, that’s too much to give up. Phillips to Cano is an upgrade but Beltre is too high of a price to pay for that upgrade.


Who would you rather have on your team out of these 3 going forward? Scott Baker, Dillon Gee, or Carlos Carasco. 12 team mixed.

Thank You in advance for any advice.


Just answered your question on the previous post.


So who would you let go out of the 3? Thanks Zach

Get rid of Gee. He is going to come back to earth this year. Hes not going to finish the season with the type of stats now.


I’d let go of Gee. Not a big believer of him and it looks like he’s on the verge of a stats correction. Cash in your profits before it’s too late!



trade question..12 team keeper league if that matters

I give Martin,Bj Upton,Rasmus

I get C.Santana Victorino..

do it or not?


Id still have McCutchen and Ichiro in the OF and Sandoval/Kendrick to man the UT spot.



Considering this is a keeper league, I do like the catcher upgrade and Victorino is the best of those three outfielders, so I’m OK with this. You’re giving up quite a bit here but I don’t think it’s too much.


Great show, love it! A. Escobar or E. Aybar the rest of the way? Need SB and ave. THX, Danny from Germany


I’m still a bit more comfortable with Aybar so I’d stick with the more proven player.


Ike Davis just hit the waiver wire in my league. I know he’s been out since the beginning of May with no word about a possible return date, but I have an extra DL spot open. I already have Prince Fielder at 1B and Gaby Sanchez at Util along with Michael Morse and Ty Wigginton in the OF, but my league has the extra CI position (currently occupied by Mark Reynolds) allowing for a greater emphasis on 1B and 3B. I also have A-Rod at 3B and Justin Turner at 2B who can also play 3B. Should I pick up Davis and stash him on the DL? How much should I bid on him out of my remaining $965 waiver budget?


Nevermind. I just found out Ike may need season ending surgery.


Give Matt Holliday get Cole Hammels. 5×5 Mix Roto. Could use the starting pitching but the outfiled is then Stubbs, Soriano, Jones, Markakis, and Pagan. Also just lost Pujols so seems like I might be giving up too much on batting. Thoughts?



Yeah, I wouldn’t do that. When it’s close I always give the edge to the hitter and that outfield would be a little dicey without Holliday.


Thanks Zach,

Got a follow up – Give Adam Lind and Adam Jones for Tulo, Hosmer, and Gio. Hosmer being a rooky is the only sketchy part for me even though he is having a good year. Seems fair but worth it?



I think this is an absolute steal for you as you’re getting the best player in the deal by far.


Even Longoria and Andrew McCutchen for Cole Hamels? Is this a good trade? Love your guys show


I’d MUCH rather have the Longoria/McCutchen side.


i was offered crawford for atanton in 12 team mixed thoughts?


Yeah, if you can afford the loss of Stanton’s power, I’d do that. You’re not exactly buying low on Crawford but I think the price is reasonable.


Justin Turner or Omar Infante the rest of the way? Dave from NY Thanks


Turner’s cooling off but I think I’d still take him over Infante, who really hasn’t done much of anything this year.


I received a trade offer…. I receive Erik Bedard & Jair Jurrjens for Josh Beckett….deal or no deal


Sure why not. Bedard remains an injury risk but it’s not like Beckett is the model of health either. Jurrjens makes up for the difference.


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