Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 24


Duke @ Coke

Volquez @ Jakubauskas – Edinson seems to have righted the ship in AAA

Jimenez @ Burnett – big test for Ubaldo, but hang with ‘em.

Pelfrey @ Harrison – Pelf is on a tear, but we’ve seen that before…

Dempster @ Chen

Zimmermann @ Jackson

Lester @ Maholm

Moscoso @ Worley – Worley OK in deep/unmixed leagues

Shields @ Wandy

Baker @ Wolf – Wolf keeps getting it done…

Morrow @ Westbrook – Morrow very risky

Haren @ R. De La Rosa

King Felix @ Nolasco – last chance for Nolasco?

Carrasco @ J. Sanchez

Lowe @ Stauffer

                                                                                                                                                ***SIANO SAYS “I’m benching but not cutting Ubaldo. Two poor outings + calf issues + Yankees lineup has the gut growling. I’m back on Morrow bandwagon after he shut down the Reds. CS is right it’s a little risky but the reward is there as well due to high K potential. Agree on rest.”


Alcides Escobar is still available in my league, I currently have Alexei and Aybar at SS. Is it worth dropping either of those guys for Alcides?

Also, Angel Pagan is available and is it worth dropping Michael Brantley to pick him up?

Thanks for the help!


I’d stick with the shortstops you have and still prefer Brantley over Pagan.


i was offered crawford for stanton what u think


Just answered this on the previous post.


Zach, Mike, & Cory,

I’ve noticed, being an avid follower and supporter of the 411 strategy, that your style and analysis largely caters to roto mixed lgs both keeper and nonkpr with some AL/NL only stuff mixed in… However, I usually cannot implement a lot of your analysis to my h2h leagues, due to the weekly turnover/startover, and my h2h leagues, which happen to be higher stakes and more competitive, are not faring as well as my roto (which is solid, thanks to you guys).

My question is, are you guys in h2h leagues? Do you find that the way you would strategize for h2h is different than roto? Is it more add/drop focused rather than trade to fill need/deal from depth? I find POD helps sometimes in h2h (W/Ks/QS) and hurts other times (ERA/WHIP/K/9), and Im just looking for your opinion.


We’re going to put your question up on the show tomorrow so stay tuned.


Thank you guys so much for putting the question on the show! I WILL keep watching and yes, love ya back, Mike. And very special thanks to Cory for the insightful answer. Still like Mike better for being a Yankee fan, though. Thanks again guys!

When did Westbrook get traded back to the Indians.. Lol.. Morrow is facing the Cards.. All good.. FIrst error I think I have ever caught on pitch or ditch.. U guys are great thanks for helping all of us.


Good catch! I think if the Indians could trade Carmona to St. Louis for Westbrook right now they might do it:-)


Hi Zach, ultimate sell-high buy-low trade here. Give up Ryan Vogelsong for Zach Greinke, would you do it? Numbers are very different so far but their strikeout rate indicates they’ll start to go in opposite directions soon, plus I need wins so better chance with a Brewers pitcher.


YES! 100 times out of 100.


Would you rather: Carrasco, Dempster, or Stauffer for tmrw?



I’ll say Carrasco. He’s on a roll and that’s a great matchup. Stauffer is a close second though.


I picked up Carrasco for Espinosa (just picked him up for Thursday…I have pedey at 2B)
I’m wondering…should I drop Venters for Stauffer?

Nah, I think I’d keep Venters. He’s putting up ridiculous numbers and there’s still a chance he can close at some point should Kimbrel run into trouble. I like the idea of picking up Stauffer but I wouldn’t do it at the expense of Venters.


Can you rate my Starting pitching and let me know which guys are expendable? I am over my innings pitched limit right now and would love to trim the fat. However my Strikeout to innings pitched numbers are awful!

1st place – 631 IP, 616 K’s. 3.14 ERA. 1.19 WHIP.
Me – 671 IP. 550 K’s. 3.30 ERA. 1.12 WHIP.
3rd place – 627 IP, 618 K’s. 3.11 ERA. 1.19 WHIP.



One other option I am considering is dropping my weakest pitcher and picking up an eite set up guy like Sergio Romo. It seems to be working for my competitors as 1st place has Venters and 3rd place has both Crow and Clippard.

I suck at managing pitching so your Helpis much appreciated.

I would drop Billingsley and pick up a closer or like you said a good reliever. You dont have any closers on your team and I think you should pick up 1 to hang in around 1st place. Billingsley is nothing special, so drop him and pick up a closer.


I actually really like that pitching, though Oswalt’s health status is a bit troubling. Anyway, the only guy I’d even consider dropping would be Billingsley but he looked a lot better last night. I’d stand pat for now. It’s still a bit too early in the season to get caught up in innings limits. This is of course assuming that there are no closers available and just setup guys.


Typo. My whip is 1.21, not 1.12. I wish!

I have a couple deals on the table, i would like to know which of these are fair value and which side you would prefer. (vanilla 5×5 h2h non keeper league in which i am currently tied for third)
Give: Pineda
Get: Stubbs

Give: Bautista
Get: J Upton and Panda

Give: Pagan
Get: Castro

You guys do a great job with the show and blogs
Thanks as always


If I could do all those deals I would, particularly the Bautista one. I think you’re getting back solid value there.


Do i drop Logan Morrison for Charlie Blackmon, Ryan Roberts, Alex Gordon, or Brenna Boesch?
Than you.


Yeah, I’d drop Morrison for Gordon.


And also I picked up capuano for a one day thing. After today’s performance, do I keep him or continue to PoD? It’s a 10 team mixed league.
Thanks, jay


I still view Capuano as a PoD guy, especially in a 10-teamer.


i was offered arod 4 dan hudson n gardner what u think thanks


Do that deal immediately!


I have B. Beachy, J. Hellickson, and M. Pineda on my team how many innings can I expect out of these guys before they get shut down? Thanks guys.


No way to know for sure but 160-170 seems to be a common shut down range. All three of those guys are definitely shut down candidates, particularly Beachy.


Hey Big Z, need AVG bad (am last in it) and an improvement at SS in one of my leagues (keeper, keep any 4). Just been rejected doing I Desmond and N Cruz (mine) for A Cabrera and G Sanchez (whose currently on his bench as he has Hos, Fielder AND Votto!). He’s made a few counters (none of which I liked) which implies he just wants a bit more. I stated too him that I wasn’t willing to budge any more🙂 and reoffered the same again which he’s now flat out rejected. Should I be willing to show a bit of leeway here, maybe add-in a Matusz or Britton to sweeten the deal (weekly league so could just about cope without one of em), or would that be losing too much? Guy’s a notorious tough trader, but I really need to improve my team AVG and like those guys so wanna try and get something done! Thanks.


Yeah, I’d have no problem throwing in another one of your starters here. I think you’d still be making a good trade.


You show is great and thanks for all the help this year. I in a 12 team mix keeper league. and looking to improve my pitching. Shoul I pick up Garza., or Chris Carpenter from the Cardinals, and drop one of the following?


Yes!! drop Kuroda and pick up Carpenter and drop Dempster and pick up Garza.


I’m fine with you dropping Dempster for Garza but disagree with David on Kuroda. I’d much sooner drop Lilly. Kuroda’s one of the more under-appreciated starting pitchers in the game. Once again, he’s putting up excellent numbers.


My current starting pitching consists of Felix, Pineda, Jurrjens, Marcum, Oswalt, Carpenter, Lilly, Bedard, and Wolf. Some guys that are still available are Lewis, Marquis, Peavy, Masterson, Matusz, Beachy, and Morrow. Do you view any of those guys as an upgrade over someone i have currently? Also, could you give me your top 3-4 guys of that group that you would target as a replacement in the event that Oswalt or Marcum take a visit to the DL.
Thanks once again


You have more than enough pitching there, even with Oswalt now on the DL. I’d probably take Masterson over Wolf but the fact that all those guys are available leads me to believe that the quality of starting pitching on the wire is always fairly high, so your best bet is just to play the matchups when dealing with the back end of your rotation.


I was just offered Dan Uggla and Curtis Granderson for Cano and brandon beachy. What do you think of this trade?


I’d rather have the Uggla/Granderson side. Cano gets the edge over Granderson due largely to his position but Granderson is having the better year. I’m willing to take the chance that Uggla rebounds and Beachy is a very fair price to pay for that gamble.


Thanks for the help so far through the season Zach,

I am currently in last in HR with only 78 on the season and the next guy is 16 ahead of me. At this poin do I trade away what power I have to try to gain in the other categories (speed and saves)? Basically guys like Quentin and Dunn (should he ever hit the ball).



Don’t give up on homers yet! 16 is really not an insurmountable deficit. You just need a few of your guys to get hot at the same time. Dunn waking up would certainly help.


Hi Hey my team is in 1st at 10-1 but I still make little changes as I have a 4 game lead in my league…..Ive had Hosmer but also Smoak/Fielder so would you drop Hosmer for Turner or Freese? Longoria is my starter at 3rd so looking for a back up or possible DH? Also my pitching staff is Gio, Beckett, Sabathia, Kennedy, Liriano,Pineda would you drop any of these for Beachy? thx

Hey guys, just made a trade in a 5×6 (OPS extra) Roto League. It is a partial keeper league. I traded Alexi Ogando (und. 25th round keeper) and Mark Reynolds (who I just barely picked up off the wire last week) for Howie Kendrick (22nd round) and Adam Jones (20th round). What do you think??

Thanks, Dallin


Excellent deal for you. An absolute no-brainer.


I’ve been offered Ichiro Suzuki, Tim Hudson and Micheal Morse for Miguel Cabrera. I want to pull the trigger. Fair offer? nonkeeper, h2h, 10 team league. THANKS!


A fair offer but I’d lean towards rejecting this. Ichiro is having a very disappointing year, Morse is still unproven and Hudson is a solid mid-rotation guy but not exactly ace material. M-Cab is clearly the best player in the deal and, considering that this is a 10-team league, chances are there will be another Michael Morse type guy on the waiver wire at some point in the not so distant future.



No and no. I’d stand pat.


Zach, do you not like my question lol. Two day posted and ignored in both. Really was looking forward to your answer.


It’s an annoying part of our new blog software where each new user has to be manually approved by me when they submit their first comment. Now that I’ve approved you all of your comments should now appear.


Thanks Zach…I was thinking you didn’t like RED SOX fans🙂

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