Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 25-27

Dillon Gee



Cook @ Sabathia

Niese @ Ogando – Niese struggled last time so I’ll pass here

Gorzelanny @ Danks

Collmenter @ Verlander

Arroyo @ Matusz – could be 2-1 or 12-11, I’ll pass

Zambrano @ Duffy – do you trust Big Z? Not me

Chatwood @ Kuroda

Masterson @ Cain – good matchup for Masterson

Beckett @ Karstens – not risking Karstens here

Cahill @ Hamels – good test of Cahill’s resurgence

W. Davis @ Norris

Liriano @ Gallardo

Villanueva @ J. Garcia – Villanueva worth a look in deep/unmixed leagues

Vargas @ VolstadStats don’t lie: Vargas is a graduate

Jurrjens @ Moseley

                                                                                                                                                ***SIANO SAYS “I agree on all. People may want to run Collmenter out there due to his recent success but I don’t see the high reward.”

                                                                                                                                                     ZACH’S PICKS


Saunders @ Penny

Bailey @ Guthrie – I’ll sit Homer first start back. Don’t like matchup for  Guthrie.

Nicasio @ Nova – Nova’s earned this one.

Wells @ Hochevar – Wells very unpredictable so start with caution.

Livan @ Humber

Gee @ Holland – Disaster alert for Gee. Holland a decent play in deeper leagues.

Miller @ McDonald – Will play it safe on McDonald here.

Outman @ Halladay – I like Outman but don’t like the matchup.

Niemann @ Happ

Pavano @ Narveson – PoD special!

Romero @ McClellan

Weaver @ Kershaw

Carmona @ Bumgarner – Will give Madison another chance despite horrific last outing.

Fister @ An. Sanchez – Fister’s excellent season has gone unnoticed by many.

T. Hudson @ Luebke


Leake @ Hellickson – Leake on a roll…worth a shot here.

Billingsley @ Blackburn – Billingsley was better last time out and this is a great matchup.

Lannan @ Big Erv

Beachy @ Bedard

Talbot @ Kennedy

Francis @ Latos – Pitch on Francis but he’s always risky.

Stewart @ Scherzer

Chacin @ Garza


Who wins this trade in a 14 team H2H nonkeeper? Cueto, Jonathan Sanchez, Zobrist for Pineda, Bumgarner, Neil Walker

I’d give the slight edge to the second group.


Zach, should i give up Mamol and Wright for Chacin? Thanks


Absolutely not!


Now Ive been noticing on your show you guys do pitch or ditch. Why dont you do something for hitters along that line. It seems like you guys pay more attention to pitching then hitting. Dont get me wrong, I love your show but myabe if you can add a tiny segment in for hitters. Heres my question: I am in a 16 tm mixed keepers league playing for next year, should I drop Turner/ Maybin for prospects Dayan Viciedo, Shelby Miller, Matt Moore, or Jose Altuve? Thanks Guys, Dave from NY

Hit or Sit maybe?🙂 Nice idea

I like it


Last season we did a weekly hitting planner and decided it was just too much work for the reward and that it doesn’t really help that many people. The research was very time consuming etc. For daily leagues, there are so many hitters that the segment wouldn’t really be that focused. But feel free to ask hitter-specific questions and they will either be answered by me here on the blog or answered on the show.

I’m not at all against the idea of picking up some of those prospects. A lot of these guys were discussed on last Friday’s show BTW.


Yes I Know. Thanks. I was just wondering which prospect is the best? Like I said, I Love your show though so dont get me wrong and think i dont like it, because I watch it all the time and i love it.

At the start of this week I had noone on the DL. Now I have Albert Pujols, Shi Soo Choo, Roy oswalt and Clay Buchholz all out. What do I do?

Oh god, thats rough. Well you dont have many other options except put them on DL and if you have roster space pick up a couple people off of the waiver wire.


Not much you can do. None of those guys really deserve to be dropped.


Alexi Ogando?? Should i let this guy go and get someone off the wire? Here are a few on my wire. Chad Billingsley, Dillion Gee, Brandon Morrow, Justin Masterson, Carlos Carrasco, Edinson Volquez, Bud Norris. Any info for Ogando will help me!! Thank you.

Pretty good options you have. I would pick up Carrasco and let go of Ogando. Ogando recently hasnt been sharp. Carrasco lately ha sbeen great and you should get him sooner or later so hopefully he remains hot for a little longer. But I do think this kid is for real. He has great stuff, so therefore pick him up


If you have enough roster space to bench but not cut Ogando, I’d try to do that. But if that’s not the case, I think I’d cut him. My preferences would be either Masterson or Carrasco. I’ll give Masterson the slight edge as he’s been pitching well for a longer period of time.


hey I have F.Liriano as my 6th starter…..would you drop him for Beachy who is a free agent at this time?


Nah, I’d hold onto Liriano.


I’ve had a merry go round at 3B recently…Mcgehee currently I have Reynolds there due to his little hot streak…I got offered a deal in 10team H2H mixed.

Give Stanton
Get Walker & Howie Kendrick

Therefore I would drop Reynolds
3OF & 2 UTIL: Holliday, Ellsbury, Cruz, Victorino, & Chris Young

What do you think?


I don’t think you’re getting enough there, especially when you factor in the Reynolds drop. He has to be thought of as part of the deal too.


Better value if I get Zobrist instead of Kendrick?

Should I pick up Alcides Escobar? If so, who should I drop: casilla, espinosa, pagan, morrison, ethier, c.young.
Also, should I be patient with moustakis and rizzo?

I wouldnt do a thing.


If you need a starting SS or MI yes (I’d cut Pagan). Otherwise, I’d stand pat.


I only have one DL spot.

Well are you in a keepers league??

Hi Zach recently made this trade and just wondered whether it gets the 411 stamp of approval. Im killing the power cats but sucking in AVG (dead last .249…yuck), so thought I needed to make a big deal to address it. Traded M Stanton, I Desmond, and D Ackley for E Hosmer, A Cabrera and L Morrison. Needed the 1Bman and have Crawford coming back in my OF soon. Solid deal? Can’t see Stanton hitting above .260 and Hosmer should come back around soon.


Even though Morrison has really been struggling lately I’m OK with the trade. Asdrubal is a huge upgrade over Desmond and I’d much rather have Hosmer than Ackley despite the position factor.


one other question – should i replace billingsley with carrasco?


I wouldn’t but I’d try to add Carrasco anyway.


Are any of these pitchers potentially replaceable with Carrasco? Marcum, Bedard, Pineda?

is it a good idea to drop Carl Pavano to get Tommy Hanson




Hey Zach, wondering what you think to Dustin Ackley. Guys had a nice start, but does he have the potential to hit 20+ homers in the future (and maybe steal 15 bases)? Have him on my farm in a keeper league and wondering is he worth more in name value right now than future value and so might he be worth looking to shop, or is he worth sticking with. Thanks


15 steals seems reasonable going forward but I’m not so sure about 20 homers considering that he’ll be playing half his games at Safeco. He carries a good amount of keeper appeal due to the position he plays and his likely high AVG and OBP, but in reality I do think he’ll prove to be a better real-life player than fantasy player. Honestly, I wouldn’t be against trying to move him now before the hype wears off but only if you can net a strong enough return.



Is it time to drop Homer Bailey and pick up Buehrie, Harrison, or Vargas? My current starting pitchers are Scherzer, Britton, E. Santana, Bedard, Bailey, A. Sanchez, and Collmenter. I’m willing to drop someone else too.

Thank you,


Nah, I still prefer Bailey’s upside so I’d stand pat for now.


Hi again Hey I have Kelly Johnson on my bench, would you advise picking up stephen Drew or Freese in place of him? I have Cano, Phillips for my MI with reyes at ss and Longoria at 3b

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