Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 28

Kyle Lohse


Greinke @ F. Garcia – tough matchup for the Chief… strength loves certainty, weakness loves risk

Dickey @ Porcello

Lohse @ Britton – Lohse drifting back to earth

Correia @ Reyes – Under Correia, see “Lohse”

Cueto @ Price

Lilly @ Duensing

Vazquez @ Gonzalez

Marquis @ Pineiro – risk/reward on both

Hanson @ Pineda

Beckett @ Lee

Wilson @ Lyles – tough matchup for Lyles, playing it safe again

Floyd @ Hammel – Hammel only trusty on the road

Tomlin @ D. Hudson

Paulino @ Richard

Vogelsong @ D. Davis  (Gm 1 of doubleheader)

Zito @ Lopez  (Gm 2 of doubleheader) – eewww


Hey guys, Who is going to get the majority of saves for Atlanta after Venters rough outing, Venters or Kimbrel? thanks


Answered your question on the previous blog post.


I see Leake is starting today not tmrw…my options for tmrw are:
Paulino or Richard(I’m leaning towards)


Also I’m wondering what you think of Beckett rest of way…should I sell high while I can or will the nostalgia magic continue?


Depends on what the market value is for Beckett is in your league but if you can find one of those diehard Red Sox fans who views Beckett as a lock-down ace and is willing to overpay, I’m all for dealing him.



Yeah, I’d go with Richard…at home vs. lower tier offense.


Hahaha ironically I’m the diehard Red Sox fan in my league and I drafted him. Think he ends year as a solid 2 SP in 10tram mixed?

hey zach,
With Carlos Beltran, Alfonso Soriano, Tim Hudson, Johnny Cueto, and Jordan Zimmerman on the wire in a ten team mixed league, do i drop Bedard, Guerrero, Gardner, or Ryan Roberts to pick any up? i already have the maximum number of pitchers allowed and outfielders play all positions.

I pick up hudson and drop Guerrero. Second in line would probably be Beltran.


I’d definitely drop Roberts for Beltran and would lean towards Soriano over Vlad.


Being offered Papelbon for Scherzer in 12tm mix H2H
Only have Soria as closer, other starters are: Anibal, Cueto, Latos, Hellickson, Stauffer, POD.

Pull trigger?


Yup, I’d absolutely do that, especially considering your dire need for a second closer.


You sure Im not selling too low on Max? Thats my only worry. Think I could counter with any of the others?


You can try to get more but I really think Papelbon is a solid return. His ERA is a little high right now but I still view him as an upper-tier closer. Max has been very inconsistent this year so it’s not like he’s a sure thing anyway.



I couldn’t DL J,Sanchez because I have Pujols and Broxton already using my 2 spots. My starters now are Weaver,Marcum,Liriano,A.Sanchez,Morrow,J.Sanchez,and Beachy.

Is Liriano ever going to get it together? would you drop any of these guys in favor of Luebke, Stauffer or Britton?

Also I have offered another owner a trade and was wondering what you thought of it.

in the trade i give Ichiro,Rasmus and A.Sanchez
and i get back Hanley,Damon and Ubaldo. I dont really need the outfield slots as i have mccutchen and bj upton as well as swisher whom i just picked up off the wire.
I figured i was just losing steals with ichiro but getting steals back with hanley. and rasmus really doesnt have a spot on my team with what hes been doing. so to me the rasmus and damon ends of this deal are pointless but figured id might get the deal done because of rasmus upside. so im willing to deal him to get hanley. this is a keeper league 12×12. what do you think?

just so you know I already have Tulo at SS and when pujols comes back ill prob move gaby to my IF slot so hanley would just be my UT guy. if that matters at all.


Stauffer and Luebke are both nice options because there at Petco park which is a pitchers park and they both have good stuff on the mound also


I’d definitely drop Morrow for Stauffer. As for the trade, I’m OK with it, especially considering it’s a keeper league. Ichiro carries minimal keeper appeal and I’m not giving up on Hanley. He’s still a high-end keeper even if you already have Tulo.


Should I pick up Britton or Lilly?
I need a spot starter for tomorrow.

Papa John,

Yeah I’m OK with that. Home for St. Louis is a solid matchup.


Please rank these players in a 12-team h2h NL Only: Marquis, Luebke, Zito, Capuano, Pelfrey. I need to pick up one to replace Oswalt while hes on the DL.


Luebke, Capuano, Marquis, Pelfrey, Zito.


I dropped Bud Norris and added Carlos Corasco. Good Move?


I would’ve stuck with Norris. His K rate is a lot higher than Carrasco’s and he plays in the NL, a much easier league for pitchers.


That’s OK. I’ll just do the reverse next week, after Norris faces Texas or Boston.

I feel I have very strong pitching, I really want to pick up Phil Hughes but who do i drop or try to trade? Should i sell high on bedard now or is his k-to-bb ratio too good. I feel gonzalez would be a good trade bait too, but he has no name to my competitors.
-Gio Gonzalez
-Jered Weaver
-daniel hudson
-Josh Johnson


I’d honestly stand pat for now. There is simply too much uncertainty surrounding Hughes to get too excited. You have more than enough pitching already.


Can you help me figure out who to drop with hanson coming back? I’ve got leake, blackburn, lannan, fister, and karstens. The rest I’m not going to drop, but of those 5 who can i let go?


I’d cut ties with Lannan. His K rate is very low and I’m not impressed at all by his 1.39 WHIP.


thanks for the help man, this sites really helpful.

Hi desperate for an answer. In my dynasty league of 14 teams I have David Aardsma sitting on the DL. Would it be wise to drop him for Nick Markakus or for any player for that matter that can do more than just take up space? Will David Aardsma return as the Mariners Closer next year or does League have it? Thanks


If you feel that there’s a player currently on the wire who can help you win now, I wouldn’t let Aardsma stand in the way of picking him up.


Thanks Zach I picked up Nick. I do wonder if Aardsma will close again.

I know I’m jumping the gun but: Carrasco @ARI OR Stauffer vs KC??

Trade offer 10 team H2H mixed…

Give victorino & j Garcia for Beltre & hellickson

Whatcha think?
I have Ellsbury, Holliday, Cruz, Stanton, Chris Young.
Rest of rotation: Lester, Beckett, Scherzer, Gallardo, & PoD…also have Mo, Feliz, Perez, & Venters

My 3B is Reynolds…


Pass. The downgrade from Garcia to Hellickson is roughly equal to the 3B upgrade from Reynolds to Beltre but you’re giving up a very solid outfielder in Victorino.



Stauffer vs. KC…without question in my opinion.


Is it worth picking up luebke in a 12 team mixed


He’s pitch or ditch right now so if you like the matchup sure. But I don’t think he deserves a permanent roster spot just yet.


How do you feel about Dickey tonight? I have a pristine era/whip with beachy and billingsley last night but the guy I’m playing is streaming


I’m not too high on Dickey in general and while he’s been pretty good of late he’s also faced weak opposition. @DET is a bad matchup.


URGENT HELP NEEDED.. (Ii know probably overkill sorry)

What do you think of this deal? 10t mixed

Give Beckett, Reynolds & Victorino

Get Marcum, Beltre & Dunn

Thanks as always

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m an idiot and forgot Marcum has a bum hip…long term will the trade benefit me anyways? If I’m betting on Beckett coming back to earth 2nd half and Dunn will figure it out plate?
Safe assumptions?
Thank you,


I’m not so sure either are safe assumptions at this point. Will Dunn figure things out? Probably. But will he go on an absolute tear so that his final stat line will vaguely resemble his career averages? He’s going to need a monster second half even to get to 30 HRs and 90 RBIs. I don’t really like this trade for you. Beckett to Marcum is a clear downgrade and I don’t think the 3B upgrade makes up for that. And no way would I swap Victorino for Dunn right now.


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