Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, 6/29 + Dodgers Notes

Hey everyone,

Before we get to Pitch or Ditch, I figured I’d share a bunch of interesting historical notes concerning last night’s Dodgers offensive eruption, besides the fact that Nick Blackburn saw his ERA rise by a half-run. We were debating whether or not to make Blackburn a grad on our latest Pitch or Ditch category chart but ultimately decided against it. Glad we did!


  • The 15 runs in a shutout are the most by the Dodgers since they defeated the Padres 19-0 on June 28, 1969.
  • The Dodgers 25 hits are the most by the club since May 19, 2006, when they collected 25 in a 16-3 win over the Angels.
  • The Dodgers 25 hits are tied for the second most in interleague play.  The Red Sox – with 28 on June 27, 2003 – have the most.  In addition to the two 25-hit games compiled by the Dodgers (this one and the one on May 19, 2006), only one other team – the Orioles on June 13, 1999 – had 25 hits in an interleague game.
  • The Dodgers 25 hits are the most in the Majors this season, and the most since the Brewers had 26 in an 18-1 win on August 2, 2010.
  • Los Angeles had nine different players have at least two hits, one run scored and one RBI.  The last time a team had nine different players do that in a game was on July 14, 1997, when the Red Sox accomplished the feat against the Tigers.  The last time a National League club did this was on May 1, 1985, when the Braves did it against the Reds.  In that game, Braves pitcher Rick Mahler was one of the nine.  Last night, the Dodgers were using a DH while visiting Minnesota.  Since the dawn of the liveball era, the Dodgers had never had nine players do this in a game.
  • Three different Dodgers players – Tony Gwynn, Jr., Matt Kemp, and Trent Oeltjen – had four hits.  The last time three Dodgers players collected four hits in a game was on July 26, 2002, against the Giants.
  • Matt Kemp was one of the three Dodgers players with a four-hit game.  Kemp singled twice, doubled, and hit his 22nd home run of the year. Kemp’s 22 home runs through 80 games tie him with Roy Campanella (1953), Gil Hodges (1954) and Steve Garvey (1977) for the sixth most by any Dodgers player at this point in the season.  Hodges (28 in 1951) and Duke Snider (28 in 1955) are tied for the most.  That pair is followed by Gary Sheffield (27 in 2000), Shawn Green (25 in 2002) and Eric Karros (23 in 2000).




Volquez @ Shields – Volquez is DTM

R. De La Rosa @ Baker

Lowe @ King Felix

Marcum @ Burnett – play it safe on sore-hipped Marcum

Capuano @ Coke

Carpenter @ Jakubauskas – good bounce-back matchup for Carp

Zimmermann @ Haren

Maholm @ Morrow

Nolasco @ Godfrey

Chen @ Stauffer

Carrasco @ Duke – Carrasco is a grad

Lackey @ Worley

Lewis @ Myers – Hang with ‘em

Buehrle @ Jimenez – Ubaldo 6.86 ERA at Coors this year with 1 QS in 8 starts

Lincecum @ Dempster – good matchup for erratic Dempster


Cory, could you elaborate on why you’d sit Jimenez? Thanks.


Just added a note from Cory to the post.


Hey Guys, Paul Goldschmidt, what kind of player do you think he is going to be? Is he going to be a stud, or just an average guy?


Hard to say at this point but his Minor League numbers so far this season (.316 AVG 23 HR 67 RBI 7 SB in 75 games) really jump off the page. And playing in Arizona certainly won’t hurt his power production once he does come up. A few weeks ago, D-Backs GM Kevin Towers was quoted as saying that Goldschmidt could get called up shortly after the All-Star break. I think he’s a must-add in most NL-only leagues and long-term keeper leagues that use round or dollar values.


hey guys,
I have Kelly Johnson and I’m getting a little frustrated with his inconsistency. I have outfield depth with M. Holliday, N. Cruz, M. Bourn, BJ Upton and L. Berkman would it be advisable to attempt to trade one of them for a better 2nd baseman? If so, who would bring me the best return?


Yeah, I’m getting real tired of Johnson as well but I wouldn’t overpay just for the sake of upgrading at 2B. Remember, Johnson is very streaky so he’s just as liable to go on a tear. In the end the AVG probably won’t be good but the homers will be there. Holliday and Cruz are your two most valuable outfielders so I’d try not to trade them. Bourn or Upton might be expendable depending on how solid you are in steals but it would have to be the right deal.


Beltre for Beckett straight up?

I have: Lester, Scherzer, J Garcia, Gallardo, Carrasco, Feliz, Mo, Perez & Venters

I’d drop Reynolds and use spot for PoD…
Whatcha think?


Yeah, I like the Beltre side. You have more than enough pitching already and Beltre is a significant 3B upgrade over Reynolds.


I have Jurrjens and Zimmermann, would trading one them for Ubaldo Jimenez be a potentially smart move?


Yeah, I’d deal Zimmermann for Ubaldo without question.


Was offered Granderson, Greinke, and Uggla for Cano and Adam Lind. Not sure what to do, what do you guys think?


That’s a tough one. On the surface it looks like a good trade for you but unless you’re really weak in pitching I actually wouldn’t make this deal. I’m starting to get very concerned about Uggla and would have a hard time accepting that 2B downgrade. Granderson is having an outstanding season but he’s slowing down of late. Lind is very quietly enjoying a strong bounce back year.


Tough decision….Who do you like for the rest of the season in 8 team mixed daily H2H at 1B/3B? The choices are D. Freeze, M. Reynolds, or C. Pena. AmRam and Votto are at the other spots. Right now, I have Reynolds at 1B/3B and Freeze at Utility, but I have Big Papi on the roster, so the Utility spot will be taken next week. Thanks as always. I think this question is TV worthy!


I’d go with Reynolds. The fact that he’s a third baseman gives him the edge over Pena and I don’t trust Freese long-term.


Heyyyy, ive been having catcher trouble ever since Posey went down… As of right now Soto is my one and only guy. A guy in my league has Mauer… and Avila… He proposed me two trades… Avila for Berkman… or Avila for michael young… I dont want to give up young… but with Berkman… i guess you could say it wouldnt kill me if i gave him up considering my outfield consists of Ellsbury, Markakis, Sizemore (Cle), Gardner and Pagan. And my guys who are eligible at first are Howie Kendrick, Teixeira, and Michael Young.

So would you do this trade? Am i giving to much for Avila and should i stick with Soto?


I’d pass. Despite his success this year, it’s not like Avila’s a proven long-term producer and your outfield is good but not great. I really don’t think you can afford the loss of Berkman and Young’s multi-position eligibility only adds to his value.


Hi guys,
I love your show. Do you think Jorge Posada has anything left and is worth an add? I just lost Tabata. I guess my question is Posada, Maybin (whom I mancrush), Ludwick, Damon, or Freeman? 5×5 standard keeper fairly well balanced roster. Any other suggestions would be welcomed. thanks in advance.


Most of Posada’s fantasy value at this point lies in his catcher eligibility so if we’re strictly talking about utility guys I’d take any one of those other players over Posada. I just don’t think that Jorge will post superior counting stats over the course of the season’s second half.


Hey Zach is Cory’s boy (E5) back? 2 Homers last night and 3 in his last few games, is it worth dropping Moustakas for him in one league where im killing at 3B? EE created the hole as I drafted him as my 3B and said I’d never go back to him, but I might have to now!


Even though streaky hitting can also be expected from the young Moustakas, I’ve lost pretty much all my trust in E5. He’s liable to extend this hot streak a little while longer but he’s also liable to go ice cold as soon as you pick him up.


Is helickson a safe play for rest of year or is he gonna get shut down on innings limit


It remains to be seen but I’m starting to think that the Rays won’t completely shut him down but rather begin to limit his innings per start. But if the team is still in contention in mid-September, they might not even do that.


Scott Baker or J. Zimmerman? Who would be the better option for the rest of the season? Both are on the wire in my league right now..


I’ve been a big Baker fan for awhile now so I might be biased, but I’d go with him. He’s racking up strikeouts at a higher and more consistent rate and is the more experienced pitcher.


How do you see the Madson / Bastardo situation working out. Will Madson get his job back when he returns from the DL, or will the Phillies stick with the young guy even when Madson is back?


I fully expect Madson to get his job back. He’s earned it.


Hey Zach,
Trade Lester for Avila and peralta? I can pick up berate Zimmerman or Tim Hudson from free agency.


Not in love with that trade. I think you can do a little better.


hey i have a question should i get rid of uggla yet? i grabbed him high thinking he would produce and with him not doing anything is it time to drop him?
What do you guys think?


Although I’m losing patience with him, I don’t think that Uggla is waiver wire material just yet. It’s very hard to find a second baseman who can hit 25-30 homers and there’s still time for him to at least reach the 25 HR mark.


Hey guys, do you trade Verlander, Ianetta, and Damon for Ramon Hernadez and Miguel Cabrera. The rest of my staff is Felix, Beachey, Jair, and Greinke. Thanks


Verlander for Cabrera is a pretty fair deal and though Iannetta plus Damon is quite a bit to give up for Hernandez, I think this is a worthwhile trade for the simple reason that you’re getting the best player in the deal and an undisputed first rounder.


Good morning Zach!
I hope you are doing well. Ogando for McCutchen….which is the better end for the rest of the season? I’m banking on McCutchen and can assume I can find just as good starting pitching from the free agent pool.
Thanks in advance.

Wish I could join your league Rich! I can’t get even 50 cents on the dollar for Ogando in my league, seems noone in our league believes in him.

Unfortunately, I think Ogando is going to start to come back to Earth, if he hasn’t already done so. There is a lot in the free agent pool to choose from that may do just as well as Ogando will in his second half of 2011.


McCutchen…and it’s not even close!


Please rank these starters:
Anibal Sanchez

1- jurrjens
2- cueto
3- ubaldo
4- sanchez


Very close but from this point forward I’ll say Ubaldo, Jurrjens, Anibal, Cueto. Just a hunch.


Hey Zach….I was just offered either Papelbon OR Feliz AND McCutchen for Jon Lester. The rest of my starters are Hamels, Jurrjens, Pineda, Ogando, Scherzer, Lohse, and Kuroda. My relievers are Walden and Soria. Make the deal or counter with another SP?

Thank you.


Done deal. Accept it.


Hey guys I need help. My current catcher is Yadlier Molina because Buster Posey is on the DL. There are three catchers on the free agency that might be better than Molina: Miguel Olivo, A.J Pierzynski, and Johnathan Lucroy. Should I drop Molina and pick up one of those three players?


Yeah, I’d go with LuCroy. He has a little more upside than Molina and won’t kill your AVG like Olivo will.


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