Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 30


Wolf @ Sabathia *Wolf’s hot so why not?

Pelfrey @ Verlander *Pelf better lately but more an NL-only play than mixed.

Volstad @ Moscoso *Moscoso is very good on the 24th day of the month.

Westbrook @ Matusz *Matusz will get it going but until he strings a few together he is POD, ditch him here.

Karstens @ Villanueva

Lester @ Hamels *Good game to watch while at work and getting nothing done.

Peavy @ Cook *I’m not feeling it on Peavy here, bench don’t cut if he is on roster in a mixed.

Harrison @ Wandy *Harrison picking on some weaker offenses recently, Astros qualify. Recently got a Harrison or Matusz rest of the way question, still like Matusz for obvious reasons but for this day it belongs to Matty H.

Cain @ Zambrano

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ***CORY SAYS “Disagree on Wolf, Yanks are very familiar with him. Also, Karstens worth a shot in non-mixed/deep leagues.”



I was thinking about maybe dropping Pineda, and adding Beachy. Should I pull the trigger?
The “other” Rich

12 team, mixed, non-keeper league.


Absolutely not!


Do you think Ackley will continue to produce? I am debating trying to move Uggla to solidify my OF or SP.


While I don’t expect Ackley to approach elite status this year, I do think that he’s a serviceable starting 2B. If you can get something decent in a trade for Uggla, go for it.


do u think nolasco is gonna b worth holdin on to


Yes. And last night’s CGSHO was very encouraging. Keep in mind that he has a history of strong second halves so I fully expect him to be more consistent going forward.


HI guys Hey I was wondering if dropping Brantley, K Johnson or Hosmer for Stephen Drew would be a good move….I have Reyes but no back up and have Cano, Phillips at 2b and smoak and fielder at 1b…..have 6 other of’s at this time but not many decent ones on waiver wire…..thanks


Yeah, I’m OK with you dropping Brantley for Drew. K-Jo has been maddeningly inconsistent but as a second baseman he carries a little more value than Brantley, who has also done nothing special of late.


Hey guys, Im still having trouble replacing Pujols. Should I trade for Carlos Lee or Carlos Pena?


I honestly don’t see Lee or Pena as attractive trade targets. Unless this is a very deep league, I think you can find equal if not better value on the waiver wire.


Actually Garcia is starting against Matusz today.

Simple 1 for 1 Grady Sizemore for Brandon Morrow? Need K’s and got Adam Jones McCutchen and Coco Crisp in OF depth (Jason Bay on bench). Fair Value?


I think it’s a pretty fair deal, and while I’ll usually lean towards the hitter in any close call, I’m OK with this one given your needs.


Hey Zach,

Vargas or Kuroda for their start tmrw?
I’m planning on dropping Venters for the PoD spot and keep Carrasco…agree? I have no bench bat other than Stanton. I have 3CP & 6SP..each week I end up having about 2-3 starts than opponent so PoD is helpful!
I’m leaning towards Vargas for the upside but kuroda is reliable…unlike either of their offenses.

Also which should I hold onto going forward: Vargas, Carrasco, or Kuroda?
Thanks as always,


Kuroda is definitely the safer pick but I’d go with Vargas vs. the offensively challenged Padres. The Angels’ lineup is far more formidable. Going forward I still like Kuroda though.


Hey Zach,
Here are two trade offers I received (10 team, h2h):
1. I give Lester, Yunel Escobar, and Ogando and get McCutchen, Papelbon, and one out of Carrasco, Baker, or Beachy.
2.) I give Ogando and Escobar and get two of Carrasco, Baker, or Beachy.

I need save as I only have Walden and Soria. Escobar is used once a week as a backup to Rollins. Which deal, if any, and please rank the group of three pitchers offered. Thank you.

Rich D.


I absolutely love the first trade for you. The second trade is OK, but it’s not as good as the first trade.

I’d rank the pitchers Beachy, Baker, Carrasco.


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