Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 1

Remember him?


Kendrick @ Romero
Bumgarner @ Penny
Westbrook @ W. Davis
An. Sanchez @ Ogando – if Ogando fails this test it might be time to cut bait
Gallardo @ Liriano
Collmenter @ Harden – wait and see on Harden, who will be on a pitch limit
Kuroda @ Chatwood – Chatwood upping the K’s of late
Moseley @ Vargas – Vargas is a grad
Jackson @ Wells – can’t trust either right now
Masterson @ Arroyo – tough matchup for Masterson, but he’s earned it
Nova @ Niese – not trusting Niese vs. Yankees
Guthrie @ Jurrjens
Wakefield @ Norris
Duffy @ Nicasio
Morton @ Gorzelanny


Why not Moseley vs. an offensively challenged Mariners ball club?


Here’s Cory’s answer:

“Ultra-lucky hit and strand rates, lucky HR/FB rate and less than 4.5 K/9. The Mariners stink but I just don’t think Moseley is any good.”

Good trade for me?
Trade: Morse and Jurrjens
Receive: Reyes


That’s an absolute no-brainer for you.


I got offered Tim Lincecum and Matt Wieters for Josh Hamilton and Placido Polanco. My Outfielders are Granderson, Chris Young, Swisher and Gardner. And my starting pitchers are Halladay, Grenike, Shields, A.J., Ogando, Oswalt went on the DL for me and Bartolo Colon is coming off. I don’t know if I should do this trade or not. And my only catcher is Lucroy. ( 12 team head-to-head league)


I’d lean towards yes on that one. When healthy, Hamilton might be a tad more valuable than Lincecum but the reality is that he’s an injury risk, so I consider that swap to be a wash if not a small gain for you. Polanco for Wieters is a totally fair exchange.


Should I be worried about Lincecum at all in the last month and a half he’s been giving up more runs than usual?

Hey guys I just got a trade offer. I give Jaime Garcia and I get Soria and Moreland. I think i should pull the trigger, your thoughts?


Garcia for Soria is a fairly even tradeoff but I agree with Doug that this should be a need-based decision.


Hey David, I’m just a regular player like you so take this thought w a grain of salt. But I think your trade depends upon your needs. Can you handle the loss in pitching, do you need saves and what is your option at 1b/OF? Because if you have solid options there, and Moreland is going to be a backup, I would not do the deal.

Thanks Doug and yes it hurts my pitching a little with wins but I will gain a lot in saves because now I have Soria, Madson and Cordero and I needed that one more bat to replace Maybin because he has done nothing.

Your question was on the show the other day….congrats.

Hey Zach,
I will probably b out of Internet service for the next month or so, so over that span, which players would you keep in a starting position:
utley or walker,
walden, ogondo, or stauffer
Ichiro, Gardner, Beltran, heyward, Bruce (choose three)
Gio Gonzalez, anibal Sanchez, hellickson, j Zimmerman, Ian Kennedy (choose three)
And in my other league
Three SP’s between Cain, Pineda, Jimenez, cueto, altos, beachy.
Both leagues r h2h no categories
Thanx so much, Jay


Walden (particularly if you don’t have two other solid closers)
Beltran, Bruce, Ichiro (if you can afford his lack of power…otherwise Heyward)
Gio, Anibal, Kennedy
Tough call, but I’d go Cain, Pineda, Ubaldo.



I noticed on POD you guys have Liriano going against Gallardo and the Brewers. He was horrible his last outing and the Twins offense is pretty bad this season. Is there a chance he pulls off a good outing? Also I know A.Sanchez has been really good this year but pitching him against the rangers who are one of the best offenses in baseball especially at night where Hamilton can actually hit the ball scares me. If these two guys were going on your team would you throw them out there?

Dont know if the counting stats would change your mind any but these are my leagues counting stats.


I am also still projected to go over my innings limit by 70 innings if that makes a difference. just trying to give you as much info as possible to make the right decision.
thanks as always zach.



I’m not at all against the idea of sitting some pitchers in bad matchups if you’re on pace to go way over the innings limit so benching Liriano isn’t a bad idea. I wouldn’t bench Anibal though. He’s been simply too good this year.


Is Liriano REALLY a pitch today?? I had him in there last time versus the Brewers and I still regret it!

Hey Zach, thoughts on Jeremy Hellickson? Just claimed him off waivers in my 12 teamer (strange I know), but the strikeouts don’t seem to have been there so far this year. Know Corys a fan of ‘Hell-boy’, maybe you can ask him what he thinks the reasons are for the decline in K rate and whether he thinks the Ks will come back. It seems atm he’s been pretty lucky as his other numbers are still good.


I think you have to keep trotting Hellickson out there (9 Ks in his most recent start so that’s encouraging.) That said, I also see him as a guy you should be open to trading as his innings might be limited down the stretch. Maybe wait for him to piece together a few strong starts in a row and see what you can get for him.


Who do you think will put up better numbers the rest of the year: Hosmer or Moustakas? Hosmer has been better, but until the end of the year (not for future seasons), who do you think will be better?

Also, if you could choose one out of Yunel and Theriot for the rest of the year, who would you choose?



Tough call but I think Moustakas has more upside so, even for this year, I’d go with him. Also, the simple fact that he plays third base and not first base gives him a little more fantasy value, so if it’s a choice of keeping one I’d hold onto him.

I’d take Escobar over Theriot. He’s got considerably more power and with only four steals so far, it’s not like Theriot is swiping a ton of bags.


Thanks. I’ve got Teixeira and Youkilis so either Hosmer or Mous would be plugged in at 1B/3B anyway.

what about nelson cruz for wiggy and tim stuaffer?

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