A Very Special Guest of the 411!


Heading into Fourth of July weekend, it was only fitting that hot dog eating champ Kobayashi stopped by.



This is same guy that got dragged out in cuffs at last years contest?!? Get a real champ in studio…Joey Chestnut!!

i’m needing another bat in a 12 team league where everything is slim pickings. i dropped alex presley for posada salad. should i stay as is or get presley back?


I’d stick with Posada while he’s hot. Presley is still unproven and Posada already suffered through a prolonged slump so you’d think he’s due for some good fortune!


Please rank for the rest of the year. McCutchen, Stubbs, Stanton, Victorino and Chris Young.


McCutchen, Stubbs, Stanton, Young, Victorino.


Hello Fellas,
I’ve been offered Drew Stubbs for Mike Stanton. Our H2H league also includes singles, doubles, triples and walks. Who has more value for the rest of the year?


Very close but I think it boils down to whether or not you need steals. If so, go with Stubbs. Otherwise, I’d take Stanton.



what do you think about Javy Guerra closing for the dodgers? It sounds like Broxton may be out alot longer now and Mattingly seems to like this kid. you think hes worth a pickup if i need saves? right now my closers are kimbrel and krod with brox on the dl



Yeah, sure. There’s really no downside in picking him up. Originally it was thought that Kuo would be the guy but he’s been awful since coming back, so it looks like Guerra will continue to close.


Hey Zach,
Is Choo worth holding onto, or should I drop him outright. 12 team vanilla non-keeper. 2 DL spots. Many thanks for the always great advice.



I’d hang onto him. He deserves a little more time and is hitting a little better of late.


Traded Erick Aybar for Dan Uggla i needed a backup second baseman, and Aybar has been sitting on my bench. Your Thoughts.


Yeah, I’m OK with that. It’s a gamble that Uggla will break out of his season-long funk and Aybar isn’t an enormous price to pay to take that chance.


Just traded Jordan Zimmerman for Carlos Santana over the weekend. Good Deal?
Also should I go after Jonathan Sanchez or Ervin Santana off the waiver wire?


I’m fine with Zimmermann for Santana. A fair deal and you’re strengthening yourself at a weak position.

As for your other question, I’d go with Big Erv. Sanchez’s wildness is a major concern and there’s talk he might pitch out of the bullpen upon his return from the DL. Erv hasn’t been great this year but he hasn’t been terrible either. I think he’s the safer pick from now through the end of the season.


I’m in a 12 team mixed League, non-keeper. I was just offered a trade, I would receive Evan Longoria and I’d trade away Adam Lind and Jaime Garcia. Should I make this move?



Honestly, in a non-keeper I think that’s too high of a price to pay for Longoria. Lower the quality of the starting pitcher and then see if you can get that deal done.


I have Jose Reyes and got offered Albert Pujols, Rick Romero, and Yunel Escobar.for him. Should I pull the trigger and do this deal?


Sure. That’s a fine return for Reyes, and the good news is that Pujols could return to action as early as today!



I am in a 12 team Mix League Keeper. I made two moves over the weekend but wanted your opion. I dumped Posada for A.J. Pierzynski, Then dumped Cory Hart for the hot hitter Eric Thames of Toronto. I can’t understand how Cory is rated so high when lesser players are putting up better numbers. I am looking to make the playoffs, and could not wait on Cory any longer. Was Eric the best choice or should I have picked up Snider or Davis instead? So finally out of out of EricThames, Raja Davis and Travis Snider in Toronto, who has the most up side this year?


Posada for Pierzynski is a reasonable move but I don’t like Hart for Thames. Hart is simply more proven while the inexperienced Thames could fizzle out at any moment. I would’ve stuck with Hart despite his inconsistency this year.

Of those OFs, I prefer Rajai, particularly if you need steals.


For start tomorrow who do you like best: Kuroda, Vargas, or Norris?



I’d go with Vargas. The A’s can’t hit at all. Norris is a close second.


I picked up Vargas w/PoD slot…should I drop Carrasco to pick up Norris? I’ve had Carrasco for his last 5 starts…he’s been good to me. h2H league max 5 moves per week…trying to use at most 3 during week for PoD, keep 1 for injuries, 1 for following week (Sunday into Monday)….Norris worth it?

I do like Norris for this start but I’d have a hard time dropping Carrasco. Factoring in the weekly acquisition limit and I think I’d pass.


OK have a real middle infield problem do i stay with derek jeter or pickup jason bartlett or chris getz, or even jemile weeks…


I’d stick with Jeter for now. I’m not ready to bench him for a so-so alternative.


Receive Jhonny Peralta
Receive C.J. Wilson
Send David Freese,
Send Freddie Freeman
Send Justin Masterson,

Does that sound like a good trade??


Yup. Wilson is an upgrade over Masterson and Freeman + Freese isn’t a terrible price to pay for Peralta.


Wigginton or Snider for the production the rest of the year? Thanks. Rob


For this year I’ll take Wigginton. Snider has yet to prove that he can be a quality big league hitter over an extended period of time, so until he does that I don’t think mixed league owners can rely on him.


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