Pitch or Ditch Extravaganza (July 2-5)


Andrew Miller



Halladay @ Villanueva – Villanueva is intriguing but not vs. the Phils

Zito @ Scherzer – hang with ‘em

Narveson @ Pavano – Narveson worth a gamble in deep/unmixed leagues

McClellan @ Niemann

TBD @ Holland

Saunders @ Outman

Kershaw @ Weaver

Luebke @ Fister

Humber @ Garza

Carmona @ Bailey

Colon @ Gee – tough matchup for Gee but he’s earned it; sit Colon vs. red-hot Mets

Miller @ Happ – Miller a good gamble in deep/unmixed leagues

Arrieta @ T. Hudson

Davies @ Chacin

McDonald @ Lannan  (Gm 1 of DH) – gamble on J-Mac vs. icy cold Nats offense

TBD @ Livan  (Gm 2 of DH)

                                                                                                                                                     ZACH’S PICKS


Vogelsong @ Porcello – Porcello so awful lately that he’s a ditch even vs. woeful SF lineup.

Lee @ Reyes

Lohse @ Hellickson

Greinke @ Blackburn – I’m sitting Blackburn here following terrible outing vs. Dodgers.

Kennedy @ Gonzalez

Latos @ TBD – Latos continuing his erratic ways but gotta start him in Safeco.

Vazquez @ Wilson – This could get real ugly for Vazquez.

Billingsley @ Big Erv

Talbot @ Leake – Leake enjoying an impressive run.

F. Garcia @ Dickey – This could be 2-1 or 10-9. I’ll pass.

Britton @ Beachy

Beckett @ Lyles

Floyd @ Lopez – Floyd risky but last start @ COL encouraging.

Hochevar @ Hammel – Hammel struggling at home but solid matchup.

Correia @ Marquis – I don’t trust Marquis…never have, never will. Correia not an automatic start here.


Morrow @ Lackey – Morrow has earned this one.

Price @ Duensing

Pineda @ Moscoso

Burnett @ Tomlin – Great matchup for Burnett…watch him get pounded!

Francis @ Buehrle

Jakubauskas @ Lewis

Furbush @ Pineiro

Dempster @ Zimmermann – Dempster seems to have figured things out.

Myers @ Maholm – Ditto for Myers.

D. Hudson @ Marcum

Richard @ Lincecum – Richard usually a ditch on the road but this is an exception.

Worley @ Nolasco – Not sold on Worley.

Cueto @ Carpenter

Jimenez @ Hanson

Capuano @ Lilly – Capuano a decent start in deeper leagues. Lilly really struggling lately.


Sabathia @ Carrasco – Let’s see if Yanks adjust better to Carrasco this time around.

Cecil @ Lester

TBD @ Harrison – I’ll try Harrison vs. O’s.

Paulino @ Peavy

Shields @ Baker

Verlander @ Haren

King Felix @ Cahill

Zambrano @ TBD – Big Z might not make this start @ WAS.

Wandy @ Karstens

Cook @ Lowe

Hamels @ Volstad – Sounds like Hamels will be good to go for this one.

Duke @ Wolf

Volquez @ J. Garcia – Volquez high-risk, high-reward.

Pelfrey @ R. De La Rosa

Stauffer @ Cain


I offered someone Pablo Sandoval and Matt Joyce for V-Mart. Thoughts? My outfielders are Francoeur, Lind, Hunter, Bourn, Choo, Prado, and Bruce. My catchers are Lucroy and Olivo. Thank you for your help.


A totally fair deal, and I do like the catcher upgrade.


With the All Star Break drawing near and with only 10 more weeks in my league’s regular season, I’m trying to gauge where my team stands because on paper I have a very good team, but I’m just not seeing the results I hoped for. From a statistical standpoint, I’m doing pretty well (Rs: 1st (452); HRs: 4th (115–1st=128); RBIs: 3rd (441–1st=458); OBP: 6th (.344–1st=.358); SLG: 6th (.438–1st=.470); NSB: 1st (76); K: 1st (656); ERA: 3rd (3.34–1st=3.12); WHIP: 4th (1.19–1st=1.14); K/BB: 1st (3.23); QS: 2nd (61–1st=69) and NSV: 9th (26–1st=40)), but I’m only 5th of 10 teams and 13.5 games out of 1st, not to mention that I struggle to avoid getting blown out by the top teams. This week I’m facing the #1 team and losing 5-7 as of right now because my offense is in a flatline and not producing. My pitching is just barely keeping it from getting worse. What I’m looking for is a mid-season team evaluation so that I have a better idea of which areas I can improve on and which players will or won’t effect that change either by trades or likely available FAs (like maybe Daniel Murphy for one?).

C: Miguel Montero
1B: Prince Fielder
2B: Kelly Johnson
3B: A-Rod
SS: Elvis Andrus
CI: Mark Reynolds
OF: Michael Morse, Michael Bourn, Ty Wigginton, Jay Bruce
Util: Justin Turner
SP: Tim Lincecum, James Shields, Chris Carpenter, CJ Wilson, Madison Bumgarner, Hiroki Kuroda
Bench: Torii Hunter, Jayson Werth, Rajai Davis, Gaby Sanchez, Ted Lilly
DL: Brian Roberts


First off, I’d definitely start Gaby Sanchez over Justin Turner! As for the team as a whole, head-to-head leagues are strange. If this were a roto league you might even be in first place! H2H leagues are all about consistency and guys like Reynolds and K-Jo are models of inconsistency. Both of them definitely have more value in roto formats than in head-to-head leagues. I might wait for one of them to go on a hot streak and then look to deal them for someone more consistent. I like your team but this could be a way to make it better.


what do u guys think bout big erv do u think he gonna b able to turn it around in the second half n should i try n buy low on em


Big Erv has been pretty decent over his last few starts and I definitely think he’s someone worth holding onto.


On the subject of consistency, what are your thoughts on Michael Young? As soon as I placed Mark Reynolds up on the trading block, the guy that owns Young decides to make me an offer of Anibal Sanchez for Reynolds. I know this deal is not in my best interests, but I’m thinking of making a counter offer for Young and I would give him Reynolds and either Torii Hunter or Jayson Werth. Thoughts? From the looks of his team, he desperately needs an OF. His currently consists of Beltran, Alex Gordon, Gardner and Dustin Ackley(?) since he has Choo, Crawford, and Prado all on the DL.

On a separate matter, Lilly has been pitching horribly of late. I may try and throw him in a package deal later on, or just drop him altogether. Who from this list of FA grads do you like the best? McClellan, Britton, Carrasco, Vargas, Buehrle, Porcello. I’m leaning towards Carrasco.

Scratch Vargas from this list. Someone already grabbed him.


While Young is definitely the more consistent hitter, the HR discrepancy between the two is so great that I still view Reynolds as the more valuable player. I wouldn’t do Reynolds for Anibal but if it were Reynolds and Hunter for Young and Anibal, I’d do that in a second.

And yes, I like Carrasco the most out of that SP group.


I got Dempster and Zimmerman on the same team.Do i start them both against each other? Thanks..

Hi 411, think it might be time to start ditching non-aces when facing the Rangers in Arlington. Wasn’t sure whether to pitch Anibal last night but he has been very good so followed your advice to pitch but he got absolutely tatooed. Think anyone apart from aces and maybe no2 starters (Ricky-Ro, Gio etc) should be benched for when they enter Arlington from now on, it just doesn’t seem worth the risk, and you’re unlikely to get a W.

Is it a perfect time to sell high on Jurrjens? Or is he a legitimate ace?

Who do you like more the rest of the way? Jurrjens or David Price?


Jurrjens could prove me wrong but I’m sticking with Price.



Jurrjens is certainly putting up ace-caliber ERA and WHIP numbers but in my mind his low K rate separates him from the true aces. If you can get an ace pitcher level return for him in a trade, I’d seriously consider it.


why are u ditching FISTER today? Please let me know. He looks almost graduate to me.

If I could trade Hardy for Mauer, would you do it? The Mauer owner has V-Mart and needs a SS. Hardy currently occupies my 2B/SS spot, which I would fill with Zobrist. I am still trying to fill the catcher spot after losing Posey. I am currently going with AJ and Lucroy and Martin are on the wire. (8 team H2H league, nonkeeper)

Thanks for the advice,




Martin Prado, and Tim Hudson for Michael Bourn and Ryan Vogelsong… who benefits most from this trade? thanks, and love the show

C. Webb,

Considering Prado’s inconsistent play this year, I prefer the Bourn/Vogelsong side.


I have to pick up someone to fill UTIL spot, my best choices are Helton, Abreu, and Eric Thames. Which ons should i pick up. My biggest need is avg and I could also use some help in power


If speed isn’t much of a need, I’d go with Helton.


wondering about my CI position…..who would you prefer….Smoak who I have or Hosmer, Freeman or freese? thx


My top two would be Hosmer and Freeman, who is really starting to heat up.



What are your thoughts on Lincecum for Crawford? it would leave me short on pitching but I need the help in the OF. I also have an abundance of closers that I may be able to trade for a starter. Rivera, Marmol, League, Nunez, and K-Rod.



I don’t like it. You’re paying full (preseason) price for Crawford even though he’s had a terrible year so far. Lincecum is a legit top-5 (at the very least) SP.



Have another one for you – different league, still 5×5 mix 12 team roto. This one is a bit more complicated as it depends on one of the other guys making a trade as well and not sure if it will come to fruition but it would work out that
Trade 1 I give Quentin or victorino for Verlander
Trade 2 I then give Becket and Broxton for Marmol and K-Rod

Esentially it breaks down to me giving Becket Broxton and Victorino or Quentin for Verlander, Marmol and K-Rod which seems like a deal to me but i am losing a good bat.




I like it, though I’m a little concerned that K-Rod will get traded and possibly serve as a setup guy. Still, I think it’s worth the risk.


Would you trade Stubbs for Howie Kendrick, Colby Lewis, and Jordan Zimmerman if you are trying to improve pitching to make a run for a playoff spot?


No. If your focus is on improving your pitching, why do you need Kendrick? Also, if I was going to trade Stubbs, I’d much rather deal him for one top-tier starter than two mid-tier guys. The one excellent pitcher will make more of an impact.


Hey Zach,

I hope you had a fun weekend. Ok, what to do with Scherzer. He was hit hard again this past weekend and I’m growing frustrated. Beachy and Baker are still available…..cut bait or stand pat?

Rich D.

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