411 Midseason Fantasy Teams


C – Alex Avila

1B – Lance Berkman

2B – Danny Espinosa

3B – Ryan Roberts

SS – Asdrubal Cabrera

OF – Melky Cabrera

OF – Jeff Francoeur

OF – Brennan Boesch

SP – Phil Humber

SP – Ryan Vogelsong

CL – Fernando Salas

                                                                                                                          ALL-DISAPPOINTMENT TEAM   

C – Geovany Soto

1B – Adam Dunn

2B – Dan Uggla

3B – Pedro Alvarez

SS – Hanley Ramirez

OF – Carl Crawford

OF – Alex Rios

OF – Vernon Wells

SP – Ubaldo Jimenez

SP – Francisco Liriano

CL – Matt Thornton

                                                                                                                                           ALL-FANTASY TEAM   

C – Brian McCann

1B – Adrian Gonzalez

2B – Robinson Cano

3B – Jose Bautista

SS – Jose Reyes

OF – Matt Kemp

OF – Ryan Braun

OF – Jacoby Ellsbury (by a hair over Curtis Granderson)

SP – Justin Verlander

SP – Jered Weaver (by a nose over Roy Halladay and James Shields)

CL – Joel Hanrahan


No love for michael morse?

Hey fantasy gurus, love the show!

I have a quick trade inquiry. I’m in a 12 team mixed league, non-keeper. I was offered a trade where I give Brian wilson and Sandoval for Pujols. I already have Bell and Axford for closers. Should I accept?


Yeah, I’d do that. It’s a little risky since there’s a chance Bell gets traded to a contender where he might not close and you would be short on closers. But anytime you can get Albert Pujols at a discount (and this is a discount!) you’ve got to take advantage.



For whatever reason my league has started talking about keepers for next year already and the commissioner has raised the amount of guys we keep from 5 to 7. I know we have time but it got me to thinking about who i would keep if the season ended right now and I was wondering who you would keep if it was your team. The options that i see are

Tulo,Pujols,Arod,McCutchen,Panda,BJ Upton,Ichiro,Swisher,Rasmus,Gaby,Weaver,Kimbrel,Krod and Marcum

which 7 would you choose if the season ended today?

I think the first 4 are a given but then id say weaver as number 5 and either 1 closer and panda or 2 closers but im not sure. I like Panda alot.I know I have Pujols at 1st and arod at 3rd but this league has a IF slot as well as a UT slot so Panda could slide into either one.

thanks again zach



My six definite guys would be Tulo, Pujols, A-Rod, McCutchen, Panda, Weaver. The seventh is a close call between B.J and Gaby with Ichiro as a darkhorse. I think I’d go with Gaby. Ichiro’s getting old and his .274 AVG is, for his standards, terrible, and B.J. is frustratingly inconsistent.



So I should let Kimbrel and Krod go back into the pool and just try to draft closers? they were the ones that definitely concerned me. I didnt know if i should keep panda or kimbrel or krod.



Yeah, I’d gamble that you can get one of those closers back. For all we know Kimbrel might not even be the Braves’ closer next year if he ends the season on a down note as Atlanta has a great alternative option in Venters.


I struck out on the A.Sanchez/Young for Reynolds/Hunter deal we talked about earlier. Who from my watch list should I pursue next for Reynolds and/or Kelly Johnson to get a more consistent 2B and/or CI? Longoria, Votto, Cano, Kinsler, Brandon Phillips, Aramis Ramirez, Peralta, Berkman, Beltre. I’m prepared to toss on Hunter, Werth, Rajai Davis, Justin Turner or Ted Lilly if need be to balance.

Speaking of Ted Lilly, is it worth it to still hang on to him? I doubt he will be much of an incentive for trades so should I just drop him for Carrasco regardless?

Also, I saw Salas on your All-Surprise Fantasy team and surprisingly enough, he’s a FA in my league. Should I pick him up and drop Cordero? My other closer is Papelbon and although I’m 9th in Saves, I don’t have a desperate need to improve my closers. Saves only count for one category so I don’t put a tremendous amount of focus on closers so long as they don’t implode during their outings. Another promising guy that just hit the waiver wire was Capps despite his last poor outing. Is either guy a worthwhile change or is Cordero fine?


I’d trade Reynolds for any of those guys with the exception of Peralta. I’m totally fine with you dropping Lilly for Carrasco.

I’d definitely try to pick up Salas but not at the expense of Cordero. Why can’t you have both?


411 Crew,
13 team mixed, 6 man keeper, roto league
Have a guy with a obsession with for Jacoby (of whom I had to trade Gaby Sanchez to get earlier in the season). His offer is King Felix and Axford for Jacoby and Shields. I wanted to keep for 2012 Jacoby, Stanton, McCutchen, Ackley, Cabrera and McCann.
I dont really need another closer as I already have Bell, Soria and League. Pick offs is a stat in our league and Shields has 8 of my 9, of which I am tied with the league leader.
Thinking to change to trade my Shields and McCutchen for his Cliff Lee and Josh Hamilton (or should I ask for another ace?), my gut tells me either way I am giving up too much value and losing on this trade… I may go blockbuster option:Shields, Jacoby for his Lee and Jose Bautista?
He is only 2 points above me (in 2nd) on the ladder!

Cheers, and I wont be offended if you simply tell me I am crazy to go with this trade,



Pass on all of those deals with the exception of the blockbuster. I’d probably do that one.


Hey Big Z, am a Reyes owner on many teams. On one though I have Cargo out too so am struggling to find someone to drop to replace Reyes short term. My only concievable option is Carrasco, am loaded in starters but there is no innings limit in this league only transaction limits. Would you drop Carrasco and pick up either Barney or Bartlett short term, or just eat the SS spot for a few days and get no stats. Thanks


I’d lean towards eating the SS spot for a few days and then re-evaluating the situation.



I droped Thames and picked up Hart since you told me on my last post under a very special Guest that “Hart is simply more proven while the inexperienced Thames could fizzle out at any moment.” So thanks for the advice and I will keep him for the remainder of the year. Of course he hit two home runs when I sent him to waivers.

One question I have is infielding points. I found out the reason I am losing in is due to the infield points this year that are included in the over all points total. In my 12 mix League they include ast,ofast,e, and dpt to the total. This seems to make a good player in the outfield not as special when compared to an average infielder with allot of assist. Is this common, and do you agree this kind of point system changes the value of the players? So with this in mind does it make sense if I pick up Emilio Bonifacio and drop Matt Joyce, or am I thinking about this all wrong?



Honestly, I’ve never heard of a league which uses that many fielding stats. It does make sense that it bumps up the value of infielders slightly but remember that errors is also a category so that helps to balance it out somewhat. I wouldn’t drop Joyce for Bonifacio. I think you’re losing out on too many of the hitting categories to the point where it’s just not worth it.



When is it time to cut Dunn? Everytime he shows any sign of life he comes back the next day with a big 0/4 or 0/5. I have been keeping him on my bench but it is getting painful at this point.

Thanks as always,


I’m not cutting Dunn in the league that I own him…still worthy of a roster spot despite this shockingly awful season.


H2H 12team
recieve Howard/Longo/Byrd
send Votto/Beltre
What do u think? I am weak at pitcher and they have Beckett, Romero, Greinke


I actually wouldn’t make this deal. I see Votto to Howard as a wash and at this point would rather have Beltre than Longoria, who just can’t seem to get it going at the plate this year. Byrd is irrelevant here.



Hey its me again what about this
recieve Matt Kemp/Longo
send Hamilton/bultler or beltre

This one I like, even if you have to deal Beltre (I’d first try to do Butler instead.) Even though I think Beltre to Longoria is a small downgrade, Hamilton to Kemp is a definite upgrade…this as opposed to the debatable 1B upgrade in the previous trade.


Cahill just became available over the waiver wire. In order to get him, I have to drop either Carrasco or Gee. Should I pursue?
the “other” Rich


Yeah, I’d cut Gee to pick up Cahill. I have a feeling that Gee might be overdue for a rough stretch.


Thank You Zach!

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