Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, July 6

Wade Davis has given up two earned runs or less in each of his last three starts but allowed at least four earned uns in each of his previous four outings.


W. Davis @ Liriano – don’t trust Davis

Chen @ Jackson – don’t trust EJax

Penny @ Chatwood – don’t trust either… sense the theme?

Vargas @ Moscoso

Hughes @ Masterson – wait and see on Hughes

Romero @ Wakefield

Guthrie @ Ogando

Collmenter @ Gallardo – the Collmenter era has ended

Wells @ Gorzelannygamble on Wells vs. weak-hitting Nationals

Norris @ Morton

Cook @ Jurrjens

Kendrick @ An. Sanchez

Arroyo @ Westbrook

Niese @ Kuroda

Moseley @ Bumgarner

***SIANO SAYS “Pitch on E-Jax. He is bueno at home. I’ll defer to Cory on Wells…seems ambitious😉. Agree on rest.”


Hey Fantasy 411 Crew,
Would you deal Danny Espinosa for Nelson Cruz in a 20 Team Mixed 10 Keeper League? I already have Rickie Weeks at 2B and my OF consists of Matt Holliday, Jason Heyward, Justin Upton, Austin Jackson (UT), and I have Will Venable and Eric Thames taking space on my bench. I want to pull the trigger on this deal, but the problem for me is that I have no 3B or SS as at the moment as Ian Stewart and Eduardo Nunez are slotted there and I want to use my chips wisely. Should I try to make the deal a Rickie Weeks-Curtis Granderson swap, accept the Espinosa-Cruz deal, or hold off on the deal and use my chips in other places to boost my line-up.
Really need your guidance on this one guys,
The Manoman


On paper, the Espinosa for Cruz deal looks like a win for you but considering your specific situation I might hold off as Cruz’s injury history does hurt his value, particularly in a keeper league. I’m not so sure that he’s a great guy to target. I like the Weeks for Granderson deal though.


Why not Gorzelanny? He’s had two back to back QS’s and his numbers seem to be substantially better than Wells’.

I need to drop a one of these guys to pick up a temporary replacement for tulo, who do you suggest

kennedy, baker, zimmerman, romero, a. sanchez


None of the above. Tulo is day-to-day as of now so I wouldn’t panic and cut a very good starting pitcher just to cover the shortstop position for a few days. See if you can drop someone else for the SS replacement but if that’s not possible I’d just stand pat until we know more about the extent of Tulo’s injury.


Would you trade cano for either in a 8 team mixed league. My outfield is slim amd I have pedroia as ut I could move to 2nd

Who’s the better bet for production the rest of this year, Wigginton or Snider? Thanks. Rob


Just answered your question on the previous blog post.


hey guys in a 10 team h2h each category should i add bartolo colon? Here are my pitchers:

chris perez
tommy hanson
zack greinke
jair jurrjens
ian kennedy
philip humber
scott baker
brandon morrow
anibal sanchez
josh johnson (D.L.)

who should i drop for him if anybody?


Yeah, I’d rather have Colon than Morrow, particularly if you’re not desperate for strikeouts.


Hey Zach,

I hope you had a fun weekend. Ok, what to do with Scherzer. He was hit hard again this past weekend and I’m growing frustrated. Beachy and Baker are still available…..cut bait or stand pat?

Rich D.


I’d bench but not cut Scherzer. If you can find another way to add Beachy I’d do that, but not at the expense of Scherzer.


Yo Zach

How’s Ogando(Texas) for Carrasco(Cleveland) sound?
I’d be on the receiving end of Carrasco. The reason i wanna give up Ogando is because I think he may be shut down before the season ends. I wanna get something back instead of dropping him. Know what I mean?
Unless you say otherwise I’m gonna try buttering up the guy while I wait for a reply.

Which of these currently hot players will have better production ROS, Aramis Ramirez or Freddie Freeman?


I’m going with A-Ram. Health is the main issue with him but as long as he stays on the field (and he’s been healthy so far) I think he produces. Freeman is hot right now but the reality is that he’s a rookie who will probably continue to be streaky. Aramis is the safer play for the rest of this season.


H2H points 12 team
I recieve Howard/Longo/Byrd
I send Votto/Beltre
What do you think?

Hey Guys, Moreland or Maybin and Francoeur or Maybin/ Moreland rest of way? Thanks.


I’d rank those three Francoeur, Maybin, Moreland.


Which Washington pitcher do you like better Marquis or Lannan?


Do I have to pick one?:-) I’ll say Lannan. He’s a little less blowup prone.


Jose Reyes is my only SS and I’m a little worried about his durability as we head into the All Star Break. Can you please rate these guys that are currently on the wire in order of preference? Also state why you like your top pick.

Ian Desmond
Omar Infante
Ryan Theriot
Alex Gonzalez
Jason Bartett
Emilio Bonafacio

I wiould use the best option as a back up bench SS and create a roster spot by dropping bastardo once madson comes back.


My top three would be Desmond, Bartlett and then Theriot. Desmond’s current AVG is horrible but he did hit a respectable .269 last year so I expect him to improve in that area. He’s guaranteed everyday playing time, carries a decent amount of upside and is stealing plenty of bases.


Im in a 12 team mixed h2h Dynasty league and Phil Hughes is now off the DL. Which player do i drop to make room for him out of these players: Latos, Carlos Carrasco, Brett Lawrie, Hellickson, Trout, Domonic Brown. Or should i just drop Hughes?


That’s a very tough question. I might try to solve this by trading one of those guys but if I absolutely had to pick one it would be Carrasco. There’s really no good answer to this though.


Prado will b back soon, who would b a better drop Ty Wigginton or Alex Rios? I would like to keep Rios for the steals but six steals isn’t really tearing it up.


Rios has shown few signs of life this season while Wigginton has actually been hitting fairly well of late. I also like his multi-position eligibility. I’d cut Rios.


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