Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 7



Carlos Villanueva has posted a quality start in each of his last four outings.

Niemann @ Colon

Villanueva @ McAllister – Villanueva a good gamble in deep/unmixed leagues

Arrieta @ Miller

Harden @ Holland – not risking Harden in Texas

Scherzer @ Duffy

Pavano @ Humber

Fister @ Weaver

Nicasio @ T. Hudson

Garza @ Livan

Happ @ Hand

Bailey @ Narveson

Saunders @ McClellan

Gee @ Kershaw

Luebke @ Zito



So Liriano continues to frustrate me. is it time to cut him and go after Luebke or Nolasco or C.Lewis? My pitchers are driving me nuts.Help please..



So I went ahead and cut Liriano and picked up Luebke for his start tomorrow against SF. Hope I didnt make a huge mistake. I just didnt want to sit around and wait for someone else to snag him and also to see Liriano implode again.


I’m OK with that. Long-term I still like Nolasco the most but I’m fine with spot-starting Luebke in favorable matchups such as this one.



Yeah, Liriano’s inconsistency is maddening. If you want to cut him I won’t stand in your way. In terms of replacing him, from now through the end of the season I have the most faith in Nolasco.


ROS LoMo or Swisher?


Swisher. Higher power upside and should put up the better counting stats across the board.


Now with Lester on DL, I need to msje a move, who do you like to fill in: Wandy Rodriguez, Kuroda, Stauffer, Vargas, or Norris?

I have a PoD slot that Vargas is currently in and then I have to fill DL spot. Are they all PoD options or any really stand out?

Thanks as always,

Morrow is also an option!

I picked up Morrow for his start @ CLE Saturday…agree?

Left is PoD for Vargas…I have 2 adds left for week…looking forward at some matchups what do you think 4 best options are?

Leake @ MIL
McDonald vs CHC

C Richard @ LAD
Capuano @ SF
Myers @ FLA
Buehrle vs MIN

W Rodriguez @ FLA
Stauffer @ LAD

I appreciate all the help the 411 staff gives, also specifically Zach cuz it seems you reply to all posts
Thanks as always
Josh A

Stauffer, Wandy, Vargas, Norris, Kuroda all pretty good options though


My four would be Wandy, Stauffer, Buehrle and Capuano.



I’m shocked that all those guys are available on your league’s waiver wire. None of them are waiver wire material. I’d go Wandy but that’s a pretty impressive group to choose from.


Is Jason Bay legit or is this just a hot streak?


Bay’s been so terrible throughout his Met career that I’m not buying this yet. He’s probably worth a roster spot in a 12-team mixed league but I wouldn’t rely on him to be a consistent producer from here on out. Keep your expectations in check.


Has Z Britton become PoD material? Thanks


Britton was a grad on our latest PoD chart from a couple weeks ago and has been so-so since. He’s teetering on the edge of a demotion but not yet.


mat latos or aj burnett?


Latos by a hair. He’s been a little better of late and watching Burnett’s starts can drive anyone nuts. Spare yourself some of the pain!


no love for fister? hes given up a total of 3 runs over his last 26 innings with a 13:2 k to bb. Even if he loses to weaver he still will probably have a quality start right?

Just got offered Rasmus for Ricky Romero. My gut tells me I shouldn’t go for it, so I wnet to you guys for a second opinion. Thoughts.


Unless you’re in dire need for an outfielder, I’d pass. Rasmus isn’t wowing anyone so far this year while Romero is enjoying a breakout season.



I love the show. Thanks for all the help and tips. In a 12 team mix league with OF positions, my starting RF is M.Stanton and I have Heyward backing him up. What do you predict for Heyward in the second half of the season? Will Atlanta revert him to the 1-2 slots of the batting order, or will they finally leave him in a productive 5-6 hole? Would you say J-Neymore and replace his roster spot for N.Swisher? Swisher has been scorching and I am tempted.




Yeah, even aside from the injury, Heyward’s been a huge disappointment this year. But he’s too talented not to improve and I’d still rather have him than Swisher for the second half. But I have no problem with you picking up Swish anyway to play over Heyward for the short-term. I just wouldn’t drop Heyward outright.


What are your thoughts on this trade I’m planning on proposing? I would get Berkman and Kinsler for Reynolds, Kelly Johnson and Ty Wigginton. I know this would solve both of my consistency problems with Reynolds and Johnson, but am I giving up too much by adding Wigginton? The other guy is looking for an OF to improve his team even though he’s dead last and 35.5 games out of 1st.


No, you’re not giving up too much. You can’t let Ty Wigginton hold up a trade in which you are getting arguably the two best players in the deal.


Think it’s time to drop Rizzo in favor of Bonifacio, Valencia, Daniel Murphy, Scott Sizemore or Kotchman?
Also, should I replace Sergio Santos with Worley once the All-star break is over?


No and no. Rizzo still has a lot more upside than any of those other guys and you have to be patient with rookies. Worley carries nowhere near the value of Santos. He’s an average pitcher who is benefiting from the fact that the opposition hasn’t seen much of him yet. Santos is a solid closer whose job looks to be pretty safe.


Hey guys. I need your opinion (again.) Anyway, I offered A. Ramirez, Matt Joyce, and Francouer for Jose Reyes and Arencibia. Is it fair?. I thank you guys for all of the useful advice you provide.


It’s not an outright insulting offer but I’d still rather have the Reyes side by a long shot. Maybe today’s news that Reyes will likely miss the next three weeks evens the scales a bit.


Okay then. What if I replace Fancouer for Bruce?


That’s a lot more balanced. There’s a chance he’d take that but I’d still lean towards the Reyes side.


Alright last question. What if I simplify it to Reyes for Alexei and Bruce?

I’m fine with Reyes for Alexei and Bruce. It’s a fair offer but I’d still take the Reyes side.


With Putz on the DL, my only closer is Salas. I was just offered Leo Nunez and Carlos Villanueva for Max Scherzer. Should I take it? I already have Jared Weaver, Kershaw, Shields, S. Baker, Niese, and Stauffer as some of my SP in addition to some other middle of the road guys.


Not in love with that trade but given your needs and your strong starting staff it does make sense, so I’ll give it my OK.


Thanks for the feedback Zach. Now he does also have Andrew Bailey, with the Marlins struggling should I counter Nunez with Bailey and see if he goes for it or just stick with the original offer? Thanks


Yes, I would rather have Bailey. He’s a little more reliable.


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