Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 8

Javier Vazquez holds a 1.54 ERA over his last four starts.


Hellickson @ F. Garcia

Reyes @ Talbot

Britton @ Beckett  *Britton scuffling enough that I stay away.

Gonzalez @ Wilson

Porcello @ Davies

Blackburn @ Floyd

Beavan @ Big Erv  *Go ahead, say it with me.

Beachy @ Halladay  *Beachy hearts Ks.

Lopez @ McDonald

Hammel @ Marquis

Lyles @ Vazquez  *Javy building confidence.

Leake @ Greinke  *Leake a little risky but has shown he can hang with big lineups and be decent.

Kennedy @ Lohse

Latos @ Billingsley

Dickey @ Vogelsong  *You mean All Star Ryan Vogelsong, watch out for those red hot Mets though.


Y’all have my dream job. How do I get a job like this?


If you had to choose 3 of the 9 pitchers in this list to keep the rest of the year which 3 would it be?

Counting stats are W,L,SV,H,HR,K,ERA,WHIP




I’d go with Beachy, An. Sanchez and Colon with Nolasco and Stauffer close behind.


The Latos/Billingsley matchup is going to be UGLY imo. Stay away.

i finally had enough of ian desmond and dropped him for emilio bonifacio. did i wait too long? or maybe made a mistake?


A totally understandable move. Aside from stolen bases, Desmond has done pretty much nothing this year and sports an awful AVG. And the good news is that Bonifacio does run, which helps make up for some of the speed you’re losing by dropping Desmond.


10 tm NL Only. Tabatha & K-Rod fair price for Berkman?


Should i look to trade butler?
He has been very disapointing this season?
any thoughts?


I’m not a fan of Butler as he’s basically a one-category (AVG) contributor and doesn’t hit for enough power to be considered a viable starting first baseman. He’s at best an adequate starting corner infielder. If you can trade him for something decent, great. But honestly, his value is so low right now that you’re probably better off waiting.


is trading crawford for hell boy n bucholz a good move for me not really sure how crawford gonna come back but got same concerns bout bucholz n still not sure if hell boy gettin put on innings limit what u think thanks


Nah, I wouldn’t trade Crawford for that package. I just don’t think it’s enough.


Hey Zach, rank the following rest of the way: G. Sanchez, F. Freeman, M. Trumbo, M. Moreland. Thanks.

How about Werth will he ever start producing or is there another option to do with him (trade or pick up other player)? Any thoughts?


I don’t really think you can do anything with Werth at this point. He’s bound to improve somewhat but the chances he turns back into the player he was in Philly are slim to none. I don’t consider him waiver-wire material but now is not the time to trade him. I’d wait for his stock to improve, even if the improvement is slight, and then look to trade him for something useful.


Here’s my current rotation: Hanson, Beachy, Billingsley, Pineda, Marcum, Carrasco. I’m a little concerned with Marcum’s last two shaky starts and Carrasco’s meltdown against the Yanks. Should I replace anyone with Masterson or Baker?

Oh, I also have Bedard coming off the DL after the All-Star Break. I’m a little concerned he won’t stay healthy. Who are the best 6 pitchers to keep of all the ones I’ve mentioned, keeping health in mind? Thanks!


I’d consider dropping Carrasco for Baker or Masterson, with the slight edge going to Baker. Other than that, I’d stand pat.



I’d gamble on Bedard staying healthy and would take him over Billingsley from here on out.


Hellicksons a ditch at Yankee stadium. Jeters 2 hits away from 3000 and the Yankees will be fired up. They are also losing ground to the Red Sox. Did you see what happened to the rookie Carrasco? I see a simular fate for Hellickson in this start.

I’m thinking of dropping Grady Sizemore. I am an Indians fan and have kept him this long out of loyalty, as he is the face of the franchise. However I need help at Catcher and Shortstop. I have depth in the outfield. I was thinking of replacing Sizemore with Soto or Bonifacio, My fear is that as soon as I drop Grady he’ll be his old self again. What do you project from Sizemore going forward?

PS: This past month, I lost Albert Pujols, Shin Soo Choo, Roy Oswalt, Clay Bucholz, Ryan Madson and Jose Reyes all to the DL. Only 1 DL slot in my league.


Yeah, it’s definitely time to start to consider dropping Grady but I’d give it a couple more weeks as neither Soto (depending on who your current catcher is) or Bonifacio are overly appealing. Tough call though as Grady hasn’t really shown anything positive this year.


Should I drop jemile weeks for ackley or ellis?
What about mauer for soto?


I’d stick with Weeks. He’s still hitting pretty well and I’m giving him the slight edge over Ackley due to his speed upside. I’d stay away from the veteran Ellis. We know who he is by now and he’s nothing special.


Just picked up Mike Trout. Is he relevant in a 10 team mixed? Also, is he up for good?

I should add that it’s a non keeper


It remains to be seen whether or not Trout is up for good but I have a hard time thinking the Angels would call him up if they weren’t intent on giving him an extensive look. As the consensus top prospect in all of baseball, he’s worth in add in pretty much every format, even non-keeper leagues.


I have the MLB’s newest 1B in Joe Mauer in a non keeper league as my starting catcher. I have also have All-Star Alex Avila (who I picked up when Mr. Mauer Power went on the DL). What I am getting at is, should I try to sell Mauer for a great pitcher or OF? Or is he going to have a better rest of the season than Avila?

Jon from Texas (Still waiting for Josh Johnson)


I actually think that Mauer’s return provides a nice opportunity for you to sell high on Avila if you can get a strong return. The fact that Mauer will be playing first base now definitely reduces his chances of getting hurt again, so that’s very encouraging. Note that Avila has just one hit over his last 16 at-bats, so perhaps a stat correction is in store.



Thanks for all the help so far this season.

Looking at closer trade options. Potential to get either Hanrahan, Street, Storen or Farnsworth. Which is the best option for the second half and are any worth Vicorino or V-Mar?

Thanks again,


No, I wouldn’t trade Victorino or V-Mart straight up for any of those closers. I like Street the most with Hanrahan a close second. The only risk with Street is the chance he gets traded before the deadline to a team that would use him as a setup man. So if you do acquire him you should back yourself up with Lindstrom. But a lot of this depends on who you would have to give up for any one of these guys.


Thanks for the advice, I was leaning that way. The one other that has been thrown out there is for Wilson who at least has clear job security and is proven but again victorino as a 5 tool player is tough to give up.

Or one more of Wilson + Capps for Victorino+Venters seems to get closer?


Honestly, I’d sooner do Victorino for Wilson straight up. That’s something I’d consider. Capps appears on the verge of losing his closer job. At this point, I’d rather have Venters than Capps…better all-around numbers.


With Trout being called up I’d like to see if I can make room. I dont need him, but its very interesting! Already have 2 quality CF in Ellsbury & Victorino; then Holliday, Cruz, Stanton, & Chris Young. I have no bats to drop for him considering only one on bench now is Victorino cuz of injury. So I have to turn to pitchers…

If I wait til tmrw (if Trout still there) I can drop Morrow for him. If not my options are:

**No waiver claim for Stauffer and can drop Vargas immediately for Trout.

**drop Carrasco for Trout

Rest of Staff: Beckett, J Garcia, Gallardo, Scherzer, Lester (DL), Mo Rivera, Feliz, & Perez

Help! What do you think, Trout going to make impact enough to warrant roster spot in 10team mixed league??…ofc no idea how long he’ll be in majors.

Thanks as always,
Josh A

No best solution but now Victorino just went on DL so I have roster spot…it’ll give Trout a couple of weeks to see how it goes.

Ah, even better.



I think it’s worth the gamble to scoop him up. I’d drop Vargas for him. I don’t think he lasts until tomorrow. Even if you don’t necessarily need Trout, he might prove to be a great trade chip at some point so he’ll have value even if you decide to leave him on your bench for the time being.


Could you rank these starters going forward:
Lester, Beckett, Gallardo, J Garcia, Scherzer, Carrasco, B Morrow & Stauffer.

I’m currently trying to decide which to keep as PoD slot and also potential trade bait for a 3B…Reynolds has made me forget about my issues all year long but that won’t last.
Been in 1st since day one so I’d like to worry about having right team for playoff run! Nothing worse than being the Dan Duquette Red Sox team that could only boast “More Days in 1st place…” and do nothing in playofffs yearly! LoL Man it’s nice to be on other side of that wall now…
Thanks as always,
Josh A


I’d rank them Lester, Beckett, Garcia, Gallardo, Scherzer, Stauffer, Carrasco, Morrow. That’s a pretty nice problem to have though!


Got offered Werth for Beckett and Ellsbury
My thought is take it!




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