Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Sunday, July 9-10

Ted Lilly is 0-4 with an 8.71 ERA over his last four starts.



Price @ Burnett

Duensing @ Buehrle – Duensing coming off CG SHO but I’m not risking it here.

Morrow @ Tomlin – Morrow always risky but this is a good matchup for him.

Simon @ Lackey – When you look up DTM in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of John Lackey.

Furbush @ Hochevar

McCarthy @ Lewis – I like McCarthy but definitely not here.

Pineda @ Pineiro – I’ll give Pineiro a try here.

Hanson @ Lee

Harang @ R. De La Rosa – DLR-lite a decent option in deeper leagues.

Dempster @ Correia – Don’t particularly trust Correia but the results have been there.

Jimenez @ Marquis – I’ll pitch Ubaldo despite inconsistency.

Cueto @ Marcum

Myers @ Nolasco – Shelled last time out, Myers a risky start. I’m passing.

D. Hudson @ Carpenter

Capuano @ Lincecum – Giants can’t hit. It’s that simple.


Cecil @ Carrasco – Cecil worth a look in AL-only leagues.

Shields @ Sabathia – Matchup of the weekend!

Atkins @ Aceves

Swarzak @ Peavy – Peavy very erratic lately but I like the matchup.

Verlander @ Francis

Cahill @ Harrison – It’s OK to sit Cahill here if you want to conserve some innings.

King Felix @ Haren – Matchup of the weekend Part II.

Wandy @ Volstad

Chacin @ Zimmermann

Lowe @ Hamels

Ortiz @ Maholm – Take advantage of Maholm before it all falls apart.

Willis @ Wolf – D-Train? No thanks.

Duke @ J. Garcia

Stauffer @ Lilly – Padres’ lineup might be just what Lilly needs to get back on track.

Pelfrey @ Cain – I don’t trust Pelfrey…even for this one.


I just picked up Cahill off the waiver wire. You say it’s OK to sit him to conserve some innings. What does that mean?


I don’t usually worry about being projected to go over the innings max at this point in the season, but if your team is currently projected to go way over, all I’m saying is that this particular start might not be the best use of your innings. So I’d understand if you decide to bench him. In other words, it’s a risky matchup.


Thanks Zach;
My league doesn’t have an innings max; but it does have a 7 inning min. for the week, for my whole staff. Should be no problem, right?

Who should i add cory luebke or vance worley?


Luebke. Better K rate and more favorable home ballpark.


Hey I’ve got another one for you. Re-vamping my staff. Lester on DL and want to drop Humber. I’ve got in mind: C Lewis, Zito, Stauffer, Luebke, and basically the rest of the Padres starters. Who would be your top 2? This is for the season, we don’t pitch and ditch. Thanks for any input.


Stauffer and Lewis would be my top 2 but I’m not so sure it’s a great idea to rush to drop Humber after just one bad start. I’d probably give him another start or two to right the ship.


Matt Wieters or Mike Napoli for the second half of the season?


I’d give the edge to Wieters. Napoli will probably hit a few more homers but he’s too much of a batting average liability. He also doesn’t play as much as Wieters.


espinosa or uggla for the rest of the season?

is chris heisy worth a pick up in 12 team mixed n if so is grady sizemore a guy i should drop for em thanks for the help


Despite showing some impressive power, Heisey just doesn’t play enough to warrant a full-time starting spot in a 12-team mixed league. Until Heisey’s ABs increase, I’d wait it out with Grady…at least for another couple of weeks.


I keep hearing that Snider is going to be huge in the second half, is he worth a pickup? I would need to drop rasmus for him.

Or even trout?


Keep Rasmus. But I’d try to find a way to add Snider and/or Trout anyway.


hello im in a 10 team NL only keeper leauge my question is do you think that Ryan Vogelsong isto do good in the second half or be a bust and i should try to deal him now my pitching isnt bad but i could use another closer and wonder if price is right to deal him before he turns thanks alot


Depends on what you’re getting back but I’m not at all against the idea of selling high on him now. I just don’t see his value getting any higher and the track record is close to nonexistent.


I think I will Drop grady sizemore. However i am torn between picking up mark trumbo or ian desmond off the wire.

my only ss (reyes) is out for 3 weeks so desmond seems the logical choice. however, trumbo has been “morales like” for the angels,

How should I proceed?


I consider Trumbo to be the more valuable player but it does depend on your needs and whether you think that Desmond would be a clear upgrade over the guy you’re currently using as Reyes’ replacement.


Hi guys,
what do u think, LUEBKE or FISTER p.o.d. graduates?
Which one the rest of the seson?

THX, keep everything the way it is!

Danny from Germany!


Yeah, you could probably say so at this point but I’ll need to consult with Mike and Cory to make it official! An updated PoD chart will be out soon.

I’d take Luebke over Fister. Both play in great pitchers’ parks but Luebke’s strikeout upside gives him the edge.


or i could drop polanco and sizemore for trumbo and desmond.


I have no problem with that, especially if Polanco is just a bench guy anyway.


Swisher or Bay rest of the way?

* or Bonifacio. Pick one.


Swisher. I still don’t trust Bay despite some positive signs of late. He’s been too awful for too long.



I felt great with Carrasco and Garza before the playoffs in two weeks in the 12 Team mix 2 keeper League. Should I try picking up Haran and Duensing on waivers for the rest of the way.



I like Harang a lot more than Duensing. When healthy, Harang has been quite impressive this year. Duensing has had some good moments but he’s also been very inconsistent.



Also I am trying to hold on to Hiroki Kuroda and know he is a quality pitcher and underated, but how about dropping him for Duensing or Haran?



I’d stick with Kuroda.



Last question. I droped A.J. Pierzynski,for Napoli. was this right or should I double back to reverse this?


I am no expert, but I did the exact same thing. Still trying to get over losing Buster Posey!


It’s a question of AVG vs. Power. If you can afford the AVG hit, Napoli carries far greater HR upside.



Ian Kennedy was just dropped in my keeper league and I was wondering IF/WHO I should drop to pick him up.

Marcum,Morrow,A.Sanchez,Nolasco or Beachy?

I was thinking Nolasco or A.Sanchez because it looks like Morrow might be coming around and his k rate is better than Nolasco.

Counting stats are



That’s a tough one as all of those pitchers are definitely deserving of a roster spot. First, I’d see if I could pick up Kennedy for perhaps a bench hitter and then look to trade a pitcher or two to clear out the SP logjam. But if that’s not possible, I’d actually stand pat. In a keeper league, I’d take all of those other pitchers over Kennedy…but it’s very close.


Wow.Marcum has really looked like someone else after that hip injury.Is it time to officially panic?Should i try to trade marcum for some value at this point or do i stick with him.


I wouldn’t panic. Marcum hasn’t been great but he hasn’t been terrible either. Besides, trading him now would be selling low, and that’s never a good idea.


Fantasy Gurus,
In a faint moment, I traded Joel Hanrahan for Drew Stubbs. That owner, in turn, cut Madsen, who I picked up. I read Lidge is pitching in Single A and Bastardo is doing fine right now, so, my question is whether Madsen returns as the closer or am I going to have to delve into the Blue Jays bullpen for saves?


I’d put my money on Madson returning to the closer role, but either way I think you came out very well by making that trade.


I have Weaver, Verlander , Jurrjens and Gallardo. i want to get a good 2 or 3 start pitcher with good matchups on all his starts. any idea who to get and who to get rid of?


None of your current pitchers are worth dropping so don’t make a silly move just to pick up a two or three-start pitcher. Long-term, it’s just not worth it.


Was offered Zack Greinke for Sergio Santos. I’m pretty partial to Santos but I have other closers on my team with Perez, Melancon, Salas, Soria, League and Bastardo for the time until he gets replaced if at all. Which of those should I try to counter offer with or would Santos be a good trade. Note the other manager had previously turned down the offer of Melancon for Greinke for which I don’t blame him was just getting a starting point. I’m 3rd in Ks, tied 7th in wins, leading in saves, last in ERA and 7th in WHIP, so I would like to improve those standings. Thanks.


I think Santos for Greinke is a very good deal. You have a ton of closers, even without Bastardo, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about losing Santos as you’re getting an ace-level starter in return.



I need one more player to keep for next year as we decided to go with 7

my first 6 are Pujols,Tulo,Arod,McCutchen,Panda and Weaver

My choices for the last spot are
K.Johnson,Ichiro,BJ Upton,Gaby,Kendrick

There are things about all of these players that i really like so i cant decide on my own. Johnson gives position scarcity and with 7 keepers on each team and an IF slot to boot there may not be many 2b left when its my turn to draft. Then again Upton and Ichiro both offer speed,Ichiro is getting old and Upton doesnt hit for avg and hes inconsistant then we have Gaby and Kendrick who quietly give you pretty good production but also both of whom would be UT slot players for me because of arod panda and pujols already taking up those slots. Of course maybe i could put Kendrick at 2b. who would you keep and why? Also if you had this team going into a draft would you be looking just to get the best player left on the board in the first round or would you go for a specific need like closer or SP or Catcher?sorry for the rambling just so many questions i want to ask..wish i had your number or something I could talk for hours about fantasy baseball hahahahaha



Way too early to talk about this! A lot can happen between now and the end of September.


Hi i was wondering if you think this is a good trade, i get Neil Walker for Brian Wilson, i dont have a good second baseman and i need one and i already have Heath Bell and Brandon League as my closers Thanks.


I don’t like it. Wilson is an elite closer while Walker is just a mid-tier second baseman. You should be able to do better.


Arod and Jordan Zimmerman for Price and Gio gonzalez??


A totally fair trade, but now that A-Rod will be out at least a month I doubt the other owner goes for it.


Hey Zach he’s finally agreed to do just Freeman for Quentin in my contract keeper league. Now I need an OF with it currently being: Soriano, Crisp, Rasmus, Morse and Wells/Werth…pretty wretched for a 10 teamer im sure you’ll agree! However the rest of my team is strong, and had me in 1st place until yesterday. The only hesitation I have is Quentin seems in a fairly big slump right now. Do you like to try and wait till guys look to be emerging from funks before pulling the trigger, or does that not concern you and I should just make the deal?


Doesn’t concern me that much. It should all roughly balance out in the end, though Quentin is a very streaky player. He’s just as liable to get hot right after you trade for him! I’m fine with that deal by the way.


Travis Snider or Aubrey Huff the rest of the way?


Huff just isn’t producing this year so I’d sooner go with Snider and his upside. Snider also plays in a much more hitter-friendly ballpark.


M. Young for howie kendrick and maybin. i got the young side which would u rather? thx


I like the Young side. He’s far and away the best player in the deal.


Mark Ellis or Furcal rest of the way?


Not a fan of either at this point but I’ll go with Furcal, despite his struggles. He’s the more accomplished hitter. Offensively, we know what Ellis is by now, and from a fantasy perspective it’s nothing special.


Which side of this trade would you rather be on?

Michael Young and Ryan Theriot (both improvements over current player occupying the position on the roster)


Justin Upton (Michael Cuddyer to fill in the void left from losing Young)


Upton. And it’s not even that close.


I am in need of a 2B (I have A. Hill) and a closer (only have Salas). I have a very strong starting staff. I am considering offering Scherzer and J. Damon (my starting of is ellsbury, j. upton, and granderson) for Cuddyer and Leo Nunez/ or A. Bailey. Is that a fair offer or too one sided?


Yeah, that’s a fair opening offer. He might not do it but it’s a reasonable starting off point.


do you think Matt moore is going to get called up any time soon?
thx and also Mitch Moreland or Chase Headley?


Honestly, I’d be surprised if Moore gets called up before September. Look what the Rays are doing with Jennings. They tend to be very slow when it comes to calling up prospects. Plus, the recently DL’d Wade Davis is expected to miss just one start following the break and I doubt his fill-in would be Moore.

I’ll go with Moreland and his power over Headley’s superior AVG. Moreland also benefits from a much more favorable home ballpark.


Which side would you rather have in 14 team nonkeeper H2H cats
Gio, Pineda, Colby Lewis -OR- Ubaldo, CJ Wilson, Bud Norris


Ubaldo, Wilson, Norris…but it’s very close. Ubaldo seems to be back on track and Pineda could fade a bit as the innings pile up.


Wondering if you can give me an evaluation of team at halfway point…what shud I expect going forward from all, in particular A Cabrera & Reynolds?
C McCann
1B Votto
2B Pedroia
3B Reynolds
SS A Cabrera
LF Holliday
CF Ellsbury
RF Cruz
UTIL Stanton
UTIL C Young

BN Mike Trout
DL Victorino

SP: Beckett
SP: Scherzer
RP: Mo Rivera
RP: Perez
P: Feliz
P: Gallardo
P: J Garcia

BN: Stauffer
BN: Carrasco
BN: Morrow (PoD)

DL Lester


Thanks as always
Josh A

you must be cheating..or there is 6 teams in your league

It would seem that way but it’s a 10team H2H league with a few teams drafting very poorly and a couple others making deals at beginning of year that helped me greatly!!


I really don’t see many problems with this team. You do have a few poor AVG guys (Reynolds, Stanton) but the high averages of Votto, Holliday, Ellsbury, Pedroia and some others makes up for it. Power is great, speed is fine, bullpen is excellent and starting staff is solid.

I’m not a big fan of Reynolds as his AVG struggles and overall streaky play could drive anyone nuts, but at the end of the season the homers will be there, and he is coming off an impressive month of June in which he batted .299. I think Asdrubal is the real deal. He’s still just 25 so it’s not like he’s a guy who has come out of nowhere to put up career-best numbers. He’s still developing.


Who gets the better deal

Uggla and Boecsh for Greinke and Ackley

(Bear in mind a 5 player keeper no limits)

greinke and ackley.


Greinke and Ackley…without question. In a keeper league I think it’s fair to say that Uggla and Ackley are similar in value. Maybe you still give a slight edge to Uggla due to his track record even though he’s having a terrible year. But Greinke vs. Boesch isn’t even close…advantage Greinke!


Hey guys, day two of the three most boring days of summer.. lol.. I have a keeper question for you.. I am in a 12 team h2h daily move league. we keep 5 every year no limits non auction.. I kept Cano Longoria Miggy Cargo and Howard.. I won last year and drafted weaver and stubbs back to back.. Im now currently in 5th place this year and my roster is

C. Martin
1b miggy
2b cano
3b longo
ss aybar
of cargo
of stubbs
of chris young
util howard
b jorge posada
b swisher
(I punt saves and flood wins and ks) (went undefeated last year actually doing this)
sp weaver
sp beckett
sp dan hudson
sp ubaldo
sp jaime
sp romero
sp stauffer
sp carrasco
sp vargas
dl (tech) harang
dl (tech) hughes

my important question is.. Should I trade Longoria plus Carrasco Martin and Vargas in a 4 for 4 for Berkman Reynolds Marcum and Morrow to the last place team cuz he needs a keeper.. In theory If i did i would keep Weaver in place or longoria in 2012.. Am i just freaking out cuz longo isnt as awesome as last year?? or am i solidifing my pitching staff and getting reynolds as my nw 3b?? Sorry for the long message your advice is always beneficial to me.


Although that’s a solid return, I don’t think this trade makes a lot of sense for you. I’m not giving up on Longo despite his disappointing first half and still see him as a top-notch option at a thin position. I still consider Longoria to Reynolds to be a clear downgrade at 3B and your pitching staff is so deep as is that you really don’t need Marcum and Morrow. Plus, how will you fit Berkman into your starting lineup? You would need to bench one of your OFs and all three of them are bona fide starters. This deal just isn’t worth it.


thank you zack so much.. i was actually leaning that way and cancelled the trade.. I might trade howard for cain and avila or something like that.. but for now no rush,, thanks i almost made a mistake because i was freaking out a bit.

can u rank the following pitchers for rest of season plz big erv bucholz hellickson dempster vargas stauffer and luebke thanks


I’d say Stauffer, Hellickson, Luebke, Erv, Buchholz, Dempster, Vargas but this is a real toss-up.


Short week…drop Morrow or Stauffer for Vargas? Want to pick up it pitcher for Thursday and aren’t many other options…what do you think?

Thanks as always,
Josh A


Nah, I’d hold onto Morrow and Stauffer. Neither really deserve to be dropped at this point.


I’ve been making some progress in a deal for Kinsler and Berkman but dealing with the owner is like pulling teeth. He tells me that the only players of mine he’d consider are Bruce, Werth, Montero, Lincecum and Carpenter. In my mind, Montero is off since there aren’t any good FAs to fill his numbers and the other guy’s catcher is Russell Martin who just doesn’t have the same numbers. Lincecum and Bruce are also highly unlikely to get dealt since I need them, but I am thinking about a deal involving Carpenter and Werth. Only problem is that dealing Carpenter would leave me with only 6 SPs and no one on the bench. So I have been trying to get an answer from the other owner about what pitchers are available to no luck, so I’m gonna try making an offer and see what happens. His pitching staff comprises Cain, J. Garcia, Pineda, Zimmermann, Wandy, Dempster, Lester, and Rich Harden. I doubt I’ll get Cain or Pineda for Carpenter, and Lester being on the DL would only hurt me. Rich Harden only has 11 recorded innings so he’s out too and I’m not impressed with Wandy’s and Dempster’s numbers when compared to Carpenter. So that just leaves me with Garcia and Zimmermann. Who do you like better? Zimmermann is interesting with that low ERA and WHIP with a high K/BB, but the only problem is his low number of strikeouts. Ultimately, the deal I plan on proposing involves me getting Berkman, Kinsler, and Garcia/Zimmermann for Werth, Carpenter and Gaby Sanchez/Michael Morse. Thoughts? I tried offering Kelly Johnson for a pitcher to balance the deal but he doesnt want power hitters that have lower averages. I would have offered Mark Reynolds, but with A-Rod on the DL for 4-6 weeks due to surgery, I need Reynolds at 3B.


I definitely prefer Garcia over Zimmermann…more K’s and more proven. If Garcia were part of that trade, I’d do it. I’d also lean towards trading Morse rather than Gaby.


On another note. K-Rod finally got traded to Milwaukee and will probably be the set up man for Axford. (As a Mets fan, I couldn’t be happier). His replacement will most likely be Bobby Parnell or Jason Isringhausen. Would you recommend picking up whichever gets the closing job and dropping Cordero? Cordero could very well lose his closing job too with all of his blowups and he’s just sitting on my bench while Papelbon and Salas pitch.


Nope. I recommend picking up Parnell and even Isringhausen if you have the room, but definitely not at the expense of Cordero. Regardless of Cordero’s struggles, dropping a current closer for a potential closer is usually a mistake. It also might take awhile for us to learn who will be K-Rod’s replacement. It’s always possible that Parnell and Izzy will split the save chances. We just don’t know yet.


Who would b a better pick up for rest of yr dirks or coghlan


I’ll say Dirks. He has more power than Coghlan and we’re still not sure exactly when Coghlan will return from the DL. Remember, he was having a bad year even before getting hurt. Plus, the recently acquired Mike Cameron will likely cut into his playing time when he does come back.


Who will get the majority of saves for the mets now since krod is out? THANK GOD hes out.


See my blog post from today. I’d put my money on Parnell.


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