Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 15

Doug Fister


Floyd @ Verlander – Floyd just too blow-up prone for my tastes
Tomlin @ Arrieta – Neither have stats to support the W-L records
F. Garcia @ Morrow – Chase K’s, not wins
Miller @ TBD
Hochevar @ Blackburn
Haren @ McCarthy – McCarthy has been awesome at home
Lewis @ Fister – Fister has been awesome at home
Nolasco @ Dempster – Dempster 3.25 ERA since May 1
Worley @ Dickey – Worley a nice NL/deep gamble
Westbrook @ Cueto
Livan @ T. Hudson
Karstens @ Myers – PoD “easy matchup” special
Narveson @ Nicasio
Kershaw @ Saunders
Lincecum @ Moseley


411 to the rescue!

I am in a 14 Team H2H league and I need closer help, I currently have Nunez, Bastardo, and Guerra.

Bastardo is only temp, and Guerra is scary to watch close… So I am hoping to end up with at least 2 solid closers although Nunez has been rumored to be on the trading block.

Anyway, I am thinking of trading for either Bailey, Walden, Santos, or Axford.

Which of one of those 4 should I target?

They would like a SP pitcher back. I currently have Stauffer, W.Rodriguez, Marcum, Cueto, C.Lee, C.Lewis, Beachy.

I am thinking of letting them have either Cueto or Stauffer depending on which closer i am going to target. Thoughts or advice?

And a second deal I can possibly have is trading away Ethier for B.Wilson. I saw your show today about selling high on Ethier although I also have in my OF, Morse, Bautista, Berkman, and Cuddyer. I am thinking I can find another OF replacement.

What do you think? Should I do one over the other or heck do both and solidify my closers?

Also as a follow up I can choose between Ethier for Wilson or N.Feliz.

So from team A I could get either Bailey, Walden, Santos, or Axford.
and from team B I could get either Wilson or Feliz.

Team A needs pitching and Team B wants a “power” hitter.

Final update, here are my trade possibilities.

Team A: Cueto for Santos
Team B: Ethier and Guerra for Wilson.

Which one is better or go for both?


Bailey would definitely be my first choice among that group and I’d trade any one of those pitchers outside of Lee and Wandy in a one-for-one for Bailey. First try offering Lewis, then Stauffer, Cueto and Marcum in that order.

I also like the Ethier for Wilson deal and, given your situation, would try to make both of these trades.



I like both of those final trade offers.


Keeper league trade:
Send Pineda
Receive Sabathia
What do you think? I know Sabathia is a better option now but Pineda is a young talent who is already solid so I don’t want to lose him for years to come.


Absolutely make that trade. CC is a proven ace. Pineda could eventually reach CC’s level but why gamble on a guy with a half-season long track record. It’s not like CC is a 38-year-old nearing the end of his career. He’s still in his prime.


Which side do you like in a 14 team nonkeeper H2H cats league?
Lind, Vernon Wells, Gio, Pineda -OR- Billy Butler, Stanton, Verlander

Pineda side


It’s close but even though Verlander is the best player in the deal I’ll agree with David and say the Pineda side, mostly because I’m so anti-Butler.



Garza just hit the wire in my league and I was wondering if you think he will be a better option the rest of the year than Beachy or J.Sanchez or Nolasco? Also would you take Liriano over any of those 3? I dropped liriano for Luebke for a spot start last week and noone has picked him up. Luebke i then dropped for Nolasco for the start he had against houston. glad i did that. thanks for the advice as always.



Yeah, I’d take Garza over Sanchez and his astronomical walk rate. Sanchez is just too much of a headache and will likely not even be back from the DL for another couple of weeks.

Garza vs. Liriano is close but I’d lean towards Garza.


Rasmus or dom brown for the rest of the way?


Both have been disappointments so far but I’ll take Rasmus and his more extensive track record. Brown needs to show me more.


i got offered brett gardner for vernon wells should i accept?
i need average but i also need power.

Was offered Verlander and Bruce to give up Pujols. Hate giving up Albert who was the best player in the league, but I can move Prince to 1B and Peralta to IF. I have to do this deal right?

Should I drop Axford since the spliting saves job and if i should who should I pick up because I need saves in the league I’m in

Hey Zach wondering what your thoughts are about trading for DLd players. Im killing at 3B in one league where I need power, and have had no luck whatsoever trading for other 3Bman. Was wondering is it worth a shot trading for Wright now, or even a different injured 3B? Think that might be the only way I could get one. Wright’s bat speed did seem a bit diminshed earlier this season but he was still hitting for power, would you do Wandy and Torii (could replace him with Thames) for him?


Well, it depends on the situation but Wandy and Hunter for Wright is a deal I’d definitely make. Any time you can acquire a top-25 player for 50 cents on the dollar you’ve got to do it, and Wright is expected back next Friday. The window to buy low will be closing very soon.


Good morning Zach,
I would be sending Kinsler and Prado and receiving Cano and Anibal Sanchez. Good deal or should I try and push for one of the following instead of Sanchez:
CJ Wilson
Jonathan Papelbon
Neftali Feliz
Tommy Hanson

Thanks and have an awesome weekend.
Rich D.


That’s an excellent deal for you. I’m a big Anibal fan and love the fact that his K rate has greatly improved since last year. And you’re getting a clear upgrade at second base.


Bastardo is out and Madson is in correct? make that swap?


Yes, but if you have an extra roster spot I’d think about holding onto Bastardo for a few more days as the Phils might decide not to re-insert Madson into the closer role immediately. Maybe Bastardo picks up another save or two.


Fantasy Trade advice needed— I was offered Asdrubal Cabrera Cleve ss, and Logan Morrison, for Adam Lind Tor 1b/0f, and Alex Gordon KC 1b/of. Need help my ss is Furcal and Theriot. My 3b Is Longoria, and Have Elsbury and Heyward in the of, Tabata coming off dl. What should I do? Grab Cabrera or keep Lind and Gordon???


Make this trade! Asdrubal is the best player in the deal and you could definitely use the SS upgrade.


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